Best Cricket Games On Android Phones 2020

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Everyone these days love to play games in their leisure time. You will find a number of games for Android phones in Play Store. However, cricket lovers hunt for the best cricket game on Android as well. Whether it’s a World Cup fever, T 20 or any other super or the premier league, cricket players from all the world get together for the toughest contests. On the other hand, fans always support their favorite team no matter what. So, cricket craze is real and even in the mini phone screen, people love to enjoy cricket games for hours. Out of many those best cricket games on Android, we have listed a few of them like wcc2 mod apk, so that you can download it on your smartphone. So, let’s have a look at some amazing Cricket game download Android mobile 2020 picked for your smartphones.

Best Cricket Game For Android

If you have been looking around for the best cricket games to download on your Android handset, then we have listed some good games for you guys. Enjoy giving a tough competition to your opponents in the World cricket leagues and experience the real cricket at home.

World of Cricket

The World of Cricket is a best cricket game on Android where the players experience amazing batting and bowling. You will find a number of options for bowling to keep the match going. World of Cricket is offering 25 shots to play and that’s a good count.

Fielders of World of Cricket will be seen showing amazing catches in the game. The whole game sounds interesting with the diving fielders in the playground. As the game is not linked with the real cricket players so you may not find any familiarity with names. But the realistic based game forces you to play it for once.

The game graphics are of cartoonish type so some of you may prefer to try any other cricket league. However, world of cricket is a well-formed complete game and you can try it to fulfill your appetite for cricket.

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Real Cricket 18

After Real Cricket 17, the updated version Real Cricket 18 comes with attractive features like the team to play with and your bowling turn. Moreover, you will find every tiny detail you want to be in the game. The features include Test Cricket, Stadiums, auction, hotspot, decision review system DRS and a lot more.

Real Cricket 18 is another best cricket game on Android, which begins with a pre-match presentation and then comes the toss. If you want to skip this rehearsal session, then no worries, you can do that anyway.

On the other hand the direction of the whole game depends upon the shots you take out of front-foot or back-foot. So, even if you want to leave the cricket ground or want to play a grounded or high shot, you can choose between them. Not only this, a trajectory will appear on the screen to show the balls played followed by the actions in return like wicket fall or hitting the boundary.

If you are looking for cricket game download Android mobile, then Real Cricket 18 is a much recommended and authentic game to enjoy playing.

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Big Bash Cricket

Another one of the best cricket game in Android is Big Bash Cricket with authentic player names. Moreover, the game is inspired by the domestic test cricket T 20 matches played in the country Australia as well. As a copy of a real game, you will find Big Bag Cricket league pretty amazing to enjoy. All you have to choose between the eight teams to be part of them and the game offers an amazing graphics with 360 degree ground.

Out of three modes you can choose any mode and give your best at each shot. These modes are Challenge, Quick Match, and Tournament from the Big Bash Cricket game. So, the Big Bash Cricket game league allows you to play your best players in the field.

Big Bash Cricket is really a fun playing cricket league with good graphics. Moreover, your gameplay won’t be hindered by any extra controls in this app for Android. So, what are you waiting for? Just download your favorite Big Bash Cricket game and enjoy the real and fast game on your phone.

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MS Dhoni- The Official Cricket Game

If you are MS Dhoni’s fan, then you must try this best cricket game on Android. This game is based on the life of MS Dhoni and you will be playing as Sushant Singh Rajput. He is the same character who played the role of MS Dhoni in the movie. So, the moment you start playing this game, you will be thrilled by the story. Believe me! Once you get into this cricket gaming zone, you will end up enjoying and finishing the league.

Moreover, throughout the game, MS Dhoni’s cricket career and his phases of success while playing in the field has covered. So, you know the storylines revolving around the official cricket game of single player and you are going to love it.

If you love to play cricket games, then MS Dhoni version of official cricket movie’s carbon copy is quite a good option.

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Sachin Saga Cricket Champions

Just like MS Dhoni cricket league, Sachin Saga Cricket Champions is based on the life story of Indian team player Sachin Tendulkar. So, once you download this game on your Android smartphone, you are going to experience the whole journey of this talented cricketer. Moreover, Sachin Saga Cricket Champions focus on the best shots he has ever played in the cricket ground followed by number of centuries and records.

You won’t get bored of his glorious career moments, making history and at the same time allowing you to relive those days. You will start playing this game as 16 years old Sachin and complete his career journey for 24 years. So, you are going to enjoy the reminiscence of his career days during the game followed by a complete match series.

Moreover, “Sachin Saga Cricket Champions” is the best cricket game on Android, which also allow you to create your own competent team. This PvP gameplay provides you with attractive incentives in the game so that you will be able to improve performance of your team.

If you want to learn more about the cricket tactics and strategies, then cricket game download Android mobile Sachin Saga is the right choice. I hope the die-hard fans of Sachin won’t be disappointed once they get into the life journey cricket track of this game.

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Stick Cricket Super League

Bored of regular tricky games? No problem, you can try Stick Cricket league and smash some sixes to kill boredom. You will be choosing the captaincy of your team. Once you win the toss, just choose between bowling and batting.

Stick Cricket league is another one of the best cricket game on Android to download from the Play Store. You will experience a whole new level of T20 cricket league with your own team. So, you have to caption your team in the super league to win this magnificent game.

But before leaving for the super duper league, stick cricket super league offers its game players with the opportunity to customize their get up. You are the megastar of this super league so get ready before knocking off your enemies from all around the world.

You can pick one out of 70 teams and take your team into the finals and beat your competitors while leading your team like a megastar. If you want to try a new T20 version, then you should try this game for sure.

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Beach Cricket

If you find the usual playground cricket, then you should try this fun beach cricket with a taste of sun, sand and sea. Like normal cricket league, 11 players will participate in this beach cricket. If your team wins the toss, then it’s up to you to choose to bat or bowl at first.

Beach idea may sound funny, but game players love to try different landscapes. The game doesn’t involve any big names from the cricket history. Looking for a simple yet complete mechanics? Download this beach cricket game in your Android mobile and have fun for hours. Moreover, you can begin another game after completion of first beach cricket.

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Cricket Captain 2018

Planning to spend little money on an Android game? Try Cricket Captain 2018. Moreover, if you want a little twist of strategy with an excited match, this is the right game to choose. Start the game after selecting your country and then dive into the game, leading your team as a captain. As you move forward in the game, you will learn more and more about the play mechanics and game strategy. It’s like starting your career from the scratch and then gradually after winning many cricket matches, you will be ranked higher and higher.

The game sounds more interesting as you are the one who will recruit the players on contract and eventually come up with a strong and unbeatable team. The game is all about trading good amount of talent into your team to boost the performance overall.

Furthermore, the old or new cricket records by the international players will also be listed in the game. With a series of competition between two teams, it is a never ending fun in real. As far as coaching is concerned, Cricket Captain 2018 offers you OD bowler technique training, opener training and a fielding training separately.

Another amazing thing about this game enlist the stats of the players along with 4s and 6s scores followed by their career best innings. So, the game is good enough to provide you with the impression of a real game.

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Cricket Captain 2019

Brace yourself, because Cricket Captain 2019 version is here to count on your match hits and to train you more. Like Cricket Captain 2018, Cricket Captain 2019 is here with World Cup, test-match championship and other matches. You will get domestic systems and 20 leagues to chase the league. So, get ready to play domestic leagues in a number of countries like Australia, India, South Africa, Bangladesh, England and New Zealand etc.

The new updates include 7000 players along with a trained generation of players. The changes in the domestic cricket match are going to increase your interest in this cricket game for Android. Another feature of this new version of Cricket Captain 2019 is that you will see the stats of the players in every match.

Furthermore, Cricket Captain 2019 for Android also comes up with an update of SLW bowler slow-left-arm, which is a wrist spinner for the player type. So, collectively this is an amazing game with lots of updates and real game features.

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Cricket T20 Fever 3D

Looking for a simple yet challenging cricket game download Android mobile? install this T20 Fever 3D and enjoy real matches. If you are looking for a 3D cricket fever, then this is the best cricket game on Android. Whether you are playing a tournament, ODI or a T20, the jaw dropping graphics of this game wins your heart.

Under the mentioned timeline you have to bowl or score and this makes the Cricket T20 Fever 3D little more challenging as well. So, it is your task to score runs within the timeline and under the pressure from the opposite team. In order to experience a 3D cricket fever, you can get your hands on this game.

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World Cup Championship 2 (WCC2)

Looking for a next generation cricket gaming like wcc2 mod apk with a 3D advance technology, then get ready to dip your toes in World Cup Championship 2. A die-hard fan of cricket game who love to play maximum shots will be thrilled with this amazing wcc2 mod apk mobile cricket. This versatile and dynamic wcc2 mod apk game offer less conventional shots like Uppercut, Helicopter shot, Dil-scoop and a lot more.

There are around 150 Batting options and 28 Bowling actions in wcc2 mod apk. You will love the electrifying fielding in the playground which is followed by quick throws and diving catches. Beat your opponents with the surprise catches and bowling in wcc2 mod apk. Moreover, you will see how World Cup Championship 2 cricket game in Android provide you a realistic bowling pitch as a dusty, green and dead. The response will be obvious and more real in the end.

So, download wcc2 mod apk stunning game and avail number of benefits like 10 domestic teams, 18 international teams, and 42 different stadiums. Besides, Test Cricket, you can enjoy playing 11 tournaments, including ODI series, World Cup T20 and a lot more. It is a fact that wcc2 mod apk game itself provides enough cinematic cameras and lighting for better visuals. So, you won’t be facing any light issues while playing on your devices.

On the other hand, advance features include hawk-eye view to check LBW appeals with Ultra slow motion action replay option in wcc2 mod apk. So, what are you waiting for? Download wcc2 mod apk and have epic fun playing this complete mobile cricket.

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Smash Cricket

Download Smash Cricket game in Android and enjoy playing it without internet on your smartphone. So, you can start this another T20 best cricket game on Android anywhere and anytime. All you have to make runs in the given number of overs, protecting your wicket with the bat at the same time.

Smash Cricket allows you to make shots on your right and left sides by tapping the buttons on the screen carefully. So, this cricket game download Android mobile boost your performance gradually.

Talking about smash features gives you an opportunity to become the number one champion in the World Cup by beating countries like India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Australia. You can play online matches with your friends or rivals and challenge them in 6 Cups with the power of your dream team. Your team has to win 6 Cups such as Premier League, Super Series, Challengers Cup, Champions Cup, and World Cup 2015 and 2019.

As you move forward in the game you will be protecting your wickets against the bowling attack and training your team to compete the tough batting skills of opponents. This eventually makes your team stronger, smarter, well-trained and upgraded from every aspect of a cricket match.

With six game modes Chase Down, Friendly, World Cup, Limit Overs, Online Mode, and Challenge. When you excel in each mode, you will be rewarded with the perks of unlocking new modes and cricketers. Thus, Enjoy Smash Cricket in Full HD sound and HD 3D and feel the real cricket on your mobile screens.

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Final Words:

If you have been looking for the best cricket game on Android, then you must try these above mentioned wcc2 mod apk and other sort of games for sure. However, if you want to search for more games, then Play Store offers you with uncountable cricket games to enjoy on your Android smartphones. But, you can try any one of them as well because these are the best cricket leagues to enjoy. Moreover, they holds amazing gameplay, graphics and animations as per your taste.

So, without any further wait, install any one of these amazing games from Play Store in your Android handset and spend your leisure time like a boss. Moreover, you can not only share your experience of playing cricket game download Android mobile with us, but you can mention any new game in town as well. Share your views about these Play Store games available for Android smartphones in the comment section below. Stay Tuned and stay updated about exciting game options.

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