Best Turn Based Strategy Games Android 2019

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Turn based games always attract the users because it is fun to play with your friends. Basically, when you learn to play best turn based strategy games 2019, you eventually gear up to increase your social circle. People prefer to play Android turn based strategy video games as it brings together players from all around the world at one platform. If you are looking for the top turn based strategy games Android, then you have jumped into the right article. So, before dipping your toes in any of these free turn based strategy games Android, have a look at some of these amazing app games like Hoplite, Tank Battle-1944, and Star Realms etc.

Top Turn Based Strategy Games Android

Some of the amazing turn based games include Hoplite, Civilization Revolution 2, Final Fantasy Tactics-Wotl, The Battle of Polytopia, Star Realms, The Banner Saga, Fire Emblem heroes, World of Empires, and etc. Out of these most of them are free turn based strategy games Android while some are paid. Let’s have a look at these thrilling mind games and rule the world of strategy games.

1. Hoplite:


Hoplite is considered as one of the best turn based strategy games Android. This challenging gameplay is based on the fact that you must think before you act upon your moves. The reason behind this strategy is that your every move counts and make your actions worth implementing.

Hence, you will be needing a proper strategy to move ahead in your missions. And you can team up with your friends and use the turn based strategy games Android as a source of amusement. Hoplite is a kind of old school 8-bit graphics. So, you are going to play as a warrior, crossing multiple grey squares to fight your enemies.

Although, the game is quite simple, but you will be needing tactical movements and strategies to avoid any chance of being knocked out by your enemies. Therefore, all you have to make strategic choices which may lead to upgrading your abilities. The more you play wisely, the more you can earn the scores.

Moreover, on the screenplay of Hoplite, you can see the powers and lives left as well. You can make different strategies based on different parameters of complexity at each level. Since, there are no in-app purchases available, you can download it free from the Google Play Store.

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Released in 1997, this is another one of the top turn based strategy games Android. In 2017, another version of this game The War of Lions for PSP was released which includes new movies, scenarios and jobs etc.

You can play turn based strategy games Android like this one which requires a sharp mind to win the complex battle. This game comprises of Touch screen control intuitive and tactical shots. So, you can take the control of this strategy based game through tapping on the menus and units.

Moreover, it also involves maps for navigation which you can manipulate and move around changing the size for an effective strategy. You will find an improved loading time, once you start the game and brace yourself for your turn based game.

On the other hand, you will love the high quality graphics in anime style with colorful landscapes throughout the Final Fantasy Tactics.

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3. Star Realms:


Star Realms is another best turn based strategy game which combines the Deckbuilding Game play with exciting Trading Card Game style combat. It is specially designed by Magic Hall of Famers Darwin Kastle and Rob Dougherty. It is quite amazing that you may get addicted to it in the end.

In the tutorials, you will find all the tactics and methods to play this beauty in a few minutes. In the free version of Star Realms, you will find 6 mission campaigns among the players and the Player Combat. Moreover, you will experience mesmerizing visuals in this free turn based strategy game Android for play vs AI.

If you want to experience the full features of the game, then you will find 9 mission campaigns along with 3 difficult steps in Player vs Al version. Playing with your friend will be a real fun where you can challenge them in a battle of Star Realms and follow pass and play technique.

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4. The Banner Saga:

top turn based strategy games android

The Banner Saga game is based on an adventurous journey, where you have to abandon your home in order to save your nation. This is a kind of historic turn based strategy game Android in which your destiny is based on the choices you make at the beginning. You are the creator of your personal story in the Banner Saga.

During this game, you can challenge your friends and participate in a number of battles against your enemies. Moreover, you have to be cunning enough to formulate strategies in such a way that victory becomes your destiny. Your right decisions will define the end of your nation. Thus, many battles may come in your way along with multiple skills and 25 major characters as well.

The 2D animation, graphics will add color in this Vikings challenging world. With the evolution of the story, you will be the one who decides battlefield, soldiers, tactics and survival of the characters in the game.

This is one of the unique top turn based strategy games Android that plays the fantasy battle and make connections out of combat with 7 different classes. Nothing attracts you more than something which you create throughout the battle with your strategies and decisions. It’s up to you to decide that who is going to die and who will survive in the end.

Moreover, you are going to love destroying and killing of your mysterious enemies as well. So, what are you waiting for? Just go save your nation and tell your enemies that you can survive the toughest winter conditions ever and win every challenge.


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5. Tank Battle- 1944:


Here comes another turn based game for your Android where you will be taking command of an American battle group. Tank Battle is an action based game from World War II and your task is to free Europe from the evil. This game comprises of 8 mission rising storm campaign allowing you to use multiple tactics through your amazing skills.

Moreover, you will also find 13 Unique units to help you engage yourself throughout the battle. You will also find 12 pass and multiplayer scenarios to keep yourself on board in the Tank Battle.

Additionally, you can also purchase more features like 12 mission campaigns in different landscape modes. Apart from this, get ready to experience 3D graphics for an ultimate action based game and settle for the best quest.

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6. Civilization Revolution 2:

android turn based strategy

Civilization Revolution has become the most successful game out of the Android turn based strategy games. You can build your own empire, which may stand till the end. This sequel is now available for your mobile devices as well. Civilization Revolution 2 provides the fans with 3D graphic which stands out every time you dip your toes into strategy based games.

Simple yet detailed tactics are required to rule the world in the end. Moreover, the new key features of this sequel involve new civilizations like Korea, leaders like Lenin the Russia Communist, King of Joseon. Then comes, new technologies to make this civilization revolution 2 more attractive to play like Lasers, modern medicine and etc.

Throughout the game, you have to create your own complete kingdom. It requires you to expand your empire with buildings and wonders like Nuclear Power Plant, The Red Cross, and Silicon Valley. Moreover, you will find more challenging scenarios from reenact historic events and battles. Download this Civilization sequel to build your own empire and conquer the world.

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7. The Battle of Polytopia:


The Battle of Polytopia is another battle of good and evil. Players can play it as a turn based games Android with unique plot twists. You will find new technologies and plenty of lands and playing along to rule the world and free it from the evil.

As a player you will have the authority to manipulate the maps as per your strategies in the game. Moreover, these automatically generated maps have an unlimited value for the game players as well. Throughout the game, you will get the chance of exploring new captivating landscapes which engages you in the game.

Whether you want to wander in the dark cold forests of Barduria or you want to explore the steamy Kickoo jungles, you are going to love the journey. If we talk about its graphics, then you will find the cartoon style in the Battle of Polytopia which looks cool.

You can run around the landscapes on squares and construct more worlds after destroying and reshaping the glaciers. And this is how you can open new locations for an adventurous battle in your whole journey.

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If you want to try other turn based strategy games Android then Fire Emblem heroes, casual heroes, and World of Empires etc. Fire Emblem heroes is one of the newly launched league with interesting battle and tactics. In this game you will find around 800 stories to engage you and drag you one step forward every time. You can play these free turn based strategy games android at home with your friends and show your strategic mind strengths.

All the above mentioned turn based strategy games are available for Android devices and you can download them from the Google Play Store.

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