17 Best Free Live Cricket Streaming Sites In HD

Cricket lovers and enthusiasts are present across the globe. These fans want to watch every cricket match with no delays. Different websites and mobile apps have made it easy to stream live cricket matches. This article offers you the best free live cricket streaming sites that provide matches in HD quality.


17 Best Live Cricket Streaming Free Sites



Another site that gives you the best way to watch live cricket streaming is Crictime. It is the most reliable website and ranks amongst the top cricket streaming sites. The user interface is simple and easy to navigate.

When you visit the site, it will show live cricket matches. You can click on the match link you want to watch, which will direct you to the game occurring.

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Cricket world is a site that provides live cricket streaming free to cricket fans. You need to log in to enjoy the live free services of the Cricket world. The user interface of this site is easy to navigate and search. They divide it into sections: one section is for the live matches, while the other area is for live score updates.

mobile cricket live

So, you can easily stream live cricket matches in the live section and get updates on the cricket events. In contrast, the live score section would give you updates in real-time on the latest match’s result. You will also find different sections for other cricket-related content, such as news, photos, predictions, and graphs.



CricBuzz is a famous site that keeps the fans updated with live scores and commentary. It is a live cricket streaming website covering all cricket-related matters and serving more than just live streaming. This platform will get articles, blogs, videos, records, match schedules, and cricket-based updates.

mobile cricket live

You can watch mobile cricket live with the application of CricBuzz. Users can download the app in their Android or iOS devices for free. The app will provide live commentary, score updates, and live cricket streaming for free.


SonyLIV Sports

SonyLIV is another channel that is famous among sports enthusiasts. It is a website and app for watching mobile cricket live streaming. You can also watch other sports on this website.


You can get all the news regarding the cricket world on SonyLIV. The video quality on this site is excellent and adjusts according to the network speed. Further, it also provides live matches, score updates for the ongoing matches, and a schedule of upcoming games.


Live Cricket Match Today

You can find several options to watch live cricket streaming on the internet. Live Cricket Match Today is one of the most popular channels on YouTube to watch cricket online. You will get live cricket streaming free on this channel.


The channel has a way of organizing the highlights of the cricket match. You have a choice to stream those clips from the playlists. Otherwise, you can also tag those on YouTube to watch them later. Further, you can watch cricket matches in real-time, occurring in different world regions.



A website that is famous among cricket fans is Hotstar. It offers live cricket streaming in HD quality to its users. This site is well known in the Indian region as it features Indian TV series, movies, and the online cricket match. It streams all the significant matches, such as T20, test matches, and IPL.


Hotstar is among the websites that provide live cricket streaming for free. However, it delays the live streaming by a few minutes on the free account. You do not need to register an account for streaming cricket, but it is imperative for other videos.



Another website that ranks amongst the top live cricket streaming free websites is CricHD. It provides a significant experience to its users and lets them watch the games in HD quality. The website’s homepage displays all the live matches streaming from different regions.


This website is valuable for all sports lovers, as it also streams matches other than cricket. For instance, you will find other live sporting games, such as NFL, golf, darts, or racing.



All the global sports are available online: the Batman stream. You can watch live in HD quality live in football, tennis, basketball, volleyball, F1 racing, baseball, and cricket. It is one of the best places to view mobile cricket live in real time.

best soccer streaming sites , smartcric

You just have to visit the site whenever you want to watch the matches. Then, click on the game you wish to see, which will direct you to the matches occurring in real time in that country.



Every cricket enthusiast knows ESPNcricinfo as the best live cricket streaming news channel. It includes all the latest updates, live cricket matches, score updates, and cricket news. You can freely catch all these updates, news, and live cricket streaming.

espn cricket

This site offers international and cricket matches from different leagues, such as IPL, BPL, and CPL. All the test series and world cup matches stream on it.


Willow TV

Willow TV is an online streaming site for cricket, football, and other matches. It is available primarily for USA audiences and has a channel as well on cable networks. Also, you can watch all the videos and content in high-definition on this platform.


Willow TV includes scorecards and live matches in real time. You can watch these videos in different resolutions and user-interface designs. It is available for many devices to watch mobile cricket live.



WebCric is a favorite site of all cricket enthusiasts across the globe. It provides live coverage of all the domestic and international matches in different countries. WebCric also telecasts the games by local leagues.


To use WebCric, make an account on the site. Once the free account is created, you can explore online live cricket matches and their ongoing commentary.



CricFree seems like a website dedicated to streaming cricket only; however, that is not the case. It streams all the major sports events happening around the world. You do not have to register an account or give any personal information to watch the matches.


The site’s interface is easy to navigate and explore, with all the tabs at the top. You can quickly locate the sports you want to watch. This live cricket streaming site is reliable and allows sports fans to interact via a chat section. 



One another website among the best live streaming cricket sites is BCCI. You can view matches and get all the cricket-related news and updates here. On this website, you can watch T20, domestic matches, test matches, and ODIs.


This website is ideal for watching live cricket events. You can also check the schedule of the upcoming matches. This site is the only one that is available in the Hindi language.



Another website that is well-developed and reliable for streaming mobile cricket live is Skysports. It hosts all the live sports events and streams matches for other sports. The quality of the videos is high-definition and streams faster than other sites.

live cricket streaming free

The user interface of the site is easy to navigate. It is simple to find and explore all the live matches and news updates.



Mobilecric is one of the best websites to stream live cricket matches. You will get all the relevant news and cricket updates on Mobilecric. The Mobilecric covers all the major cricket events, such as test matches, ODIs, IPS, and T20.

live cricket streaming free

The user interface of Mobilecric is easy to navigate with a simple design. On many devices, you can view mobile cricket live and stream ongoing matches with the Mobilecric app.



Reddit might seem like a non-traditional website for cricket matches, but you can use it for online streaming. It does not host live cricket matches itself. However, you can find links for the services that offer live streaming on this platform.

live cricket streaming free

You can also subreddits for different cricket matches, such as IPL, T20, and test series. Reddit provides a social media platform to interact with like-minded cricket fans. The only limitation is that you might not find streaming links for every live cricket match here.



SmartCric is another platform that offers online free live streaming for cricket. You can watch all the important matches, such as T20, IPL, ODI, PSL, world cup, and many more on SmartCric. Also, the quality of the streaming videos is better than other sites on SmartCric.

live cricket streaming

SmartCric is the first choice of cricket enthusiasts to watch mobile cricket live. It is a free service and is available on most smart devices.


The Best Cricket News and Live Score Apps for Your Mobile

You may be an enormous cricket enthusiast. You could keep track of all games and make it a point not to miss any on television or the Internet. However, circumstances might arise when you are unable to view the match. In this case, you may rely on live scores and news updates. This can be reported on television news or via the Internet. To make things easier, applications have been created to offer score updates when you cannot access the live match online or offline. The following are some cricket news and live score apps for smartphones.


live cricket streaming

CricBuzz is one of the most popular cricket news apps on the market. It aims to provide comprehensive updates from all ICC events. T20 and the World Cup are among them. Furthermore, it covers a wide range of regional competitions, such as the Big Bash League, Indian Premier League, and The Ashes series. Below are some of its most remarkable features.

  • Every delivery is shown in real-time.
  • The commentary is available for users to read.
  • All of the day’s most recent cricket scores will be completely updated.
  • The app offers live sporting events, including cricket matches, which may be watched on your phone.
  • To view or modify any highlights, go to the View menu and choose Highlights.
  • Every game is graphically represented statistically to show the ups and downs of a series or a single game.
  • Sports fans will find news and guide pages dedicated to them.

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live cricket streaming

This is another one of the cricket apps on top of the game. It’s one of the most popular applications and has good reason. If you can’t live without cricket and want to know everything there is to know about the game, ESPNCricInfo is your best friend. Because of its popularity, this mobile app was initially released as a desktop website before ultimately transitioning to mobile applications. It’s available for iOS and Android devices. ESPNCricInfo provides coverage for the Indian Premier League in full. The following are some of the most delicate features:

  • Every second, the app generates a scoreboard that is updated.
  • Cricket matches may be watched live by spectators via television or online at any time. Users can choose to get push notifications for new updates or reminders.
  • Users can take the app to a new level by customizing the interface.
  • You may personalize the alerts for your favorite team and receive updates tailored to that team.

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live cricket streaming

CricSmith is a world of cutting-edge cricket update applications. This software has a highly user-friendly interface with features that will astonish you. They’re looking into all national and international competitions, so you can rest confident in their coverage.

  • Updates and news may be delivered via push notifications.
  • The scoreboard is kept up to date and correct in every game.
  • Fewer advertisements during cricket matches

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Yahoo! Cricket App

live cricket streaming

Yahoo created the yahoo Cricket App, and the company still maintains it. It’s one of the most efficient apps for real-time cricket news and scores. It is free to download from Google Play Store on Android smartphones.

  • Every ball is commentated on in the video.
  • There are individual and team profiles and statistics for every player and club.
  • The game displays the rankings of the players through listings.

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Cricket 24

live cricket streaming

Here’s an app that covers every cricket series, big or little. Don’t be shocked if you find all global events, such as the ICC tournaments and local leagues. The T20 Blast and Royal One-Day Cup London are examples of regional tournaments.

  • The Cricket 24 app also covers other sports. The results are accurate and scientific.
  • Push notifications are also available.

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BCCI Official App

live cricket streaming

The BCCI has created, run, and maintained this app. If you’d want to keep track of just the Indian cricket team, here’s what you need. The Board for Control of Cricket India keeps you updated on the latest developments in Indian cricket.

  • This application allows users to purchase tickets for India and overseas cricket matches.
  • The app allows you to watch matches live.
  • Users can also view the game’s highlights.

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ICC Cricket

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What could be better than an app created and maintained by the International Cricket Council or the ICC? You may keep track of official interviews hosted by the ICC itself, from match previews through match highlights and schedules.

  • The official ICC site has profiles for each player, with information supplied by the ICC.
  • The International Cricket Council (ICC) provides and posts articles and write-ups.
  • The ICC’s cricket series, which can only be watched on the app, may only be previewed.

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Final Words

Now, you have all the best live cricket streaming sites. You can choose mobilecric, webcric, smartcric, or others to watch free cricket online.

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