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A YouTube thumbnail template or youtube thumbnail maker is the design created professionally for your YouTube video which functions to grab a viewer’s attention to your video. A thumbnail template is just the same as a movie poster or a book jacket. Like if you have noticed so you usually choose a book by its cover, although it should not be judged by that but still if the cover is eye-catching and creative than it automatically pulls the reader towards it. The same goes for the YouTube thumbnails and templates for YouTube thumbnail which are now available on the internet quite easily.

When you upload any video on your YouTube channel, it itself gives you options of different frames to choose from the given thumbnail templates for YouTube. But now the option for custom thumbnails is also there.


Youtube thumbnail maker


YouTube thumbnail templates are provided by many websites, apps, or software. You can customize your YouTube thumbnail templates according to your tastes, skills, and the one which is related to your video. All these software are struggling to give the best thumbnail templates so that the video could gather more and more traffic towards it and build a greater audience through their creator. Also, these apps provide you general topic categories or themes that other designers have created or you can just embark on the given thumbnail templates for YouTube step by step and reach your goal.

The best youtube thumbnail templates nowadays offer you a variety of options and amazing editing tools to help you make a smashing thumbnail template of your YouTube video.


youtube thumbnail template


Youtube thumbnail template

Let’s take a look at those ways which will make your template for YouTube thumbnail truly clickable.

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Including a Headshot

  • If your video is for example about ‘Reaction of 5 Hollywood celebrities to a snake’, then the most audience, attracting thumbnail template will include a headshot accompanied with an amazing facial expression. Making sure the facial expression is cranking and not only generic this will definitely end up enticing the viewer to click on it. Also, the headshot must be clear and sharpened because no one will like to see a fuzzy thumbnail shot. Moreover, you can tilt the headshot and give it a unique angle so it looks different.


Big Bold Text

  • Some big, bold text in a creative font will also grab the viewer’s attention towards your YouTube video because of the stunning thumbnail template. And the readability of the text also counts. Big, bold text is always a plus for your thumbnail template for YouTube especially when you have less text to adjust.thumbnail template youtube


Sticker Effect

  • Also, some YouTubers put a sticker effect on the thumbnail to make it more catchy and kinda funky. The sticker effect usually gives a white border to the image. It will make your thumbnail template different from the ordinary.


thumbnail template youtube



  •  We can also include a screenshot of a still object from the video as a thumbnail. Or else we can just obtain an image related to the video and customize it according to our needs. Because the more accurate and related the thumbnail template for your YouTube video is, the more users will be touched.


Highlighted text and Appealing text

appealing text youtube


  • Also, if the text you are including in your thumbnail template for YouTube is highlighted and presented in a contrasting color then it would be easily readable. And the viewer will immediately decide whether to read or just scroll down.
    Placing an appealing or juicy phrase or text will add to the traffic. Resulting in viewer gathering on your video due to your amazing thumbnail.

That’s it for the customized YouTube video thumbnail template. If you are willing to create your own unique thumbnail template for YouTube, then hurry up and follow these. Each of your choices here will make the customized thumbnail more uniquely your own. This thumbnail template can be downloaded and shared on other social media websites too.

The next thing we’ll talk about is the best apps for thumbnail templates for YouTube out there. Some apps and websites provide us totally free of cost thumbnail templates and designs whereas some charge us.


Youtube thumbnail maker

Listed here are the best thumbnail template makers that will help you create amazingly customized thumbnails:




Canva is amazing editing and designing website and app. It offers a wide range of stunning tools and an easy-to-navigate interface. Also, it customizes your thumbnail to the tune of instant virality. Maybe it is their own designed template or your own creation and tweaks it just like that.


Snappa – youtube thumbnail maker app


Snappa is another free and online thumbnail maker site. It is loaded with thousands of high-resolution images which are royalty-free, templates, and much more. It adds polish to your customized thumbnail and makes it worth clicking.


Adobe spark – best thumbnail maker app for android


Adobe spark is also a free graphic design template app. It allows YouTubers to make a killer thumbnail for their video. And it`s fine to spend a fair amount of time on this software, making a captivating thumbnail so the results will end up enticing the viewers to watch your content.



Fotojet, for Backgrounder, are few of the many options for making your thumbnail worth clicking and truly ‘eye-catching’. It allows you to avail of a massive amount of graphics, social media banners, posters, etc.

When uploading a YouTube video, designing the thumbnail template should be there in your strategy. Because to achieve a loaded amount of viewers on your YouTube video. The vibrant and visually attractive thumbnails will immediately grab the users towards it. Also, it will affect the ranking of your YouTube video, especially in the first hour of uploading. So make sure you are giving enough time to your thumbnail template for YouTube video too that it becomes truly clickable!

Please share your comments pertaining to the youtube thumbnail maker in the comments section below.


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I compress a picture for Youtube?

To compress a picture for Youtube, you can use various websites and apps that will compress the picture for free. 

For example:

  • Photo Compress and Resize 
  • Image Compressor Lite
  • Fast Image Compressor 
  • Tiny Jpeg

You simply have to upload or select the picture you want to compress and the app will do its job.


Which is the best thumbnail YouTube size?

A custom thumbnail should be as large as possible because it will be used as a preview image on your video on YouTube. According to the YouTube guidelines, the best thumbnail size is 1280 x 720 pixels with 640 pixels being the minimum width. 


The best way to make a banner for my YouTube channel?

You can make a banner for your youtube channel by By using the free online banner maker websites like

  • Canva
  • Fotojet
  • PlaceIt

You can select from a variety of templates for YouTube banners available on these websites. Select the one you want to use, add photos to it, and customize it like you want it to be. As you finished, save the file and share it.


What is the Best & perfect size for a YouTube banner?

Your YouTube banner is the first thing a person sees when they visit your channel. Therefore, it should be big enough to attract the user’s attention. The perfect size for a YouTube banner is 2560 x 1440 pixels. 


Which is the best YouTube thumbnail generator?

There are many options to choose from when it comes to YouTube thumbnail generators. According to research, Canva is the most used thumbnail generator by YouTubers. 


Which is the best YouTube thumbnail grabber?

With so many online apps out there, it gets pretty difficult to decide which one is the best. Thumbnail Downloader and Thumbnail Grabber are the most used by YouTubers. 


Which is the best YouTube thumbnail template maker?

The best YouTube thumbnail template makers out there are Snappa and Canva. They are free and give you a variety of template options to choose from. Most YouTubers use these websites to create amazing and custom thumbnails for their videos.


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