Telenor SMS Packages-Daily, Weekly & Monthly 2022

Telenor has become the best mobile data and digital service provider of Pakistan. It has been providing the best services to its customers and brings ease to their budget. Telenor brings a number of bundle offers like call packages, SMS packages, and Internet MBs. Most of the telecom network users prefer to avail the option of instant messages wherever they are. Telenor SMS package comprises of Telenor Monthly SMS Package code, Telenor Weekly SMS Package, and one day SMS bundle offer.

Telenor Pakistan offers many cost-effective bundles and this is the reason that it has gathered around 44 million subscribers. Not only this, but this telecommunication company has gained around 28 % market share in the market of cellular networks.

Nowadays, SMS is trendier than before and Telenor always tries to fulfill the requirements of its customers. So, Telenor is here with daily, weekly, monthly, 3 days, and 15 days SMS bundle offers.

In order to gather details about the Telenor SMS bundle offers, you may roam around a number of websites. Therefore, we decided to create a one-stop solution of your every query regarding the SMS bundle details offered by Telenor.

Telenor SMS Packages-Daily, Weekly & Monthly 2020

You will get all the details regarding the Telenor daily, weekly, and Telenor Monthly SMS Package code here. You have no need to wander anywhere else to find the information related to these packages like price, validity, incentives, and activation codes.

Let’s have a look at these amazing SMS bundle offers for 2020.

Telenor Daily SMS Packages

Telenor One Day SMS Package is best for those who prefer to connect with their families and friends through chat. Availing this daily SMS offer is not only cost-effective, but you will also get enough SMS to stay connected with your loved ones.

In this offer, there is two amazing Telenor One Day SMS packages like Saat Se Saat Offer and Daily messaging Bundle offer. You can choose any of these two packages, keeping in mind the reliability and affordability factor.

Saat Se Saat Offer offers an unlimited on-net minute along with unlimited SMS at affordable rates. On the other hand, Daily Messaging Bundle brings 300 SMS for the Telenor customers.

All the detail related to Telenor One Day SMS bundle is mentioned below. You can easily subscribe to this bundle offer through activation code and all the prices are inclusive of tax.

Telenor 3 Day Bundle Offer:

If you feel that a daily SMS package is not enough and it’s difficult to figure out how many SMS you need. So Telenor is here to end your worries with Telenor 3 day SMS package. You will get more facilities in less price under this package.

This 3 day SMS Package is not only reliable but affordable for those who prefer a 3-day package. After 3 days Telenor customers can subscribe to any other package which will definitely fall under their budget.

Telenor 3 days SMS package comprises two SMS bundle offer e.g. 3-day Onnet Offer and All in One Offer. 3-day Onnet Offer is here with 500 SMS, 15 MBs internet, and 250 on-net minutes. On the other hand, All in One Offer brings 500 MBs and SMS to its customers.

You can find the detail regarding the package charges and telenor sms package code in the table mentioned below.

Telenor 15 days Bundle Offer:

Then comes, the Telenor 15 days SMS Package and it is the most convenient one. You have no need to worry half of the month and it will connect you with your loved ones with ease.

Telenor Daily SMS package and 3 day SMS bundle offers to provide you a limited time to avail the offer otherwise it gets wasted. Therefore, Telenor brings two, 15 days SMS packages, which makes you forget about these minor issues so that you can focus on your life better.

15 Day Messaging Bundle and 15 Day Economy SMS Bundle are two packages offering SMS and internet MBs as well. 15 Day Economy SMS Bundle provides you with 3500 SMS and 200 MBs internet in just Rs. 41.38 inclusive of tax. Whereas, 15 Day Economy SMS Bundle offers 800 SMS in Rs. 17 inclusive of tax.

You can subscribe to these amazing 15 days Telenor SMS bundles in your mobile device through activation codes mentioned below.

Telenor Weekly SMS Packages

Sometimes you get irritated to activate or renew the package again and again. So, in this case, you can just opt for the 7 days SMS package. Moreover, the Telenor Weekly SMS package gives you the freedom to chat with your loved ones the whole week.

You will find two Telenor Weekly SMS packages in the list. The first one is Weekly Messaging Offer with an amazing deal of 12000 SMS and 100 MBs for WhatsApp. You can SMS to your friends and family and chat with them on WhatsApp as well.

Second Telenor Weekly SMS package is called Weekly SMS Bundle, which offers 12000 SMS for 7 days at affordable rates. You can check for the charges and telenor weekly sms package code of this weekly SMS package in the table mentioned below.

Telenor Monthly SMS Packages

In order to save yourself from the fuss that your package may get expire at once, Telenor Monthly SMS Package is here. You will be relieved from this tension for the whole month. Telenor Pakistan cares about its customers when it comes to providing them with amazing network services.

The Telenor monthly SMS package also comprises of two amazing bundle offers which are the Monthly SMS Bundle and Monthly Messaging Bundle. By dialing the Telenor Monthly SMS Package code, you can get 6000 SMS through the Monthly SMS Bundle offer.

On the other hand, Monthly Messaging Bundle brings 10,000 SMS and 300 internet MBs for its customers. You will be relieved for the whole month upon subscribing to these packages. For both monthly SMS packages, you will be charged with Rs. 47.8.

You can choose any package which suits you. Through the Monthly SMS bundle code, you can subscribe to the aforementioned bundle offers. Below is all the information regarding these packages along with the activation codes.

Telenor Postpaid SMS Packages

Other than Telenor daily, weekly and monthly SMS bundle offer, there are many other SMS bundles in order to facilitate the customers. All of these bundle offers are affordable and you can choose any of the below-mentioned packages which suits you.

Telenor offers a variety of postpaid plans and combinations to help its customers save money. Furthermore, aside from daily, weekly, and monthly SMS packages, Telenor provides various postpaid plans and bundles to help its clients save even more money.

Take a peek at them to see if they are the best fit for your schedule and budget.

Telenor Postpaid offers a variety of SMS packages. For one month, you may get 6000 SMS for the price of PKR 200 through the SMS bundle 200. To subscribe to this deal, dial *345*763#. The SMS Bundle 30 gives you 250 messages for a month at a cost of PKR 30. Dial *345*761# to join up for the offer. The monthly package includes 600 SMS for 60 (PKR 60). To register for the offer, call *345*762#

The Hybrid Add-on Bundle 600 provides 2000 SMS, 2000 on-net minutes, 300 off-net minutes, and 4000 MBs of the internet for 30 days for Rs.600 plus taxes. To subscribe to this offer, dial *345*823#.

Terms and Conditions:

  • You can dial 111 if you want to check the free SMS balance on your Telenor SIM after subscribing to the desired package. Rs. 0.24 will be charged for SMS balance checking.
  • You can use this SMS offer for any network in the country.
  • This is a limited time offer.
  • Telenor Company has the right to make any changes in the detail of the package or the charges at any time.
  • It is up to the Telenor Company to withdraw from any call packages at any time.
  • Telenor Company can change the mechanics of the offers mentioned above any time.
  • All the amazing SMS packages mentioned above are inclusive of tax.

We hope that all the information mentioned on this page prove to be a great help. You can tell us about your reviews in the comment section.

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