Best Free Graphic Design Software For 2020

ith If you always search for free graphic design software your office work, routine college assignments, or random editing, then you have tapped into the right article. Graphic designers have always been looking for the right graphic design and illustration software to bring the best out of it. However, most of the best graphic design software is quite expensive to be used. Therefore, we have come up with free graphic design software, apps, and programs for your daily graphic needs. These graphic design apps free include Gravit designer, Pixlr editor, Krita, Inkscape, GIMP, Canva, Vector, etc. Free online graphic design software or online photo editor is mentioned below.


Free Online Photo Editor

All you have to look for the free design programs online for your Mac, Laptops, and PCs and download them at once. Every time you feel the urge to download any graphic design software, you make sure that whatever software you choose, it must contain the right combination of tools valid enough for you to incorporate in your graphic designing assignment or any other graphics job. Looking for free graphic design programs? Here are listed some graphic design apps free to use for your work. Platforms like Gravit Designer, Pixlr, Infogram, Inkscape, and Vector provides you an opportunity to edit images, videos, and create out of the box designs.

Most of the premium and fancy versions of graphic designing software are paid and spending a lot of money on them may exhaust you sometimes. So, below are mentioned some free graphic design software tools with several menus and packages. Whether you want to start using free graphic design online for fun or your social media posts and blogs, there are some tools to be used without any expense.

In other words, you are just one click away from downloading the best graphic design software in your system. There are some graphic design apps free, useful for editing and creating images, creating vector art, data visualizations, and other related purposes. Thus, you will be able to explore several design options along with illustration software that is good enough to help you finish your designing tasks.

Graphic Design Apps Free

Graphic design apps free as design and illustration software are listed below. You will find plenty of graphic design tools free to proceed further with the right apps. These free apps for graphic design include Canva, Pixlr, Gravit Designer, GIMP, Vectr, etc.


Gravit Designer

free graphic design software

Gravit Designer is one of the free graphic design programs which delivers a complete toolset as a vector design app. This is the best graphic design software developed by the Corel Draw Company. Moreover, Gravit Designer is a complete package for the vector illustrations, icon designs, branding, logos, Web app UI, presentations, animations, print projects, etc.

In this graphic designing app, you will find a highly instinctive interface for users. Moreover, this free graphic design software offers a complete package of tools like vector imagery, knife tools, path graphs, blending modes, amazing text engines, etc.

Gravit Designer is valid for platforms like Windows, Browsers, macOS, Linux, and ChromeOS. So, you can download the free trial version of this graphic tool and avail the number of packs. Moreover, you can easily export as PDF, Bitmap, or SVG. Not only this, but you will also find access to the Gravit designer cloud and work from anywhere around the world.

Initially, when you install the Gravit designer Pro version, you will be able to avail of a complete package of features on a free trial basis. However, after your subscription got expired, you will no longer have access to the Pro features and you will need a paid subscription in that case.

Try Free Version Here



graphic design apps free

Another free graphic design program online is Vector. Vectr is a versatile platform for your Browser, ChromeOS, Linux, and Windows. Out of many graphic design apps free, Vectr can be used as a browser-based web app and a stand-alone desktop app. With the help of Vector free editing software, you will be able to 2D vector graphics.

Vectr is considered as a simple yet handy software for the desktop and web platform. A creative tool that brings life into your design through its multiple features. You can easily download Vector software and start working on your design without the need for a learning curve. You will find amazing options in Vector for filters, shadows, and fonts to make your design more effective and captivating.

The live collaborating feature of Vector makes your work get appreciation and feedback online. Anyone can just watch you working on that particular design and make it easier for you to improve your work through feedback. Isn’t it Vectr an amazing free app to present your work and prove your abilities online?

Thus, Vectr real-time live collaboration helps you edit it live, whether you are on a desktop or web app. Therefore, these refined features of Vector make it an alternative to Adobe Illustrator CC.

Therefore, Vectr acts as a live collaborating channel for design and illustration. Anywhere in the world, you are, you can create unique designs and get feedback from your friends and family. Vectr is amazingly the best way to improve your creative abilities and skills so that you can achieve recognition through your mind-blowing work.

So, what are you waiting for?  Download Vector free online graphic design software for free and collaborate live with your unique designs any time.

Download Now



design and illustration software

GIMP is a free graphic design software used for editing and retouching the images. It comprises of an easy user interface for the beginners on the graphic editing platforms. If you want to explore GIMP completely, then you can find plenty of tutorials on YouTube and GIMP website. It is quite handy for specialized tasks, free form drawings, converting between certain formats for your required images, and a lot more.

A free and open-source image editor GIMP is GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) available for platforms like GNU/Linux, OS X, Windows, and other Operating Systems OS as well.

GIMP gives high-quality photo manipulation and original artwork created to your imagination and transforms images into breathtaking creations. You can create flyers, posters, and provide uniqueness to the images with the help of advanced tools like brushes, paints, filters, masks, and layers. Thus, you will be able to modify images into digital painting and other materials.

Thus, even if you are working on different projects like illustrations, photography, and tasks related to scientists, GIMP is going to assist you well. This free online graphic design software contains the right tools to get your job done timely. Moreover, you can also customize some tools through third-party plugins.

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Inkscape -Design and Illustration Software

free graphic design programs

Another design and illustration software Inkscape is available for free and also holds its primary file into SVG format. Moreover, Inkscape is a kind of free online graphic design software that supports vector graphics. With an SVG integration, this free online graphic design software also offers several advanced features such as;

  • Alpha Blending
  • Cloned objects
  • Markers
  • Trace Bitmap images
  • Variable Width Strokes

Whether you want to print or get web designs, Inkscape is a substitute for the illustrator. The interface it holds is not only simple but perfect for your sophisticated artworks and images. Hence, Inkscape is a graphic designing app valid for platforms like Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

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free graphic design software

Canva is not only an image editing software, but also a photo editor, and collage maker as well. Color palette tool with unique font style picker. Canva is an Infographic maker, which contains plenty of free fonts for the users. Hence, graphic design tools are is a big hit due to its exceptional features, simple formats, and inspirational learning assets.

Most of the tools of Canva work well for your Android and iOS versions. However, you can utilize its photo editing characteristic and many others on your Browser as well.

Download Now



free graphic design software

If you have been looking for a perfect graphic designing tool or software for your Mac, then you must check RawTherapee. These design programs for Mac is also available for Windows and Linux. Moreover, you will also find tools to boost colors, the right quality of distortion, and other details. In the end, you will get the exact thing you want to pull out in the image perfectly.

RawTherapee is one of the best free graphic design programs because it helps you speed up the process of your work. Not only this, but you can also batch process your required images to other open-source software like GIMP as well.

Download Now



graphic design apps free

If you are looking for a professional yet free version of graphic design software, then download Krita. It’s not just an ordinary kind of free design programs but promises to enhance your image according to your requirements. Whether, it’s an illustration, comics, textures, or concept art, its photo and image editing features never disappoint you.

Krita will deliver the best drawing output with the help of its tools like layer masks, smooth shapes, templates, customize brushes, etc. Below mentioned are the right features which make it stand out among other free online graphic design software.

  • Fix your shaky lines with Brush Stabilizers
  • The pop-up color palette for an easy selection
  • For patterns and textures, use wrap-around mode

Krita is a tool created by the artist for affordable art creation. Well, you will find several techniques and features in this software making the learning curve hard to navigate. Therefore, you can watch tutorials on YouTube to learn more about this graphic design tool.

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design and illustration software

With a 2 million free filter combination, Pixlr becomes the topmost filter editor in the world. It involves cropping, resizing, teeth whitening, and removing the red-eye from your pictures. In case, you do not want to download any other software Pixlr gives you the best results through browser-based images and graphics tools.

You can edit your pictures through all the relevant graphics tools like cloning, filters, lasso, and layers. You may find your images little pixelated, but the moment you transfer them to your phone or any other medium, they fit perfectly.

Pixlr also provides you an opportunity to protect your image through watermark, once it gets finished. Available for both iOS and Android version, Pixlr is similar to the Photoshop software. If you have used Photoshop, you will find the Pixlr interface much easier.

You will find in-app purchases in this design software free download too. However, to remove ads from Pixlr software, you can pay some amount.

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Blender -Design and Illustration Software

design and illustration software

If you are looking for a toolset for creating art, 3D printed models, visual effects, motion graphics, and computer games, then Blender is the right software. Make short or lengthy films with Blender’s interactive 3D application. It was at first developed in 2002 by Ton Roosendaal who laid the foundation of the blender.

If you have been struggling to find the correct 3D software, then you can try this free graphic design software. Blender is one of the best 3D creation tools that keep on developing its application to help end-users effectively. The free and open-source 3D graphic design software Blender offer number of features such as;

  • Animating
  • Modeling
  • Rendering
  • Rigging and skinning
  • Sculpting
  • Soft body simulation
  • Texturing
  • Video editing

Therefore, Blender is not just a graphic design tool for professionals, but available free for important operating systems. These operating systems include Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. However, some of you may find its interface a bit tricky, but you can learn a lot about Blender from the YouTube tutorials.

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design and illustration software

Looking for an excellent alternative to Photoshop? Paint.Net, free graphic design software is a good option for Windows. It offers an innovative user interface that is ideal for your PCs. Not only this, but Paint.Net also comes with the support of layers, unlimited undo, curves, brightness or contrast, and special effects along with a variety of powerful tools.

Started as a simple graphic design program, Paint.Net has now turned out to be a powerful one. In other words, you can consider this free design program as a free replacement for the Microsoft Paint. Paint.Net is a handy image and photo editing and reshaping tool.

When compared with Photoshop, Adobe, Corel, GIMP, and Pro Paint Shop, Paint.Net is another amazing digital photo editing software. If you feel any difficulty using this free online Graphic design software, then you can try Paint.Net without any doubt.

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Scalable Vector Graphics SVG Edit


You will find plenty of free graphic design software and programs online. However, if you want to do scalable vector graphics SVG edit, then you will find few platforms which may give an output you want. And not every online editor fulfills the required job just like Adobe illustrator.

Therefore, scalable vector graphic SVG edit can be considered as one of the best graphic design apps free to use. It is available for the browser platforms. Moreover, you will find it effectively built on HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript without the help of any server-side processing.

Hence, you can also edit, create, and trim your document through SVG Edit. On the other hand, you can also use the best code editor for downloading and modifying the code as per your demands. Making your code produces work like your expectations.

SVG Edit is an open or free format that serves to reproduce your favorite vector drawings professionally. Being one of the finest tools, unluckily SVG edit is limited to the SVG format. So, if you are not much familiar with the code, it’s not for your regular use.

Download Now


Photo Pos Pro


If you are looking for a perfect editor for your Windows PC and want to save yourself from a fuss of heavy Photoshop price tags, then go for the Photo Pos Pro. Just like other free graphic design programs, Photo Pos Pro has built-in features for image advancement and proper editing.

Thus, this free online design software aids in perfect photo editing, contrast, brightness, lighting, and saturation. You will enhance your image with advanced techniques and stretch it to make the photo updated from every aspect.

Photo Pos Pro is not only a user-friendly software, but this interface also allows you to expand its features. It means you can easily add plugins into this graphic design software free online and expand the tools to make it adjustable for your tasks. So, you can tailor its tools through a variety of expansions and plugins available online.

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Sumo Paint


Sumo Paint is another free graphic design software available for browser only. This graphic design program is not only a capable image editor, but it also contains the right amount of desktop tools to complete your job. Apart from the standard features, you can also go for the Pro version of Sumo Paint to install the desktop version of the app.

Moreover, you will be needing Adobe Flash Player so that you can use Sumo Paint easily in the browser. As it is light in weight, you can effectively download it on your PC. However, because of the mandatory assistance of Adobe Flash Player, you cannot use this free graphic design program on your iPad.

Apart from its integration, you will find plenty of tools and adjustments in this software. These include shapes, pencils, texts, brushes, cloning along with access to the Photoshop toolbar.

Not only this Sumo Paint is also a perfect option for editing and re-editing your images. You can also save the documents from the hard drive and edit accordingly.

Download Now


SketchUp Free


SketchUp Free is another free graphic design software in the growing world of 3D. Well, you can never go wrong with the online version of SketchUp Free which contains versatile formats and introductions related to 3D.

Thus, you can draw lines and push and pull them accordingly to design a 3D form and shapes without any difficulty. SketchUp Free 3D Warehouse comprises of the huge amount of models and 3D images which you can download for your feasibility. You can get inspiration through this library and get your hands on the free version to create similar 3D models.

Download Now


3D Software Daz Studio


Developed by Daz 3D, 3D Software Daz Studio is one of the best 3D graphic design apps free. It is a kind of 3D scene creation and a helpful application to produce images and videos according to your requirements.

You will find it the best customization, animation tool along with posing as 3D figure software Daz helps the artists from different skill levels and backgrounds. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or professional level artist, 3D software proves to be a great help when it comes to creating a fine 3D digital art.

In other words, 3D Daz Studio uses a virtual type of people, animals, vehicles, props, other accessories, and environment to bring life to digital art. So, with the help of Daz studio, anyone of you can easily develop animations, 3D creatures, and avatars. Moreover, you can design captivating virtual environments and produce elements of graphic design. Free graphic design program Daz 3D runs on the operating system Windows Vista and Mac OS.

If we look at its features, you will find following uniqueness between the 3D Daz Studio and other free graphic design programs:

  • Face Transfer to bring your 3D version picture to life. (Windows with 64 bits are required)
  • dForce Hair and Cloth movements to create hyper-real clothing, hair and blend it with the environment around these elements.
  • Services like Fast Photo-Realism with NVIDIA related to technology and RTX ray-tracing which helps in creating a fast and high definition renders.
  • Moreover, you can avail of a free opportunity of posing, transition, animation capabilities, and other professional work.

Therefore, Daz 3D studio with several brilliant features has become one of the best free graphics software for your images and video editing.

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Hexagon-3D Software Modelling


Owned by the Daz 3D, the Hexagon model was first published by Eovia. Those who are new in the world of 3D, Hexagon modeler focuses on providing the correct tools for design and illustration software and the building of the character model.

Hexagon is just the right 3D modeling tool with everything from the creation of a 3D model to final renders. Below mentioned are the features offered by Hexagon 3D Software Modelling:

  • Daz Studio 3D Bridge
  • Sculpted primitives
  • Freehand modeling brushes
  • Micro-displacement modeling tools
  • Comprehensive UV-mapping modules
  • Advanced 3D paint
  • Instant ambient occlusion

Thus, Hexagon 3D design and illustration software are quite handy for those who have just started using Daz 3D modeler.

Download Now




Digital sculpting is an art of a virtual software program. Moreover, it focuses on the clay modeling more which includes pull, push, pinch, and twisting of virtual clay. If you have any interest in the software Sculptris, then you can check the 3D software from Pixologic.

Artists you have just stepped into the 3D world, and want to learn basic skills, Sculptris, free graphic design software is a great catch. On the other hand, it is also a quick and easy format and concepts for experienced CG artists.

Pixologic’s ZBrush is a concept used in Sculptris and it has become a frequently used technique nowadays. Digital Sculptris is a kind of application where the skills learned to get directly converted into ZBrush when proceeding towards the detailing process. Sculptris is available for the Windows and Mac OS platforms, making it feasible for the beginners to try it.

Download Now


Houdini Apprentice


Houdini Apprentice is a kind of free graphic design software used by several artists, professionals, and students around the world. The Houdini is a free 3D animation version of Houdini FX and a visual effect tool. These effective tools are used in the media industry, film making, broadcasting, entertainment, and visualization.

So, you can get this grip for less than $2000 but it may go unaffordable for some. Therefore, the developers have come up with the free version of Houdini Apprentice. It allows you to develop more skills and work on your project with the assistance of Houdini features.

Houdini FX is an award-winning project, which offers to learn of wide graphic design perspective. Moreover, this program is solely developed for non-commercial purposes. This is one of those free graphic design programs applicable to Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

Download Now


Google Charts


If you are looking for a data visualization, graphic design software, then Google Charts is the right choice to display your real-time data. Not only this, but Google Charts has also become a powerful, easy, and free tool for the data expression.

Thus, you can try its huge gallery comprising of interacting charts and data tools. Additionally, you will get customization in the charts so that you can be able to configure several options and make the website look as per your requirement.

The moment you connect your real-time data, Google Charts generate an infographic for your website. You can run Google Charts on the Browser for effective results and data visualizations.

Find the Google Charts from here



design and illustration software

If you have been hunting for an easy way to develop your graphic design posts, then you can consider Klex. With just a few clicks, you can be able to create an amazing graphic design. Klex is not only a handy version of free graphic design software but easily accessible and easy to learn.

Anyone of you looking to rock with impressive and unique graphic designs can rely on this tool without any doubt. Moreover, you will find several ready to use templates along with thousands of effects, filters, and other assets. With the effective use of customization options, fonts, and assets, you can pull out memorable designs.

Another best thing about this free online graphic design software is that it can run on platforms like Browser, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Chrome OS. Klex design software free download into your system can bring out unbelievable results. Just like any other design and illustration software, Klex will help you effectively implement graphic techniques.

Download Now


Behance -Design and Illustration Software

design and illustration software

Owned by Adobe, Behance is another amazing design and illustration software that aims at developing creative work. This social media platform plays an important role in creating logos, branding, posters, music, and photography, etc.

Behance is a platform, where millions of artists create an online community from different disciplines. Moreover, this free graphic design software comes with other ways to do an amazing job. Therefore, Behance is a place where you interact with the top graphic designers, illustrators, agencies, and other creative inspiration.

This social network runs on iOS, Android, and Browser quite well. Behance is a site where you can sign up through your email address or social network.

Download Now



design and illustration software

Infogram is another graphic design tool free allows you to gain access to the charts, graphs, and maps, etc. Not only this, but you will also get the opportunity to upload images, videos, and other pictures creating an enhanced infographic.

An excel style sheet will be seen where the data gets uploaded for the infographics. Thus, anyone who uses them can edit and see the real time-based result as well. When you find your infographics interesting, you can post them on the website or else on social media. You can publish your infographics or share it on any social platform.

Infogram can only run on a platform like Browser.

Download Now

free graphic design programs is a kind of free graphic design program that enables you to visualize your resume easily. Hence, through this platform, you are just one click away from the generating attractive visuals of resume. Moreover, you will also find previously created a resume and templates as a sample.

Thus, is a compelling way to express professional achievements to the world in an effective manner. This is the best way to enhance personal visualization and may be considered as a worth exploring option. can only run in the browser as an effective tool for resume creation professionally.

Download Now


Google Fonts

free graphic design programs

So Google Fonts is another tool to complete the free graphic design software programs. Google Web Fonts Project is named as Google Fonts for now. It is a complete form of a directory which comprises of catalogs based on web fonts. Thus, Google Fonts helps and invites users around the globe to explore more fonts.

They will get these fonts in more than 135 languages and will be able to get customized fonts. This platform allows users to create their amazing collection of fonts to be used by graphic designers.

Find Here


Dribble -Design and Illustration Software

free graphic design programs

Dribble is a kind of designing tool which exhibits, networking, and self-promotion for digital designers. A platform that enables the designers to share their work online. It is a top website for creative designers. Not only this, but Dribble is also an inspirational way to present your work at different portals so that you may get recognition through sharing your work easily.

Dribble is a site that can run through Browser, iOS, and Android effectively. In a nutshell, Dribble is a destination through which you can present your creative work to the world. Moreover, it has become a professional designing tool.

Visit Dribble




WordPress is a platform through which you can present your blogs and get recognition in a similar industry. Usually, web designers do not have any authentic site to publish their articles. So, WordPress has become a famous platform for blogging, which helps you earn more and gather plenty of clients. You will find plenty of information online regarding WordPress.

In case you find it hard to learn about WordPress which is an online platform to proceed with your article writing. For more details, you can learn from several tutorials available on YouTube. These amazing WordPress tutorials may prove helpful for you to proceed with your future tasks. You can watch these tutorials and use WordPress effectively.

This software can run on Browser, Android, and iOS.

Find WordPress here



Final Words

All the free graphic design software mentioned in this article like Gravit designer, Pixlr, Vectr, etc are out of the top programs used around the world. Those who have just started using graphic design software may find these free design tools useful.

The information mentioned above regarding the design and illustration software has gathered from a relevant source. You can try any one of the aforementioned graphic design software to reshape your images and videos beautifully. It is recommended to use Vector graphic design software which helps to communicate your work online to the other side of the world.

These are some of the best graphic design software for 2020. I hope you get an idea about these programs to download for free at any time. You can easily, choose any free online design software out of plenty of options mentioned. We have mentioned the software valid for different operating system OS like Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Browser and etc.

Choosing any design and illustration software for your operating like Vectr or any other out of above mentioned graphic design programs is going to help you develop more skills related to this field. Even if you are a beginner, you can learn a lot from the graphic design apps free. Therefore, the design and illustration software like Pixlr editor, Gravit Designer, GIMP, Vectr, and others mentioned here will prove effective in developing skills in the long run.

Hopefully, the detailed discussion related to graphic design and illustration software elaborated here may prove helpful. If you have liked the information regarding graphic design tools or online photo editor mentioned above, then share it with your loved ones.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pixlr Editor Free?

The online photo editor Pixlr is totally free and is available on your browser. 

Is Pixlr Editor safe?

Pixlr is a free online photo editor without any ads or viruses, making it safe to use. 

How much does Pixlr cost?

Although Pixlr is a free online photo editor available on your browser, it has some additional features available for a small price. To get access to these advanced features, you have to pay $2/month or $15/year.

Is Flaticon free?

Flat Icon is not entirely free. It offers some icons which can be used for free but in order to access the premium icons, you need to purchase a premium subscription for $9.99/month.

How do you use Flaticon in CSS?

By following the steps given below, you can use Flaticon with CSS.

  •  First, you have to prepare your collection by adding mono-color icons to your website’s collection. 
  • Then you have to download the icon font by clicking on “Download collection”  and selecting “Icon font” 
  • The third step is to copy the source files and CSS to your web folder. 
  • After this, you have to load the stylesheet by requesting from the head of your web.
  • Using this:  <link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css”  href=”your_website_domain/css_root/flaticon.css”>
  • The final step is to use the classes of each icon. As a result, they will appear on your website.
  • Using this: <i class=”flaticon-airplane49″></i> or <span class=”flaticon-airplane49″></span>

How do I download Flaticon?

To download an icon:

  1. First, go to the Flaticon Website.
  2. Search for the icon you want to download and click on “Free download”. 
  3. Then select the file type i.e. PNG, SVG, etc. 

If it’s a free icon you can download it directly but if it’s from the premium range, you have to get a premium subscription. 

How do I convert PNG to ICO?

To convert PNG to ICO, you need an online PNG to ICO converters like Convertio or Ico Convert. Just upload the PNG file, click on “Convert to ICO” and then download your ICO file.

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