45 Best Android Games Without Internet in 2023

Gaming has become essential for Android users in the past few years. That is because of the versatile choices available for the users. People play games for various reasons, the apparent being for fun. It is also a means of relaxation; some are competitive players, and many other motives. Many games are available online for Android users; just a click away. But it becomes challenging to download games without WiFi where a network is unavailable or find the Best offline Android game. This article covers how you can find Android Games Without Internet. It also provides a premium review of free games unblocked & free games without WiFi, famous for keeping all players happy and satisfied.


Best Offline Android Games

There are many advantages of having games on your device that do not require Wifi. You can access them quickly and enjoy them wherever you like. For example, they can be a great way to kill time when traveling to an area without ethernet access. The types of games available are vast and can cater to people of all age groups—their preferences, such as simple card and puzzle games to complicated full-scale games.

Plants VS Zombies

Plants VS Zombies

Plants vs Zombie is another famous free game. This great game requires players to make strategies and defend against advancing crowds of zombies set to destroy everything. The game first came out in 2009 and has been re-released to make it compatible with all technological devices. It is one of the best free games that allows players to access almost all the features offline.

Download Plants VS Zombies Now


Smash Hit 

Smash Hit 

A game that is suitable for people/ players of all ages, Smash Hit quickly became one of the most famous free games without WiFi. Its requirement to smash things in the 3-D environment has gained a lot of appreciation from the players.

Download Smash Hit Now


Angry Birds Angry Birds

Angry Birds is one of the most famous and best games played without the ethernet. It has gained substantial international fame with players from around the world. It can be played by users old and young and does not need WiFi. More than twenty game versions with hundreds of difficulty levels keep the users hooked with their complexity and fun overlays. Angry birds allow users to access its full features once downloaded. You can access them from any platform like Google, where users can download games without WiFi.

Download Angry Birds Now


Minecraft Pocket Edition


Minecraft is an addictive game with a dedicated fan following since its first version became available. Although an account is needed to gain access to all the features available in the new edition, it’s easy. The stunning graphics, improved designs, great soundtrack, and user-friendly outlay make the gaming experience more fun for people of various ages.

Download Minecraft Pocket Edition Now


Temple Run

Temple Run

Yes, the most epic mobile game is Temple Run which successfully rocks the landscape of games. It is one of the best free games without WiFi and is guaranteed to keep the players obsessed. You can play it on mobile devices without the internet. With its hairpin bends and exciting graphics, the Temple Run has kept users hooked since it first came out in 2011. The best games without the ethernet allow the players to utilize almost all of the features; however, some require connectivity to a network.

Download Temple Run Now


Subway Surfer

Subway Surfer

Another free game without WiFi is the Subway Surfer. It has gained a massive audience among the younger generation because of its softer image. It was a little less scary for the children because of its likeness to cartoons and thus gained a large fan following. Subway surfer is one of the best games to keep on a mobile device because of its ease and user-friendly interface.

Download Subway Surfer Now


Asphalt 8 Airborne

Best offline Android games

A car driving game that has been around since 2013 is another of free game with no WiFi. Its android version is a treat for avid fans of racing games. The players can access almost all of the features. It has gained a lot of praise for realistic graphics and background music. This game has a lot to offer the young generation in terms of engrossment. It is one of the best games without the ethernet.

Download Asphalt 8 Airborne Now


Candy Crush

Best offline Android game

Candy crush is a game developed by the infamous company King in 2012 and instantly became world-famous. It especially gained a lot of fame due to Facebook. Although full access to all the features requires internet connectivity, it can also be played without the ethernet. All the levels of the game are accessible offline, but some offers and promotions need to have internet access. The company developed various other versions of the gameplay, which are also quite famous and don’t require ethernet connectivity.

Download Candy Crush Now


Alto’s Odyssey

Best offline Android game

Alto’s Odyssey is among many more recent offline games which demand no WiFi. It’s a side-scrolling boundless runner. You ski various slopes, create different leaps, and gain a lot of coins. The coins unlock personalization elements while in the game shop. Additionally, this gameplay has vibrant & good-looking graphics. The single-player game controls are both jumping and moving in the air. The game is free to play, but if you want to remove Ads, that can be done by buying coins that further unlock more features. This is one of the Best offline games for Android device to play.

Download Alto’s Odyssey Now


Crossy Road

Best offline Android game

Crossy Road is among the very famous mobile games. It’s ostensibly the Frogger of all the mobile gaming Breeds. You direct a chicken throughout the road by crossing various barriers. The Game includes more than 150 collectible personalities and local and online multiplayer if you intend to play online further. This Game has offline support along with Android Tv support. It’s a family-friendly Best offline Game for Android that’s free to play with. Even the in-app purchases are primarily because of decorative items which will not influence the match.

Download Crossy Road Now


Tank Hero: Laser Wars

Best offline Android game

Tank Hero Laser Wars do not appear in the usual”offline action games” range; however, it’s a good game. You play with the titular Tank Hero, carrying out all the additional tanks together with a laser-powered cannon. You’ve got to destroy the rest of the tank on the map in each degree. It is more complicated. As you advance, you will discover various kinds of tanks and fiendish mazes which make your task harder. But bear in mind lasers rebound walls; therefore, use this to your benefit.

Download Tank Hero Now



Best offline Android game

Eternium is undoubtedly one of just some freemium RPG games that demand no internet connection. This is an action RPG. You run across, sew magical, kill criminals, and research different ruins and dungeons. It functions as the majority of mobile action RPGs. But there’s no need to join an online server to play the game. One thing you need to be sure of is that you have the latest version of the game. Otherwise, the match might be less anticipated. It’s a premium Best offline Android game that you can enjoy.

Download Eternium Now


Traffic Rider

Best offline Android game

Jump on your bike in Traffic Rider and make your way around the town’s traffic since you rush until the finish line, as you want to be the first one to arrive. The primary objective of this Best offline game is to go fast to reach the finish line without being crushed. You may decide on game modes such as time trials or even endless runners. Just be sure that you pass the mission style, as it unlocks a few modern Superbikes to supercharge your need for speed.

Download Traffic Rider from the Google Play 


Major Mayhem

Best offline Android game

It’s hard to say precisely how much pleasure Major Mayhem is. It’s undoubtedly one of Adult Swim’s brilliant mobile games, having a very long single-player effort. The match is staged, such as in a shooting gallery. Enemies pop out of hiding stains, and you tap in to kill them (or throw bombs if you should be mad). The enemies may even make an effort to take you down; therefore, make sure that Major Mayhem does not take an excessive amount of harm. Earn bonuses to get headshots, killing sprees, and trendy kills, and upgrade your weapons as soon as possible.

Download Major Mayhem from the play store 


Shadow Fight 2

Best offline Android game

Since the times of Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, one-third of combat games have been a fantastic solution to pass the time. On Android, you also should devote Shadow Fight ago. You ought to learn lots of motions to develop into a real warrior. The match has two action buttons, kick and punches, and a directional pad. Learn the moves, and you will soon be described as a killer ninja. Shadow Fight Surely qualifies as the Best offline Android game.

Download Shadow Fight 2 Now


Kingdom Rush Vengeance

Best offline Android game

Kingdom Rush Vengeance is just another excellent tower defense match from 2018. This may be the most recent game from the favorite Kingdom Rush series; it functions just like its predecessors. You place up towers and personalities across a way to conquer each one of the crooks. The match includes a lot of buildings, 16 stages, 35 awful guys, 30 upgrades, and more than 50 accomplishments. Yes, it also plays offline for those who require it. There are optional supplies in-app purchases that will assist you in winning different games.

Download Kingdom Rush Vengeance Now


Pocket City

Best offline Android game

Pocket City is Much like Sim City. It’s a city-builder SIM that behaves essentially the same way. You build roads, buildings, and whatever a city requires. Players usually face good things like parties and bad matters such as fires that are enormous. You must be sure that you attain a decent balance to generate more money, unlock more buildings, and uncover more property. The free version includes the game with advertising. This is among the greatest city-builders on Google Play and one of the Best offline Android games.

Download Pocket City from the Google play Store 



Best offline Android game

Quizoid is an easy quiz game that asks you questions you try to reply to. This game has more than 7000 questions across several stages. The programmers of this game intend to add more quizzes. Additionally, it includes several categories, three game modes, and separate in-game tips that will allow you to find the solution. It’s possible to catch an additional 3,000 quizzes combined with various other perks if you grab the pro mode of the match.

Download Quizoid Now


Asphalt Nitro

Best offline Android game

Asphalt Nitro typically requires just 110 MB of space and works on old hardware. Nitro is a cloned form of the most popular high-end Asphalt car driving games. The graphics could be better; however, the gameplay is still solid. You’ll find 125 levels of modes and stages in this game. There are a lot of perfect racing games; however, they frequently require an ethernet connection. Asphalt Nitro can be played with a Wi-Fi connection; the best thing is it’s free. Regardless, it was undoubtedly one of the Android Games Without Internet for 2015.

Download Asphalt Nitro Now


Brothers in Arms 3

Brothers in Arms 3

It is a thrilling World War II-era third-person shooter game in which you command a team of 12 “brothers in arms,” each with unique yet deadly weapons. It’s a multiplayer shooter that can be enjoyed even if you don’t have access to the internet.

Download Brothers in Arms 3 Now


Grand Theft Auto Games

android games without internet

Did you know that all the Grand Theft Automobile games, including the very popular GTA 3, operate offline? You must first download the map and assets using the ethernet and be ready to play these free games without WiFi.

Download Grand Theft Auto Games Now



best android games without internet

UNKILLED is a zombie-apocalypse survival mode game produced by MadFinger Games, well-known for its previous works. It’s still insanely enjoyable and has an excellent offline mode more than two decades after being first released.

Download UNKILLED Now



alto odyssey unblocked

Grimvalor is an action role-playing game with hack-and-slash elements. Wander through massive, ominous castles and improve your young, brave fighter skills.

Download Grimvalor Now


Into the Dead 2

best android games without wifi

If you enjoy zombie apocalypse games and want to feel like you’re in The Walking Dead television series, Into the Dead 2 is worth a try. The next great shooter is on its way, and it will leave you breathless.

Download Into the Dead 2 Now


Star Wars™: KOTOR

best game apps without internet

Although KOTOR is a role-playing game, there’s so much lightsaber action that we had to categorize as such. You’ll command a group of heroes and villains 4000 years before the Galactic Empire to preserve the galaxy.

Download Star Wars Now



best mobile game without internet

This fantastic space adventurous game is the last one on our list. You’ll travel across the galaxy, hunting for one of the planet’s most precious minerals, Morphite, which has been conquered by humanity.

Download Morphite Now


Best Offline Racing Games

Online racing games are a fantastic way to pass the time when there’s no Internet. You’ll be set for hours as long as you’re not playing anything with micro-transactions throughout, such as where you’ll have to spend money on gas to keep racing.


Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3

Offline racing games are fantastic for solitary play, and one of the greatest (to this day) is Real Racing 3. Even though it was originally released several years ago, it still provides stunning visuals and some of the most realistic simulation racing. You can play it on your smartphone or PC. We’re hoping for a fourth sequel in the future.

Download Real Racing 3 from Google Play Store Now


Horizon Chase

Horizon Chase

Fans of classic arcade games will adore this game. It’s a retro racer game with 100 tracks in stunning 16-bit visuals, just like the old days. Please give it a go and relieve your youth.

Download Horizon Chase Now


CSR Racing 2

CSR Racing 2

CSR Racing may be the game for you if you’d rather cruise around corners than race up mountains. This game has excellent graphics, numerous vehicle tuning options, and great drifts from Tokyo to California.

Download CSR Racing 2 Now


Need for Speed

Need for Speed

There are hundreds of mobile racing games, but the best have no restrictions. NFS: No Limits is one of the greatest mobile NFS games, if not the most fantastic racing game ever released. Put your foot on the gas and flee from the cops in this still-one-of-the-best mobile NFS game.

Download Need for Speed Now


Hill Climbing Racing 2

Climbing Racing 2

Endless runner-style racing games are lots of fun. Hill Climbing Racing 1 and 2 are fantastic and don’t require an internet connection.

Download Hill Climbing Racing 2 Now


Best Offline Adventure Games

We’ve covered you if you’re searching for an exciting offline adventure game. You can’t play open-world games like this where each map has to be loaded, but a few of the most effective alternatives available will let you play for hours.


Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure is the one game that ranks above all in terms of fun game, excitement, peace, and functionality when playing offline. This game has you snowboarding down a mountain and is one of the most popular side-scrolling games ever created. It’s an endless runner with incredible visuals and a catchy song.

Download Alto’s Adventure Now




If you haven’t already, download this award-winning game immediately. Its thrilling action-adventure sidescroller play is entertaining, frightening, and pleasurable, with a comfy atmosphere that needs to be experienced to be appreciated.

Download Badland Now




One of Android’s most engaging sidescrollers is this parkour-inspired action game. I’ve spent hours playing it, yet I learn new skills each time I start it up. Give it a go; you’ll be pleasantly surprised. There’s also a Vector 2, but it could be more exciting.

Download Vector Now


Best Offline Puzzle Games

Offline mobile gaming is a big puzzle game market since it is generally straightforward. Everything mentioned below will help you think; before you know it, the flight will be over.



pixel art

Is there a game like Bejeweled that has yet to be made? I don’t believe so. It’s good to hear that the game is still enjoyable to play, works without an internet connection, and is just as thrilling as you remember.

Download Bejeweled Now


Two Dots

dead cells

A fascinating brainteaser that’ll keep you occupied for hours. It was the #1 game in over 100 countries when this logical puzzle debuted. So go ahead and give it a shot now.

Download Two Dots Now


Monument Valley 2

best part

While the original Monument Valley is still fantastic, the second version is even more demanding, and we adore it. In a charming and award-winning puzzler, guide a mother and her child through pathways, illusions, and geometry. This game won honors for its music alone, so you know it’ll be worth your time.

Download Monument Valley 2 Now




If you have a few hours to spare and want to waste on a fantastic puzzle game, give this one a go. While Threes! is an older game, it is still worth recommending because it is one of the finest puzzles and becomes more challenging as you progress.

Download Threes! Now


The Room

higher levels

This is a physical and mental puzzle nested inside a mystery game, and you’re in for a treat if you still need to play it. The visuals aren’t anything to write home about, but everything else about The Room is fantastic. And remember to grab the other three when you’re done so you can play them on your next trip.

Download The Room Now


Flow Free


This is more similar to Snake’s original game, but it’s a lot more thrilling. To build a flow, connect matching colors with pipes. But avoid overlapping or getting too long; surviving that way will be tough.

Download Flow free from the Play Store


Best Offline Strategy Games

Unfortunately, most real-time strategy (RTS) games do not operate offline well. However, a few game developers have figured out a way to offer some fantastic choices.


Poker Offline Texas Holdem

app store

Strategy games abound, but Texas Hold ’em could be better. This is the original card game you know and adore, with features for offline mobile play.

Download Poker Offline Now


Fallout Shelter

board game

Fallout Shelter, one of Bethesda’s finest achievements, is still a classic. The mobile version is distinct from the console versions, although it won several honors. What are you waiting for if you’re a fan of the series but never played it?

Download Fallout Shelter Now




Every card you choose in Reigns significantly impacts your kingdom, making each game unique from the last. It’s thrilling and never gets old.

Download Reigns Now


Machines at War 3

data connection

You’ll love this one if you’re a fan of real-time strategy games. If not, it will keep you occupied for hours. Over 130 troops may be built and mastered; fight lunatic opponents; take control of the world, and enjoy one of the Android Games Without Internet.

Download Machines at War 3 Now


Valleys Between

stardew valley

Discover the fascinating stories of the valley and create a lovely environment full of life in Valleys Between. This isn’t your typical strategy game, but you’ll love everything it offers as you build a community and nurture your world.

Download Valleys Between Now


All the famous games are free, and the best Android Games are Without the Internet in the market, allowing users to relax and enjoy their free time. They don’t have to worry about their daily lives and can contribute a lot to providing mental peace. It may seem to some that it is easier to download free games with WiFi, yes. But you have to know the names of free games without WiFi. There are hundreds of other free games unblocked available, which are equally challenging and engaging.

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