E-verification Of Documents By HEC In Pakistan

In Pakistan, verification and attestation of documents have become a headache for everyone. You need to go to the High Education Commission division in an effort to get your work done timely. And most of the time, you have to commit your whole day to that particular task out of your busy routine. Although, it is hard for you to take time out for verification and attestation of documents, visiting the concerned department is the only way for this important task. Therefore, recently a system of e-verification of documents by HEC has been launched to assist most of people.

However, keeping in mind certain issues regarding fraud, forgery, and other matters, an electronic system for verification and attestation of documents have now introduced by HEC.

Meeting on HEC E-verification

During this meeting, Dr. Ishrat Hussain, the advisor to Prime Minister Imran Khan advised the Higher Education Commission HEC that they should take all the degree awarding educational institutions under their supervision. In this process, the verification and attestation process of educational documents can be promoted properly through electronic verification services.

Under this system, the Higher Education Commission HEC will be responsible to not only maintain, supervise, but also accelerate the procedure of awarding degrees through an online system. The moment degrees might be awarded, all the degree-awarding institution submits the issued copies of degrees online.

The Chairman of Higher Education Commission HEC, Tariq Banuri also revealed that they have already started the registration process of degree documentation a few months ago. Moreover, Tariq Banuri also explained the fact that this process of verification and documentation will begin after the reliable registration of the candidates involved in this process.

Presentation on E-attestation

In this presentation, Tariq Banuri presented the online procedures for the e-attestations of educational documents related to different universities, colleges, and boards of the country, Pakistan.

Furthermore, during the meeting the main points regarding the fake documentation had been additionally mentioned. Burhan Rasool also clearly mentioned that in this fast-growing technology era, the forgery of documentation has become a norm and it is increasing day by day.

On the other hand, the people with genuine degrees and documents are facing a number of issues regarding the attestation and verification of their educational degrees and other academic qualification degrees issued by various authorities.

Furthermore, Mr. Rasool also emphasized on the need for this online maintenance of database records related to the verification and attestation of documents. This is essential to have these degrees verified, documented, and provision of e-verification by HEC 24/7.

Therefore, he elaborated on the importance of this service of HEC e-verification as well. According to him, the e-verification of documents by HEC is necessary to provide assurance regarding the transparency and the authentication of the professional and educational degrees.

Most importantly, this e-verification by HEC will also minimize the frauds related to the degrees, and certificates provided by the universities and other institutions.

E-verification Of Documents By HEC

Thus, this online verification and documentation as HEC e-verification is a useful digitization plan. And this digitization plan will be accessible to everyone throughout the country and available at the portal.

This system will be the first online service for verification of documents through electronic service. Moreover, you will be provided with regular updates regarding the documentation of educational degrees and certificates.

Under these electronic verifications, all the boards of secondary and intermediate educational institutions like colleges, universities, and other degree-awarding institutes will be digitized.

So, the plan of the e-verification of documents by HEC goes to offer the scholars with their results and issued degrees online on the portal. And this is how this portal promises to provide online degree verification service as e-verification by HEC.

All the results of students along with the degrees issued to them will be available digitally on the portal. Furthermore, a copy of these digitized documents may also be submitted to the federal and provincial Higher Education Commissions on the safe side yearly. This will be required for the purpose of counter verification by the Intellectual Capital Data Bank.

So, all Pakistani Students will have access to the attested and verified degrees and results on the online portal. Therefore, the online verification will likely be done simply via this public portal from a URL shared.

Not only this, but all the institutes whether public or private, would have access to the HEC e-verification and attested academic documents, degrees, and results of the students.

With the involvement of digitization as a result of rising needs of updating trends globally, this requirement of e-attestation and e-verification by HEC has become essential for everyone seeking education and employment.

Furthermore, this strategy of electronic verification by the Higher Education Commission and a plan to digitize would speed up the entire diploma issuance process. Therefore, transparency and authenticity of paperwork will increase through the availability and accessibility of the verified degrees and results from this platform.

This is an amazing step taken by the present authorities in charge to address the issue of the forgery of documents. Moreover, e-verification will help in promoting transparency and authentication regarding educational documents.

Attestation of Degree/Transcript Certificates

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