YouTube Premium Allows To Download Video In 1080p

YouTube premium is here with a great option that will now allow you to download videos offline in 1080p so that you can watch them later offline. This article will let you know about paid Google service which has previously allowed the users to download a 720p video.

YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is basically a paid service of the Google video sharing subsidiary. This service was previously offering that users can download videos in 720p. This Google service has maintained a limit till now that no one could ever download a video in quality more than 720p. A good news is that it has finally lifted the limitation of 720p quality video and now you can download videos from this video sharing website in 1080p.

The upgrading version of this paid Google service is slowly provided through YouTube iOS and Android to the users. Moreover, it will soon be provided along with the upgrade version in the “most premium markets”.

YouTube Premium is a paid service by Google and it allows the users to enjoy offline downloaded videos after paying the subscription amount of $12 every month. Moreover, this version allows you to gain access to the YouTube Music Premium and block the ads running on the videos. It means that you can enjoy the content on this service platform that will be free from advertisement.

Previously, when YouTube Premium has a limit of 720p due to the smartphones, which could only handle the resolution of only 720p. But now almost all the smartphones can handle the resolution, which can exceed to 1080p. However, this service is not available to everyone, but it adds value to the subscription.

YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium is currently not available to the users of Pakistan for the subscription. However, Pakistani users can enjoy the free downloading videos and to try free perks from the company.

You can look up for this paid Google service in the link here.

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