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best tower defense android

Here’s some good news for Android users. Earlier tower defense games were played on PC. With the evolution of technology, PC games are shifted to mobile gaming. Many people found it difficult to get the tower defense game on Android.  Best tower defense Android games come up with simple controls and upgraded paths. The simple interface and tapping freely onto touch screens are the best features in these tower defense games.

Best Tower Defense Android

Here we have gathered the best tower defense Android games for you!! I hope you like to see the preview for each game.


Swamp Attack – Android tower defense

This best tower defense Android game is bit butty and light-headed themed game similar to Plants vs Zombies. This game has 390 levels for single-player and 40 levels for multiplayer. A user can utilize weapons and other control elements in the game. Also, there is a quick mission mode where a player can change his game category during downtime. This is the best solution to kill your boredom.

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Blood Toons TD 6

This tower defense gameplay is most famous at the time. The latest version is Blood Toons TD 6. The app is paid and comes with in-app purchases. The new series comes with co-op gameplay. This game is colorful and has an intuitive interface. The developer Ninja Kiwi has an eye on the working of the app. Every time, the newer version is better than the previous one.

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Radiant Defense – Best tower Defence

Radiant Defense is one of the colorful defense games for Android. The neon based graphics make it attractive. The best part about this gameplay is that it works on Nvidia Shield. It means it has got the controller support. Radiant Defense is available for free with in-app purchases. However, there are only 15 missions in the game. A user can use deadly weapons which can cause mass destruction.  This game costs less as compared to other games.

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Kingdom Rush Vengeance

This tower defense game is one of the engaging strategy games so far. This game has a lot to offer. The game has four titles i.e. Kingdom Rush Frontier, Kingdom Rush, Kingdom Rush Vengeance, and Kingdom Rush Origins. It includes 10 heroes, around 40 enemies, 17 latest towers, and 19 levels. Further, it includes 50 achievements and 30 upgrade levels. This classic tower defense game is available for free. Moreover, there are no in-app purchases.

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Things TD – Best Defence game

Things TD is one of the exceptional choices in today’s list of TD games. It follows a story having enemies and brave heroes. The game consists of 60 achievements and has 25 levels only. It is a typical defense game, the user has to move on a path and stop bad boys from reaching the destination.  The difficulty level increases with an increase in the game level. This game is available for free.

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Fieldrunners 2

This is another tower defense game for Android. It was updated back in 2018. At present, it has a bug that a user can not get in-purchases. However, this app is free of ads. Also, a user is unable to get APK files from the website. We hope that Subatomic Studios will soon resolve these issues. Apart from the issues, this game is colorful and simple to play.

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Element TD

It is a freemium titled defense game. The sharpened graphics, different game modes, and problematic challenges beautify this game. There are 50 villans, around 44 towers, 30 achievements, and 5 difficulty settings in the game. The premium version of this game costs up to $0.99. Download this game to play in your leisure time.

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Defense Zone 3

This game features a fairly standard premise.  It has a practical gameplay tone. It has almost four difficulty levels, but there are several options to defeat your enemies. Amazingly, it supports 20 different languages and has special battles. If you are looking for strategy games then, Defense Zone 3 HD is a suitable choice.

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Myth Defense LF

This is actually a pay-once android tower defense game. It is ornamented with a blend of alchemy and maps. In campaign mode, there are approximately 18 levels, 22 towers within 3 traps, 2 difficulty levels, and 33 total levels. Moreover, it also supports more than one language. A user can pay for both difficulty levels at the same time. This is an inexpensive tower game as compared to the rest. It is worth a try.

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Infinitnode – Best online tower defense game

This tower defense game for Android features simple graphics. As the game name depicts, the user can create up to 1000 towers at one time. Due to huge maps, it seems like there is no end to every level. Furthermore, the game will update itself according to different situations. This is one of the chaotic defense games so far. It is available on the Play Store for free with inexpensive in-app purchases.

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Defenders 2 – best tower defense game android

Defenders is a tower defense game full of fantasies. It was released earlier on Google’s Play Store in 2014. This is the sequel of its original version. Defenders 2 has day and night versions. It also supports multiplayer options with the perfect blend of spells, runes, and enemy subdivisions. If you download this game, you will enjoy it for sure.

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Iron Marines

Ironhide Game Studio has proven itself by developing another tower defense game. First being Kingdom rush series. This game has several in-app purchases. However, it is not necessary to get purchases. There are many options that a user can utilize freely. A user can also change the settings of flying troops. This technique adds the game into the category of strategy games. Buzzz!! Download right now!

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Mini TD – Defense game

It is a classical defense game. This game is unknown to many tower defense gameplay fans but it’s worth a shot. Simple and neat graphics and friendly user interface are quality features of this game. The Premium version of this game has no in-app purchases. However, ads are included. The game consists of 40 levels to traverse four types of towers. You will surely enjoy this game.

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These were our top picks from the best tower defense game for Android. Download them and give your honest reviews.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best tower defense game for Android?

Many tower games for Android are available. The best one depends on your interest and personal favorites. However, here are the names of some of the best tower games for Android:  Bloons TD 6, Defenders 2: Tower Defense CCG, Defense Zone 3, Digfender, Element TD, Grow Castle, Infinitode, and Iron Marines.

What’s the best mobile tower defense game?

You will find many paid and free tower defense games for the mobile. You have to choose the one that suits you better. Such as Plants vs. Zombies 2, Anomaly 2, Fieldrunners 2, Dungeon Defenders, Kingdom Rush Frontiers, Defense Zone 3, Crystal Defenders, and Jelly Defense.

What makes a good tower defense game?

A good tower defense game is based on a variety of missions, creeps, and towers. It should be designed in such a way that it does not feel passive and repetitive. It must engage the player and keep the player active. Also, it should be complex and intriguing, which should be challenging for the player but not overwhelming.

How do you build a tower defense game?

Different tower defense games have different features. They have to be build up based on their available resources. Firstly, choose a game of your liking and then start playing it. You can search for tutorials for that particular game and learn how to build that specific game.

What was the first tower defense game?

A game named “Rampart” is regarded as the first tower defense game. It was developed in 1990 by the Atari Games and was the first to be released in the Tower Defense Game genre. It had different game modes and had an arcade console unit.

What is the best tower defense game for iPhone?

The best game depends on your mood and interest. There is a variety of options available for the iPhone, so choose the one according to your liking. You can choose from, TapDefense, Tower Madness, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, Geo Defense Lite, HEAVY GUNNER 3D, BowQuest: PandaMania, and Medieval.



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