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adventure games for android

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Adventure games are among the very well-known genres in the universe of Android games. People, particularly the younger generation are always keen to, to experience games that are full with adventure. However, this can be an incredibly complicated genre since it comprises games of just about the other genres such as arcade, puzzles, action, zombies, etc. Thus, it gets very hard to find an intriguing adventure video game. Best free adventure games for android can be mostly played online, and few without internet. We have tried to create a mix of both so that youngsters can choose as per their choice. Best offline adventure games for android are very popular with new generation as they want to explore in terms of gaming.

Adventure Games for Android

Adventure games are one of the very unique of any matches. They don’t really match any one category or genre and frequently times they’ll squeeze right into several genres at the same time. The sole requirement for a game title to become an adventure game is the fact that it has to simply take you on an experience that defines adventure. This is the reason why for you personally, we handmade a summary of best Adventure Games for Android or you can say best free adventure games for android.

 Jungle Adventure 2

We urge Jungle Adventure 2 to those who’re prepared to undergo some adventure in the jungle. This really is one of the best free adventure games for android
. This game is completely free. Within this game, Addu can be an adventurer who would like to safeguard all of the items of the jungle by the magician who uses those items to acquire immortality. Jungle adventures 2 can be an android game application created for both adults and kids. It entails different awesome assignments which exude the mind of this gamer leaving him asking him for more.

This video game is not difficult to find unlike other adventure games which arrive with elaborate technicalities and difficult to control. The game includes tons of bosses and super-cute enemies to conquer. Together with the skills offered in the match, you are going to have the ability to conquer those virtual enemies. You’ll experience a blend of exploration and action because you keep continuing your journey to find the immortal magician.

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Beat Cop

Beat Cop is a fantastic retro game. It plays in the 1980’s in both appearances, action, and story. The detective has been accused of murder and now must make his living as being a beat cop. You investigate the murder to find who planted you while additionally accomplishing your usual cop duties. The decisions you make affect certain areas of the game. The graphics of this game are just ok, but it’s definitely an entertaining game otherwise. You can play the demo match for free. So we can say that best free adventure games for android is Beat Cop.

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In Short we can say that swordigo is one of the best Adventure Games for Android Here You’ll find adventure during the dark caves and throughout many pathways that are dangerous. Throughout the assignments you need to come across some legendary swords. The overall game plans are simple and perceivable. Additionally, the characteristics of the game are exciting and intriguing. Swordigo includes smooth and easy controllers. Graphics are awesome with the exciting story board.While playing with you’ll explore monuments, towns and assorted creatures.

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Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is among the best offline adventure games for Android . You really head out to the real life and grab Pokemon, fight at clubs, loot Pokestops, plus far more. The adventure part is slightly bit more literal within this match compared to others. It can take one to really go places and play with the match in all those locations. Players roam the open world and also grab Pokemon, combat in fitness centres, battle each other, exchange Pokemon, collect various goods, and also perform a variety of other items. Recent upgrades additionally included some enjoyable AR features too.

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Monument Valley 1

Monument Valley is among the best puzzle-adventure games out there. You proceed levels and found that each degree could be your mystery. Players are treated with optical illusions, a vague but enjoyable story. The only real criticism we have is the timing or length of the match. These matches are somewhat short. They are still greatly wonderful games, but people who do not enjoy short games could possibly be frustrated using them.

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Criminal Case

If you would like to play a real adventure game using a spin of detection then Criminal Case is the game for you. Here you’ll meet different characters like the head of a detection and a forensic expert and much more. All you need to do will be just solved the puzzle to find evidence of a murder. Additionally, the overall game tactics and features are very intriguing. In order to play criminal case all you need is an internet connection, since this game offers different puzzles to determine the mysteries. Every stage of criminal case includes murderous pursuits or criminal actions which can be full of puzzles.

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Evoland 2

Evoland 2 is easily among the best adventure games recently. It accomplishes genres by adding an entire group of those. The match essentially evolves through the many eras of gaming, plus each new stage additionally brings a fresh graphical style too. Its distinctive action keeps you guessing and it has a fun overall experience. We recommend playing this game with a physical controller for optimum results, though. This game is relatively economical and can be also quite enjoyable.

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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Have you been really a fan of Harry Potter and you wish to play some best Adventure Games for Android? You realize, we’ve got something for you to enjoy a blend of one’s own desires. Here, you may have your own personal adventure game while in the Wizarding World. You’re free to create your own adventures by choosing your narrative. Additionally, this video game contains a great deal of excellent capabilities. Much like it imitates a lot of magic, charms and characters that are new. And you’re permitted to customize your student avatars. This game offers excellent tunes and sound effects. The graphics and animation are also very attractive. In short the game summary is that You have to discover the truth behind the cursed vaults.

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Crashland is one of the very best adventure games from 2016 but still going hot. You play as a trucker called Flux. The simple assumption of this game has a few jerks sneaking part of the space ship, causing one to wreck onto a nearby planet. You ought to fix your spaceship, however, to achieve so, you are likely to require some parts that can be uncovered at the regional 7-Eleven. You are given the initial crafting station, told to collect some grass, and you are off for the races. In the beginning, you won’t have access to any weapons, but as you move ahead in the game you will get your first crafting tools like saw, that is automatically added into your character’s suit.

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Ghost Town Adventures: Mystery Riddles Games

A true Adventure game with a lot of fan following Ghost Town Adventures Mystery Riddles Games is one of the best Adventure Games for Android. Here, you need to meet Anna and you will fight in the city where people are ghosts. Your Tasks also included to determine the evil plan and rescue the town. This game presents pleasing visual graphics and frightening noise sounds. Since you play and move forward you may meet more than 100 people alongside their stories. Game strategies are easy and perceivable. In short, in this game You have to find out the hidden objects to solve the mystery.Main enemies such as wicked spirits, zombies, carnivorous plants, frozen giants, could cause barriers for you personally in the match.

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 Escape Game: Home town Adventure

Yes, you read it right, this game qualifies to be among the best adventure games for android It truly is an exciting game at which you’ll be supplied a lot of rooms packed with puzzles to do. The overall game strategies and plots are all interesting. In addition, it features a fantastic quantity of excellent capabilities. If you’re interested you may take a go on them. Offers striking visual graphics with every tiny detail. The game includes a great sound system which increases your excitement. Provides a lot of rooms which can be full of distinct puzzles & Offers boundless hints. It’s possible to Play game while being offline.

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 Survival Island – Wild Escape

We’ll like to take the opportunity to mention another adventure game named Survival Island – Wild Escape. This game provides you an action-packed adventure which you could enjoy at any moment anywhere. This game Contains shooting, hunting, and also parts of FPS-style gameplay. You can enjoy the freedom of adventurous activities and numerous adventure assignments. This Adventure Game has an assortment of weapon choice, such as firearms, axes, etc.The game includes some Good Graphics & features are always updated as per customer reviews and suggestions.

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Ice Age Village


You’ve probably observed the Ice Age animation on more than one million occasions. If you are a fan of Ice Age animation, do not miss this chance and download the game today Based on Gameloft claim, this game is actually the best free adventure games for android. What they forgot to say is you may not be getting much for free as you download this adventure game. Even though the overall game is very cute, and also the game play is quite smooth, the stages in the game are quite predictable. The Game tends to lose its appeal after some time as you know just what to expect next – more buildings, more families, more feeding and more populating, But we still count this game among the best offline adventure games for android.

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Exiles boast a number of gorgeous graphics on Android at this time as we write, but the game has plenty of glitches that elevate you out of that impression that this game could be possibly a great RPG experience game. In short, Fantastic graphics, fantastic gameplay! While playing this game you’re going to be landed to another planet away from the Earth. In this Game you will find Aliens that are most wanted by Government Agencies as they want these aliens to be slaves, so that they could use the wisdom of these Aliens.This game is highly addictive and easily qualifies for Best offline adventure games for android.

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Haunted Manor

In the last we will cover Haunted Manor, which also falls in the category of Best offline adventure games for android.The home you shouldn’t get near to! The narrative of this game is linked to a tourist destination. Our guest hears a few chilling rumours relating to the home. So they are afraid , but they can’t restrain their fascination! Turn off the lights, and get your headphones as this game will blow you off.

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We’re convinced almost all them are worth playing and further downloading. Even, each one these games are called best free adventure games for android.All these adventure games for android are exciting and clean. The list also has games of various genres such as arcade, puzzles, Horror, action and so on. If you think we missed any of the best free adventure games for android , tell us about them in the comments! We will surely cover that also as per your advice.




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