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Best Pakistani pop songs from the ’80s cannot beat the meaningless rap songs of millennial singers we consider popular and worth listening to in our leisure time. When the beautiful melodies hit our ears and strike good vibes, a wave of grace, simplicity, and composure in musical expression is recollected. Let’s Explore the best Pakistani singer’s compositions & Best Pakistani old songs listed below.


Best Pakistani Pop Songs

This generation is gifted with the best Pakistani pop songs only because of the beautiful melodies sung by the charismatic singers of their time in the ’80s. The trend to make a remake out of every Oldie Goldie song is a way to win the audience’s hearts.

Pop music culture also took over the music industry in the late 1980s. Let us take a walk down memory lane of the golden period of Pakistani old songs list, where the fusion of lyrics and tune of Pakistani albums was treated to the ears with mellifluous Lollywood music. So let us explore the Pakistani old songs list

Check out the sweet, tuneful, melodic, and selective best Pakistani songs here:

  1. Aap Jaisa Koi, Aankhein Milane Wale & Disco Deewane by Nazia Hassan
  2. Dekha Na Tha by Alamgir
  3. Us Rah Par & Na Tu Ayegi, Ankhon ko Ankhon Ne and Dil Dil Pakistan (Vital Signs) by Junaid Jamshed
  4. Boohey Baariyan & Dupatta by Hadiqa Kiani
  5. Purani Jeans and Zaalim nazron se by Ali Haider
  6. Billo de Ghar by Abrar ul Haq
  7. Chief Sahab by Sajjad Ali
  8. Tera Kangana by Shehzad Roy
  9. Kaho Ek Din by Ahmed Jehanzeb


 Aap Jaisa Koi, Aankhein Milane Wale & Disco Deewane by Nazia Hassan

pakistani pop songs 80s

A prominent iconic Pakistani singer and songwriter, Nazia Hassan (LATE), remembered, as the “Queen of Disco, Pop” in South Asia, is still a legend and the favorite vocalist of all time.

Her classic hit song, Disco Deewane, is still cherished and loved by many people, which was later reproduced as one of the best Pakistani songs for the Indian movie “Student of the Year.” Her charming and vibrant voice connects us with her darling personality.

The top 3 jams’ of teens and Tweenies reflect the romance, the beauty of life, and the positive energy with which life needs to be celebrated as the best Pakistani pop songs from the 80s. Nazia was one of the best Pakistani singers of all time.


Dekha Na Tha by Alamgir

lollywood music
source: Alamgir Facebook page

A quickly gained recognition song sung by the eminent artist, ‘Elvis of the East’ and ‘King of the Pop’ won millions of hearts with his versatile singing style.

It was inspired by playback singers Ahmed Rushdi and Elvis Presley. He is considered the pioneer of the Urdu pop music scene.

This song is the best one to do justice if the concept of breaking stereotypes and going against the conventional lifestyle style has to be bridged by a Pakistani pop singer.

Its spellbinding music with profound meaning hidden in its lyrics is the message for the masses to be their version of this world.

Let us live each day to break the taboo of the same lethal routine and retreat ourselves for a brighter life ahead!

P.S. Bilal Khan and QB have come up with a remake to pay tribute to this remarkable legend. Alamgir was one of the best Pakistani singers of all time.

Us Rah Par & Na tu Ayegi, Ankhon ko Ankhon Ne Jo Sapna and Dil Dil Pakistan (pop band Vital Signs) by Junaid Jamshed

lollywood music

A talented and handsome heartthrob singer-songwriter crowned the chocolate boy of the Lollywood music industry is still adored by the masses and made a huge fan following with his Pakistani album released in 1999, “Us Rah Par.”

It collectively makes a perfect romantic and beautiful playlist of all times. The aura of the love of one’s personality and the courage to adopt the change and adapt in life, the potential to defy the crowd and make one’s journey the unique one, is the major pickup of his vocals.

His patriotic music track, Dil Dil Pakistan, created a buzz in the industry in 1987. It secured third in the BBC World Service International poll of popular songs in 2003.

Vital Signs is a legendary, prosperous pop-rock band from Pakistan. Coke studio released the remake of Us Rah Par to revive the golden legacy of Junaid Jamshed and pay tribute in the best possible manner.


Boohey Baariyan & Dupatta by Hadiqa Kiani

source: coke studio

Pakistan’s biggest pop sensation’s funky Dupatta song with techno beats bragged to number 15 among the ‘Twenty Best Pakistani Pop Songs Ever for Pakistan.’ The country’s leading female vocalist never fails to surprise us with her fondness for new experiments with her hairstyling and music career. Roshni, a Pakistani album, became a smash hit with the melodious and soft track Boohey Bariryan.

It was the only Punjabi song of Hadiqa Kiani. Pakistani pop music has flourished in her footsteps in the Pakistani music industry.

She has been the best playback singer for many Hum TV Drama OST, and the audience showed immense love towards all her tracks. She is famous for her various Lollywood music production in the Sufi rock music industry.


Purani Jeans and Zaalim Nazron Se by Ali Haider

Two of the catchy songs sung by notably famous best Pakistani singer, Ali Haider, for his Pakistani album ‘Sandesa’. This album came out in 1993 and takes us back to the era of college days. All the memories come back to you and hit you like nostalgia for how a youngster lives a carefree life in adolescence, far away from all the worldly tensions. The chic persona fascinated the masses with his crisp and attractive tracks.


Billo De Ghar by Abrar ul Haq

pakistani pop songs 80s

Ninety’s Mehndi dances were incomplete by this thrilling and fantastic Lollywood Punjabi song. Billo de Ghar, sung by Abrar UL Haq, is still famous.

His debut single, in 1995, an Urdu- Punjabi classic, has been a smashing knockout. However, this song has the energy to rock the dance floor. Therefore, it rocked massive popularity all over the world.


Chief Sahab by Sajjad Ali


Sajjad Ali’s Pakistani album Sohni Lagdi, its release dates back to1999. He was a semi-classical pop and rock singer who gave us the difficult choice of choosing the best Pakistani pop song from all his albums.

Who does not remember “ Cinderalla Mera intezar Karna” and “Larri Adda,” sung by a talented and god-gifted persona? He has won numerous glories as a successful artist.


Tera Kangana by Shehzad Roy

best pakistani songs

In eastern culture, the attire a girl carries manifests her beauty. Shehzad Roy’s song “Tera Kangana” highlights the minute details of how a girl steals the show with the chime of her bangles and anklets.

The way her shyness captivates the attention of the beholder. The enchanting and tender instrumental of this best Pakistani song captures your heart. And makes you feel nostalgic about the music scene that was so simple and down to earth in ninety’s times.


Dum Mast Qalender by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

pakistani album

A world legend that we, as Pakistanis, are proud to call one of our own, the legend was born in Faisalabad to Qawal Fateh Ali Khan. It is one of his all-time popular classical Sufi Qawwalis.

No Qawwali Mehfil or Mehndi function is complete without Dama Dam Mast Qalandar. He is a legendary Sufi among his disciples. NFAK was one of the best Pakistani singers & Qawali legends of all time

Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was a magnificent fable of the Lollywood music industry. He presented the genre of Qawwali to the global doom. He entranced the world with his influential vocals and passionate love for Sufism.

Coke studio featuring Uzair Jaiswal and Jabar Abbas grabbed the roots of this Sufi song. Their blissful voices are soothing wherever and whenever you listen to them.


Kaho Ek Din by Ahmed Jehanzeb

lollywood music

Therefore, saving the best for the last “Kaho Ek Din,” released in 2003. A soul-stirring song is sung by Pakistani pop and classical singer Ahmed Jehanzeb. Album Parastish has been the best-selling Pakistani album of its time.

A perfect track to dedicate to your beloved for confessing possessiveness and love! Devoting yourself to the one you love entirely. A desire to lose one’s persona and wants to become beloved!

In other words, the artist has certainly done a brilliant job with the expression of this fine piece of art, and it is a commendable achievement.

His Khaki Banda, a Sufi- rock track sung in Coke studio with Uzair Jaiswal. That shined bright as a sparkling star in the Lollywood music industry, accompanying all the philosophies of life. The music director has jotted down and crafted the lyrics beautifully.

Above All, It is unfair to say that I have mentioned all the best Pakistani songs in this article. However, I am a crazy fan of ninety’s songs and fanatic about the lyrics composed in that era.

Therefore, I feel nostalgic about the decency and grace of that beautiful yet golden time. It takes me back to the olden times when love and beauty were pure and demonstrated concisely and compactly, especially when autoplay treats you with Junaid Jamshed and Ahmed Jehanzeb hits.

Pakistani pop songs 80s, along with Old Lollywood music, is a magnificent art collection from the Pakistani old songs list. Memoirs of the past generation as a gift for us. We need to preserve the authenticity of the originals in the best way. Let’s relive those genuine and precious moments again by listening to some of the best Pakistani old song lists.

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