Best Site to Download Songs & Music For Free Legally in 2022

Thinking about what is the best site to download free music? To gain access to new MP3 songs, free download, read this article. Music is a language used to ease your mind and soul, and we all love to download free songs. They fill the Internet with plenty of sites offering free music and songs. However, not every website provides free-of-cost music and song downloading opportunities. You can say that some of them have been not legalized the download option yet. So, if you have been looking for the best free music download sites, this article is for you.

Everyone loves to download MP3 songs and other latest and oldest music. This article is for those who want to download free music anytime and anywhere. All you have to do is click on the link mentioned under the list of the best site to download music. So, with no further delay, let’s look at these amazing and free music and song downloading sites.

Many sites offer free music download services. However, not all of them are legal. Some download service providers use pirated content and sell it to the customer at a premium price. In this article, we will review some of the best download websites for 2020 so that you can download your favorite songs without any worries!

There are several concerns with music streaming services. The major deterrent is the lack of ownership; if you use Spotify, you don’t own any music; you’ve just been given a license to listen to it.

Not to worry, though. If you’re looking for a way to get music, you’ve come to the right spot. There are still methods to obtain free music. They are perfectly legal and will be yours to keep permanently. Here are the top MP3 download sites for free music.


Download Free Music & Songs Legally

Here are several locations where you may get free music without having to resort to digital piracy. Legally expand your digital music collection!




This website doesn’t need a long introductory paragraph, as we all know that SoundCloud is famous for being the best music streaming service. People have randomly uploaded enormous music content in English, Urdu, Hindi, and others. Many artists, musicians, and music lovers have uploaded song remixes in this wide music streaming community.

Independent music lovers constantly upload English songs, Hindi remixes, and other instrumental beats. Hence, if you want to make your own free music download library, SoundCloud is the best option. Some recognize among the top Indian music streaming services providers.

From the search bar of SoundCloud, you can search for songs by the name of artists, song names, bands, tracks, and podcasts. Not all the music tracks present on SoundCloud are free; some have a download button right at the bottom. At the same time, others require you to log in to your Facebook page. However, SoundCloud is one of the authentic websites for free music downloads.

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ReverbNation is another popular free music downloads site that offers a variety of music-free content and genres. This new MP3 song free download site is behind the success of famous bands like the Civil Wars and Alabama Shakes. Another band, Imagine Dragons, has also gained an enormous fan base.

So, if you have been looking for music free collection like hip-hop, pop, and other alternatives, you can either join ReverbNation as an artist, or you can join as a fan. Currently, ReverbNation is handling 4 million artists and labels. It also provides users with exclusive opportunities like a relationship with industries, powerful services to gather more fans, gigs, making more money.

If you’re a young band looking to sell music online, ReverbNation is a fantastic platform. It’s also an excellent resource for anybody seeking to download free music. The site is mostly geared towards new artists; you won’t find current chart-toppers songs there.

Don’t be discouraged, though. Many well-known bands, such as Alabama Shakes and Imagine Dragons, have gotten their ReverbNation start. That means you could be the most popular kid at school if you get music from tomorrow’s hottest artists before they become famous.

This website is highly innovative, offering genres like features, discovery, crowd picks, shows, charts, opportunities, and pricing on the top. You can download MP3 songs of your own choice from the search bar. Hence, ReverbNation is more than just the best free music download site.

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Here comes another well-organized and well-protected, licensed site to answer your question of the best site to download free music? You can safely download your favorite songs from the Jamendo website anytime. Even if you want to license film, video, commercial, or music free, this is the best site that provides you with everything at a competitive price.

Jamendo is a music-sharing platform that helps independent artists upload their songs to their followers. It now has over 240,000 royalty-free songs from over 40,000 bands.

“Communities” are the theme of the music. You’ll see its most popular songs, albums, and artists when you go to a certain community (for example, as with Rock). You may sort the music by all-time popularity, what’s popular now, and new releases.

You can test the quality of the music before deciding to download it by listening to one of the site’s themed radio stations.

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best free music download sites

If you have been looking for a music collection, then SoundClick is the best free music download site. You will find plenty of artists on this website offering their licensed songs and authority for new MP3 songs free download.

SoundClick offers wide song genres like hip-hop, pop, instrumentals, electronic, rock, acoustic, alternative, Latin, urban, metal, Jazz, classical, podcasts, blues, etc. Sign up to SoundClick, stream music, and download MP3 songs from your most loved artists and bands.

Listeners can stream unlimited music content, own a profile, create their custom playlist, and get updates by following the artists, and a lot more. Right from the search bar, you can browse your favorite music.
Other features like sending gifts through personalized mail to your loved ones as e-cards. It offers amazing themes like birthday cards, Valentine’s Day cards, and other custom-made cards with music in the background.

SoundClick is yet another example of a site that caters to new artists and features music from people who have yet to establish themselves in the industry. SoundClick primarily promotes fresh performers that have not yet gained recognition in the business. Every track on the site must be made available on a case-by-case basis, and some need a modest payment. Where downloads are accessible, you generally have a choice of quality. 320 kbps MP3s, 160 kbps MP3s, and lossless WAV files are usually options.

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free music download

Another best SoundCloud alternative and user-friendly, free music download sites include Audiomack. You can download labels, the latest music, songs and search for songs by artists. Audiomack is a hub for top and trending music albums, songs, hip-hop, rap, Latin, pop, electronics, instrumental, Afro beats, and Reggae.

This website is attractive with separate sections for music tracks, remixes, trending, top songs, albums, playlists, Audiomack world, and recently added ones. So, in short, this website is a complete music library offering you to connect with artists, their music, and remixes. You can now download this app on your PC, iOS, and Android devices for free.

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what is the best site to download free music

Looking for a complete set of movies, TV, comedy, games, books, Netflix, politics, and Amazon, then NoiseTrade is a one-stop store. This website offers you free music, which you can even download legally. Its highly detailed music category attracts you to rank it among the top free music download sites.

Whether classical, children, instrumental, metal, rock, hip-hop/rap, jazz, alternative, dance, and many more, you will find everything here. Talking about the streaming of songs, you have limited authority.

However, if you want new MP3 songs free download accessibility at once, NoiseTrade allows you to download any album after signing up to this site. So, trade your email address and postal code for this purpose.

They say there is no such thing as a free meal. And to some extent, that’s true if you use NoiseTrade.This site’s music providers want something in return for the free download, typically a mailing address or an email address. The objective is for bands to easily connect with individuals who enjoy their work—for example, to promote a forthcoming tour or announce the release of a new album.

The good news is that you’ll be more likely to discover artists you know. Sure, you won’t find the band’s most recent album, but the majority of the musicians are already signed to a label and have albums available.

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Free Amazon Music Store

free music download sites

If you are one of the Amazon Prime subscribers, you can grab the opportunity to access a huge music library. So, you can reach out to millions of music files, songs, download them, and stream them on any device in your hand. The good news is that you can save music to listen to it offline.

One more important thing about Free Amazon Music Store is that you can catch on to free music under Digital Music. Here you will find music content from pop, rock, classical to miscellaneous audio recordings.

However, you will need your Amazon account to download songs. Adding your favorite song in the shopping cart to listen to it later is another benefit of the Amazon Music Store.

Many consumers are unaware that Amazon provides a huge collection of free audio downloads. More than 6,000 songs are available for download at the moment.

Unlike other free music download sites, you can frequently discover well-known bands. You may discover music from the Foo Fighters, Ashaneen, Tony Elman, Carole King, and many more right now. The musicians change regularly, so grab them while they’re hot if you come across any tracks you enjoy.

The playlist doesn’t just feature big names; it also covers several uncommon genres. Unfortunately, Amazon has now removed the option to sort the free music by genre (though it is still accessible for paid music). As a result, you’ll have to do some research yourself.

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new mp3 songs free download

If you are a true lover of rap music and hip-hop, check out this amazing website offering new MP3 songs free download. DatPiff website is famous for the Mixtapes, the genuine attraction of the 90s kid.

Other than that, you will also find several energetic music compilations by many of your favorite artists. On this exciting free music download site, your favorite artists like Curren$y also post their free songs to acknowledge the love of their fans. Whether it’s songs by Drake, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, La Guala, French Montana, or other various artists, you can download them anytime.

Apart from that, all the new music releases and upcoming new tapes are also offered here. They can access all the music compilations by fans through this free music download site.

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best free music download sites

Since 2002, Last.FM has become a popular free music download site, which offers Pandora music to its users. The website is beautifully designed and shows many artists, their music, songs, including spiking tracks. has been collecting the data from the listeners to tell you about the number of tracks listened to by the users of this website. Additionally, a global community with individual profiles of the users has been created based on their music taste and listening trends.

On this black and red contrast website, you will listen, watch, share and explore Pandora music files from many media players, including other Pandora music streaming websites. This website updates you about what the users are listening to worldwide. The most popular and most loved tracks will be seen popping at the end of the

This is undoubtedly one of the best free music downloads sites, available in 12 languages, including English and French. If you want to listen to some 80’s electronic music, you can drag the circles to explore more.

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YouTube Audio Library


We know that YouTube is the biggest internet site streaming unlimited videos, including music files. YouTube music downloads are another good catch for YouTube music-free availability.

Not all the music content available on YouTube is free to download. However, you can browse free music download through a filter of Creative Commons License along with the particular genre you want.

Some music tracks on this largest free streaming services provider YouTube are free to download based on the license agreement. But you give that artist or music composer the credits for the music content you are using for any platform.

The YouTube Audio Library is aimed primarily at video producers who require royalty-free production music. Anyone with a YouTube account may access the collection through YouTube Studio and download as many songs as they like.

According to the library’s terms and conditions, you are free to utilize the tracks in any content you develop; it isn’t just limited to videos. You may also utilize the songs in monetized YouTube videos.

Every track has a sample that may be heard by clicking the little Play button. Click the adjacent Download button to save it to your computer if you enjoy what you hear.

The YouTube Audio Library also includes sound effects and free music tracks. They’re also completely free to use in your creative endeavors.

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Free Music Google Play Store

free music download sites

Another source of free music download sites is Google Play Store. Music Google Play is a legal method to lay your hands on free music and new MP3 songs free download. You have to make your Google account with an active payment mode option.

Many artists have posted their music on different platforms to give themselves public exposure. However, there may be a possibility that some music applications may not be working in our location. So, whichever Music Google Play you find in your area, you can grab any other music content available in your geographical area.

To avail of free music Google Play, you can go straight in the drop-down of categories and select Music & Audio option. Just write free music in the search bar, and you will get songs based on different artists and albums.

Note: Music Google Play is shutting down next month, September 2020. So, if you have any saved music files saved, you can move them to YouTube music free of cost.

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Free Music Archive

download songs for free

The Free Music Archive has been around for a while, but it’s still quite popular. The station is run and programmed by WUFM in New Jersey, curating the material. The majority of the free song downloads are by lesser-known artists, but a well-known name may appear from time to time. It’s a fantastic method to discover new music, regardless of who produces it.

You don’t have to be concerned about legality because all of the songs on the site are for personal use. However, if you intend to utilize any music commercially, you’ll need to verify the rights associated with each recording.

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download songs for free

What if pop, Rock, and other popular styles aren’t your thing? If you enjoy classical music, you’re in luck.

Another excellent site to get free music online is Musopen. It features recordings from some of history’s most renowned classical musicians. You’ll find everything from Bach and Beethoven to Tchaikovsky and Holst among the selections available. To locate the material you want, use keywords like composer, performer, instrument, period, or form when searching on Musopen.

The site also includes a variety of other services, including song downloads. You’ll discover lots of free sheet music as well as some instructional tools.

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The Internet Archive

download songs for free

The internet Music Archive is the greatest site section for a music enthusiast. It was created in collaboration with and included events and concerts from various well-known performers. All of the bands in the collection have “trade-friendly” licenses, meaning fans have been permitted to swap some of their music for non-commercial purposes freely.

You’ll find old news and public affairs lectures, radio programs, audiobooks, and poetry readings at the library.

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download songs for free

There is a free music catalog on CCTrax, which is covered by a Creative Commons license. It specifically emphasizes electronica, dub, techno, and ambient music. Every song on the site may be downloaded for free, and there are no costs involved anywhere. Pay attention to the songs with the designated “BY License” since they are the only ones you can embed elsewhere.

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Frequently Asked Questions

MP3 songs free download for mobile?
  • You can download free MP3 songs on your mobile using a USB cable.
  • First, you need to install an Android File Transfer on your computer.
  • If you have put a passcode on your screen, you should unlock it to proceed.
  • Now connect your mobile phone with your computer through a USB cable.
  • Find music files saved on your PC and drag them towards your phone’s folder for music downloads in the Android File Transfer.
 How to download music from YouTube?

You can download music in four steps from YouTube.

  1. First, install a YouTube music downloader and run the software. Now, you need to follow the installation wizard’s instructions so that music can be easily downloaded from YouTube.
  2. Second, you need to find the song from the search bar. So, enter the song name, artist name, or album and once you find it, click on the enter button. Preview or Play the song before downloading it to ensure the voice quality and correctness of the song.
  3. Third, you need to click on the ‘Download’ link to download music tracks MP3. This step enables you to download songs from YouTube to iTunes. So, this YouTube music downloader will save your music folder on your PC.
  4. You can transfer all the MP3 music files from YouTube to your Android devices. All you need to do is plug in your phone to your computer and launch iTunes for iOS devices. For Android smartphones, you can directly transfer music files, MP3 songs, and other melodies into your phone.
 Best any free music download sites for Android phones?

The best free music download sites for Android phones are as follows:

  1. SoundCloud with around 150 Million music tracks.
  2. Spotify
  3. Google Play Music
  4. MP3 Skull
  5. Gaana Music
  6. Pandora Music
  7. Music Paradise Pro
  8. If you are a fitness freak, then RockMyRun is a good option.
 How to get free music download SoundCloud?

After you sign in to your SoundCloud account, search for your favorite music from the browser. Now click on the download button present below the waveform. You can either enable music downloads or disable it from the listener’s perspective from the permission tab.

 Free music download Jamendo?

You can easily download free music from Jamendo. You can also log in via Facebook or your Google account, but you can still share and download free music without doing that. Under the heading of free streaming and free download, you will see all the best of trending, latest music, and genre options.

Choose any music category out of pop, rock, jazz, metal, hip-hop, electronic, and many more. Clicking on the Plus Music sign will add the music to the playlist and press the heart icon for adding the song to your list of favorites. Whereas, downward arrow shows that you can download that song immediately.

How do you mix Audio with Music?

You can mix audio with Music by following simple steps. First, make a recording of your narration and edit it. Now import the music file you want to set in the background. Make small arrangements like time shift the music track and adjusting the volume levels side by side.

Check out your mix after setting the background music like a smooth fade. If you are satisfied with your audio and music mix, save and export it.

 How can I add background music to my mobile Music?

You can also add background music to your mobile Music through “Video Show Video Editor.” Download and install this app on your smartphone. Once installed, open this app and click on the “Edit Video” button. Now choose any background audio you want to apply. Press the “Next” button at the bottom. Inside the “Video Editor Screen,” click on the “Sound” button to choose the Music for your mobile.

 How can I download music from iTunes for free?

To download Music from iTunes for free, open the iTunes Store App. Now click on the Music option present at the bottom of the iTunes App. Now look for the best song or any music album from the list. In Apple devices, they store Music in the Music library. Now download the Music by clicking on the download button so that you can listen to your favorite playlist offline. They will charge you.

 How much does it cost to download Music from iTunes?

Now Apple has changed its phenomenon of downloading Music from iTunes. They sell song-by-song downloads with prices ranging from 99 cents up to $1.29 each. So, after paying around $10, you can listen to any of your favorite music from iTunes.



Have we enlisted all the best free music download sites in this article to answer the best site to download free music? New MP3 songs free download is now possible, and these websites help you initiate an MP3 converter.

MyfreeMP3 is another free music download site with plenty of music albums available, and you can listen to the songs for free. There are 100s of top music artists’ content is available on MyfreeMP3. In some counties, downloading copyrighted material is banned. So, it would help if you were very careful before downloading songs from the website. However, all the above-mentioned best sites to download free music provides you with the opportunity to download free songs legally. Don’t forget to share it with your loved ones.

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