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Whenever we get bored at home after a canceled plan, we switch to watch a good movie. Remember that a break from your normal house chores is necessary to think clearly. So, you can read a book story to relax your mind or you can choose a good Bollywood movie based on your favorite genera for the same purpose. Once you decide to download movies for free online, the next question that pops up in your head is “which is the best website for downloading movies?” Well, looking for free movie download sites is a headache and we may end up choosing movie download sites with irrelevant advertisements or back-links. Keeping in mind the feasibility of movie lovers, this article has focused on providing you access to HD free movies download sites for mobile to help you make your selection easy.

These famous sites include Vimeo, Hulu, The Internet Archive, Hotstar, Antmovies.TV, The Roku Channel, Pluto TV, etc.


Free Movie Download Sites for Mobile

You can download movies for free online or we can say download free movies legally and spend your leisure time watching a good movie with your family and friends. So, without any delay, let’s jump into some of the best free movie download sites for mobile 2020.


The Internet Archive – Wayback machine

internet archive

If you are looking for a free movie download site, then The Internet Archive or comes up with millions of movies, music, software, and books for free. A one-stop solution where you will find Archive collection of Audio, videos, movies, journals, and a lot more.

As a goldmine of HD quality movies, you will be able to download movies for free online which belong to different categories like comedy, Sci-fi, horror, silent films, movie trailers, short films, and more. is a kind of digital library where you can download movies for free, upload videos, and get easy access to certain forums as well. No-Doubt it’s one of the best free movie download sites. Once you log in to the site you will see on the top a search bar with the title Wayback machine, here you will type your search intent for the movie you want to find, & the Wayback machine will get the movie for you.

Download Now – download new movies for free


If you are on a hunt for the best website for downloading movies specifically in Hindi and English, then Hotstar is an amazing catch in this scenario. So, you can watch online or download your favorite Indian or English TV shows through this biggest entertainment platform for free.

So, in case you have been planning for a grand movie night home with your cousins or friends on a projector, Hotstar is one of the best movie download sites to get engaged. You can download free movies on the go.

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Antmovies.TV – best site to download movies


Antmovies.TV is another free movie download website in town to help you download and watch movies online. You do not need to make n account for login. No prior registration is required on this one of the best free movie download sites. Moreover, the graphic user interface of Antmovies.TV is highly attractive in black and red ant theme. homepage offers you a wide range of categories like movies, TV-series, and New TV episodes from different countries. Under the Genera icon, you can explore movies of versatile categories like horror, comedy, romance, sci-fi, fantasy, action, war, biographies, documentaries, adventure, thriller, talk shows, sports, crime, mystery, and many more.

You will not only be able to download movies free on the period range from 2000 up to 2020. No irrelevant ad pop-ups will annoy you ever during your favorite movie hunt on this free movie download website.

Download Now


Vimeo – free movie download sites for mobile


Vimeo is a free movie download website similar to YouTube where you can not only watch but share, sell, and discover videos globally. An interesting thing is that Vimeo is created by a filmmaker in 2004 to share videos with friends. Now the number of users on Vimeo has tremendously increased to 150,000,000 globally.

Vimeo comes with an easy user interface, making it more user-friendly and attractive for users. The on-demand content creation opportunity in Vimeo has incredibly enhanced its rank in the entertainment industry. Therefore, among all the movie download sites, Vimeo is quite a handy option when it comes to watching documentaries, TV shows, and movies. Vimeo is one of the best free movie download sites.

Download Now


The Roku Channel – top movie download site


Looking for a complete movie streaming site, The Roku Channel is the one newly introduced website in the entertainment market after Vimeo. This channel offers endless entertainment and you can stream whatever you love. From 150,000 movies, live TV shows, sports to TV episodes of thousands of paid and free channels, The Roku Channel is a one-stop solution website.

Additionally, this channel has recently been launched and many countries may lack access to this movie streaming site. So, if you are on a long hunt for free HD movies download websites, The Roku Channel is worth the chaos.

The movies and tv shows for live movie streaming through this platform include Netflix, Hayu, Spotify, Disney, Prime Video, Now and, etc. Moreover, Roku Channel has products like Roku streaming players and Roku smart TV to make your leisure time memorable with your friends and family.

Download Now

save from net is a kind of new thing to download new movies for free in HD print. All you have to do is to copy the link of the movie from any movie streaming site like YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, Hotstar, Instagram, Twitter and, etc. Paste the URL in the required section on and download movies for free online from top movie streaming sites.

In other words, has connected all famous movie content containing sites in one place. If you are tired of finding ways to download your favorite movie, then this website is going to save your time, as its one of the best  free movie download sites for mobile

Download Now


Kanopy – movies for mobile download


Out of the many best website for downloading movies, Kanopy can be considered as a platform for quality and thoughtful entertainment. An extraordinary website that offers movies and tv shows, which has a partnership with certain universities and public libraries to present unique content to the end-users.

The content varies in categories like movies, short films, documentaries, educational videos, independent films, foreign films, TV shows, cinema movies, classic movies, and a lot more.

Everything is categorically arranged on this website for movie lovers without any fee or ads interruption. Hence, with Kanopy, you can have the best movie downloading experience. Not only this, but Kanopy’s graphic user interface is unique and attractive.

You just require a login through your library membership and enjoy the free HD movies download. Apart from that, the Kanopy Kids website is also available to let your kids enjoy educational videos, entertainment films, TV series, and other unlimited plays. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s download movies free

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Korean Film Archive

movie download sites

If you are fond of watching Korean movies and dramas, then this free movie download site is of you. Korean Film Archive is a proper channel on YouTube from where you can download movies for free online. You can get your hands on around 250 Korean movies. You can select any TV show from the 1930s if you also love to watch Korean movies as well.

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Yidio – best website for movie download

best website for downloading movies

If you are looking for a movie of your choice with HD quality print, free of cost without paying any rent or getting any subscription, then Yidio is the right corner for you. You don’t even require any signup formality to watch free movies on it. However, they ask you for the age to make sure that you’re mature enough to access this movie downloading site or not.

Yidio is a hub website where you get direct access to the movie content available on Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, Crackle, Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and more. No need to subscribe to the above-mentioned websites to watch download movies online. Yidio provides immediate access to your favorite TV shows and movie content available on other sites.

According to Wikipedia, Yidio contains an enormous content of around 1 million movies and TV shows free movie download sites. This is why you can rank this platform as the best movie downloading website for the movie watchers.

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IMDb Freedive 

hd movies download

IMDb Freedive is another best website for downloading movies with a huge collection of TV shows and movies. However, this HD movie download site is currently available in the United States only. The audience has loved the collection of movies introduced on IMDb Freedive. So let’s start downloading free movies on the Go.

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Le CiNéMa Club


Another masterpiece Le CiNéMa Club presented by Chanel and originated from New York and Paris. Well, this platform is unique in its way who focuses on promoting the new bees in the cinema and film industry. Le CiNéMa Club aims to encourage underrated gems through publishing their interviews, images in the journals. Moreover, this website is specially designed to screen one film every week.

Le CiNéMa Club platform is considered the best movie streaming site & special drama channels where you can experience a high-quality cinema in different voices. In short, the site emphasizes introducing new talent from the film world and believes in upgrading the cinema industry as well.

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Hulu – free movies download site

all the best movie download

If you are tired of hunting for the best website for downloading movies or newly released movies, you can try Hulu as well. This website can be ranked among the free movie download sites. Hulu free version offers up to 100 movies, enough to entertain you in your leisure time.

You can also subscribe to this famous site to get the best content out of it. So, this HD movie streaming site can be a good catch for movie lovers. Unfortunately, this website doesn’t operate in all countries and thus you can seek the help of a VPN or proxy. But still, it’s one of the best free movie download sites for mobile

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NoBudge – English movie download site

free movie download sites

NoBudge can be considered as one of the dynamic independent film providers among other movie download sites. This website was developed by filmmaker and actor Kentucker Audley for the sole purpose of focusing on new voices, student films, emerging cultures, and talent in town.

This is an amazing newly released movies platform that offers you a wide range of programs such as documentaries, comedy, drama, short films, animated series, web series, music videos, dances, and a lot more. Thus, you can enjoy free movie streaming through this extensive cinema library.

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Netflix Movies

hd movies download

Thrilling cinema has somehow been replaced with the biggest OTT platform founded in 1997, Netflix. It is an American media service provider of modern-day that comes up with TV shows, TV series, seasons, and Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Netflix movies have its live streaming library from where you can choose web series to watch on weekends.

Moreover, Netflix movies give you an offer of one-month free usage and after that, you can adopt whatever package you want. Not only this, but you can also download content ranging from the latest movie releases, documentaries to Hollywood and Bollywood films.

According to reports, around 148 million people have subscribed to the Netflix movies channel in the year 2020. On the other hand, if we calculate in total, the figure has reached 154 million subscriptions including the free trials. So what are you waiting for get your Netflix login & start exploring Netflix movies

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Amazon Prime Video

best hollywood movies download sites

Another best and free website to download videos is Amazon Prime Video, a kind of complete cinema library. If you are the kind of person who loves sitting at home and watching TV series, TV shows, documentaries, short films, and web series, then this website is for you.

However, Amazon Prime Video offers a concession for those countries where its offices are located like UK, US, Germany, Sweden, India, Austria and, etc. Movie lovers of these locations won’t be paying full prime subscriptions. Well, that’s amazing. So, you can install quality content from this website and enjoy watching your favorite series and shows.

Download Now




It is another best free movie streaming sites.

  • Movies & TV Shows Genre: Adventure, Action, Comedy, Classics, Cartoons, Crime,  Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi, Westers, and more
  • Video Quality:  Mostly SD and below
  • Supports:         Web (accessible from any Web browser)
  • Availability:      Worldwide

Download Now


Movies Found Online

 free movie download sites for mobile

Movies Found Online is one of the best online movie streaming sites, which provides you with an easy interface to enjoy your favorite content.

Moreover, Movies Found Online is not just a better movie streaming online movies, but you can also express your opinions about the movies and rate it too. Moreover, it is a kind of website which uses the legal basis for movies like those posted on YouTube. Hence, you can watch these movies free of cost.

Moreover, you will be able to browse genres of any type from the bar present at the top. This is one of the best online movie streaming websites and provides users with an easy interface as well.

  • Movies & TV Shows Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Cult Classics, Family, Independent, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller, and more.
  • Video Quality:  Depending on a selected source (SD/HD)
  • Supports:         Web (accessible from any Web browser)
  • Availability:      Worldwide

Download Now


Pluto TV – fastest movie downloader site

vimeo ,free movie download sites for mobile

Pluto TV is another free movie downloading site which offers around 100 plus TV channels to the movie lovers. Well, the bad news is that it only operates in the United States. And the good news is that you can watch TV shows on this TV channel through VPN or proxy.

Pluto TV is working on its channel currently to spread its wing globally. With 100 plus entertainment programs, Pluto TV is categorically arranged in sports, TV movies, shows, tech, and a lot more. It’s one of the best HD movies downloads site for 2020.

Download Now


Yahoo View

free movie download sites for mobile

Yahoo view is a lesser-known site to watch free movies. However, one of the down sights is that its free content is only available in the USA. You can use different VPNs to make it work, but there is no guarantee. This website has a very distinct and clear page; it streams free movies online easily. You can tap on the given buttons and choose any genre you like.

Moreover, you will be interested to know that this site also has movie trailers, free TV shows, and documentaries. Many other services also support the content of yahoo view. Each video has an underlined label, where you will see the remaining days for its expiry. This site expires particular online free movies within days. 

Download Now


Free movies on YouTube

youtube template thumbnail


When it comes to watching and downloading movies, YouTube movies are the best. YouTube has quite a lot of YouTube videos, along with free movies. This site brings you videos in every possible category. Similarly, you get to watch free movies on YouTube easily.

Many channels that let you stream YouTube movies for free. You can also download these YouTube videos and watch them offline. This feature makes YouTube the best streaming site for videos, which allows free movies. 

Additionally, you have several Indian movies at hand. So, if you are a lover of Indian movies, YouTube is the best site for it.

Download Now


Open Culture

free movie download sites for mobile

Open culture is another site to house thousands of free movies. This site has many different sections: Movies, Online courses, e-Books, Language lessons, Textbooks, and Audiobooks. It means; you get to watch movies as well as free online courses and free language lessons. Also, it has good quality videos from all over the globe. 

Open culture has a fantastic collection of movies. It contains more than 1,150 free movies online. These movies include famous and award-winning movies as well as classic movies. Moreover, this site and its content is available everywhere. In short its free movie download sites for mobile

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Watch TCM

free movie download sites for mobile

Watch TCM is a free offering of Turner Classic Movies’ TCM. It hosts quite an excellent collection of movies. With an active cable subscription, many studios and streaming services provide free movies. Watch TCM provide access to a countless number of free movies. 

The specialty of TCM is that its apps are available for Android, iOS, Apple TV, etc. It has featured many famous and popular movies. Moreover, it also hosts many articles about movies, short movies, information about many artists, and lists of movie recommendations. 

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fmovies , free movie download sites for mobile

FMovies hosts multiple online file hosting index websites used for streaming movies and TV series. This site is a series of piracy links and allows downloading free movie videos. It hosts a huge collection of movies and streams in high quality.

Many countries banned this site due to pirated material. However, it is still running and provides good quality videos. You can search the movie in the search bar, and the site will offer you a link for it. It does not require registration to access free movies. In short its free movie download sites for mobile

Download Now



free movie download sites for mobile

Gomovies lets you watch and stream your favorite movies. It also allows downloading movies and watching them later offline. Also, this site has great criteria for searching for videos. You can easily watch most viewed movies and the ones given favorable ratings.

It is the only site where you can download movies in different languages. You can enjoy many Bollywood and Hollywood movies, streaming in high quality.

Download Now



free movie download sites for mobile

123Movies is another free movie streaming website. It also has a clear and user-friendly interface. This site has an extensive collection of movies of various genres. It contains several hits and popular free movies from countries such as the USA, France, UK, South Korea, India, and Germany. HD movies download is available on 123 movies. 

Additionally, you can enjoy movies from different categories: Action, Drama, Comedy, Adventure, Thriller, and Animation. You can also watch TV shows and sort them by years of their release. You can also see the trending videos on this site & download movies for free online

Download Now


Solar movies

free movie download sites for mobile

Solar movies are yet another site to stream online videos. This site allows you to watch good quality videos without any advertisements. It also contains several TV shows that never let you get bored. 

This site has a variety of categories, such as comedy, drama, and action, etc. You can watch whichever genre you like. Also, you can watch these movies and videos in HD format. Solar movies also permit you to download free movies. HD movies download are also available on solar movies.

It hosts a vast collection of movies, from old to new. Moreover, searching for movies is also easy because it is available according to different genres and years of release. Further, its search engine gives a link to movies and TV shows’ websites.

Download Now


Google Play Movies 

free movie download sites for mobile

Google play has made watching movies and TV shows easier with Google Play Movies & TV. It is an online video streaming service by Google. This site also offers movies and TV shows for purchase or on rent. 

You can watch it online on the Google Play website, through an extension in your Google Chrome web browser. Its app is also available for Android and iOS devices. It allows downloads on the mobile app and other devices. 

Google play movies are available all over the world. It streams the content in high quality. 

Download Now



free movie download sites for mobile

AZMovies is one more free movie streaming website. This site permits people to watch several online Hollywood movies for free. Its specialty is that it enables its users to record online streaming videos. 

Various categories and genres are available: action, adventure, horror, animation, crime, etc. Users can search for free online movies, categorically, and alphabetically. Many people love it for these features. It also allows movies to be searched by their year of release. 

Mostly, a special collection of English and Hollywood movies are available; you will not find a Hindi movie. It has a vast collection of English films, web series, documentaries, and English dubbed films. All the movies, TV series, and documentaries are downloadable.  HD movies download is available on this site. So, if you are a fan of English movies, then go to this site and download full movies

Download Now


Legal Torrent Sites

You will find a lot of multiple categories & free legal torrent sites that share all the contents in the public domain and you can download full movies there. You can simply go to these torrent sites and download movies. These sites are safe; you can watch videos offline whenever you want. They are available and accessible everywhere in the world. 

Download Now


Movie Download Sites like tamilrockers

We have listed some top-notch movie downloading site along with an extensive library above so that you can download free movie streaming globally. These sites comprise of tones of old and new movies from the 90s till 2020 to make your evenings memorable. People with different movie tastes, cultures, and languages can watch content like action, comedy, thriller, seasons/TV series, dramas, and other genera.

Similarly, here are some of the other collection of free movies sites that allow you to download a variety of movie-related content anytime anywhere. Most of these websites do not require any subscription charges for downloading movies for free. Besides Vimeo, Pluto TV, Antmovies.TV,, Hotstar, you can also check some other amazing movie downloading sites mentioned below. Plus You can download movies for free online.

Sr. No Movie Site Name Download Now Button
1 YIFY Movies Download Now
2 MyDownloadTube Download Now
3 Bob Movies Download Now
4 CosmoTube Download Now
5 Fmovies Download Now
6 Movie NO Limit Download Now
7 MovieDDL Download Now
8 Movie Watcher Download Now
9 1337x Movies Download Now
10 Web Archive Movies Download Now
11 Movies Couch Download Now
12 Watch Movies Free Download Now
13 Loaded Movies Download Now
14 Mobile Movies Download Now
15 DIVX Crawler Download Now
16 123 Go Stream Download Now
17 EMOL Movies Download Now
18 Download Any Movies Download Now
19 iPagal Movies Download Now
20 WellTorrent Movies Torrents Download Now
21 Critic Bay Download Now
22 Flimade Download Now
23 House Movies Download Now
24 Fully Watch Online Download Now
25 Xmovies 8 Download Now
26 MKV Cage Download Now
27 AVI Mobile Movies Download Now
28 CineBloom Download Now
29 C Movies HD Download Now
30 My Cool Movies Download Now
31 HD Movies Maza Download Now
32 TOR HD Download Now
33 CineWap Download Now
34 xFilmy Wap Movies Download Now
35 FZ Movies (Original) Download Now
36 Movie Cast Blog Download Now
37 Isai Dub Download Now
38 Movies Daily Download Now
39 Public Domain Torrents Download Now
40 Filmy Wap Free Movies Download Now
41 FZ Movies Download Now
42 RDX HD Download Now
43 123 Movies Hub Download Now
44 Couch Pota Movies Download Download Now
45 Vidmate Download Now
46 See HD Movies Download Now
47 HD Movies Point Download Now
48 027 PPT Download Now
49 GO Download Movies Download Now
50 Fou Movies Download Now

We have managed to list down some of the best HD download movies for free online websites in this article. You can download these movies on your Android and iOS devices to experience the best film, TV libraries available globally.

I hope that you will like the HD download movies site collection mentioned above. If you have any other best-downloading website in mind, do share with us in the comment section below. Let’s Enjoy, free HD movie download sites for mobile.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Downloader for Movies?

There are numerous free movie streaming sites or collection of free movies websites available for users to watch movies online but if someone prefers to download movies then the best downloader is IDM as it provides the most advanced services and the fastest downloading speed.

How can I download a movie in Mobile?

Although abundant free movie sites available for watching movies online yet if a person wants to watch a movie offline on their phone then apps such as FrostWire, UTorrent, and IDM can be useful.

How do I Download New movies?

Many free movie streaming sites provide the latest movies to watch online but if an individual prefers to download a new movie then sites like Public Domain Torrents, Internet Archive, Vuze StudioHD are available that has a collection of free movies

What is the Best Free movie Download site for Mobile?

There is an availability of sufficient free movie streaming sites for mobile device and applications to watch movies online but if an individual wants to download movies then MyDownloadTube has the best collection of free movies as it provides hundreds of genres in movies.

How can I download Hollywood movies for free?

Hollywood films can be viewed on many free streaming movie sites but if someone prefers to download them then sites like Legit Torrents, Bitlove, Download Any Movies can be useful.

How do I download movies from YouTube?

One of the most popular free movie streaming sites is YouTube. You can download movies from this site by copying the video link and pasting it on any video downloader website such as Y2mate, BitDownloader, etc.

How can I Download Full HD movies?

Plentiful free movie streaming sites are available for watching movies but if an individual wants to download full-length movies then sites like Linux Tracker, kickass torrents, and lime torrents can be helpful.

How can I Download free Netflix movies?

Netflix movies are available on a bunch of free movie streaming sites but if a person wants to download them then sites such as Pirate Bay, RARBG, and 1337x can be useful.

How can I use uTorrent?

There are many free movie streaming sites but if a person wants to download movies via uTorrent then they click the Add Torrent Url button in the app then paste the Torrent link there and finally press ok.

What is Putlocker?

There are many websites today around the globe for watching shows and movies free online. These websites were made after inspiring from websites like 123movie and putlocker.

The putlocker was one of the famous websites in 2016 and 2017 for watching free online movies and HD movies download. It was very easy for movies to download free movies from putlocker. The website vanished from the world of the internet after the decision from the high court of the United Kingdom.

The website still has its trail alive today in many other websites that are using the name putlocker. Putlocker is the name of the brand which the world will continue to miss as long as there are people who are looking for online free movies.

The putlocker used to be the Wikipedia of movies and you could find any movie or tv show there. The putlocker may have been removed from the face of the internet but there are websites like US putlocker, shazam putlocker, and putlocker movie, etc to continue the legacy and make it happen to download and watch movies online for us all.

Is Putlockers safe?

Putlocker is a very good website for movies lover but it is not safe to use without VPN depending upon the laws of different countries. Many movies and shows are uploaded illegally so you can be the victim of law even if you open those by mistake. It is safe to surf putlocker and watch movies if your country has not applied the copyright law on the website. The putlocker is not safe to use as anyone can upload the movie there and which might bring virus or malware to your pc. 

Is Putlockers Legal?

No, the putlocker is no longer legal after the verdict from the high court of the United Kingdom, and the laws vary from country to country. Most of the countries in the world have banned the website so it is practically illegal around the globe.

What is Best Legal Putlocker Alternative Sites?

  1. 123Movies
  2. Popcornflix
  3. Crackle
  4. Solar Movie
  5. Tubi

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