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There really is a great deal of best paid Android apps available in the market. But, their effectiveness is normally restricted by the habits of the people using it. Deciding what apps to install and download in your Android mobile or tablet may become a tricky endeavor some time, but we’re here to help you decide which app stands best among the best paid apps. There are more than 100 apps whatsoever, the best Android apps, falls into different categories as per their productivity. Most of us love free stuff, well, I do. But we have to realize that in order to get the best android apps of all time we have to pay some bucks from our pocket.

Best Paid Android Apps

There are a number of Grounds to Encourage the case of Paid Android Apps. As if we buy paid Apps we get the authority that App updates will be regular, No ads, and Better Privacy and security. All these are just some pretty convincing reasons to purchase the App from Google Play Store. Well, since We’ve cleared out that, let us take a look at the best paid apps on Android.


1Weather – Best paid app

1Weather is arguably one of the best climate apps out there. It includes an easy, paginated design that exhibits you the present climate, the forecast for as much as 12 weeks, a radar, and different enjoyable weather stats. Together with that, you’ll get a reasonable first-rate set of frivolously customizable widgets and the usual stuff like extreme climate notifications and a radar. The best characteristic is its minimal design which simply exhibits the climate and enjoyable details if you need it.

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Desert Island – Top paid App

Desert Island is just another of Google’s Digital experiments which essentially forces one to make use of just a couple of selected apps during a day. You’ll choose 7 apps initially, whereas the remaining one is hidden throughout the day. Well, you can use them also if you like. After 24 hours, then you are going to find yourself a summary report telling you the way how you did within that stipulated time.

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Nova Launcher Prime – Best paid App Android

If you’re already utilizing the free variant of Nova Launcher, you don’t have any clue what you’re missing out on by not spending money on the complete edition. Nova Launcher Prime attracts gestures, making life so much simpler. Alongside that, it attracts features such as unread counts, custom-made icon pops, the ability to cover up apps, and scroll impacts. Nova Launcher Prime is among the Best paid Android apps currently available in the google store.

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Bouncer – Best Android paid app

It’s really a security program with an exceptional assumption. The app enables you to grant temporary permissions into applications. Thus, for example, you may let Facebook get your location area long enough to test to a place, also Bouncer disables the consent as soon as you leave Facebook. The price of this app runs for $0.99 and it works with many other apps available in the market. The bouncer can be easily listed among the best android apps of all time.

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Icon Packs – Top paid app Android

This really is something which could depend entirely on your own taste. Many individuals like material design motivated icons, some love different shapes of icons and someone is looking for creativity in icons. There are a number of trendy, free icon packs designed for Android, but when you’d like the best icon packs for Android, you have to spend some bucks. A few very nice paid icon packs involve Dives, Acorn, etc.

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Kustom Live Wallpaper Maker

We all know that live wallpapers tend to seem very classy and attractive, yet Kustom Live Wallpaper Maker is a lot more. You may make a custom live background with Kustom together with side options to produce objects that are actionable. There are a lot of options here and customizations like gradients and custom fonts seem to be very attractive offered by this App.

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PhotoPills – Android app worth buying

If you’re a creative photographer and would like to boost your skill by utilizing some technical assistance, then you need to spend a little extra on this particular app. The great App is Photopills, a photography app with all the features under one roof. This App has an editor, color-changing patterns, etc.. If you love taking selfies and want to upload it on Instagram on the go, then this App is a Must. This App comes with free trials and monthly payment methods, as App is very user-friendly so you will enjoy using this App.

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MX Player Pro – Android Best paid app

If you want to get the premium quality video player app for android then nobody beats MX player Pro. In this App you, you may enjoy music videos along with other video programs that other average video apps won’t ever provide. The users with the app never repent spending their money on it as a result of its exemplary support. Some main features include like Privacy and kiddies’ lock are all readily available, You can hold a large sum of video music and programs while in the storage system.

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Tasker – Top paid Android App

For all in 1 task managing jobs, I suggest one to use an App by the name of Tasker. To automate every task like for photos, SMS, along with different files, it’s vital. This helpful app is stuffed with more than 200 build-in plugins, and also can be used for other issues. This App is very useful for company managers and project managers. This App Contains facilities such as a Calendar, alarms, etc. Plus the best feature of this app is that it Function as a scanner and scan the documents and files that you require.

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Swipe for Facebook

If you really don’t enjoy Facebook’s official app on Android, nothing to worry about, considering it has really a gigantic battery hog. Thankfully, the alternative Facebook client dubbed Swipe can be really a terrific alternative for this. The app combines Facebook’s iOS UI and the Google+ UI to create a trendy Material Design app and furthermore, you may customize it totally. Other cool features include silent hours, battery economy mode, and many more features

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PocketCasts – Best pay Apps for Android

PocketCasts is possibly the very best podcast app on the market and so since it’s had plenty of rich features that are beautiful to use. The app enables you to toggle between, both audio and video podcasts easily. While using this App you can set the sleep timer and can find cool podcasts using more filters with the Advance mode option.

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If you’ve already been using Android for quite a while, you’re going to be pretty knowledgeable about Poweramp music player. The app brings the very best qualities you may imagine within a music player, also some very high-level features such as stereo expansion, different group optimized graphical equalizers & custom equalizers, mono mixing, and more. Plus, the programmers supporting Poweramp are busy focusing on an enormous upgrade, therefore a few fantastic things to anticipate.

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Unified Remote App

If you’d like a universal remote control app for the Windows PC, Mac, or Linux computer for demonstrations, screen mirroring, etc., then you must take a look at Unified Remote. While there exists a completely free edition, the paid edition of the program fetches 90+ remotes, voice controls, widgets, Wear support, IR activities, and much more.

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Last Pass Premium

Password manager apps are very convenient since they enable you to save all of your passwords at one and in a secure place and LastPass will be arguably the very best app outside of this lot. This App comprises fingerprint authentication, which makes matters a whole lot simpler. Its own premium variant enables you to get the service from any device.

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We all love Pushbullet however, the free version of this app has limited features, therefore if you truly wish to get the absolute most out of it, then you’ll need to receive its Guru subscription. The pro model of this App brings actionable alarms, universal backup & connection sharing, boundless messages/month, and much more storage.

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Business calendar 2


Active and busy businessmen need to experience a lot daily. Thus, in order to remember the day, program, and also other problems with a time limitation are fairly difficult to manage. Business Calendar 2 is this type of reassuring App that won’t ever disappoint you by not only telling you regarding the date but also time together with importance. Crucial Feature includes 6 distinct calendar themes. Indicates every event information and inform if it’s accounted for. Remind your important family engagements like birthdays and public holidays

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Those pro gamers who want to engage in games on the PlayStation however, can’t afford can use PPSSPP Gold. This really is one of the most useful paid Android apps which may allow you to play with Games of PlayStation in your own Android device. You have to find virtually all games within this program and also may enjoy them without any issue. This is the reason why a lot of users believe spending money on this particular app as its far better than spending an enormous amount of funds on a PlayStation. This App comes with Crucial Features as it Allows you to play with the PSP games using a higher resolution and definition. Plus, it allows you to save the games that you have downloaded with this program.

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Tiny Scanner Pro

To flip your Android device to a mobile scanner, you need to utilize Tiny Scanner Pro. For those businessmen and project holders, that should scan documents, and documents on the go surely need this App. This App allows you to scan various sorts of documents and store them on your mobile memory card. Yes, there are lots of other interesting features inside this App, such as Great Security and privacy pertaining to your documents, etc.Some Key features include you can save the scanned document from folders form by the source. From the folders, the scanned documents could be sorted by date, name, and size. You’re able to make use of a passcode to safeguard your scanned documents and files.

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Moon+ Reader Pro

If you like reading, Moon+ Reader could be your main source for it. It’s really a fully-featured app, that supports many file formats such as Epub, pdf, CBR, cbz, etc., also brings features including highlights, annotations, auto-scrolling plus much more.

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To boost your knowledge and thoughts about the mother earth, individuals who are hungry for knowledge might execute a lot with the help of this App. WolframAlpha could be the simplest solution for them. It’s just a paid general knowledge app for Android, which comprises ideas and information of tens of thousands of segments. In this best paid android app you can find topics related to mathematics, literature, history, along with other genres.

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Loader Droid Pro

Desire a straightforward yet functional download manager for Android? Loader Droid Pro may well not seem like the very best, however, it’s absolutely well worth it. The Downloader supports just about all file types also brings features such as scheduled downloading, and the ability to pause and restart, connect replacement outdated links, and much more. Yet another cool feature is that the power to determine that connection you need to download mobile data or WiFi.

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Cerberus – Most useful paid Android app

Anti-theft apps really are crucial to maintaining your device secure and Cerberus is among the most useful apps. The app enables you to remotely control your Android smartphone through the website and even through SMS. Additionally, it brings automatic alarms of course, when your device has been rebooted

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TouchRetouch – Popular paid app

If you are wishing to eliminate any unwelcome item from a wonderful photo, then TouchRetouch is the app for you. This best paid android app enables one to omit undesired content from a wonderful picture. This really is one of the most useful apps that you may find on the list of the top paid apps for Android. It’s likewise a value purchase. The crucial Features that come with this app are that You have the ability to eliminate any undesired objects from the photos easily, such as mobile cables, light-beam, etc.

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Aqualert Premium – App worth buying

Water is the most precious gift from God, plus Aqualert Premium makes it possible for you to track your daily consumption of water wisely. Aqualert Premium provides you personalized hints and alarms to get water intake. It aids in computing and motivating one to drink enough water daily. The crucial Features incorporated within this app are it includes a water intake organizer that supports personalization according to your age, sex, and physical activity level. Plus It makes it possible to achieve your health targets and keep healthy using a smart reminder technique, which is built-in within this best android app of all time.

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SD Maid Pro

We’re not really fans of performance booster and cleaner apps nevertheless SD Maid differs from those Apps. While it can bring the typical app cache cleaner feature, it’s pretty translucent as it only removes files that are not essential to the app’s performance. Plus, it permits you to remove duplicate files you may have duplicated inadvertently.

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Home Workout Gym Pro

It’s the premium edition of the app without the ads and glistening directions. Home Workout Gym Pro provides mandatory directions and crisp 3D animation videos for your advantage. This app provides a full-body workout routine without any sort of equipment. Its goal-based, and you’ll start to see an obvious shift over weeks if you abide by the instructions precisely. Crucial Features It comprises effective workouts for ABS, arms, and torso. It can help to monitor weight and everyday meal intake. This App records your training period and development automatically. These best android apps of all time offer weight loss, fat reducing recipes, and staying healthy to work out sessions and fat loss programs. It offers a wise food grocery list and also warm-up exercises for simple management.

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Titanium Backup Pro

Titanium Backup is really a pretty well-known best android apps of all time, as result of its capacity to backup everything makes it a best-paid app on Android. The app is available for rooting devices, therefore if you’ve got one, you also should have a look at the Pro version of the app, which gets the capability to freeze apps, a feature worth the cash independently. Other capabilities include the power to sync manually or through programming via cloud-storage.

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Sleep as Android – Android pro App

Sleep as Android is an alarm clock app, but this App uses a sleep cycle tracker built within the App. The app works together with fitness programs such as Google Fit and includes support for smartwatches for far better sleep tracking and also smart wake up. Additionally, it shows any sleeping, talking, and allows you to realize whether you’re snoring or sleep soundly. Sleep as Android is surely on the list of best android apps of all time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top 3 paid apps?

The top 3 best-paid apps as of 2020 are:

  • Netflix costing $12.99 per month 
  • Weather Forecast Pro costing $3.49
  • PhotoPhills costing $9.99

These paid applications are worth buying because they are very useful. 

What are the best-paid apps for iPhone?

The top best-paid apps for iPhone are:

  • FaceTune with a one-time payment of $3.99
  • Dark Sky Weather costing $3.99
  • After Light – Photo Editor with a one-time fee of $2.99
  • Spectre Camera for $2.99

These are the most downloaded paid applications by iPhone users.

Which is the highest-paid app in Playstore?

The highest-paid application in Playstore is Abu Moo Collection, which costs $1200 for each of the 6 apps. The purpose of this app is to get a gemstone on your home screen, with each gemstone costing $200.

What apps are worth buying?

The following are the best-paid apps that are worth buying:

  • Solid Explorer which costs $1.99 with a 14-day trial
  • Infinite Painter which costs $7.99 with a 7-day trial
  • PowerAmp Music Player which costs $3.99 with a 15-day trial

Do we have to pay to put an app on Google Play?

Yes, in order to put an app on Google Play, you have to pay a one time fee of $25, after which you can manage your apps. Paying these one-time fees gives you an account for a lifetime. 

What apps pay you instantly? 

Several apps offer payout on the same day. Some of them are:

  • Uber
  • Lyft
  • Earnin

Which is the no.1 app in the world?

According to 2019 stats, Facebook owns the most downloaded apps, including Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram. This makes it the number 1 app in the world. 

What app has made the most money? 

According to research, the dating app Tinder has made the most money – an estimated revenue of $800 million this year. 

Although it is a free app, for accessing the full range of features, users must get a premium subscription. The cost to upgrade to Tinder Plus is $9.99 per month while upgrading to Tinder Gold costs an additional price of $4.99 per month.

Did you find your desirable best android apps of all time? While maybe not all of the apps on our list will probably attract everybody else, we’re convinced some of the apps will serve your precise needs. Consequently, if you’re prepared to obtain some apps, all these would be the apps that deserve your hard-earned dollars. Please share your comments below pertaining to the best android apps of all time



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