Best Digital Scale Grams App For Android & iOS 2020

We all love to experiment with different apps available for Android and iOS for the year 2020. That’s because weighing scales app is fun to play around them and who don’t want to impress others through the latest phone technologies. Weighing small objects through digital scale gram apps is not only an interesting thing to do, but the weight measurement app proves to be used daily. Whether you have an iOS or Android device, you can download a free scale app or weight checking app and use it when required. These weight calculator apps use an accelerometer to measure the weight of small objects you place on your phone up to approximation.

Digital Scale Grams App

However, you may not get convinced with the accuracy of measurements provided by these digital scale grams, but still, you can try these underrated apps in urgency. Well, apart from their usefulness, a weight measurement app always comes with a limitation of not been good enough to weigh large objects. Like who get agree to break his phone screen by placing a heavy object on their delicate mobile screen. However, for small objects, these digital scale grams are pretty much useful. Let’s have a look at some of the best digital scale grams app for your Android and iOS versions for 2020.

Kitchen Scale- Free (Android)

This weight measurement app is exclusively designed for Android users. If you are baking at home or you have plans to prepare calculated food in the kitchen according to a brilliant recipe, then this digital scale app is going to prove useful. You can measure salt, sugar, powdered sugar, pepper, rice, flour, or any other dry thing through Kitchen Scale for free.

However, if your phone screen is delicate enough to not bear the weight of heavy ingredient, then this mobile weight scale is not recommended at all. Moreover, it is better not to weigh a moist thing, if your phone is not water-resistant.

Kitchen Scale app is a small weighing scale that measures the smallest items including gold and silver based on their volume and mass. All you have to do is to fill the circle that appears on your screen with the ingredient, you want to measure. The circle may get expand based on the weight of the ingredient placed on the mobile screen.

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Right weigh Load Scale app (iPhone)

weighing scales app

iPhone users can install the Right Weigh Load Scale app to measure the load weight anywhere anytime. This weight measurement app also comes up with Bluetooth to help you connect with your devices, and to serve other purposes like tracking and sharing notifications every time. So, you can weigh anything with this weight measurement app and amaze your friends with this magical application.

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Truck Scale Calculator (iPhone)

free scale app

Truck Scale calculator is another useful weight checking app for iPhone users in the year 2020. This calculator is specially designed for truck drivers to analyze the weight of their axels. Moreover, Truck Scale Calculator has a special capability to measure rigs such as 3 axel sets, (steers, drives, and tandems) and 4 axel sets (drivers, steers, and 2 other axels).

Additionally, this weighing scales app has a mechanism to input the short platform and long platform scales.

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Scale Estimator-Free (Android)


Scale Estimator is another free scale app used to measure the weight of objects around 100 grams. Moreover, it provides you with a rough estimate of the weight of the required object. Scale Estimator can be used only if you have a coin and a plastic bag to weigh your desired object.

To weigh any object, you have to follow simple instructions using a plastic bag and coin. Firstly, you need to blow the plastic bag with your mouth. Using a zip lock bag is best for this weight checking app. Secondly, place your phone in the plastic bag and click on “Start Weighing”. Thirdly, place the coin in the required circle, when the app instructs you to place it. Lastly, place your object on the coin to the weight scale online.

Note that the accuracy of weight measurement depends upon that how well you have inflated your plastic bag. Make it rigid for the best weight measurement of your required item. However, still, the accuracy cannot be promised completely.

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Digital Scale Free- Weight Estimator Simulator (Android)


Looking for a digital weighing scales app? Digital Scale, a weight estimator simulator is here to allow you to measure small things in grams or Oz with your mobile. This app works well with Android devices for weight check online. So, you can download this amazing weigh measurement app to check the weight of the smallest objects and impress your friend circle at any time.

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Precision Digital Scale – Free (Android)

digital scale grams app

If you are looking for a precise weight calculation of small objects through your phone digital scale grams app, then Precise digital scale app can be a good catch. As the name suggests that it provides a “Precise” calculation of certain objects, this mobile weight scale utilizes the efficiency of the accelerometer of your phone for accurate results.

All you have to do is to place the object right on the top of your phone or tablet and you will get the approximate results of the weight of that particular object. However, you should place the object gently on your phone to avoid any damage to your smartphone screen. Therefore, if you want to get results near to accuracy through this Android digital scale app, then it all depends upon the way you use this app for proper calibration.

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Digital Scale Simulator (Android)

free scale app

Another Android weighing scales app is here to allow you to make measurements regarding your favorite object. A digital scale simulator is a free scale app used to measure the weight of small things based on their mass and volume. You can get approximate results through this simulator and trick your friends through this wonderful weight measuring app.

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Working Scale Free (Android)


Working Scale is another free version of the weight measurement app which uses sensors to measure the weight of small objects. Usually, this Android device can measure a minimum mass up to 5 grams and you can get the results ranging from 10 grams to 100 grams as well.

To get the best results, you need to place your Android device on the carpet, sofa cushion, or any other springy type place. You can place your phone on a slightly inflated plastic bag for better mobile weight scale results.

Then, put a piece of paper on the region where you have plans to place the calibration mass/ object. Now press the “Start button” and wait for the instruction of the device to place the calibration mass on it. For larger devices, you can also place coins on your device for accurate mass calibration.

Now place the calibration mass on the top center of your Android device. After this step, placing the object on calibration mass will provide you with the accuracy of 0.1 grams depending upon the procedure. Press the Stop button after you are done and reset the settings to restart again.

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Super Scale Free Digital Scales (Android)

weight checking app

Super scale-free digital scales, a weighing scales app is a perfect fit for the Android device users. This app helps you to weigh small objects without the use of any equipment like plastic bags or coins. Super scale-free digital scales use the sensors of your phone to provide an accurate measurement of the weight of small objects placed on it.

Note that the accuracy of calibration depends upon the procedure you perform using your phone. The better usage, the better results. However, the Superscale pro version is also available for accurate results. So, install this fabulous app in your Android device and weigh several small objects.

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3 Grams Digital Scales App With Weight Converter (Android)

free scale app

3 Grams is a digital scale grams app, a little similar to the Kitchen Scale app which uses your phone sensors to measure the weight. The in-built tilt mobile sensors require you to place it on a curved surface for better results. Just avoid tilting your device with a heavy object on it.

So, after balancing your phone on a curved and soft surface, place the object on the bottom of your phone for accurate measurement. Remember that your phone screen is delicate enough to place any heavy object directly on it. So, don’t forget to place a piece of paper or a screen protector kind of sticky thing on your device screen to avoid any damage.

Moreover, the use of a phone camera to weigh large objects is it’s another mind-blowing technique. Additionally, 3 Grams of digital scales app also acts as a weight converter. It means once you have calibrated the object and received 4 readings, you can convert it into other units. All you have to do is to press the “Weight button” so that you can showcase the readings. Later, you can reset the app by pressing the grid pad in the center.

Unfortunately, you may get interrupted by lots of ads. And if you want to get rid of these ads at the start or in the middle of the app, you need to pay for it. Well, this 3 grams app is a 3-in-1 deal that insists you try this app for once. So, let’s give it a try.

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Scale in Grams Simulator Joke (Android)

digital scale grams app

Weight check online through Scale in Grams Simulator Joke is another best weighing scales app. You can measure the weight up to 999 grams through this weight scanner app. Firstly place a thin sheet or napkin or a piece of paper on your phone to protect the screen from damage. So, you can showcase the technique of weighing any object by placing it on your phone screen to your friends and family.

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Weight Scale Simulator Prank (Android)

weight checking app

If you want to explore another digital scale grams app, then the Weight scale simulator prank is here for both Android and iOS devices. In devices with the in-built feature of the pressure sensor to measure the weight of any object you want, this simulator app works the best. However, if your phone does not support the weight measurement, this app has a default joke function.

So, you can test the weight of any item you want with the help of this digital scale. Moreover, this Digital scale simulator (prank) is realistically designed and nobody can doubt its genuineness. Developed by Scale dev Ltd, this Scale in Grams Simulator Joke app shows the units of weight in Kg, oz, g, and Lb. With the Bluetooth feature, this free weight checking app is perfect for use.

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Etekcity Smart Kitchen Digital Scale

kitchen scales

If you want a genuine device in your kitchen to measure the weight of certain food, then Etekcity Smart Kitchen Digital Scale is a handy option. Moreover, this device also comes up with a feature to display the nutritional facts about the food item, you placed on this smart scale.

Additionally, the barcode scanner and smart Bluetooth feature are also available with this digital scale. Etekcity Smart Kitchen Digital Scale also comes with an option to track your diet and help you set a healthy goal in the keto diet. Hence, this is a smart device to ensure that you eat healthily and stay healthy.

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We have listed some of the best digital scale gram apps 2020 for your Android or iPhone devices. Most of these weight measure apps are specially designed to weigh small objects by placing them on the phone. We all love to experiment with different things to challenge our friends with new ideas, and sometimes succeed to impress others through random tricks. So, you can pick any of the weight checking apps or weight calculator apps to measure the accurate mass and showcase to your friends and family circle for fun. Share your views about these free scale apps in the comment section below if you have loved the article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are scales app android free?

There are many scale apps available on Google play store for free downloading. These apps provide in-app purchases as well. Some of the scales app are kitchen scale, Scale estimator, precision digital scale, working scale-free, and ouwere3 grams digital scales.

Which are free digital gram scale app?

Kitchen scale, Scale estimator, precision digital scale, and Grams digital scale are some of the free digital gram scale apps available for android users.

How to get a free weight scale?

You can get the free weight scale from the play store on your android device. You can search with an app name or simply try it by searching scale. You will get the list of apps and you can choose the one which fulfills your requirement.

How to weigh things without a scale?

You can use hand weights for weighing things and if you do not have one then you can use the packages of dry food available in the kitchen as these packages provide weight details as well. You can also use a water container as it weighs exactly 8.35 pounds.

Does the iPhone have a scale app?

Yes, TouchScale is the app for iPhone. The limitations from Apple has made it difficult for programmers to create scaling app for iPhone.

Is there an app that turns your phone into a scale?

Yes, the working scale app turns your smartphone into a scale. You only need a resealable plastic bag to convert your device into a scale along with the working scale app. 

What weighs exactly 1 gram?

Many things weigh exactly 1 gram and some of these things are as follows:

  • American currency note of 1 dollar.
  • Small paperclip.
  • Small candle of 2-inch size.
  • Ballpen cap.
  • Thumbtack

This list can go on and on as long you wish.

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