Find Number Of Sims Registered Against Your CNIC or ID Card

Many people are worried about many SIMs are registered on their ID card without their permission or acknowledgment. This article deals with how to check the number of SIMs on the ID cards. SIM registration check is very much important as any illegal operation might happen through the SIM associated with your CNIC number. There are 2 ways to check it i.e. online check SIM number through CNIC or check sim number through CNIC via texting 668 SIM check number. To monitor numbers location please use Localize


How to Check Sims on CNIC – SMS Method

Message your 13 digit CNIC number to 668 SIM check number. After a minute or two, you will receive a message which will tell the details about the total number of SIMs on CNIC.

If there are phone numbers, which are not owned by you, you can call directly to the concerned care center and block them. For instance, you have got a Ufone SIM number that you do not own, you can call to Ufone customer care and block that number straight away.

If you are not living in Pakistan then go to the official website and do an online SIM check, enter all the details, and mail the concerned companies to block the number.


Online SIM Check Method

You can also visit the website for an online check sim number through CNIC. Simply go to the website, enter the CNIC number there. Afterward, fill the captcha code. Within a few seconds, all information will be displayed on your screen.
If there are unauthorized numbers, call the concerned cellular companies and block unknown SIMs on CNIC.


Other Methods – Sim Card Details

Here is another solution for how to check the number of SIMs on the ID card!


Jazz – How to check sim on id card

check sim card number

Jazz and Warid are now treated as a single network. So, Warid users can also use this number to verify the SIM check on CNIC. Jazz has won the heart of its users by providing them with the 4G seamless connection. If you are facing any trouble in online sim check method then here is how to check the number of SIMs on ID card with jazz

  1. Check sim number through CNIC by texting CNIC without a gap to 6001
  2. PTA SIM check via sending phone number to 6001
  3. CNIC SIM check via sending CNIC to 668 SIM check number
    Thus, this is the method of sim registration check with your jazz or Warid number.


Telenor – How to check sim on id card

how to check sim card registration name

Telenor is one of the renowned cellular company in Pakistan. It has the largest number of users to its pocket-friendly budget and mind-blowing offers. The answer to how to check the number of SIMs on ID cards is given in the options below.

  1. Dial 345 and ask the operator how many sims on CNIC.
  2. Send blank SMS to 7751 to know if your number is BVS verified.
  3. Send blank SMS to 7750 to know the location of the nearest Telenor retailer. You can go there and do a CNIC sim check. Then ask the operator to block those numbers which are against your CNIC.
  4. PTA SIM check via sending blank SMS to 7421 and you will receive SMS with your number from the operator about the SIM registration check
  5. SMS CNIC to 668, SIM check number.

These were the methods to verify the SIM check on CNIC.


Ufone – How to check sim on id card


Ufone has been an attraction for its customers over the last few years for amazing bundle offers. You can online check the sim number through CNIC with your Ufone number or follow the following steps.

  1. Dial *336# and after that enter 1. It will check the verification of your cell number
  2. SMS CNIC to 668, SIM check number
  3. Visit your nearest Ufone customer care center and ask how many SIMs are there on your CNIC. You can ask to block them if the SIMs on CNIC are not under your use.


Zong – sim registration check

how to check number of sims on id card

Zong is the first cellular company to introduce 5G in Pakistan. If you do have not to check SIM online there is no need to be worried. Follow these steps to the CNIC SIM check.

  1. CNIC SIM check via sending CNIC to 668 SIM check number
  2. PTA SIM check method via sending “v” to 7911
  3. Dial 301 and your call will be transferred to the operator. You can ask him verbally that how many SIMS are on your CNIC. Block the SIMs on CNIC which you are not using.
    These might help you to verify the SIM check on CNIC.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I know my SIM number on CNIC?

Send a 13 digit CNIC number to 668. Remember! The number should be without any dash or space.

How can I check my SIM card number?

Send a 13 digit CNIC number to 668 or call the concerned company’s customer service number.

How many SIMs can I have on my CNIC number?

Only 5 SIMs are allowed to get registered on a single CNIC number.

How can I check my NADRA card details?

Send a blank message to 667 and you will receive all the related details.

How do I track my Smart Card?

Smart Card is issued when the person is below the age of 18. Track here

How can I check my CNIC details online?

For this purpose, visit

How can I check my ID status?

Dial *216# from your phone number and then check your ID status.

How can I check my national ID card status?

Dial *216# from your phone number and then check your ID status. If you are verified successfully then access your NIN.

What is the CNIC number?

This number is issued to the person when he is born. This number is written on the B-form. Later, this 13 digit number becomes the CNIC number when the person reached the age of 18.

With the PTA SIM check method, all unauthorized numbers can be blocked easily. Therefore, it is advised to Online SIM check or check via different methods above to save yourself from any trouble which is not caused by you. If you still have any issues regarding SIM check, comment below.

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