11 Best SMS App on Android in 2022

If you are one of those who love to communicate through text messages, the default application will not suit you. For android users, there is plenty of the best SMS apps available that can boost up your experience. Although choosing from a plethora of best text messaging app for android can be a difficult task. Best Texting & SMS Apps can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store.


Best Customizable SMS App for Android

Don’t worry; we got you covered. Here in this article, I am mentioning all the best SMS app on android. You can choose and download it according to your requirements.

Chomp SMS

best text messaging app for android

Chomp SMS is the best text messaging app for android that is here since the early days. This means that this application is quite popular because of its ultimate features. For initials, it lets you complete customization of the app with its 100 skins and themes that are free. Also, it equips a quite vast database of android, emoji one, and Twitter emojis. It also has advanced-level features like blacklisting, passcode, etc.


Handcent Next SMS

Handcent Next SMS

Handcent is another best SMS apps on android pcs and phones from the past good old days. It is known because of its next-generation texting features. Now it has a new design and interface, making it appealing. It equips great features like theme support, group text, password support, built-in spell checking, etc.



best text messaging app for android

Is there anyone who does not know about this best text messaging app for android? It is a widely used Android and iOS (mac)application. It has a perfect combo of security, features, and convenience. Whatsapp gives you a distinctive look and supports basic text chat, photos, video exchange, and voice messaging too. It allows group chats for about 256 people.


Google Messenger/Android Messages

Google Messenger

Google messenger is another best SMS-app on android you can have. It equips all the top-notch features that give you the ultimate messaging experience. Its catchy design and free texting features make it exclusive

However, besides this, it also allows the users to send audio messages, capture and share photos, location sharing, and block SMS. Actually, it is the Best Texting & SMS Apps for Android


Textra SMS

Textra SMS

It is a renowned and best SMS app on android. Textra SMS is the first application that accepts the new Material Design. This SMS application has a crisp and modern sleek dark theme that equips customizable color choices. Its additional features include scheduling SMS, SMS blocking, GIFs, 21 text sizes, and a huge database for emojis.


Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS (Phone/Tablet/Web) - Android

Pulse SMS is considered the best text messaging app for android because it synchs texts from all devices you use. Those devices could be phones, tablets, computers, etc. It is also totally customizable because of its uncountable themes, sound effects, and GIFs. Spam blocking, delaying SMS sending, and advanced search is its advanced features. It’s exclusive because it enables you to customize each chat as you wish.


Mighty Text

Mighty Text

Mighty Text is the free and best messaging app for android that allows syncing contacts from everything you use. It enables you to receive and send messages and MMS from your computer or tablet and notify via computer or phone. Its other high-level features include scheduling messages, sharing photos, web pages, and apps to the phone.


Mood Messenger


Mood Messenger can be an above-average SMS application. It has all the basic features such as texting, MMS, theming, emoji, etc. Additionally, you receive a dark mode, black-listing for spam messages, plus many more features.

The top pro variant is a $10.99 charge or a subscription version. It has backup and restores, SMS encryption, more creative themes, and also a privacy security locker to keep people outside.

The superior pro version is somewhat high priced, however it is an optimistic complete experience for all.




QKSMS Application includes a lot of features. The best of them are privacy features like Android wear support, Anti-spam, Blacklisting, and some nifty access features. Usage can be as you’d anticipate. It’s free without any advertisements. There are a few discretionary in-app purchases as donations. In short, it is one of the Best Sms apps.


Signal Private Messenger

best customizable sms app for android

Signal Private Messenger is really a messaging program like hang-outs, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, along with others.

The distinction is this one includes end-to-end encryption also it’s really become a favorite of the majority who appreciate security. Additionally, it works on a phone number system and the one who is contacting you doesn’t have the app, the system simply sends the text message.

We liked how eloquent that attribute is. It’s straightforward to use, looks amazing using Material Design, and it’s entirely free to use without in-app purchases. Additionally, it’s open-source, supports group conversations, and is one of the Best Texting & SMS Applications for Android.


Yaata SMS

best customizable sms app for android

YAATA SMS is among the newly launched SMS-app on the list, which is extremely excellent. It offers a whole lot of features, for example, group chat service, schedule message sending, and also complete MMS service.

If you purchase the pro version, you will also acquire SMS black-listing, an autoresponder, auto-forwarding, and also the power to copy and restore your own preferences in the event you purchase a fresh device.

Additionally, App comes with some widgets and features very similar to Facebook Messenger.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can Someone Hack my Phone by Texting me?

Yes, somebody can hack your device by simply texting you. It really is much more likely to occur on Android mobiles that allow installation setup from untrusted sources. Jailbroken i-OS phones and Android rooted devices are also vulnerable to text-based hacking. You may find a text or text email requesting you to click a Hyperlink, Don’t click that link.

Can you Get a Virus by Opening a Text Message?

Infected text sometimes steals the subject line by a message you’ve got from your buddy or friend, which naturally increases the probability of one’s opening it, however launching the message isn’t sufficient to become infected.

What Happens to a Text Message when the phone is off?

The sender transmits the message to their own carrier or network provider, where it’s stored and forwarded towards the receiver’s carrier. Consequently, in case you turn off your phone for a handful of hours, messages will appear and they’ll soon be received. In case you turn off your phone for a week, probably you’ll lose messages.

What is the Difference Between Texting and Messaging?

The most important difference between them is that texting demands cellular networks to send and get information, whereas instant messaging demands both parties to remain online via the internet browser.

What causes Delays in Receiving Text Messages?

Substantial traffic to the carrier’s network, a few issues with your phone, different networks, and also errors on the operator’s server are common reasons for message delay.

Final Words

These are all the best SMS apps on android. If you are an intense message-doer, then you must consider having any of these applications boost your experience. The ultimate features and user interface of these applications are far better than your default messaging application. Using these best SMS-apps on android will give you the ultimate experience along with making fun via stickers and emojis.

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