Free Bluetooth Software For Windows 10 PC- 2022

The windows 10 Bluetooth software is a free downloadable Bluetooth for windows 10 PC. It can be downloaded and installed on a Windows computer to manage the Bluetooth device. The windows 10 Bluetooth software is available as an offline installer and web downloader, so you can easily install it on your computer without any problem. Once installed, the windows 10 Bluetooth software will allow you to manage all of your devices, including mouse, keyboard, or printer, that are connected through Bluetooth technology.

Are you having difficulties connecting to a Bluetooth device on Windows 10? Many users have reported the same “Bluetooth not working” problem on their computers, which indicates that your Bluetooth device drivers are out-of-date or damaged.

You may quickly repair any annoying connectivity problems on your PC by simply downloading and using the ideal Bluetooth software. It allows users to correctly identify and link their devices to a general Microsoft driver.

We’ve put together a list of the top 8 Bluetooth for Windows software, each with its own set of features. However, before we get into the list, let’s discuss why it’s crucial to keep Windows drivers up to date and the best method.


What Is Bluetooth Software For PC?

Bluetooth Software For PC

Bluetooth software for PC is a program that allows you to repair Bluetooth connections between your PC and the devices you want to connect with. If you need an addition to your PC’s Bluetooth adapter, some of this software may benefit.


Why Is It Necessary to Update & Install the Latest Windows Drivers?

Here are some of the advantages you may experience due to keeping your drivers up to date on Windows 10.

  • Problems with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection can be resolved, including delays and slowness.
  • Remove ‘Bluetooth devices are not recognized on Windows 10’ or ‘USB device not recognized difficulties.’
  • Resolve typical PC problems like freezing or crashing, no audio or sound, BSOD notifications, or other driver-related difficulties.
  • Excess heat and shuttering problems while video games with high-end visuals may be avoided.
  • Remove unwanted software program and boost your Windows computer’s performance, stability, and processing speed.

Let’s look at how you can quickly update your Bluetooth driver for Windows 10 without any human interaction. Now, you understand the significance of keeping installed Windows drivers up to date.


Free Bluetooth Software For Windows 10 PC

There’s no need to spend a lot of money on a new laptop or a fresh copy of Windows 10 if you’re having difficulties with Bluetooth connectivity or pairing.

There’s no need for any additional hardware or software. All you need is a Bluetooth-enabled program. Here’s a list of things to think about before selecting the best Windows Bluetooth


Bluetooth Driver Installer

bluetooth software windows 10

The Bluetooth Driver Installer for Windows 10 is a freeware that aids in installing generic Microsoft drivers. It replaces an unusable driver with a functional one. Because it repairs drivers and files, causing faults, it performs well on most built-in adapters and USB connections.

The interface is terrific, and you will have no problems using it. To utilize this Bluetooth driver, you must first uninstall the previous driver. The most pleasing thing about this Bluetooth software for PC is that it creates a restore point automatically when you install it on your computer.

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Intel® Wireless Bluetooth®

bluetooth software windows 10

You can’t discuss the best Bluetooth drivers for Windows 10 without mentioning this fantastic program. The software automatically detects and links Bluetooth-enabled gadgets to a computer after installation.

The Windows 10 operating system comes with Intel Wireless Bluetooth drivers, which bring all the most recent updates and capabilities to help you fix common Bluetooth connectivity problems. The software is simple to operate and supports a range of wireless adapters.

So, if you want to install a Bluetooth driver on Windows 10, Intel Wireless Bluetooth is an excellent option. The program is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 10 OS. Decide which version of Windows 10 OS is installed on your computer before downloading the software.

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WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software

bluetooth software windows 10

WIDCOMM is a popular Bluetooth software that may quickly pair with OEM gadgets within range. The most fantastic thing about WIDCOMMBluetooth software for Windows PC is that it supports Windows 10 and Windows 8 (32 bit and 64 bit). Furthermore, due to its flexible encryption and frequency hopping methods, it provides excellent network privacy.

This free Windows 10 PC software for Bluetooth provides simple installation and excellent diagnostics. A device must have a USB plug-in Adapter or be Bluetooth enabled in order to connect with WIDCOMM Bluetooth for Windows.

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bluetooth software windows 10

The IVT Group Inc. tool is a popular Bluetooth software. It enables your Windows 10 computer to connect with various nearby Bluetooth devices, such as mobile phones, speakers, mouse, wireless headsets, keyboards, and more.

Aside from that, it can handle a variety of Bluetooth features, including file transmission, skype telephone calls, health thermometer readings, proximity detection, object push profiles, dual-mode dongles support.

This app also has a sophisticated, user-friendly interface that may be used in over 17 different languages and is, therefore, the most widely used Bluetooth PC software available.

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Bluetooth View

windows 10 Bluetooth software

One of the most excellent Bluetooth software for PC is Bluetooth View, which can assist you in resolving Windows 10 problems with Bluetooth connections. Using this software, you may continue with your other activities while allowing the program to perform in the background.

Device name, primary device type, first detection time, minor device type, Bluetooth address, and other information are all shown if you have this free Windows 10 PC software. You may also modify pop-up notifications with it.

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Bluetooth Driver

windows 10 Bluetooth software

This program is produced by Acer and is one of the finest Bluetooth drivers for Windows 10. It quickly detects all Bluetooth-enabled devices in range and includes several useful features like rapid driver file transfers and support for extra dongles.

So, if you’re having trouble with the Windows 10 Bluetooth driver and want to get it up and running again as quickly as possible, this Bluetooth software could be a good fit.

However, if the problem persists after you’ve installed the Bluetooth driver on Windows 10, don’t get too worked up yet because there is still a solution available to resolve all possible device conflicts and Bluetooth link failures.

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Medieval Bluetooth Network Scanner

Bluetooth Network Scanner

The PC-based Bluetooth Network Scanner, created by Medieval software, is a Bluetooth program for PCs that scans both local and remote Bluetooth devices such as Bluetooth dongles, smartphones, and laptops and displays their information in an easy-to-use user interface.

The primary benefit of this program is that it works with all versions of Windows from 7 to XP; however, there are a few drawbacks. Furthermore, this software is designed to scan and analyze the information from the Bluetooth device thoroughly.

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Bluetooth File Transfer (BlueFTP)


Another excellent software to try is Bluetooth File Transfer. This free program is an excellent way to quickly move files between Bluetooth-enabled devices.

The Medieval Software Bluetooth program for Windows 10 is a well-designed and easy-to-use program that stands out due to its sharp and intuitive user interface. You can use this software to quickly view and manage any Bluetooth device’s files and folders.

The most notable feature of this software is that it does not save thumbnails for image, audio, video, and APK files, allowing you to store even more of your data.

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What Should You Do If Bluetooth Is Still Not Working On Windows 10?

The easiest way to fix Bluetooth and other driver issues is to update or download your Windows 10 Bluetooth driver.

Some people ask, ‘How do I get Bluetooth on Windows 10?’ The brief answer is that it should not be done manually but rather using the most excellent free driver updater.

However, you may also download Bluetooth for Windows and manually update driver or visit the Bluetooth device manufacturer support website.

However, it would be best if you kept in mind that the manual installation procedure is time-consuming, and there’s no assurance that suitable drivers for your Bluetooth gadget will be found.

As a result, the simplest and safest way to repair the “Bluetooth is not working” problem is to use Bit Driver Updater.

Bit Driver Updater

Bluetooth device driver problems are fixed by this program, which also provides various helpful tools to aid with keeping your computer in excellent operating order. Here are some of the highlights:

  • It removes the hassle of manually tracking and downloading driver updates, as it automatically searches for and installs them.
  • Keeps Your Drivers Up To Date And Optimizes Your PC For Higher Windows Performance
  • It swiftly finds and updates all outdated drivers on your PC, allowing you to fix them in a single click.
  • Its up-to-date driver database has tens of thousands of certified drivers for every sort of hardware.
  • Before replacing or repairing damaged drivers, back up all current device drivers to ensure that you may revert to the previous version if you don’t like the new one.
  • It provides free 24/7 help to its clients if required.

Bit Driver Updater has been successful for users who have reported difficulties with their Windows 10 Bluetooth drivers. It is currently regarded as the “best Bluetooth driver updating software” of all time because of its wide usage across a wide range of users.

Bit Driver Updater is your only option if you need to update the Bluetooth drivers in Windows.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is it possible to install Bluetooth on a PC?

There are several ways that you can install Bluetooth on your PC. A USB dongle, also known as a small adapter that connects to one of your computer’s USB ports, is another option. The dongle will then give you a Bluetooth receiver so that you can connect to other devices wirelessly. You can also install Bluetooth software on your computer, which will allow you to connect to other devices wirelessly without using a dongle. You can even use Bluetooth on your computer without installing any software, but this is not recommended as it will be slower than other options.

Is there Bluetooth software for PC?

Many different Bluetooth software applications are available for download on the PC. Many of these applications are designed to help manage the Bluetooth connection on the computer. For example, you may use Bluetooth Driver Installer to replace faulty drivers with generic Microsoft drivers for your Bluetooth adapter.

How do you know if your PC has Bluetooth functionality in Windows 10?
  1.  Check your PC’s specs
  2.  Download the Windows 10 Bluetooth app from the Microsoft Store
  3.  Turn on your Bluetooth and go to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices
  4.  If you see a device listed as “Bluetooth,” it has Windows 10’s Bluetooth capabilities!
  5.  If not, sorry – that PC does not have Windows 10’s Bluetooth functionality yet!
  6.  You can download an update if there is one available for your PC by going to Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot > Advanced Options and selecting “Check for updates.”
  7. Once you’ve updated, try turning on your Bluetooth again and going through these steps once more – hopefully, this time, it will work! 🙂
  8. If all else fails, contact customer service or visit their website with any questions you may have about getting a new laptop or upgrading to Windows 10 ( They’re always happy to help! 🙂


So, these were some of the most outstanding Bluetooth software for Windows 10 PCs that might help you overcome any Bluetooth connection problem. If you know about a superior solution to address Bluetooth connection issues, please include it below and update it.

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