Must be wondering what these iPhone secret codes refer to? And how come you don’t know if they exist and are so unique. These iPhone secret codes and hacks are also known as access codes or hidden menu or hidden codes. These secret codes on iPhone can be sensitive and may contain some information which is useless and not worthy for a basic user. Although, Some of these secret codes on the iPhone might be helpful to you, but not all of them. The article includes the iPhone secret code list.

Secret Codes of Iphone

Now you would be able to forward a call yourself or you can even hide your caller ID. Seems spooky? Yes, it is. But the user needs to be extremely cautious while trying the iPhone secret menu. Because in case of any sensitive dial you could lose your data too, and maybe your iPhone settings will be disturbed.

Field Test Mode:

Code: 3001#12345#

This iPhone secret code transfers you to the field test mode window. When you dial this code in your phone, the window appears with a few technical information exploring options about your phone.

If that information is applicable and you comprehend each and every drop of it, then you can proceed to what you were searching for.

As a result, this mode lets you know how promising are the signals on your phone in decibels. The dotted signal strength disappears as soon as you follow these steps:

  • While being on the Field test page, Hold the lock/power button until the power off and restart screen appears.
  • Take off your hand from the power button then.
  • And press on the home button or press the Phone option on the left top corner of the field test page window.

iPhone secret codes


Through this you would know if your phone has a weak signal or a fair one. These iPhone secret codes let you do many technical things. As, The weak signal is as low as -115 or -120 decibels where as a full one reaches to -80 or -90 decibels. Also, The field test mode lets you explore many other productive options in the list.

Finally, To return to the usual bars of signal strength on the phone, go to the field test page and simply click on the Phone on the top left of the screen.

Hide Caller ID:

Code: *31#mobile number

First of all iPhone secret menu also includes a secret code which lets you hide your caller ID that is your Phone number through iPhone secret codes.

You have to enter the code from the iphone secret codes on your dialer and proceed with entering the number you want to call with an “Unknown tag” on their phones. Dial the code along with the number and your ID will be displayed as unknown.

Each country has different iPhone secret codes to dial. The secret iPhone codes list is mentioned below. So, Try the code in your country and trick your friends through the anonymous caller ID.

Country Code
Argentina #31#
Denmark #31#
France #31#
Germany *31# or #31#
Greece #31#
Hong Kong 133
Iceland *31*
Ireland 141
Israel #31#
Italy #31#
Japan 184
New Zealand 197
North America #31# or *67
Netherlands *31* or #31#
Romania *31*
South Africa *31*
South Africa #31#
Spain #31#
Sweden #31#
Switzerland Landline *31#
United Kingdom 141
Albania #31# (mobile phones)
Australia 1831
Canada #31#
Pakistan *32#
India #31#
Switzerland Mobile #31#
South Korea *23 or *23#

Check SMS Center:

Code: #50057672#

If you are facing any issue with your SMS service in your iPhone. The secret codes on iPhone also have a code for checking SMS center, so you only have to dial that code on your dialer and your call would be transferred to the SMS center.


Code: *#06#

IMEI is the unique identifying option of your device and your phone hardware. Your network provider will identify you through your this IMEI. Moreover, The SIM card is also included in the IMEI.

Subsequently, Enter this secret code from the iPhone code list and there is no need to dial. Immediately, Your IMEI will be displayed on your screen through this iPhone secret code.

Call forwarding and Barring:

Call forwarding, also known as call diversion refers to changing the call`s destination or diverting the incoming call from one phone number to another. Whereas, call barring means blocking all the incoming calls to your phone number.

Similarly, You can customize the settings it by using the iPhone secret menu, which lets you stop receiving international calls or calls from certain numbers using this iPhone secret codes.

Code for enabling or disabling call forwarding: *21# This code enables or disables call forwarding on your iPhone.

The Code for checking status of call forwarding: *#21# If you have forgotten about what have you done to call forwarding then you can easily check your phone`s status through this iPhone secret code on your iPhone.

field test mode, call barring

Secret Code for checking status of call barring: *#33# Call barring enables a user to block all calls and the calls won’t be delivered to you.

Code for enabling call barring: 33pin# Enable call barring on your phone through this code and stay undisturbed throughout.

iPhone secret menu

Calling line presentation:

Code: *#30#

Most noteworthy the secret codes on iPhone also have a code for the calling line presentation. As, Calling line presentation refers to the identity which is present when you dial or call someone. And this ID is displayed on their phone. Therefore, If this caller ID is missing, then you can dial this iPhone secret codes and explore the issue.


weak signal, iPhone secret codes

Although, these iPhone secret codes look cool and work beyond your thoughts, but you need to be cautious in using the iPhone secret menu for the sake of your device. So, While using these iPhone secret codes, keep this in mind that it is not necessary that the whole iPhone codes list will work on your IOS device.

Hence, It is also possible that some of these codes will work and some won’t. So, If these iPhone secret codes works, a new window will appear and you would see the results and if not, the iPhone will display an error message or nothing would change. Therefore, that means the iPhone secret codes do not work on your device.

S.No Function Code
1 Check call forwarding number (you can assign another mobile number to forward calls when your cell phone is busy) *#67#
2 IMEI number *#06#
3 Anonymous call (Your cell number will be hidden on the receiver’s caller ID) Input *67 before you enter a phone number
4 Field test mode (provides info about cell signal) *3001#12345#*
5 Disable call waiting #43#
6 Enable call waiting *43#
7 Enhanced full rate (EFR) mode — This mode can enhance improved reception for battery life *3370#


Siri Booking a Cab

siri taxi
Siri has evolved a good deal in the past couple of decades. Today, it might be incorporated with third-party apps to carry out the wide assortment of tasks. As an example, if you’d like to reserve an Uber via Siri then give your consent to Siri and only ask it to reserve a cab.

Can iPhone be Hacked?

spy iphone
A whole lot of iOS users think an iPhone cannot be hacked, and it is a misconception. By taking the guidance of a reliable spying tool such as SpyMyFone, you’re able to hack on your iPhone device easily. Without even accessing the iPhone, you’re able to get essential information associated with it such as contacts, messages, whatsapp, browser history, notes, and much more.

finally ,this is among the most useful iPhone secret codes and hacks that plenty of users are unaware of.

Shake to Reverse or Undo typing


Because you want to text in a quick pace, then that might be certainly one of the best iPhone secret codes and hacks.

Accessibility>Touch>Shake to Undo

Above All, when you’ve typed something incorrect, you can shake your mobile to reverse it.

Hope you have liked this article in which we have tried to cover iPhone secret codes and hacks list .If we have missed anything , Please share it in the comments below.


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