How to Get Free Amazon Gift Card Codes List in 2022

Amazon is a big international market where people purchase online products. Amazon gift cards are used to buy the kindle content, digital music, and Amazon video download. Different brands are giving different opportunities to their customers to attract them to buy the thing they want to buy. Amazon is giving the people the chance to get free amazon gift card codes from which they have an open opportunity to purchase whatever they want. Amazon gift card free is a simple way to make payment for the purchasing items.

There are different websites which asks you to achieve the different target for that as a gift they will give you the Amazon gift card code, that will be a surprising moment for the person whom this Amazon gift card code will belong.  Some companies also allow you to get a free Amazon gift card. Original ideas to grasp the attention of their customer this is only the way to increase the sale of their product and to compete with the other competitors in the market.

When you have a look at Amazon sites, you come to know how many people use different ways to get Amazon gift card free. Free amazon codes list will help you understand how effortlessly it works and provide a chance for the consumer to buy the product.


Finding free Amazon gift card code

Lots of people after this opportunity to get the free Amazon gift card code which will be helpful to enjoy the shopping. There is a vast range of products like clothes, food, toiletries, different electronic item, and many more. In the Amazon market from you can purchase the things with the help of a working amazon gift card code. Amazon gift card is a convenient thing to make payment almost as good as cash.


The place to get a free Amazon gift card

There are multiple places where you can win the free Amazon gift card. Some are best in their services like;

  • Their services are so fast they send the amazon gift card code fastly.
  • Even they give you a chance to get the amazon gift card to redeem codes.
  • The good thing about them is they are not a scam and even the won’t leave you hanging. 

Now there are a few of the names that will pay the best services to win the Amazon gift card free:


Free Amazon Gift Card Codes At Swagbucks

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Swagbucks is one of the best sources which provide the free Amazon gift card code. The simple way is you have to sign on the Swagbucks website. To earn the SB point, answer the question of the survey available on the site, by watching the videos, shop online to get the more chance to win. The person who gains more SB points will be eligible to get the amazon gift card free, or maybe you get the cash payment through PayPal or Visa reward card.

The good thing about Swagbucks is that they keep in mind their customer’s demands and their consumption. They give a chance to customers that if they earn point less than 300 even, then they can make the order from the Amazon store either it worth is $3. Comparing with others most of them take orders from $10 or $20. 

Visit Swagbucks


Personal Capital

free amazon gift card

It is one application in which you can monitor your financial asset, your investments, and your all home values.

It will help you to schedule your investment or financial plan. Most people around the world use this application so they can get to know where to spend and how to save. 

The personal capital is also providing a chance to win the $20 Amazon gift card free when you sign the personal capital account.

Open an account in personal capital with a minimum balance of more than $1000 for this you have to register and activate it within 30 days.

Visit Personal Capital 



free amazon gift card

Ibotta is an application for Android users. In this application, the user gets the rewards and the cashback. When you sign in the application, you have the option of cashback from different stores, either they are online or you have purchased the product from the store.  

How to use it:

The way to use this cashback offer is just first to check whether they are having the offer of cashback in their store if it is available, then add the offer in your account after purchase. Take a picture of the receipt and send it to Ibotta. Here you will get the cashback in your account in a very short time duration.

You almost get this cashback offer many times, even you get the advantage of any branded milk or butter. You just need to avail and get this Amazon gift card free. This is one way you can save money. if you sign in Ibotta through the link you can get $10 back within 15 days of the activation.

Visit iBotta



free amazon gift card

Honey is also one application from where you can save money. The honey application also provides you a variety of good deals through which you can save your money and get a good discount. In this browser extension, they give you a bundle of coupons you just have to enter the coupon code. You can check the price list on Amazon. Select your product and add to your ‘droplist’ it will help you notify you when the price goes down and the product will stay in your approach.

Amazon gift card from Honey:

The way to get the Amazon gift card you just have to activate ‘Honey Gold’ on their website. After signing it you have to purchase the items and earn the Gold points which will help to get an Amazon gift card to redeem codes. 

Visit Honey


Fetch rewards

free amazon gift card

Fetch reward will give you an extra point on the purchase of food and other grocery product from the store. This purchase will increase your point, and the reward is an Amazon gift card. Before purchasing the product, check the application and earn the point on the purchase. After earning the points, you get the gift card. You can pay back your points to get the other hundred of rewards.

Vist Fetchrewards



GetUpside - Join millions of people earning cash back everyday

Get upside application works on the purchase of gas from the gas station. When you reach the station to fill the gas in your car, the first thing is you have to check your application. Get the receipt from the station and send it with the last 4 digit credit card. And surprise you can get the cashback. They give you around $0.25-30 per gallon of gas. It will save the amount in your account whenever you want you can cash out whenever you want.

Download Now



free amazon gift card

This application is like the Honey site. Besides, you can shop online and can earn the point that will be saved in your account. You can earn the credit by referring to the other users. This will help you gain the reward. One of the best things about this website is that it will guide from where you get the same product for the less price from another site.

Visit Wikibuy


Drop App

free amazon gift card

This is one of the simple applications through which you can earn the gift card. The amazing part of this application is that after signing it within a few minutes, you can have a $5 gift card. It works by downloading the application. Then add the link of your credit and debit card in your account detail. In different stores like Target, Best Buy, Walmart, and many more have a cashback policy. After shopping, you will earn a bonus point, which will help to get the free amazon gift card codes list, which you can enter and get the Amazon gift card.

Download Now


Dosh App

Dosh App

This is also one application through which you can get your cashback. When you sign in using the code, that will help you get back the cash when you want. When you sign in for the first time, you get the amount of $5 in your credit. Dosh app is giving you an offer of cashback when you visit in the following stores like pizza hut, Costco, local restaurants, and many more. When your balance reaches $25 you can withdraw the cash. The unused Amazon gift card code will be a chance to win the bonus points.

Download Now


Pei App

Pei App

Pei app is also one the best app through which you can get back the money that spends throughout the day. It works when you link your credit card with the Pie account. This will be helpful when you go for the shopping, only you have to link with Pie it automatically pays back you to the cash. The other way to get the cashback is to share the link with your friends and when they go for the first shopping, you get the gift of credit in your account. When you linked your two credit card, then all credit will accumulate in your account this will chance to win the unused Amazon gift card code, that you can use to make different payments.

Download Now


Prize Rebel

Prize Rebel

Prize rebel is also one site from where the people get the free Amazon gift card. When you sign in you have to answer the survey question, watch the uploaded video this will help you gather the point. When you have a lot of points for this, you can exchange the point with the Amazon gift card free.

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Inbox dollars

YouTube player

Inbox Dollars is another website that pays its user for taking the survey, watching ads, playing games, and other different tasks. The site also has referral working where you get dollar 1 for referring a friend and then 30% shares from the earning of referral. The minimum payout of the website is USD 30, which means you will need to do some work to earn your cash. The website provides you with earning as free Amazon gift cards.

Download Now




ReceiptPal is an app and website for earning amazon gift card free. All you need to do is provide a picture of your receipt and earn points. You can earn 100 points for 4 receipts and $5 gift card cost 2200 points that mean you will need to provide 88 receipts. The other way of earning points is by answering the different surveys. You have the option of adding your Gmail and Amazon account to claim points against those receipts as well.

Download Now



Your gift, their choice.

Payprize is a site where the people log in and they have to do the task which coming on the screen like filling out surveys, completing offers, downloading the app, and watch the video. To start this application, sign in the Payprizes then you have to enter your email address and get started. This will help you add your points for which you get the reward like Amazon gift card and PayPal cash. 

Download Now Credit card Credit card

The Amazon itself giving a chance to the people to win an Amazon gift card free. Log in to the Amazon credit card if you are the prime member instantly on the first attempt you received the amount of $70 in your account. And if you are not the prime member, you can also get $50 cashback. The benefit of using Amazon credit cards is that you can get a discount of 2% in restaurants, 5% on the purchase of Amazon products. Be punctual in paying the bills. 

Visit Now


How To Redeem Your Amazon Gift Card Code

Once you earned the Amazon gift card, this makes your life easy. The only thing is that you have to add the account detail and free to use it in the future. Follow some simple steps amazon gift card redeem codes.

  • Click on the site then follow the link. 
  • When you open the page you on the gift redemption page, you received a code, just enter it to claim your gift card,
  • Select the option “Apply to your balance” button and here you go the balance which you can claim whenever it will be required.


Free Amazon Gift Card Codes List 

I have enclosed some Free Amazon Gift card codes we have researched from various social media channels & Amazon Gift Cards website

No. Amazon Gift Card Codes List
9 2WEX-2S5W6D-728GE
13 D6U5-H6T3F5-36HLV
15 2MDK-536F6M-35TU8
17 G5KU-JFJ67T-88XV4
18 WCNM-4WN5S3-9WAN7
19 T96D-49V6JA-7662U
20 R6K6-SBV5S5-D3J84
24 2RTT-47SMW9-G5PQ8
28 3VY7-4RFFDC-ZM96L


Hope you liked our effort in putting up this article for you, Please share your comments below pertaining to your experience regarding Using free amazon gift card codes from the above apps & Channels.

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