Ufone SMS Packages: Daily, Weekly & Monthly 2022

Ufone always comes up with brilliant ideas to provide comfort and ease to its customers regarding certain bundle offers. In order to facilitate its prepaid and postpaid customers, Ufone brings Ufone daily SMS Package, weekly, and monthly SMS packages. Other than this Ufone SMS package also comprises of 15 days or fortnight SMS package. Ufone Monthly SMS Package along with Ufone Weekly SMS Package & ufone sms packages 15 days are the best packages for Ufone customers

Ufone is a famous GSM cellular service provider in Pakistan. And it is determined to provide exciting bundle offers to all the prepaid and postpaid customers. Being the third mobile operator in the Pakistani, Ufone has introduced a number of daily, weekly and monthly internet packages along with call and SMS bundle offers as well.

Ufone is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited PTCL. Following are the amazing daily, weekly, fortnight and a monthly SMS bundle offers along with ufone sms packages 15 days

Ufone Daily SMS Packages

Ufone SMS Package brings a daily or a one day SMS package along with other amazing incentives. Moreover, Ufone Daily SMS package is here with six amazing bundle offers for its prepaid customers.

Surprisingly, Ufone Daily SMS package includes Ufone Daily, Ufone Daily On-net, Ufone Night SMS package, Ufone Power Hour, Ufone Super Recharge Package, and Ufone Uth Daily bundle offer.

With Ufone Daily and Ufone Daily on-net, you can avail 1600 SMS and 500 SMS respectively for one day. On the other hand, Ufone Night SMS Package brings 300 SMS so that you will be able to chat with your friends and family the whole night.

Ufone Power Hour is a complete package with 60 SMS, 60 on-net minutes and 60 MBs. Then comes, Ufone Super Power Hour to provide you with 300 SMS, 100 MBs internet along with 300 on-net minutes and 10 off-net minutes. This is quite a fascinating package at affordable rates.

In the end, Ufone Uth Daily is here to provide the prepaid customers with 600 SMS to let them stay connected with their loved ones. These 1 day Ufone Daily SMS packages can be availed through applying activation codes.

Ufone Weekly SMS Packages

Ufone is here to facilitate its prepaid customers with amazing Ufone weekly SMS package. There are four types of weekly bundle offers like Ufone Weekly SMS Package, Ufone 15 days SMS Package, Ufone Asli Chappar Phaar Offer, and Ufone Super Mini Card Offer.

Ufone Weekly SMS is all set to provide 1200 SMS to all the prepaid customers for 7 days. Moreover, Ufone 15 days SMS Package is here to give you a bucket of 10000 SMS so that you can Chit Chat with your friends easily. Then comes, Ufone Asli Chappar Phaar Offer will definitely fascinate you with 100 SMS, 100 on-net minutes and 1000 MBs internet.

On the other hand, Ufone Super Mini Card facilitates the prepaid customers with a complete package of SMS, internet MBs, and on-net, off-net minutes. Through this Ufone weekly SMS package, you will get 500 SMS for 7 days at affordable rates.

You can see the table mentioned below for more package details, prices and activation codes.

Ufone Monthly SMS Packages

If you are not satisfied with a daily SMS offer, 15 days bundle offer, and weekly, then you can avail the monthly SMS bucket offer. Ufone monthly SMS package comprises of three bundle offers so that you can send SMS to your fellows the whole month.

For 30 days you can enjoy sending messages in your circle with ease. Ufone Monthly SMS Package, Ufone Super Card and Ufone Super Card Plus are these amazing 30 days bundle offers. With the simple monthly SMS package, you can enjoy up to 20000 SMS for just Rs 80.

On the other hand, Super Card and Super Card Plus brings a great opportunity for all the prepaid Ufone customers to stay loaded for the whole month. With Monthly Super Card, you can enjoy a complete package comprises of 4000 SMS, 1000 MBs internet, 1000 on-net minutes, and 150 off-net minutes.

Just make your whole month perfectly scheduled with Monthly Super Card Plus package. In this package you will get 4200 SMS, 1200 MBs internet, 1200 On-net minutes, and 180 Off-net minutes. This is a huge bundle offer to keep you busy the whole month.

You can consume these amazing bundle offers through activation codes or load cards available at affordable rates.

How to subscribe to these Bundle offers?

  • Go to your message section and “write message”. Just type “SUB”
  • Then send this message to the respective code mentioned against each SMS package or bundle offer. For example; you can type “SUB” and send an SMS to code 603, if you want to subscribe for the Fortnight SMS Package or Ufone 15 days SMS package.

Terms and Conditions:

  • All the aforementioned SMS Buckets do not comprise of international SMS or Premium SMS
  • If you SMS short codes like 600 and 606, you will be charged with 60 Paisa
  • All the rates of SMS bundle offers are exclusive of GST
  • All the SMS sent to the respective short code will be subject to Standard Charges as well.
  • The validity of the daily package is 24 hours from the time of subscription
  • In order to check the remaining free SMS and expiry date you can send a blank SMS to 606
  • Customers can subscribe to one Daily SMS Package in 24 hours or 1 day
  • The good news is that the Daily SMS Package or Bundle Offer will be re-subscribed automatically after 24 hours or 1 day. For example; you have no need to re-subscribe to the bucket through 605 every day
  • On the other hand, in order to unsubscribe the package at any time, simply write message “Unsub” and send to 506
  • It means, if you want to unsubscribe any SMS package SMS Unsub to 506 and you can easily withdraw from that particular package
  • If in case you have insufficient balance, you will automatically be unsubscribed from Daily Bucket
  • In order to unsubscribe weekly SMS Package SMS ‘Unsub’ to 8066
  • Furthermore, the SIM is your identity. Therefore, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority PTA advised you to use only those SIMs which are issued through Biometric verification.

All the information mentioned above regarding Ufone daily, weekly, fortnight and monthly SMS packages is updated as per 2020. Subscribe to your favorite Ufone SMS Bundle Offer and stay connected with your friends circle. ufone sms packages 15 days are best in our view.

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