Best Online Chat Games: Multiplayer Chat Games (2020)

Are you bored to death at home with nothing better to do? Well, we have a solution for you to meet new people and improve your social interaction. How? By playing multiplayer chat games, or online chat room games. These games help you interact with people all over the world and enhance your competitive streak. So, we have written a list of all the best online chat games out there. Go through it and select the most appealing online chatting games for you.

Here Are Some Best Online Chat Games



Roblox | Official Trailer (2019)

If you want creativity and social interaction, then join ROBLOX – one of the most popular online chat games. ROBLOX has surpassed all the levels to stand out among all the best online social games. Out of all the online chatting games, it offers a sizeable community and chatting platform to interact with other players.

You get to create and design your cube-like world. You can play games, role-plays, and just have fun with other players. It is, without a doubt, the most engaging game.

Further, being one of the online multiplayer games with chat room, you can access it from anywhere. It complements many devices and lets you play effortlessly.

Play Roblox




Habbo Promo

Now comes Haboo, one of the greatest online games with chat rooms. It comes with a fantastic pixilated virtual interface that includes chatting with other players, role-playing, building, and creating places. 

It has one of the best online multiplayer games chat room. Here, you can interact with other players; meet and greet them, and make new friends. You experience exciting things here. 

It ranks among those outstanding online chatting games that are free to join. However, pay a subscription fee for a premium plan. You also get many options to personalize the game. 

Play Habbo



Planet Calypso

Planet Calypso Introduction Video

This list of top online chat games that provide a highly interactive platform includes Planet Calypso. It has a fantastic layout design and format. Characterized by scientific fiction, Planet Calypso also combines with a free sandbox game. 

Moreover, it offers the best multiplayer games chat room. You can talk to other players while enjoying the gaming experience. Also, you invest and trade on this platform. 

So, simply download this one of the terrific online chatting games and start playing for free.

Play Planet Calypso



Lucent Heart

Lucent Heart Trailer - SubaGames

Lucent’s heart is one of the most popular online social games in Asia. However, with time, it is also gaining popularity in the US and Europe. 

In this game, you can design your character as per your choice. This customizable game takes care of your preferences. It also helps your character find a soul mate in the game. You can date and let them get married in it.

Further, it is one of the best online chat games to become part of a community. You can join it free, associate with people, chat with them, and make new friends. 

Play Lucent Heart



The Salem

Salem the Game Gameplay Trailer

Anyone with an interest in history would love the Salem out of all online social games. With a historical backdrop, this game takes you back to the era of colonial Salem. Here, survive and collect resources for your survival. 

Along with gathering material, you learn about the hardships of colonial life. You also learn to live a minimalistic life. If you are a fan of an online multiplayer games chat room, then this one gives you that too. While facing challenges, you can socialize with new companions.

Play Salem



Second Life

Welcome to Second Life

Second life is a longstanding game among other online social games. It is here since 2003, and the popularity of this game has risen to another level. Out of all the best online chat games, this one offers an endless 3D experience to the players.

So, in this game, you can create your character with its useful personalization tools. After that, you can also create a job for your role. You can also discover the world, meet new people, and interact with them. 

Based on multiplayer online games with chat rooms, you can also socialize with other characters. Designing 3D content with outstanding visual effects is this game’s specialty.

Play SecondLife



Lady Popular

Lady Popular Fashion Arena - Official Mobile Game-play trailer

Lady Popular, as the name shows, is one of the online chat games for ladies. The design and graphics of the interface complement the taste of women. So, the color of the interface is pink with amazing graphics. 

In this fun game, you have a choice to customize your supermodel. Then, your version of a supermodel can make a place in the fashion industry. However, it does not end here; do not think of it as a typical dressing game. 

Standing among the best multiplayer chat games, it also has a variety of mini-games. You can play pets, malls, boyfriend, and duel games on it. Also, the appearance of the model is customizable; you can change whatever you find virtually attractive. Even the pets are custom-built.

This game also comes under the category of online social games. You can socialize with millions of other game players in its chat room. Also, play the game with them for free. 

Play Lady Popular



The MapleStory2

MapleStory 2 2nd Cinematic Trailer [HD]

One of the free online chatting games is The MapleStory2. It offers several adventures with appealing virtual scenes from different cities. So, you can play in 2D and explore your story within different cities.

It is also one of the multiplayer chat games with social interaction. In this game, you can do any activity while associating with other players. 

Play Maplestory2




Hitman, game offline sniper, unkilled , online chat games

Who has not heard of Fortnite?  One of the best multiplayer chat games that have defeated all other online chatting games. 

It is a battle that started on your computer and now has reached to your smartphone. You play this game to survive a fight with guns blazing and remain standing until last. 

Play Fortnite




IMVU Official Gameplay Trailer

IMVU is of the best online chatting games, where you can meet new companions. This game comes with a 3D avatar, chat room games environment that lets you select your avatar. So, you have ample choices to gain individual embodiment and have fun.

It comes under the category of online games with chat rooms. So, you can enjoy the gameplay while mingling with other people. 



Atom Universe

AtomUniverse Join today!

Amongst all the realistic online chat room games or social games, Atom Universe takes the lead. The interface and graphics make it look genuine enough to immerse the player in it. With realistic visuals, it also simulates real life. 

Like your life, you can do different activities, move around cities, and interact with people. It is one of the best online social games, where you have fun getting together and exploring with players.

Play Atom Universe



The 5 Street

5Street Gameplay First Look HD

Another one of the free online social games is the 5 Street. This game promotes dance, music, and fashion. Here, you can produce and personalize your character. You can also dress up your person and hop on many musical hits.

It is one of the multiplayer chat games with social interaction. So, you move along with other players in the game. You walk across the city and take part in dance competitions with other members.



Planet Arkadia

Planet Arkadia   Official Game Trailer

Planet Arkadia is one of the top multiplayer chat games. Designed with an ultra-modern battleground backdrop, it asks you to defeat the Oratan. Not only this, but Planet Arkadia is also one of the best online games with chat rooms. You can mingle and socialize with other players. Also, the graphics and visual effects immerse the player in them.

Play Planet Arkadia



Oz World

Oz World Gameplay Footage

One of the excellent online social games with chat rooms is the OZ World. It has maintained its popularity since 1999, because of its exciting gameplay. In this game, you can design houses and change avatars. Also, you get to play and socialize with other people around the world. The human quality has made this game famous among all other chat room games or social games. 

Play Ozworld


Final Words

Now, you have a list of the best online chat games with you. Try any of these multiplayer chat games and have fun.

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