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Nowadays, the Internet plays an important part in our lives. A slower WiFi connection is one of the reasons for the mood switch of the people. We will tell you tips and tricks about the WiFi router signal booster that will surely help you out. Do not rush towards your network operator for help. Before it, try to follow out these simple remedies mentioned below in order to boost your wireless router signals.


How to Boost WiFi Signal


WiFi Range Extender - WiFi Booster explained - Which is the best?




wifi router booster


Change your wireless Router’s Frequency band

wifi router boosterIn the case that you have a dual-band WiFi router then try to switch between the frequency. Normally, the frequency is 2.4GHz band for the residential area. You can switch it to 5GHz. 2.4GHz routers are quite common, so if you use the suggested one, it would have less traffic. One of the reasons for the lower network coverage is that there is too much traffic jam on the 2.4GHz band.

Moreover, stifling issues are prevented by using the suggested frequency band. The 5GHz frequency band is much faster than the 2.4GHz  frequency band. You need to follow the following steps in order to add the 5GHz option

  1. Open router Web Browser
  2. Log in to router web browser
  3. Enable the option to get the admin credentials for the 5GHz frequency band

If you follow these steps, then you will not need to re-enter the password to every connected device out there. It saves a lot of time. However, it must be noted that some dual-band routers do not give the option to activate admin credentials. So, here’s a little tricky. Use the same SSID but name it differently. For instance, PakTales001 and PakTaled5GHz. It will help to recognize both of the bands.



Channel Selection – wireless wifi Router Booster

wifi router boosterInterference is another major issue. In the places where there is so much population, their interference can be a big problem. If microwaves, wireless telephones have the same wavelength then the frequency of your WiFi router can be affected.

Modern routers are capable of switching across various channels. Especially, when they are connected with other devices. Routers can automatically choose the best channel, but if anyone from your vicinity is using that channel the signal congestion can occur.

The best router select where there are least chances of congestion to have occurred. The selection routers are expensive than traditional ones.



Control Quality (Quality of Service)

wifi router boosterThere are special tools that help to control the amount of bandwidth utilization by the apps. Modern routers come up with these QoS (Quality of Service) tools. Netgear also provides this facility. It is the best WiFi booster technique.

Let us take an example. You have to send an important business document urgently. On the other side, you are on a video call with your friends. It is taking too long to send the file. So, QoS settings will enable us to set the priority. The priority of apps can be changed at any time of the day.

The modern routers also offer this in gaming console settings or one-click multimedia. The other way is that you go to advanced settings in the network’s administrator interface.  From there, you can easily change the priority.



Replace Your Antenna

wifi router booster

If you have a router with an internal antenna, then you can easily attach an external antenna to it. It generates a stronger signal strength. Some companies manufacture and sell an external antenna as an accessory. So, that you can attach them manually.


Usually, you can opt between directional and omnidirectional antennas. Omnidirectional send signals to every direction out there whereas omnidirectional send a signal in a certain direction only. Some routers have built-in omnidirectional antennas. It is always suggested to use a directional wifi antenna booster. You just need to direct it in the position where you need a strong internet connection. It will automatically broadcast signals. Check out the company online and go through the details on what you want to buy.  Go through the best WiFi booster to buy. It can be the best internet wifi router signal booster.


Replace your Hardware – Wifi Router Booster Trick

wifi router boosterIf you are using a too old router, then it is the right time to upgrade it. People believe that hardware is replaced only when it is broken. However, it should be upgraded when it affects performance. If your router is slower than 802.11 then replacement is a must.

The wireless standards are designed at lower bandwidths. The maximum hit for 802.11n is 300Mbps.  Its latest version supports up to 1Gbps. The era of next-gen WiFi 6 routers is not far away. Its maximum throughput is 10Gbps. Search for the latest router and upgrade it as soon as possible.

Either case is that your router is the latest but your system is older. Suppose it has a support of 802.11n bandwidth. You can attach a USB WiFi adapter. It will make the internet work better. Only a single factor does not result in boosting strong signals. It should have other factors like band steering, QoS facilities, and best channel selection. Apply this method as a wifi router signal booster.



Wireless Coverage Range Extender

wifi router boosterOne of the problems that result in slower connectivity is Distance. There is a certain range through which wireless signals can travel. If a router’s transmission is limited and the area to be covered is huge, then it will automatically affect the performance.


It is also possible that the area is too big for a single router. The routers are able to broadcast until the limited range. There is always a weak spot. If you want to extend the range so that your network works properly then you need a range extender in your area.

WiFi range extenders are identical to routers but they function totally differently. For example, they will get the current wifi signal from the router and broadcast it again. For the WiFi network router, The range extender just acts like a client. The client will also have an IP address like a computer system.

It is not a router, and do not work as router works, but, it has some rules and regulations for carrying out the procedure. The extender should be at a place near a weak spot so that where connectivity is stronger and the signal is extended. Moreover, it should also be placed at a place where it catches a strong signal. This is a super technique used as a wifi router signal booster.

The generated signal does not work as efficiently as the main router but still, something is better than nothing. It is advised to connect the extender with Powerline or Ethernet port. It will work better than the wireless signal booster setup.

You do not need to buy this from the same company you got the router. However, try to buy those which offer a seamless roaming feature.



Choose a Suitable Point

wifi router booster , how to boost wifi signalHere is one more technique for the wifi router booster. The wireless router establishes signals in a sphere-like shape. Some routers use omnidirectional antennas, and some use the other one. If you have an omnidirectional model then place it in the middle of the location. Whether it be the corner of your home or an office. Do not place is where there are huge walls and furniture. It should be placed above the ground level. It can be 200 feet above approximately. This will optimize the reach of the frequency.

If it’s the directional model, then you are allowed to set it anywhere in the house. Just you need t0 to be careful about its adjustment and positioning. You are advised to locate where you need strong connectivity.



Mesh-Based WiFi System- Ultimate wifi router booster

Range Extenders make the dead zones alive. But they provide half of the bandwidth as compared to the main router. Also, it is difficult to manage two admin pages differently and you also get two SSIDs. It is such a hassle. You can convert your network to a mesh WiFi system. You just need an app for settings.

The main aim is to replace your router instead of extending it. All you need is to connect one node to the modem. Then, set up the satellites where you want to place it. The app will check whether each node is placed at a suitable location and getting a solid signal or not.

Mesh setup automatically updates the firmware. It ensures the user has the latest security setup and results in better performance. However, it is not at all pocket-friendly. I hope you like this wifi router booster technique.

These are the remedies you can use as a WiFi router speed booster. It will be advantageous to both, the performance and internet connection. There are many methods, they need router stuff like repeaters or expanders. Try the suggested ones as wifi router signal booster which are mentioned above. If these do not work, then work with extenders or repeaters.

Maximize the router’s performance to get the best connectivity speed. Check WiFi wireless router booster on Amazon as well. Netgear nighthawk is also available online. Netgear WiFi extender is also available. You can search for the best RV wifi booster and best home wifi booster online as well.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do router boosters really work?

WiFi router signal booster does work; it receives the signals from your existing WiFi router, amplifies it, and then transmits it with a boost. With a boosted WiFi signal, you can cover a large area of your surrounding, and double the WiFi signals.


How can I boost my WiFi signal?

The answer to how to boost the Wi-Fi signal is very simple. You can boost the WiFi signal by using a WiFi router signal booster. You also need to find a good reception for your WiFi router. 


What is the difference between a WiFi extender and a WiFi booster?

There is not much difference between a WiFi extender and a WiFi booster; both are used to boost the WiFi signals. They are practically the same thing; that is, you can use them to extend the same strong signals that your router transmits, for a place, which is not suitable for cables.


Where should a WiFi extender be placed?

The ideal place for a WiFi extender to be placed is in between your wireless connection and your computer. It should be within the range of your router to extend its signals. Further, if you need to move places, keep the WiFi extender close to the device, but within the range of the router.


Does Walmart sell WiFi boosters?

Yes, you can get a variety of WiFi boosters from Walmart.


Does a WiFi extender slow down Internet speed?

No, they mostly slow down the WiFi connection for the devices connected with the WiFi extender. If your internet were already slow, then an extender would not make any difference. Moreover, some brands or versions can affect internet speed as well.


Do WiFi boosters increase Internet speed?

WiFi router signal booster is associated with the boost in WiFi signals. They only boost the connection provided by the internet and reach faraway places.


Will a WiFi booster stop buffering?

The videos buffer due to an unreliable or slow WiFi network connection; WiFi routers may affect the video streams and do not stream them fast. You will have to upgrade your internet connection for videos to stop buffering, then a WiFi router signal booster will increase the range of this connection.


Are WiFi boosters safe?

Yes, WiFi boosters are not harmful in any way. They are safe and their total charge is in almost negligible quantity.


Can WiFi extender cause problems?

Interference is a quite common issue with it but also the setup of the WiFi connection can cause problems. For example, cheaper routers can cause roaming issues.

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