Pakistani Celebrities Instagram With The Most Followers

Instagram is the most used social media app among teens and adults. Millions of people are regular members of this application. It is the most preferred platform for artists, singers, foodies, celebrities, fashion enthusiasts, fitness freaks, techno-geeks, bibliophiles, and much more. Being one of the top celebrities on Instagram or being the most followed celebrity on Instagram has its glory. Stars with the most Instagram followers are considered the most desired since millions of people reach out to those actors’ Instagram. Here are a few of Pakistani Celebrities Instagram with the highest following count. 

Pakistani Celebrities Instagram

Mahira Khan Followers: 6.1 million

She’s the most stunning actress in Pakistan. The Humsafar star is the top celebrity on Instagram. Likewise, it is Pakistan’s most-followed celebrity on Instagram. Undoubtedly she tops the list with her remarkable beauty. We all know that this gorgeous gal who starred alongside Shahrukh Khan in Raees doesn’t need makeup. She’s naturally blessed with the best. We just can’t stop admiring her!


Atif Aslam:Followers: 5 million

We’re all crazy about his sweet, harmonious, and unique vocal abilities that have mesmerized the hearts of audiences around the world. In addition to that, he has also displayed his acting skills in movies. Not just the voice but his dapper looks, handsome features, and beautiful smile have got everyone drooling for many years now. Being the most followed celebrity on Instagram, he plays an active role in regularly updating his fandom.

Mawra Hocane:Followers: 5.4 million

Mawra Hocane is the cutie we all admire. She has some excellent acting skills and a beautiful smile. These Pakistani celebrities’ Instagram is as cute and aesthetic as she is. A figure that has influenced many girls with her sense of style. She has launched a clothing brand alongside her sister. The latter has also made it to the list of the most followed celebrity on Instagram. Apart from the actor’s Instagram, you can check our collection @uxmofficial.

Aiman Khan:Followers: 6.3 million

This adorable girl, whom we have been eyeing on TV since she was little, is also a celebrity with the most Instagram followers. She is gorgeous, and we love her Instagram feed. Her acting skills have always been top-notch, and her cuteness has only doubled over the years. Her dressing sense is impressive. From Eastern to Western, she can pull it off pretty well. Not to forget mentioning that her husband, Muneeb Butt is no less than stunningly handsome. They make a beautiful couple. You can check out their wedding photos on the actor’s Instagram feed.


Ayeza Khan:Followers: 6 million

Ayeza Khan is the most appreciated artist in our industry. She has a strong character and some brilliant acting skills. She has been blessed with unique beauty and stunning looks. Her positive aura, beautiful smile, and graceful sense of dressing draw us all. She has been married to Danish Khan. This Pakistani Celebrities Instagram feed, it’s everything from super classy and aesthetic to beauty and grace. Moreover, it is enjoyable watching the couple’s portraits, and their family photoshoots are appealing.

Minal Khan:Followers: 5.3 million

Minal has always been seen starring alongside her beautiful sister Aiman Khan. As you can tell by this Pakistani Celebrities Instagram, they’re the cutest pair of twins in the Pakistani industry. At the same time, her attractive features and gorgeous looks are charming. We love her feed and the way she dresses up.

Ali Zafar:Followers: 4.2 million

Who doesn’t admire the vocal abilities of this singer? Furthermore, it has been known that years back, Ali used to lounge in the Bhurban lobby and sketch. People used to come to him and admire his artwork. But who knew that from sketching and acting, he would skyrocket to singing and stun the world? His voice will give you absolute goosebumps. And his smile is to die for. Above all, Ali makes sure he keeps his fans updated about his life through his Instagram updates.

Urwa Hocane:Followers: 3.8 million

She is making it last on the Pakistani Celebrities Instagram list of celebrities with the most Instagram followers. Urwa is the sister of Marwa Hocane and is the wife of Farhan Saeed. Urwa is known for her acting skills and has worked in various TV series. She’s beautiful and has a charming sense of dressing. Also, the co-founder of @uxmcollection. This is a fashion clothing line that the sisters are working on together.

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