15 Best PS2 Emulator for Android Games- PS2 Roms

Remember the crazy time when we were addicted to PlayStations. Playstation 2 had the major rating among that race. Somehow, these games are back to life. Now, there is a piece of good news for all the console gaming fans out there. The best ps2 emulator for Android is fully functional and available. In this Android emulator checklist, you will get to know about ps2 emulator Android.


Best PS2 Emulator for Android

PlayStation 2 holds a very special place in the hearts of game enthusiasts. The games such as Dragon Ball Z, Persona, Burnout Legends, Burn-out Dominator, Little Big Globe, Final Fantasy: Crisis Core, Dragon Hunter 2, and so on were not less than immediate classics. Having a PSP has been the very workable option to savor such games. But today, the game has changed, today you’ve got lots of PlayStation 2 Emulators designed for the android devices that’ll permit you to enjoy your favorite PlayStation 2 games onto your cellphone. The most useful part is these emulators cost no extra capital. You merely need to download and then install the emulator in your android and locate the correct ROMs, that is it.

We’ll begin with a handpicked and carefully curated set of the best Emulators for Android that is Must-have for Android. Plus we are giving download buttons for all these emulators Therefore that you do not need to worry about locating the most legit Apps. Let’s have a look!


DamonPS2 Pro  

ps2 emulator

This is the best ps2 emulator for Android. The superb speed performance is the factor that can urge you to get this emulator. It uses very low power and provides a higher frame rate during the game. Most of the games available here are compatible with PlayStation 2. However, you might face malfunction in playing the ps2 games.

It is available on the Play Store. However, the free version does not allow you to save on the SSD card and only a few graphic options are available.






ps2 emulator android

If you were a fan of Metal Gear Solid or Tekken 3 and you want to bring that time back, you need to download FPse. This emulator has amazing audio and video quality. However, it is not a free app, and even not too costly. It runs on Android version 2.1 and later. The file size is about 6.9 MB. So, it won’t occupy much of your phone’s memory space. It may not work perfectly with PlayStation 2, although, it runs smoothly on PS1 and PSX. Download this and spend your leisure time playing console games on your phone.



PTWOE –> (Best ps2 emulator android)

ps2 emulator for android

It was the first ps2 emulator android which was available on PlayStore. Due to some reasons, it was removed afterward. Anyhow, don’t get sad. Its official site has made it able for its users to download it and play the games with peace of mind. 


Most importantly, there are 2 versions available for you. They are entirely different from one another in terms of UI, bugs, and speed. You can test both of them and choose the one which works perfectly with your Android device. Don’t forget to download the BIOS file. Click the directory of the downloaded app and move this file into a new folder (which you will make yourself). Now open the File Manager -> Android -> Datacom.ptwoe-> Data

You are all set to play with Playstation2.





Play! – ps2 android

best ps2 emulator for android

This gaming emulator supports Windows, Mac OS X, and Ios. Play! It is free of cost and anyone can download it easily. You can get gaming experience with good graphics and high resolution. But, the game frame rate stops after every 15 fps. The glitches may be disturbing for you. Also, the audio quality is affected by these glitches.

However, it is very easy to configure this emulator. There is no need to get any BIOS files. This ps2 emulator is not available on Google PlayStore, therefore you need to download it from its site. The game is still in its developing face, so these bugs will be fixed hopefully in the upcoming versions.




ps2 emulator


This is another known ps2 Emulator. Apart from PlayStation 2, it supports PSP and PSX. HD quality display, supporting gamepad, boot game, and neon accelerations are the key specifications of this game. The optimized performance will provide you with the best gaming experience with DAMONPS2. You can download from the link below or Google Play Store. It is free of cost. Kill the boredom with this emulator now!!




PPSSPP – psp2 emulator

playstation 2

This is the best ps2 emulator for android. The 4.2 rating with a million downloads speaks about the gaming experience. The colorful graphics, friendly user interface, and high-speed performance are key features of this emulator. Download this emulator on your mobile phones and turn on the PlayStation gaming mode. But, on heavy games, it might show some sound distortion or lags. You do not have to watch video tutorials on the operation of its interface, it is genuinely easy to run this game.






best ps2 emulator for android

Our PS2 emulator checklist is incomplete without Golden PS2. This emulator has been developed by well-known Fas Emulators. It shares all the common features of an emulator. Many people reviewed it as the faster emulator to integrate with Playstation 2 games. Get your hands on this one and share your experience with us. 

To all those people, who constantly complain that their emulators do not simulate with PlayStation 2 due to ROMs incompatibility, this emulator supports a wide variety of ROMs.





PPSS2 Golden

ps2 emulator for android

This ps2 emulator android has won the hearts by having massive downloads. PPSS2 Golden supports Android version 4.4 and above. Also, the emulator comes with cheat codes. The user is also able to save it. One might face an app crash during gaming. We can’t say when will the advanced version come. The app follows ISO format and the game is available in 7Z, RAR, and ZIP format.

In addition to this, the app is easy to install. Many emulators require a BIOS file to make emulator functional. This emulator has no such requirement. Please restrain yourself from downloading from unauthorized links as it may carry malware.






playstation 2

This is the optimized best ps2 emulator for Android. The user-friendly interface and excellent graphics make this emulator the perfect companion for your PlayStation 2. The features include maps, ROM compatibility, saved states, superb GPU display, and on-screen controllers. 

However, it looks promising but there is a chance that it might not work with a few games. But, the games have HQ graphics, It will be fun to play with this emulator.





Other Emulators, You Must Know


best ps2 emulator for android

Turn your android phone into PlayStation 2 via downloading this emulator. It is available for free and supports major android gadgets. The handy control interface and customization are the main features of this emulator. If you are confused about how to get this, then the tutorial is given on the site for your ease.





Kode Games PS2 Emulator

ps2 emulator android , playstation 2

This emulator for android offers its users about 100 latest game cheat codes, share the codes, and is an offline application. Have fun playing with this one.





Rapid PSP Emulator

ps2 emulator , playstation 2

This free emulator makes it easy to play the games on your phones smoothly. It supports a separate game controller. It has a highly appreciatable performance on low-end and high-end devices. Also, the sound effects are remarkable.





Free Pro PS2 Emulator by kloda

 playstation 2

This app contains a handy control and compatible with 90% of the games. It has amazing sound effects and great graphics. Moreover, you can play the game from where you left it. Also, this does not need a BIOS file.






PPSSPP , playstation 2

This emulator is the Gold version of PPSSPP (Mentioned above). It is compatible with Android version 2.3 and above. This ps2 emulator android comes with much more features. However, this is not free.





PS2 Emulator Game for Android

ps2 , playstation 2

This best ps2 emulator for android offers game compatibility, easy control settings, high speed, and best picture quality. It works on the majority of mobile phones.




Frequently Asked Questions


Is there any Good PS2 Emulator for Android?

Many emulators run smoothly on Android. However, we recommend you DamonPS2 and DamonPS2 Pro.

Does PPSSPP run PS2 Games?

Yes, PlayStation 2 games run fine with PPSSPP. You can download PPSSPP from the download button shared above.

Can I play PS2 Games on my phone?

ABSOLUTELY!! Download one of the mentioned emulators that is compatible with your phone. Have fun playing console games!

What is a BIOS file for PS2?

A BIOS file was proof that the game was downloaded legally. Nowadays, a BIOS file is downloaded to read the games. Some ps2 emulators do not require this file.

Are Emulators legal?

Yes, the emulator is legal but giving access to copyrighted ROM is illegal. Beware!

Can Dolphin run PS2 games?

Yes, it is compatible with around 95 % of ps2 games. The games are more than 2000 which includes the famous Super Mario, Star Wars, and Scooby-Doo series.

Can I play PS3 games on Android?

Yes, ps3 emulators are available on Google Play. You can easily download it.

How can I play P2S games on PSP?

Connect your location free base station with a USB cable to PSX Turn it on and insert ps2 game CD. Upload this to PSX drive, when you see a prompt message or notification. Turn your PSP on, verify that your device can accept that location free base station.

What Specs do you need to Run a P2S Emulator?

Android emulators have mentioned the Android versions with which they are compatible. 

Can my Laptop Run a P2S Emulator?

If you have graphic cards in the laptop and ut is Core i5 or above, then your laptop can run a ps2 emulator. 

What is a BIOS file for ps2?

BIOS stands for basic input and output and BIOS file for ps2 is the file that helps to run console for ps2. The hardware of ps2 will not work if it is missing the BIOS file.

How do I get ps2 BIOS?

You can get the BIOS for ps2 from the internet. Many websites are providing BIOS ps2 for downloading for free. You can download it from romsmania, ROMs-download, etc.

Are downloading PS2 BIOS illegal?

Yes, downloading ps2 BIOS is illegal even you have your own PS2. You can dump BIOS of your ps2 and use it personally as you are copying it from the source which you legally own. Any other way of getting BIOS is illegal even you borrow it from your friend and have your own ps2.

Can I use pcsx2 without BIOS?

No, you can not use pcxs2 without BIOS as you will need to own a console to legally dump the BIOS for it.

Where can I find pcsx2 BIOS?

You can find the pcsx2 BIOS over the internet or you can get it legally by dumping it from your own console. You can get the BIOS from the internet as well but remember that is not legal to download BIOS from any source over the internet.

How do you dump a ps2 BIOS?

You will need the program to dump the ps2 BIOS. There are many programs available you can PS2dumperV2 for rigging your BIOS. You will need to extract the content of the folder using WinRAR, 7zip, or any other program.

You will need the file DUMPBIOS-MASS.ELF file and can disregard any other files in the folder. You will need to copy this file to flash drive with FAT32 file specifications.

You will then connect the USB to your ps2 and load the launchelf.ckf. Moreover, You can then select the USB from the list and open it. When you run the file it will start working on its own. 

In the last step, you will connect your flash drive to the computer and there you will see the 5 files added in your flash drive. You can create the folder of BIOS in documents and copy all files to that folder excluding the program used for dumping.

Your ps2 will automatically detect the BIOS and start working with your PC. You can see the tutorial for BIOS dumping here.

Signing Off

These were the best ps2 Android emulators. Download any of them and share your experience with us. View instructions before downloading. We suggest you not to download from any unauthorized source, as the file may contain malware. Good luck!

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