How to Pay Your PTCL Bill online from Home

We all are well aware of COVID 19 and the devasting situation in Pakistan. People are restricted to their homes and cannot move outside. Not only this, but the roads are also blocked, there are check posts in every street. Paying utility bills is getting so hectic now. Either the banks are closed or the selective ones (which are open) are clustered with a long queue. Therefore, we are here at your service. PTCL online billing is possible now. Along with other bills, you can also pay the PTCL bill online. Follow our guidelines for PTCL bill payment online.

PTCL Online Billing Services

PTCL is one of the well-known telecom company which provides ease to its clients and customers. Taking the preventive measures, PTCL has made PTCL bill online payment possible. You just need to tap a few buttons on your cellphone. TADAA!! Your PTCL online fee charges are submitted. This step is taken so that virus won’t get transferred to anyone and people can pay while sitting on the sofa. PTCL services are provided 24/7 in this quarantine duration as well.

Options To Consider

There are several options you can consider for PTCL online billing so that you can pay the PTCL bill from home.

Online Banking

If you have a debit/credit card, and you have downloaded the related app. Then, you can easily submit PTCL online fees. Suppose, you have an HBL app, there is an option, Select bills and there enter PTCL ID. It will track down the details and bills. Verify PTCL bill payment online and then submit.

This method is the same for other banking apps as well. Pay your PTCL bill from home easily.


You can pay PTCL online fee with Jazz Cash, Upaisa, UBL Omni. Easy Paisa, PTCL Touch App, and PTCL site. Download any of these apps and you can easily submit PTCL bill payment online without worries of late submission. Thanks to the company, for making PTCL bill online payment without worries.

PTCL Touch App

PTCL Touch

A lot of you will be new to this app or never heard of it before. In this crucial time, PTCL provides a teeny tiny relaxation and keeps you away from the traditional billing process by making a PTCL bill from home possible. With this app, you can avail of PTCL services and purchase subscriptions. You can also complain about broadband, EVO, or landline if any of them is not working properly or you are facing glitches. Similarly, you can know about EVO, landline, and broadband bills. If you have debit or credit card then you can pay that bill online. Not only this, but you can also know about what are the latest offers and product updates via the PTCL Touch app.

Download Now

Not only PTCL online bill but also the Ufone bill can be submitted via the PTCL Touch app.

Steps to submit PTCL bill payment online

Here are the steps for submitting a PTCL online challan.

Step 1:
Go to Google PlayStore, search the PTCL Touch app, and download it. Or you can simply click the download button displayed above.

Step 2:
Click on the home screen and the app icon will be seen. Tap on the icon and the welcome page will appear. Choose the suitable option i.e. Full Access or Guest Access

PTCL bill online
Step 3:
Sign up and the home page of the app will be opened.

PTCL online billing
Step 4:
To pay the PTCL bill online, tap on to Bill Inquiry/Payment.

PTCL bill payment online
Step 5:
Select any of these options displayed above.

Step 6:
Add registered cell number, and then submit the bill.

PTCL online services are a blessing in these times. Pay your PTCL bill from home today!! PTCL is providing ease and staff is there every time to deal with your PTCL-related issues. They try and manage to figure it out within 24 hours. If you have any queries regarding PTCL bill online payment then you can dial its customer care number I.e. 1218. We are utterly thankful to PTCL and its on-duty staff to make it easier to submit the bill. And, going to offices in this emerging pandemic situation.

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