Best Games Like Age Of Empires For Android and iOS 2022

Millions of people have loved playing Age of Empires-type games since its release in 1997. People love to play games like Age of Empires which are real-time RTS-based video games. Age of Empires was first developed by Ensemble Studios and then published by the Xbox Game Studios. Games like Age of Empires for Android are about the Stone Age era up to the Iron Age in several settings like North America, South America, Asia, Europe, and Africa. Several games similar to Age of Empires are mentioned in this article to entertain video game freaks, like Starcraft 2, Warcraft III-Reforged, Tropico 5, Empire, etc.

Creative Director of the Age of Empire series, Adam Isgreen, said that millions of people are playing Age of Empires type games & every month the number is increasing.

The main idea behind the Age of Empire-type games is building empires, your army, and fighting a war against your opponents. Moreover, the best part about these thrilling online games is that you can conquer several kingdoms and places while moving around the map. Hence, the more you play smartly against your enemies, the more you become a more significant threat to other players.

Best Age of Empires Style Game for Android

Adam Isgreen also elaborated that the Age of Empire has gained enormous limelight due to the series of real-time strategy games based on history visualizations. If you want to get nostalgic about the Age of Empires-type games, then have a look at some fantastic collections for your Android device.

Even after 22 years of these fantastic Age of Empires 2, its content is still streaming and has also gathered an enormous fan base. Tropico 5, Age of Mythology, Warcraft III, Starcraft 2, etc., are Age of Empires-type games for your leisure time.

Age of Mythology

games like age of empires

Age of Mythology is one of Android’s best games, like Age of Empires. Ensemble Studios decided to make this gameplay a spin-off series based on mythological beliefs. Suppose you want to experience the ancient type of games, unlike the historical Age of Empires. In that case, the Age of Mythology is the best choice.

Age of Mythology is a game that belongs to an ancient times civilization. If you are fond of exploring Egyptian Norse and Greek legends and myths, you can try this new kind of strategy game like Age of Empires for your Android or Mac book.

In this original game, you can choose one civilization out of three at the beginning: Egyptian, Norse, and Greek. It is up to you to choose any religion, God, and Empire. As you move forward in your battle against other opponents, you will seek more abilities. You can be able to unlock minor Gods as well.

This game is available for your laptop and PC, and you can install it from Steam for $29.99.

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Anno Online

games similar to age of empires

Were you looking for free online strategy games like Age of Empires? Anno Online is the best game developed by Ubisoft. In this game, you must expand your country by making new cities. Anno Online is a realistic Age of Empire game where you will lead the economic processes.

Moreover, you will find extra features like sustaining diplomacy, exploration, trade, economic processes, and combat. Thus, you can build a whole new world and, at the same time, defend your rival parties. You can also download this game from Amazon or Steam on your Android or App Store on your iOS device.

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Sid Meier’s: Civilization VI

 games like age of empires for android

This civilization game is the best strategy game for Android, like the Age of Empires. If you are willing to play this game, then be ready for the most challenging quests. It involves building your tribe through resources and evolving to turn the world into a superpower.

Civilization VI prepares your mind for an effective strategy so that you can perform well and complete all the complex challenges. You are going to love this challenging game. For beginners, who have just dipped their toes into games similar to the Age of Empires, Civilization VI brings a thousand options to play this version.

The game revolves around not only building the country but also taking control of diplomacy, religions, and much more. Video game players who invest their time in strategy games can also check this powerful Empire-building game. You will love its graphics and music, giving it a new dimension. You can get this game from Amazon or Steam for $45.

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Starcraft 2

age of empires type games

Blizzard Entertainment developed a space-focused game in the 26th century. The second series of Starcraft is now the real-time strategy RTS game. Based on the galaxies, this is one of the best strategy games like Age of Empires for Android. Moreover, Starcraft 2 circulates the galactic struggle of survival and making hard decisions to survive and take control of the world.

The fight game between three species, Terran, Protoss, and Zerg. Non-linear gameplay as Starcraft 2 lets you choose one of these three species. You are the one who manages resources and builds armies, empires, and cities, and conquers the world. Thus, you can play this game and complete the three steps to lead the story to the end. So, purchase the latest Starcraft 2 for $39.99 from

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Rise of Nations

games similar to age of empires

Developed by the Big Huge Games, Rise of Nations is considered the most popular gameplay. Moreover, the game features around eight ages and 18 civilizations like any other Age of Empire genera. Rise of Nations is one of the best games, like Age of Empires for Android, based on the territory-building concept.

Just like other strategic games, the aim behind Rising of Nations is that player proceeds and gets access to the weapons to fight back their opponents. It is an efficient advancement towards the modern age, leading to conquering the world. You can download this top game from Steam for $19.99.

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Empire Earth

 games like age of empires for android

Empire Earth is the closest game to the Age of Empires on Android and is a historical real-time strategy game. The players will begin from over 500 thousand years and end at the Nano age. The game players have to construct buildings with the help of gathering resources. Moreover, from the pre-historic era, players must develop cities and civilizations and keep conquering the civilizations built by enemies and the world in the end.

One of the games similar to the Age of Empires, Empire Earth, has an innovative feature named Morale System. This system is a unique way to raise the statistics of the player units. You will also find the Hero system in this game. Two types of Heroes will be built at the center of the city. The first one is the Strategic Heroes, and the second one is the Warrior Heroes.

The Strategic Heroes’ purpose is to act as a healing shield for surroundings and demoralize the units of enemies. On the other hand, the Warrior Heroes’ goal is to raise the morale of the surroundings and attack the opponents with full power. You can download Empire Earth from GOGO for $5.99.

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age of empires type games

Here come another free online strategy games like Age of Empires. Empire is just like any other multiplayer game to entertain the game freaks. Good Game Studio developed this Real-Time Strategy RTS game, which is about the medieval age.

Moreover, the strategic game involves building an empire with its army from scratch. The goal behind the Empire is to make yourself strong enough to be conquered. Your opponents will think twice before messing with you.

The idea is to conquer the other player’s buildings and empires by making a trade with other players and eliminating the enemies. Strong castle building and proper strategies and combating techniques in the battle played a crucial role in your success. Therefore, building a true Empire using your battle techniques and giving a tough time to your enemies will lead to victory.

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0 A.D:

Tropico 5

0 A.D is another free strategy-based game like the age of empires, still under construction by the Wildfire Games. The game comprises parts from 500 B.C TO 1 B.C as the first section. And the second section begins from 1 A.C up to 500 A.C. 0 A.D is one of the free Browser games like Age of Empires which depicts the historical battles and helps you win them strategically.

The story of this game revolves around 12 civilizations, and it lets the player train the army at its best. The features that amaze the players include research on technology and combat. Additionally, instead of moving through time, the game players will advance through the village and town and eventually enter the city phase.

Thus, these phases are the parameters for the settlements that happened in history. During the journey, new stages open new units, buildings, and technologies. If you want to experience games similar to Age of Empires, download it free from Google Play Store.

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Tropico 5

Tropico 5

Tropico 5 is considered a real-time strategy game and is witnessing the best out of Age of Empires-type games. Game players who love to build crops and farms and develop a whole new island can join the Tropico 5. Thus, Tropico 5 game began in the 20th century, and your effort is required to bring it back to the modern era.

Moreover, as you step forward in Tropico 5, you have to grow more crops on the island to export them to earn money. You can build a more substantial empire over time and improve the island tech system with this money.

Tropico 5 game is about political and economic issues and the war against your opponents. This is considered the best Age of Empires style game for Android, where the multiplayer mode allows you to compete with your friends. The overall struggle of building a mighty island will decide which player adds more quality and benefit to the island’s production.

After checking this version of Tropico 5, you can go for the latest version of this game, Tropico 6. Tropico 5 is available for $9.99 on Amazon, and you can get your hands on this island-based Age of Empires.

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Homeworld- Deserts of Kharak

Tropico 5

The Homeworld of deserts of Kharak contains the events from the classic Homeworld version. These are famous for their real-time gameplay as well. The game’s beginning is about surviving the harsh desert of the Kharak environment. The game player must choose to develop a strong army to protect its citizens and keep their aim high enough to achieve victory over their enemies.

You will begin from the desert, and your team effort and struggle will eventually open ways for the Homeworld. Moreover, the storyline of this gameplay will make you feel nostalgic, and you can have a glimpse of the desert hardships and graphics from the older games and new teasers.

If you are looking for games similar to the Age of Empires, Homeworld, the “Deserts of Kharak” is the best choice. Apart from the story, surviving struggle, and shifting from the sand, the game also bagged praises from players worldwide. You can get your hands on this beauty from Steam for $49.99.

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Warcraft III- Reforged

Tropico 5

Warcraft III is one of the classic games like the Age of Empires in the world of Real-Time Strategy RTS. Blizzard’s most prominent game studio has developed this fantastic, which takes the players to a fantasy world. Warcraft III’s journey is about Night Elves, Undead, Orcs, and Humans.

Moreover, like other games similar to Age of Empires, Warcraft III also reflects building a solid army in your territory. You have to recruit factional heroes to boost your morale, and you can take charge. Thus, your victory is certain with perfect strategies.

On the other hand, you can pre-order its latest version, Reforged-Warcraft III, which will be available soon. The new Warcraft version will take you to the fantasy world of visual overhaul followed by several unique features.

Meanwhile, you can get your hands on the previous Warcraft III free versions like “Reign of Chaos” and “Frozen Throne.” This will provide you time to enjoy the upcoming gameplay with plenty of features. You can purchase the Warcraft version for EUR29.99.

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The Settlers Online

Tropico 5

Another thrilling and free Ages of Empires type game is The Settlers Online. This is a fantastic addition to the real-time strategy game, with several features and improvements. This gameplay is based on a world where players collect resources to build territories and a mighty empire.

The Settlers Online brings different missions in the game, which involves developing the whole medieval kingdom by taking control of more areas and exploring the world. Moreover, the game revolves around the MMO element, as the Settlers series inspires it.

Additionally, there are several Stages that you have to unlock to proceed further in the game. The gameplay will keep you busy with tons of progress, bandit camps, and interaction with worldly players connected with the missions. Hence, the human players will either become your friend or the enemy. You compete with them and bring the victory home after defeating them.

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Stronghold Crusader

age of empires type games

Like the first version of the Stronghold game, Stronghold Crusader follows the pattern with some new features. It is all set in the Middle East and features the Arabian Units during the whole strategy-based game.

The game revolves around a fight for the land as Middle East settings change the geographical areas. And this limits the players from creating farms on oasis grass. Thus, the battle among the players begins due to the limited resources. They have the option to either utilize the resources to attack their opponents for better defense or they can reserve them for the future. Stronghold Crusader is available to professional game players on Steam for $49.99.

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Top 15 strategy games like Age of Empires


Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliances

strategy Games Like Age Of Empires For Android and iOS

It is a real-time strategy video game developed by Westwood Studios and published by Electronic Arts. It is based on the popular Command & Conquer franchise. The game occurs during Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, where Kane leads the Brotherhood of Nod into a war against GDI.

The game features three different playable factions, each with unique units, technologies, and gameplay elements. Players can play either Kane or GDI, while the third faction, NOD, appears exclusively in multiplayer modes.

Players take command of one of four distinct factions, each with its strengths and weaknesses. As players progress through the campaign, they unlock additional factions, allowing them to experience the story from multiple perspectives.

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Bad North

strategy games

Bad North is a real-time strategy game where players take control of a Viking village trying to survive hordes of invading Vikings. Players must construct buildings, grow crops, research technologies, and train soldiers to fend off attacks from the enemy.

Players can choose between four unique factions: the Vikings, Saxons, Celts, and Franks. Each section has its strengths and weaknesses, allowing players to customize their experience.

Distinct islands provide different strategic advantages. Therefore your defensive plan must consider both your weaponry and your army’s size and form. You’ll have a great time taking part in this game. While still challenging, the game is not as tricky as Age of Empires or Civilization VI, making it ideal for players who have a few minutes to devote to a strategy game.

In addition to the original campaign mode, Bad North features a sandbox mode where players can freely explore the map and battle each other.

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Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds

games like age of empires

Look no further if you’re looking for something fun to play while waiting for Rogue One to come out. This one’s worth checking out.

In 2001, LucasArts published a real-time strategy game called Galactic Battlegrounds. At the time, it had a unique twist: players could choose to play either the Republic or the Empire. The story revolves around the conflict between those factions.

The game wasn’t successful, though, and it soon disappeared into obscurity. It’s hard to say why exactly that happened, but it seems likely that the timing didn’t work out. After all, Galactic Battlegrounds was released just as the prequels were coming out, and the franchise hadn’t taken off yet.

It didn’t do particularly well for whatever reason and was eventually pulled from shelves. But now, thanks to modders, we can revisit the world of the galaxy far, far away.

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Forge of Empires

games like age of empires

Forge of Empires is one of those games where you don’t just play against the computer; you’re playing against yourself. This is because there are no AI opponents. It would be best if you built up your empire alone. The whole idea behind this game is to see how far you can go regarding technology and resources.

The game starts with stone tools, and you’ll slowly progress through the ages, unlocking new technologies. There are many different civilizations to choose from, each with its unique culture and traits. You’ll unlock new buildings, units, and resources as you move into the game.

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All the games mentioned above, like the Age of Empire for Android, Mac, and iPhone, are best for spending your leisure time effectively. These strategies based Empire building games require massive effort and tactics to not only complete the missions but also gain victory over the rivals. You will find multiplayers worldwide, which let you compete with them and complete the in-game missions. As mentioned above, some games have in-app purchases, while others are free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Mobile Games like Age of Empires?

The Very First one is Age of Empires: Castle Siege, and Another game are Age of Empires: World Dominance. Castle Siege is available for windows-8 apparatus and was recently offered for iOS. But, it doesn’t have any android variant at the time of this moment.

Is Northgard like the Age of Empires?

Northgard is Similar to a Viking-themed Age of Empires with Lively, busy seasons. It plays much like the older school Age of Empires while cutting on micro-management from the soul of modern RTS design.

Which is the Better Age of Empires or Civilization?

As for me, I like both of these games equally. It’s difficult to say which game is better since both games are for different scales. Age of Empires has conventional 4X. It’s more detailed in regards to the economy, city advancement, and also war and combat plan significantly more than Civilization. The bets and stages are riskier, and you mainly need to worry about being controlled by other players. While Civilization is extensive, it has lots of techniques to acquire the match and can be spread out on the list of 4X formulas.

How do I get the Age of Empires to work on Windows 10?

We Can Run Age of Empires 2 in compatibility mode, for this we’ve Got to

  1. Right-click the Age of Empires 2 shortcut and select Properties.
  2. Following the Home, then a window opens to the Compatibility tab.
  3. Click Run the program in compatibility mode and choose the OS (Operating System ) from the list.
  4. Click Apply, then OK.

So, if you have loved the review of any of the Age mentioned above of Empires type games like Tropico 5 and Empire Earth, share it with your loved ones with the same game taste. The topmost Age of Empires games has mentioned in the article. But you can add more information regarding the Age of Empires in the comment section below.

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