Jazz 4G Wifi & Mifi Devices Internet Packages 2020

People, nowadays prefer to buy wireless internet devices than wired connections. So, Jazz is also going in this line by introducing Jazz device packages. Jazz 4G device price and Jazz Wingle price are not that much expensive. If you want to buy Wi-Fi or Mi-Fi device, then consider Jazz internet device packages as well.

Unbox your Jazz Super 4G MBB Device

Jazz has created its market with a seamless connection and higher marketing strategies. Twenty-five years ago, it was Pakistan’s leading network operator company. Its reliable service plan is winning people’s heart till now. The company was successful in launching newer and better ways of communication.

Apart from SMS, internet and call packages, the company has introduced Jazz internet device packages as well. Jazz 4G device price and Jazz Wingle price is almost the same. Let’s go ahead and see what the chaos is all about.

Jazz 4G Wi-fi Device Main Features

Jazz has reassured the faith of its loyal customers in its services. Here are some main features of the Jazz Wi-Fi device.


The Jazz device’s battery is rechargeable. Jazz Wi-Fi device takes 6 hours to be fully charged whereas the Wingle device can be connected to any USB slot so it does not stop working. These devices have a battery capacity of 2300 mAh, so you don’t have to worry about recharging them every couple of hours.


Jazz within reasonable Jazz 4G device price and Jazz Wingle price provide the speed up to 150 Mbps. What else you need?

Maximum Connections:

Both devices can set up around 12 connections. It is providing you 4G speed up to 150Mbps.

Plug and Play:

This option is available on both 4G devices.

MicroSD Card:

On the purchase of any of these devices, you will get a 32 GB microSD card.

Get your Jazz/Warid data sim now along with these devices and enjoy your quarantine.


Jazz WIFI Device – How to Buy

For your ease, the company has offered 2 options to its valuable customers.

  • Either Buy Jazz 4G device from Jazz Franchise/retailers
  • Or order Jazz device online

After you receive your device, you need to go to any of the Jazz/Warid franchise and perform biometric verification. After completing this protocol, various internet packages or offers can be subscribed easily.

Jazz Internet Device Packages

Enjoy 4G speed with affordable rates of Jazz 4G & Jazz Wingle price. The bundle subscription and subscription code are almost the same. You can get 15 GB per month within Rs. 999

The rest of the packages and status codes are given below.

Jazz 4G device price

WAIT! WAIT! Here’s a surprise for you. If you get 60 GB then you will get a bonus of 3 GB and if you get 150 GB then you will get a bonus of 7 GB data. However, these packages are not able to auto-subscribe.

If there are any queries regarding the current internet bundle, follow one of these steps described below.

  1. Log in to the Jazz Wi-Fi portal
  2. Dial Jazz Helpline Contact Number 111
  3. Open Jazz App & tap USSD from there
  4. Visit this site

Methods to Recharge your device

Jazz has provided 2 options to recharge Jazz Wingle and 4G devices. They are as follows

  1. Via Scratch Card
  2. Via Jazz Load

If you opt for choice 1 then,


  • Log in to the Jazz Wi-Fi portal


Terms & Conditions

  • Jazz device packages are available on Data sim also.
  • 50% extra MBs are available if you purchase an internet bundle on data sim or MBB.
  • (This is included in the bundle)
  • The internet packages are applicable to 2G, 3G, and LTE networks too.
  • To check remaining data, dial *6363# from Jazz Or any other number, or log on to jazz.wifi/
  • Internet speed depends on the number of users, distance from internet devices, total pages accessed, or total time consumed.
  • If you consume more MBs then mentioned in the package then Rs. 0.36/MB will be charged until the validity date.

Jazz Customer Centre Details

Here is the list of Jazz customer center. Feel free to contact

Jazz Wingle Price

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get a Jazz device?

You can get a Jazz internet device from Franchise or place the order online.

How to use Jazz 4G Wi-Fi?

You can use the scratch card, connect to the device’s Wi-Fi, and click onto the device portal. Once you load or charge your device, you can use it like any other Wi-Fi device.

How to get Jazz 4G digit?

  • Dial *679# to activate bundle.
  • You will get 1000 On-Net minutes, MBs, and SMS.
  • To check remaining data dial *659*2#
  • Remember! Usage of Rs 300 digit 4G bundle is necessary annually.

What is meant by the Wingle device?

Wingle device does not have a built-in power source or battery. You need to connect it to the USB slot. Jazz Wingle price is also reasonable.

What is meant by MBB number Jazz?

This is any other contact number, by which you register the Jazz Internet device. Jazz 4G device price is budget-friendly, you can get it now! It is not necessary that you have to get a Jazz/Warid SIM to get the device.

What is the Jazz customer care center number?

Dial 111 300 300 to get in touch with customer care service.

What is the Jazz bundle plus offer?

The jazz valuable customers get extra data volume within any package they subscribe to. All customers can get this offer including MBB customers. This offer, however, is not applicable to data SIM.


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