Take Advantage of Best App Lockers For Android in 2020

Smartphones have become essential for our lives now. We need them to do our day-to-day activities, and sometimes to exchange personal and private information. So, the cellphone contains all our secrets and sensitive data. Many times, we come across a situation where some other person asks for our phone. But, we feel the reluctance to hand over our phones to them. In such cases, it is necessary to have a security lock on your private data so that no one can open it. That is why we have compiled a list of some of the best app lockers for Android that are free to install. Let’s explore these app locks for android.

Best App Lockers For Android In 2020


AppLock by DoMobile Lab

applock android

AppLook by DoMobile Lab is an app locker that works effectively for your data security. It has the ability to lock specific apps on your phone. Also, you can lock particular videos or images using this app lock for Android.

Moreover, it has many features to save your phone’s privacy. This app can prevent app uninstallation and mask your app folders on the phone. Additionally, it can hide the app icons so no one can find them. Other features include a different lock for each app, blocking incoming calls, and many system functions.

This app lock has a free version, but you have an option to enable the premium version. To get the premium version, either allow ads or make a payment.

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Smart AppLock

applocks for android

Smart AppLock is another one of the best app locks for Android. This app works smartly to secure your phone. It locks the settings, call logs, contacts, videos, and photos. Moreover, Smart AppLock has a unique feature of going undercover to look like a lock screen. Due to this, people think that they have gone back to the screen.

Further, it has several other features, including break-in alerts and auto-start upon rebooting. Also, it offers a fingerprint scanner for Samsung devices and delayed app locking. Smart AppLock has a free version available, but it shows ads.

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AppLock by IvyMobile

applocks for android

AppLock by IvyMobile is one of the best app locks for Android. It has all the necessary features to secure your phone content. This app can lock your contacts, videos, photos, and settings. One of its distinct features is that it has an invisible lock pattern, so no one can see what you are drawing to unlock the phone.

Moreover, its other features include getting a picture of anyone who tries the wrong password. Also, it allows the masking of the app icon with any random app. This app lock is free to download and use with ads.   

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Norton App Lock

norton applocks for android

Norton has a reputable name when it comes to antivirus software. They are working hard to make your cellphone secure. For that, Norton has introduced its free Android app for app lock. It protects your phone data by locking apps and using a PIN, password, or fingerprint scan to open them.

Moreover, this best app lock for Android also safeguards your photos on the phone. It recommends a list of apps that you should lock on your cellphone. Besides, it takes a picture of the person who tries to get into your phone.

In short, this app lock for Android has many incredible features. It does its job of protecting your phone data efficiently.

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Perfect AppLock

Perfect AppLock is another better choice among the best app locks. It has all the basic features of a great app locker. Also, it can lock your Wi-Fi, gallery, Bluetooth, apps, and internet data. Moreover, if anyone tries to pass by it, this app gives fake errors and wrong notifications. That makes the people confused, and they do not suspect an app lock.

Further, it has other locking features like the prevention of screen rotation. It helps you manage the screen brightness for many apps. Like other app lockers, it also takes pictures of any spy after at least three failed attempts.

Besides, this app locker has free and premium versions available. Both of them have the same features; the only difference is that the premium version does not have ads.

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AppLock – Lock Apps & Privacy Guard

applocks for android

Another one of the best app lock for Android to guard your privacy is this app. It contains many fantastic features to protect your phone and its data. You can avail of different methods to lock up your phone’s apps.

Besides, it can lock up your videos, images, hide notifications, and prevent the uninstallation of the apps. You can create access for the apps through PIN, password, or pattern. Also, it has face tracking, a fingerprint reader, and a disguise cover to secure your cellphone. For a disguise cover, you can keep a secret code, message, or shaking to unlock the app.  

This app lock has many advanced features to offer to the users. You can download it for free and enjoy its user-friendly interface.

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Fingerprint app lock – SpSoft

app locks for android

You want to download an easy-to-use app lock, then try SpSoft app lock. It has a user-friendly interface with all the essential features available. This fingerprint app lock has options to secure your phone through PIN, pattern, and fingerprint scanner. Also, it gives you a choice to create different passwords for every app you want to lock.

Further, it hides the icons of the locked app and creates fake icons. It also has some unique elements, like showing the pattern grid of 18 x 18 in place of the standard 3 x 3. These features confuse the intruders, and the app takes their picture if they try to unlock your phone.

Besides, this fingerprint app lock also sends a fake error message rather than the lock screen. It has both paid and free versions available. Also, it can support up to thirty different languages.

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app locks for android

LOCKit is a free app lock for Android phones. This app can protect the files, apps, and data in your cellphone. Also, it has some extra features like locking the phone screen and cleaning notifications from the preview.  

Further, it also works as a phone booster with an incorporated scanner to read files. You can create a password or PIN for access to certain apps. Moreover, this app conceals your videos and photos from the gallery and hide them in a secret folder.  

This app also has features like capturing the photo of the intruder. It also has a battery saver option and does not allow the uninstallation of the locked apps. This app is free to use with supporting ads.

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AppLock – Fingerprint App lock & Password

app locks for android phones

As the name suggests, AppLock – Fingerprint Password is an app that uses your fingerprint to unlock the apps. It is a free downloadable app for Android with numerous methods to secure your cellphone data.

You can create a Pin or pattern to safeguard the apps. It has the ability to lock Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, and many other apps. Also, it can secure your phone’s gallery, settings, contacts, and files. Thus, you get an all-rounder security feature with this app.

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LOCX App Lock

top app locks for android

LOCX is another one of the best app locks for Android devices. This app allows you to lock your phone’s apps, photos, videos, messages, and many more. Also, it has customization options for the safety of your private data.

This app locker has lock protection available to safeguard your privacy and data. You can conceal the icons of the apps with the help of this best app lock. Moreover, you can PIN, password, or pattern to unlock the locked apps.

This app provides the utmost encrypted protection and secrets vaults to hide your personal stuff. The lock screens of this app locker are outstanding and exceptional. You can also customize the themes as per your choice.

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AppLocker – Privacy Guard & Security Lock

best app locks for android phones

It is another simple yet powerful app to secure your phone’s data. This app has options to lock social media apps, including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and others. Moreover, you can hide photos, videos, settings, and other apps on your phone with this app locker.  

This app lock for Android also has the option to capture the selfie of an intruder. You can easily download this app from Google Play for free.

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Keepsafe Photo Vault

best app lock for android with fingerprint

As the name indicates, Keepsafe ensures the security of your personal images and videos by locking them. This app uses the PIN, password, fingerprint reader, and high-grade encryption to protect your privacy. For Android phones, Keepsafe is the top-notch app locker to secure photos and videos. Not only it keeps the pictures hidden, but Keepsafe also saves phone privacy and space.

Further, you can use fingerprint app lock, PIN, and password to lock your device’s data. Once you have downloaded this app, open the phone’s gallery. Now, import all the personal photos and videos you want to keep save in Keepsafe Photo Vault. After importing them, you can delete those pictures from the device’s storage. Those images and videos would stay locked and protected in the Keepsafe Photo Vault.

Moreover, you can also synchronize your photos and videos across different mediums. Your pictures, videos, and gallery will sync on other devices while encrypted by Private Cloud. So, this method helps in recovering images, in case you lose your cellphone.

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AppLock Face/Voice Recognition by Sensory

smart app lock

AppLock by Sensory is one of the most revolutionary app locks for Android. It works on the technologies of face recognition and voice detection. This app secures the apps on your phone while making sure that only you can access them. So, it is one of the Android apps that ask for a face ID.

AppLock by Sensory ensures that your private and personal data, social media sites, and phone information remain protected. Your face, along with your voice, works like a key to unlock the encrypted apps and access them.

When you launch this app lock in your phone, it will open the window in your device. The app will scan your face and listen to your voice speaking the secret unlock code. As soon as the app locks algorithm recognizes your face and voice, it will open the locked apps. The more you use this app, the better it gets at accepting your face and voice biometrics.

The most fantastic thing about this app is that it is free of cost and ads. So, download this app locker and keep your phone’s data secure in secret folders. Protecting your personal information, banking apps, and financial accounts has become easy with it.

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App Locker – Fingerprint App lock & Pin

smart app lock for android

This app locker comes with an outdated user interface design. That is why it is not easy to use an in-demand app to lock your device’s files. But, if you look beyond its UI, this app has to offer some fantastic features to its users.

This app lock for Android has the customization options available for each app. That means you can configure settings and put a pattern lock for one app, while a PIN lock for any other app. Furthermore, it gives break-in alerts, sets up relock app delays, crash notifications, and more.

AppLock allows you to lock your phone’s settings, gallery, social media app, banking apps, and more. You can decide PIN, password, pattern, or crash cover screen to unlock the apps. Additionally, it captures the selfie of the intruder who puts the wrong password to open the phone.

This app locker has two locking engines: one is default and a fast engine. While the other engine has improved lock features that saves battery life. Lastly, you can download its free, ad-supported version, while you can buy the ad-free version.

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Apex Launcher

smart app lock android

Another one of the best in-built app locks for Android along with launcher is present in Apex Launcher. The launcher options are various and incredible to sue for you. It has customized features for icon disguise support, effects, and you can hide the status bar or other elements.

Moreover, it keeps your phone safe from intrusion by locking apps. Also, it conceals the icons of the locked apps and asks for the password upon entry. This app offers the right combination of the launcher and app lock.

So, if you want to download an app locker, think about such launchers. You can change your home screen with effects and protect your phone privacy together.

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Finger Security

app lock for android phone

Finger security is one of the best fingerprint app locks for Android. It has several advanced features for the protection of your cellphone. Also, this app allows access to the locked apps through your finger impressions. Moreover, some other features ensure the phone’s safety by locking the display of the recent screen.

Further, it has options to disable the uninstallation of the locked apps. It helps you in setting a time-out to delay the relocking of the apps. Also, it contains features to theme the fingerprint reader.

Although it is a free downloadable app, it has limited features. The premium version has advanced features, including theme options or changing the background of the locked apps. Also, this premium version can catch intruders, set secure locations, set-up a fake error, and more. However, you have to pay for the premium version for use.

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Smart Launcher 5

secret app lock for android

Smart Launcher 5 is a newly launched smart app lock for Android. It comes with some satisfactory phone securing features. Also, the app supports both launcher and an app lock. So, you get launcher options, such as customized icons, ambient theming, hotkeys, app sorting, and others.  

Another one of the features of the launcher is the app lock. It has the ability to hide the apps you do not want people to check. Also, it supports the app entry by a PIN or password. However, being part of a launcher, this app lock is one niche of the whole app. That is why it does not have the capacity for a fingerprint scanner.

You can download this app lock for Android free.

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AppLocker by BGNmobi

best free app lock for android

If you want the job done well, then try AppLocker by BGNmobi. It is another one of the most simple and easy-to-use app lockers. This app does not have any extra or unnecessary options, yet it has most of the standard features available.

You can lock your apps while setting up ways to open them. So, you can use pattern, password, or fingerprint support to unlock the apps. Further, one of its best features is that no other person can uninstall the apps without your consent.

This app lock for Android is available in free and paid versions.

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Ultra AppLock

best app lock for android 2020

Ultra AppLock is a simple yet effective app lock for Android. It has all the primary features of an app locker. You can download the app and start using it quickly. Further, it locks the apps that you select, and then you need a password to open them.  

This app sends you messages for any break-ins and uses fingerprint app lock. Also, it captures people who try to open your phone or apps without your permission. But, the only issue occurs with its cleaner and battery saver options. These features do not work correctly, and it is best to avoid them.

Download these apps now, and secure your phone’s privacy!

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