Best Multiplayer Android Games Online 2020

Android games are gradually taking over the Google Play Store. Sometimes we get bored of the simple puzzle games and other games operated by a single player. In fact, Google Play Store has a much-improved version of multiplayer games for Android phones. Thus, multiplayer games have become so much trendy because you can play with your friends, family, and any other random partner as well.  Let’s have a look at these best online multiplayer games for Android like 8 Ball Pool, Clash Royale and etc.

Best Multiplayer Android Games

Nowadays, most of the games have an inbuilt feature of multiple players so that you can easily challenge your friends and send invites as well. Some of the best online multiplayer games for Android include Adventure Quest 3D, Asphalt 9 Legend, Call of Duty-Mobile, Critical Ops, Crossy Road, NBA Jam, PUBG Mobile, Clash Royale, and etc.



Open world rpg android games

Exactly like AdventureQuest 3D, this game supports cross-platform play with PC and Xbox. During the match, you’re dropped to a randomly generated universe and after that, you are free to accomplish anything you desire.

You can now play with your friends anywhere. The game comprises two manners: survival and creative. The creative manner will not allow you to perish for some reason. Survival mode spawns crooks, also you are able to perish.

People who are searching for a console-level caliber in a mobile game can not do better than that. The match comprises in-app purchases for personality skins.

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Adventure Quest 3D

online games to play with friends

Adventure Quest 3D is one of the best online multiplayer games for Android. You can easily find this game for your Android phone on Google Play Store. This game is considered as an MMORPG and you are going to find a number of contests inside the game as well. These quests include raid bosses, staying in the dungeons, and some other amazing crafts.

In tons of classes and quests, you can enjoy the adventures and get the support of cross-platform. Adventure Quest 3D is a mobile game, but you can also play it on your PC.

Moreover, it’s fun to play the raids and quests with other players like your friends and family. You can also chat with them while playing. It is totally free and you can download it from the Google Play Store on your mobile or PC.


Price: Free to play


Last day on Earth: Survival

multiplayer games for android phones

The time is 2027 and also an unknown plague virus illness murdered a lot of the planet’s populace. Now, we’re dwelling in a post-apocalyptic era while in this match.

Every survivor has just one rationale that’s the survival of the fittest. They have to keep alive and live by firing zombies.

Throughout the match, we may upgrade our weapons to get precision and hunt for brand new vehicles. Additionally, you need to start looking for equipment in the event that you would like to live from the’s one of the best Survival Multiplayer game

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Ludo King

multiplayer games for android phones

.Board game Ludo has made an easy entry into the Android app store. All you need to accomplish is to maneuver your colored markers with the throw of one’s dice. Your friends are now able to play your favorite board game onto one apparatus.

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Asphalt 9- Legends

online games to play with friends

Asphalt 9 is one of the multiplayer games for Android phones and the latest racing game of all time. It is famous among the Gameloft arcade racing franchise as well. You will find plenty of cars to be unlocked, and breathtaking places to ride your favorite car.

During the whole Asphalt adventure, you get into the competition with an AI or your real-time human players. Thus, winning the race and completing a number of events helps you unlock more cars, their parts like the engine and etc.

It is like one of the online multiplayer games and you can run your vehicle against any other car. Moreover, the graphics of Asphalt 9 are amazing along with simple mechanics. It is considered as a complete arcade game after Asphalt 8 Airborne, and Asphalt Xtreme from the Gameloft.


Price: Free to play


Chain Reaction

multiplayer games for android phones

Chain Reaction is just another game that one can play with friends. Rendering it addictive for an individual to play long. This really is a strategy game that may add for around 8 players about precisely the same device, which is typically the friends and loved ones. The basic objective of this game is to overlap and finish the competitor cells so that you could excel at the next level.

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Call of Duty- Mobile

online games to play with friends

Most of the game lovers are going crazy about Call of Duty nowadays. It can be considered as a game of 2019 and game players cannot resist this multiplayer game this year. Call of Duty is an amazing FPS game and it comprises of multiple players as well.

There are a number of multiplayer modes in Call of Duty mobile game. Deathmatches and 100 person Battle Royale Mode are part of these magnificent quests. Just like PUBG and Fortnite, you will find classic multiplayer modes.

Throughout the whole Call of Duty, you will be gathering a number of popular people. Your duty is to customize them gear skin and arm them with weapons. You may find certain bugs during your Call of Duty journey, but they will be wiped off eventually as well.


Price: Free to play



multiplayer games for android phones

Hearthstone is really a card-dueling game. Your purpose is to construct a deck with assorted cards after with duel other players online.

The overall game is better ideal for individuals who want to play with cards. It’s support for both the mobile and PC. All you need to do is produce a account and you are able to switch back and forth at will.

It’s profoundly popular and you also shouldn’t have issues finding people to play Short, we can say that it as one of the best multiplayer games for Android

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Chess by AI Factory Limited

multiplayer games for android phones

When picking a local multiplayer game to play on Android, subsequently this Chess game tops the list. Fortunately, AI Factory Limited has produced a completely free chess game that may accommodate two players to play with the hot seat game employing exactly the same gadget.

This user-friendly app includes a couple of top-notch tutorials, to begin with, advanced chess strategies. Alongside this, it starts from beginner to an expert level having the possibility to start from any game level. For beginners, this program includes a feature referred to as the Chess Tutor which guides one to your next movement, thus preventing simple errors.

This program will not include any type of advertisement bombardment and overall is useful.

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Critical Ops

online games to play with friends

This is one of the best shooting online multiplayer game and it is a first-person shooter. Critical Ops is the first-person shooter game where you will face many terrorists. On the other hand, you can choose to be a terrorist and may cause destruction at a large level.

Just like other FPS games, you can get amazing features to defend yourself against the multiplayer. Moreover, you can also customize the gear and character you own in the critical operation league.

Luckily, there are no in-app purchases and you can complete the game without any hurdle. Hence, other than Critical Ops, Modern Combat 5 is a multiple shooter game.


Price: Free to play


Glow Hockey 2

multiplayer games for android phones

In case you like air hockey, Glow Hockey 2 might be the best multiplayer game you will ever encounter. You merely need to get knowledgeable about the controllers of this striker and also concentrate on the aim to hit the puck into your opponent’s hole.

Download this game on your smartphone and become busy with this specific all-time favorite digital air hockey game

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Crossy Road

online games to play with friends

Crossy Road is another best online multiplayer game for Android phones which functions as an arcade platformer. In this game, you have to crossroads and streams without being dead in the end. The goal is to stay longer in the game and keep going as far as you can.

In Crossy Road, you will find cool playable characters along with multi-players. Moreover, this game supports two to four players on multiplayer mode. You can also feel connected with your family and friends online and enjoy crossing roads and streams. Therefore, this is a complete local multiplayer game to kill boredom.


Price: Free to play



8 ball pool

NBA Jam is considered as one of the sporty game online with multiple players. It is a quite clean game where you play a two on two basketball with other players. You will be rewarded with points when you knock down your opponents.

Moreover, like any other basketball game, you have to grab points through different strategies. And this is how NBA Jam has become an arcade basketball game since the 1990s. You can run this masterpiece without any in-app purchases and achieve victory in the matches.

Additionally, this game has Android TV support, online multiplayer, local multiplayer, and controller support. You can buy this game from Google Play Store to kill time and relive your love for basketball.

Price: $4.99


Standoff Multiplayer

multiplayer games for android phones

The standoff can be really a modern multiplayer shooter game. Throughout the match, you’ve got to face and withstand terrorists at a counter-terrorism mission. The assignment is known as multiplayer sessional online shooter “Standoff”.

There are certainly a number of roles contained in the overall game. Much like paratrooper, sniper and sometimes maybe do stealth underground operations. Therefore choose in accordance with your strength.

There are many game modes available also. You’re able to play with your friends within the network and also may play with tens of thousands of players from all around the planet.

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PUBG- Mobile

online games to play with friends

The PUBG Mobile game has become one of the best online multiplayer games for Android phones in 2019. Even if you have not played this beauty, you know its name as it is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. So, PUBG Mobile is here to give the game players with a Battle Royale Game of all time.

Around 100 players use a number of tactics and hoard weapons while living on the island. Moreover, the motive is to become the last person on the island and survive the battle against your opponent players.

However, you can also play this game in a squad under several modes like solo mode, a duos mode, and a squad mode. So, you can team up with your buddies any time and enjoy this amazing multiplayer game.

Additionally, PUBG Mobile has also added new maps, arcade mode and night mode as well. Not only this, but you will also find, health kits, weapons, and grenades.


Price: Free to play


Clash Royale

online games to play with friends

Another online multiplayer game for Android, which you must check. It can be considered as a spin-off version of Clash of Clans and people love to play it. Clash Royale is a card-based game that you can experience playing with other players and fight them in a PVP battle. So it is the best multiplayer game which you must try.


Price: Free to play



online games to play with friends

Fortnite is just another famed multiplayer game that really needs no introduction. It’s actually a battle royale game too. Fortnite is just a really exciting online game that you are able to enjoy against your competitors.

Though the video game is significantly different from pub G. From the Fortnite there certainly are a range of exciting experiences to stick you interested in the match. The graphics found within the game really are somewhat cartoonish.

It’s really a fantastic online Android multiplayer game, however, it’s rather somewhat difficult for a gamer to turn in to expert as challenging weapon mechanics and construction system that’s essential to playing with it.

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8 Ball Pool

online games to play with friends

8 Ball Pool is considered as one of the best online multiplayer games for Android phones. The reason behind this fact is that it is the most played version and 8 Ball Pool has a fan following throughout the world. People love to play 8 Ball Pool on their mobile devices as these pool games are handy on it.

If you have fond of pool games, then Miniclip’s 8 Ball Pool is a must-try game mode. In every game mode, you will get something new on it. You can begin matches and strive to play with a winning technique and earn a lot of points as well.


Price: Free to play



multiplayer games for android phones

Badland is an award-winning side-scrolling action-adventure game place at a beautiful woods high in varied individuals, trees and blossoms. This is exactly the reason why we believe it among the best multiplayer games for Android.

The most useful portion of this match is that multiple players may play with it on precisely the exact same device. Thus, once you’re having fun with your pals, you’ve got to adhere to the typical maps with a story. A single player can also play this best multiplayer game for Android

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Drive Ahead

multiplayer games for android phones

All over again, among the very widely used and best multiplayer games for Android. This is an enjoyable game. Within this match, all you want to complete is that you struggle with the cars and attempt to knock out other’s helmets.

What’s more, you and your pals are going to have the use of hundreds of unique cars and a large selection of fighting arenas. The program is completely free and contains adverts. Moreover, the game also comprises in-app purchases to the characteristics you would like while still playing with.

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Holy Shoot – Soccer Battle

multiplayer games for android phones

Are you really currently a football enthusiast? If so, then you definitely are going to really like to play with this particular game. The match comprises 8-bit pixel images. The game appears really simple to play with.

All you should do is merely tap on the alone button and attempt to take the ball to the opponent’s goal. What’s more, it’s a totally free game also certainly will comprise adverts. Moreover, the overall game has in-app purchases to buy different capabilities. soccer Battle Game is one of the best multiplayer games for android.

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Tank Hero: Laser Wars

multiplayer games for android phones

If you want action games? If so, then you may really like to play with this particular game. All you have to complete is that you simply get yourself a tank using a vast variety of weapons such as laser guns, sonic cannons, etc., and then conquer in-game worlds. It’s possible to play with this game in a single-mode also. But you can play your pals for a game too.

Moreover, the overall game is totally free and contains adverts. There’s also not any in-app purchases. Tank Hero Game is currently one of the best multiplayer action and puzzle games for Android.

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War of the Wizards

multiplayer games for android phones

Certainly one of the best multiplayer fantasy and magic games for Android could be the War of Wizards. As its name implies, you’re a magician in the match that is able to restrain and throw various spells to simply take off your enemy.

An extremely easy match. The program is totally free and contains adverts. To boost the gaming experience, the match contains in-app purchases

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Riptide GP: Renegade


Renegade can be a remarkable game in that you’ve got to race other individuals in a street filled with water. You’ve got to utilize a hydro-jet and also you also have the choice to compete online with 8 people from around the globe.

There’s also an alternative to having fun locals and that means that you may take on friends and family on this ride. Riptide GP: Renegade is just a game packed with delight and excitement and I am confident you may cherish it. This best multiplayer games for android phones Can be Purchase on Google Play Store.

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house game

Terraria is an adventure game and can be fairly like Minecraft. But it’s 2-D and you’ve got to make use of mine tools and then utilize your own imagination to construct things or kill the characters that are evil.

It’s an enjoyable game and one of the best multiplayer games for android phones. You actually will not regret spending your day with this particular match.

It’s possible to link this match with WiFi for an even more pleasurable adventure.  It is possible to purchase the best multiplayer games for android phones on Google Play Store

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Racers Vs Cops: Multiplayer

racers vs cops

As its name implies, it’s actually a racing game and added one more option for racing game fans. If you’re a cop then you definitely want to grab the racer until the player completes the race.

If you’re a racer then you definitely want to finish the race with no captured. The match has a fantastic math engine. It comprises a vast variety of cars to select from. The video game is totally free and contains adverts.

The game employs in-game purchases for upgrades. You are able to make in-game money by playing using the dollars to unlock a few features. The most useful portion of this game is you can play your friends on precisely the exact same system or using a blue tooth. Racer Vs Cops is one of the best multiplayer games for Android

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Moto Traffic Race 2: Multiplayer

moto traffic 2

It’s also considered among the best racing games for Android. It’s possible to have the delight by dodging trucks and cars though your rate until you hit the limitation. Moto Traffic Rush two includes five game modes involving 2 multiplayer modes.

The match has brilliant 3D images. Alongside that, we could find many superbikes within this particular game. Much like DUCATI, Harley, BMW bicycles, scooters, etc.

The coloration of the bike may be shifted in each match. Motto Traffic Race 2 is a popular offline multiplayer game for Android.

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Hit the Plane – Bluetooth Multiplayer

hit the plane

Hit the Plane is just a lightweight Bluetooth multiplayer game. It’s full of pleasure and enthusiasm. You simply have to pick a plane and fly to struggle with your own competitions.

There certainly is a high quantity of avenues out there in this enjoyable game. By way of instance, there’s really a village, beach, woods, etc.. There really are a whole lot of planes also found from this overall game.

It is possible to even update your planes as the match evolves. Prepare yourself to turn into a brave pilot and overcome your enemies. Hit the Plane is an offline multiplayer game for Android.

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Mini Militia

mini militia game

This really is a gunfight game plus it’s the best multiplayer game for Android for people that like to play games that are of fighting niche. You’re able to join the world and take on anybody. Additionally, you may play together with friends and family on precisely the exact same wi-fi system. This overall game is fairly straightforward but addicting also.

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Two players game – Crazy racing via wifi (free)

two player game

Crazy Racing is really a multiplayer wifi game. It’s actually a two-player game that you may play via wif-fi along with your buddies. From the match, you are able to pick different trendy modified cars that offer you some exciting experience.

Crazy racing includes six amazing paths, for example, the Desert, Countryside, Industrial Zone, Mountain road, cold temperatures location, along with an extraterrestrial route.

You have to collect coins as a way to obtain new trendy cars. Play your friends via wifi and purchase exorbitant levels to obtain more things. Crazy Racing is one of the best multiplayer games for android phones

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All of the above mentioned online multiplayer games for your Android handset will provide you with amazing gaming experience. You can look for other multiplayer games on Google Play Store like Minecraft. Badland 2, Fortnite, Last Day on Earth-Survival and etc.

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