Which Are the Best Free Cleaner For MAC in 2022 ?

We live in a world of high-tech gadgets, and there is no doubt that our beloved Macbook Air would be one of them. And as we all know, these gadgets need to be taken care of just like any other expensive things we own: they need to be cleaned and maintained regularly. So here’s the deal: What is the best free cleaner for Mac? We will help you find out by presenting 14 top free cleaners for your new Mac!

The ideal Mac cleaning software is designed to help you clean up, boost performance, optimize memory, manage data, eliminate malware infections, remove junk files, or uninstall programs completely.

If you use these Mac cleaners, you won’t get the aggravating “Your Disk Is Almost Full” warning. These memory-boosting apps include various features that keep your Hard Drive running smoothly and make the most of every gigabyte. A dedicated Mac Cleaning Software scan your storage space and reclaims critical disk space in a matter of seconds.

While you may be tempted to save money on your Mac’s cleaning, it’s important to remember that the best in the business is always worth investing in. While there aren’t a lot of alternatives, we’ve been able to narrow down eight excellent applications/programs for macOS laptops and computers. So, let’s have a look at some of the best free mac cleaners available in 2022.


Best Mac Cleaner Apps in 2022

Here’s a comprehensive list of the Best Cleaning and Optimization Tools for your Mac you can use right now to optimize it.

CleanMyMac X

best free mac cleaner

This is one of the best Mac cleaners out there, and it comes with a slew of features in addition to just cleaning up your computer. It can also aid remove malware from your computer and even improve memory performance, resulting in a faster laptop. This may be the only program you’ll ever need to clean out useless files and speed up your Mac.

There are several processes at work here, all of which provide full malware protection while also ensuring that your computer’s performance is improved. This is accomplished by removing outdated caches, broken downloads, logs, and localization. CleanMyMac X comes in both a free and paid version. While users should use the premium version to get the greatest experience, the free edition can give you an indication of how this app may clean up and improve your Mac’s performance.

CleanMyMac X Features

  • It provides a complete antivirus defense against all types of malware.
  • help boost memory performance

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Cleanup My System

best free mac cleaner

Systweak Software’s Cleanup My System is a Mac cleaner. It’s a complete Mac cleaning, optimization, and privacy tool with several tools to help you clean, optimize, and protect your system. It enables you to clear away all the clutter from your computer so that you can free up some storage space. The Disk Analyzer component of this software, which was just introduced in April, offers you the ability to see how much disk space is available on your computer. It also removes online traces so that you are secure from online trackers.

It may effortlessly organize logins and remove applications. Cleanup My System can remove unwanted email attachments, big files, cache, logs, trash, and spam. in Short cleanup My System is one of the best free mac cleaners.

Cleanup My System Features

  • You must be able to manage login items successfully.
  • Remove all of the programs and files you don’t need.
  • This software removes the clutter, user logs, and cache files from your system.
  • Delete the unnecessary files.

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Disk Clean Pro

best free mac cleaner

The free App Cleaner for Mac by Systweak Software is a useful app that detects app cache, system cache, outdated downloads, unwanted language packs, and more. This one is my favorite Mac cleaning software because of its numerous cleaning capabilities. Disk Clean Pro is an excellent disk-cleaning program and costs $23.99.

Furthermore, it’s the number-one disk cleaners program on the Mac App Store. The power of this excellent Mac cleaner stems from its ability to clean various types of malware and unwanted data. It may also be used as an optimization tool since it is compatible with all versions of macOS.

Disk Clean Pro Features

  • Cleaning malware is simple as clicking a button.
  • It’s a useful tool for freeing up space on your hard drive.
  • Boost the performance of your Mac
  • Both old and recent versions of macOS are supported.

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CCleaner for Mac

best free mac cleaner

This program is intended for you if you are a heavy online user. Because, in addition to freeing up space on your Mac, CCleaner may also remove browser search history and cookies, ensuring that your activities cannot be tracked. However, browsing over a VPN connection is always preferable for complete anonymity. CCleaner excels at cleaning up trash files; it thoroughly examines your hard drives to remove unwanted files.

This program may also assist you in fixing broken permissions on your Mac, which will improve performance and storage. So, if you’re thinking of upgrading your computer to something newer, give this a shot first. Cleaning up trash and residual files such as failed downloads from your computer can significantly boost performance no matter what operating system you are using. The free edition of CCleaner offers privacy protection and a macOS booster, whereas the premium version adds more features such as automatic updates and expert assistance.

CCleaner Features

  • Scanning your computer’s junk files in real-time
  • Many cleaning and optimization solutions are in one package.
  • Browsing the internet in a safer way
  • The free edition is also excellent.

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MacBooster 8

best free mac cleaner

MacBooster is packed with a variety of security and maintenance modules. It’s focused on keeping Macs functioning smoothly and securely. It also aids in the complete system cleanup and the elimination of duplicate photos & files. Once you’ve downloaded and launched Mac Cleaner tool, you won’t have to worry about malware or infection types anymore.

The MacBooster interface is straightforward; the program can scan the computer for trash files, infections, and memory optimization in simply a few clicks. Once you’ve finished scanning with the premium edition, you may correct any identified problems.

MacBooster 8 Features

  • To find out what’s wrong with your Mac, it thoroughly scans it.
  • Suitable for users with devices with smaller SSD
  • After the initial scanning and cleaning, you will notice a notable performance improvement.
  • It’s one of the most effective malware removal tools for Mac.

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Disk Doctor-best free mac cleaner

best free mac cleaner

The Disk Doctor software aids in maintaining the system and optimizing its performance. It repairs faults and allows users to fine-tune hidden settings. This little yet effective program has a lot to say for itself. After scanning 6 locations, including Application Cache, Browser Cache, Broken Login Items, and others, you can trash all useless data without fear of deleting essential files once the Disk Doctor is completed.

The program may automatically spot and remove unneeded files – application logs, browser cache, application residue, iTunes Temporary files, useless applications, iOS software updates, and so on.

Disk Doctor Features

  • Users might find it easy to use.
  • Full Retina Display Support
  • The utility is best and simple to use.
  • The fastest method to delete browser history

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Drive Genius

best free mac cleaner

Drive Genius is a great disk management tool that offers the most efficient and sophisticated engine to improve disk performance. We appreciate Drive Genius because it provides a lot of alternatives. You can erase trash files, duplicate the disk, scan for malware, increase speed, run Boutwell, and so on using it.

It’s the ideal Mac drive optimization solution. This is a full disk cleanup package that includes everything you need. With this powerful software, you can clone a disk, recover data, and remove viruses. This implies you’ll never have to worry about losing information again.

Drive Genius Features

  • Malware scanner that comes pre-installed
  • Test and repair of disks Phishing attacks, malware infections, spyware detections

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Advanced Uninstall Manager

cleaner for mac free

On Mac, it may also be used to manage Login Items. You may quickly add or remove Programs from the startup to reduce its boot time for Mac. This program will provide you with much-needed assistance since it can also assist you in creating a list of Favorite apps, so you don’t forget to remove them by accident.

Advanced Uninstall Manager Features

  • Manage Account Settings
  • App Remove Uninstall Applications
  • Removes all the files that have been linked to.
  • It supports a variety of languages.

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App Cleaner & Uninstaller

cleaner for mac free

This comprehensive cleaning software can remove any trash from your computer while also improving performance. In addition to removing unwanted files from your Mac, App Cleaner & Uninstaller may also modify how applications load. This app can open every application as freshly installed after a simple reset of all apps (without losing any data). It can also hide and disable agents that clog up the startup process on your Mac.

App Cleaner & Uninstaller offers a simple but effective way to delete full applications. Users are given a checkbox with all of Mac’s applications, so all you have to do is pick the ones you wish to remove and hit the “Remove” button. The app will be completely removed, and any traces of it from your computer in this case. Because this service only works on your computer locally and does not manage the internet side of things, App Cleaner & Uninstaller only offers a free version. The developer’s website sells a free and paid version of App Cleaner & Uninstaller.

App Cleaner & Uninstaller Features

  • The best startup optimization tool
  • Uninstall Widgets from Mac
  • Removes leftovers, which helps reclaim storage space
  • Multilingual Apps

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cleaner for mac free

OnyX is the ideal Mac maintenance tools since it requires no terminal commands to run. It also aids in the optimization of PCs, allowing for complete system optimization, which is the most challenging task one can do alone. This program may be used to check the startup disk, arrange system files, set parameters, etc. We removed disk errors, cache data and rebuilt databases using this app to optimize your Mac.

OnyX Features

  • The best startup optimization software
  • Uninstall Widgets from a Mac

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AVG TuneUp Premium

AVG TuneUp Premium

AVG TuneUp combines a thorough scan engine with a wealth of features. Its attractive, user-friendly interface sets it apart from the competition. This Mac cleaner and optimizer is well worth your time – especially if you’re searching for a method to delete duplicate photographs and files that will work.

The Find photos module of AVG TuneUp is the best Mac optimizer for removing duplicate and similar images without using a third-party program. After applying it, I recovered almost 2GB of disk space that such photos had occupied.

AVG TuneUp Premium Features

  • Cleaning, optimization, and security utilities are all part of the package.
  • It offers a more solid foundation for executing many activities.
  • This app is multilingual.

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The Mac’s storage system may be viewed in the form of a chart with this software. This allows you to identify and correct any storage partition issues right away. Unwanted files can be easily erased by dragging and dropping them, which is good news because you don’t need a different tool to remove unwanted files. The user interface takes home the prize for providing a unique viewpoint of your Mac’s storage space.

This program can scan multiple disks simultaneously and in record time. The QuickLook function built into the software allows you to preview the content before saving it. Customers may purchase this from either the developer’s official website or the Mac App Store, where it is available for $9.99. However, while the free edition is accessible only on the developer’s site right now, the Mac App Store version costs $9.99. We recommend that users test out the free version before purchasing a license.

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 Drive Genius 5

 Drive Genius 5

This is a more advanced disk cleaning tool with features like DrivePulse that helps you check the condition of your drives. It can also remove malware from your laptop and improve performance by clearing cache clutter. This program includes the option to establish a separate boot partition, although the developer warns that setting this up may take approximately 30 minutes.

To free up space on your Mac, you may also defragment and locate huge and duplicate files. Defragging is my favorite way to speed up my Mac using Drive Genius 5. This software is completely free to download, with a paid upgrade that adds several features.

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 Data Rescue

 Data Rescue

Isn’t this app the same creator as Drive Genius 5, which means it should be similar? Wrong. Data Rescue is a separate program from Drive Genius 5 that has distinct capabilities, particularly in recovery. This software can also assist customers in partitioning their hard drives to move data to a newer one. Users may also make a bootable recovery drive to safely retrieve all of their important data. Every few years, this is a good idea when your laptop’s hard drive becomes clogged with files and applications.

Mac computers can also use this software to scan other drives, but it must be connected to the computer to do so. Although this program differs somewhat from the others we’ve mentioned, it may still assist you in cleaning up some much-needed rubbish while also recovering important data from your PC before performing a hard reset.

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Frequently Asked Question


What Should You Look For In The Most Effective Mac Cleaning & Optimization Software?

Choosing the best free mac cleaner in a sea of excellent cleaning programs for Mac was not simple. The majority of the Mac cleanup tools on the market include many pre-designed features. However, not all of them are necessary! As a result, while compiling this list of top disk cleanup applications for Mac, I make sure that the most reliable and efficient optimization tools are included. Here is a summary of some key characteristics each Mac cleaner offers:

  • Can rapidly spot and delete obsolete and useless files that impede the functioning of a Mac. It’s critical to have immediate access to flawless operation!
  • Mac Memory Cleaner can find junk files, unneeded cache, log files, and other data that clogs up Mac’s storage.
  • Uninstall numerous unwanted applications in one go and also aids in the removal of leftover files.
  • Allows you to eliminate unneeded startup items to help speed up a sluggish or sluggish Mac with a rainbow wheel.
  • Can assist in conserving CPU temperature & processing power by detecting and eliminating any unnecessary background processes.
  • The ability to find and delete duplicate copies of the same videos, photos, music files, documents & other multimedia data
  • The program will erase any old or partial downloads from your computer. This consumes a significant amount of storage space.

What Is The Best Mac Cleaning Software?

The best tool to clean and optimize your Mac is Cleanup My System. It provides a diverse range of tools that may help you get the most out of your Mac.

Is it safe to clean my Mac with a Mac PC cleaner?

We should examine scan results to avoid unanticipated events, regardless of popularity. Furthermore, if a firm fails to provide a trial edition or allows you to view scan results, it might not be safe to utilize it. As a result, when looking for a specific Mac cleaning program, do plenty of research.

What is the function of a Mac cleaning software?

The primary reason for using a cleaning software and optimization utility for Mac is to enhance the performance of your laptop.

  • To prevent seeing “Your disk is almost full” warnings and save time and speed up your Mac.
  • Secure your computer from harmful threats and clean and optimize it. Optimize disk, manage data, find duplicates, eliminate garbage files
  • Boost performance and remove unneeded programs.

Is It Worth It To Use A Mac Cleaner?

It’s not simple to manually remove garbage files and unneeded applications. As a result, we should consider employing optimization and cleaning software. Also, having a tool that provides privacy and overall protection is ideal. Mac cleanup programs are used for the following reasons: junk cleaner, duplicate removal, and so on.

Is there free mac cleaning software?

Yes, there are several best free mac cleaner. They promise to clean and optimize your Mac, but you don’t know what they’re up to in the background. As a result, we propose utilizing a paid application. However, before purchasing any Mac cleanup software, try its demo edition to see how it performs first.

Is there a built-in cleaning app on a Mac?

Yes, there is a built-in Mac Cleaning Utility on your Mac known as Optimized Storage. It allows users to remove space from their devices by automatically storing things in iCloud. Though it has limited capabilities, you may use the Optimized Storage function for basic system maintenance. For more advanced functions with added protection, you’ll need to switch to a specialized Mac Cleaning Software.

We’ve already covered the finest collection of cleaner for mac free tools. However, if you ask us, our favorite best free mac cleaner is Cleanup My System because it includes all of the essential tools for a thorough cleaning, speed improvement, and security preservation. These outstanding characteristics are included in a low-cost package so that you can expect high performance and optimum functionality from the product.

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