The Best Gimbal for iPhone in 2021

The best gimbals for Apple iPhone are released every year, and they look more attractive and elegant as compared to the old ones. This is the reason most people prefer to choose gimbals over DSLR. Those days are gone when DSLR used to be the finest way to record buttery smooth videos. Also, gimbal for iPhone X and iPhone XS Max is the best way to get professional videos these days. Meanwhile, if you want to make sure that your footage remains smooth, then a handheld gimbal for iPhone can be the right choice for you. Most people prefer to use a camera gimbal for iPhone because it makes their experience better. iphone stabilizer

Even though everyone has their own requirements when it comes to choosing a gimbal for iPhone. But handheld gimbal can be the right choice for making long videos.

But how to get the best gimbal for iPhone devices? Getting the best gimbal for the iPhone device is not as difficult as it looks like because almost all the gimbal comes with great quality and performance.

Many android apps have built-in image stabilization, but they are no match for gimbals stabilization.

In addition to the performance, you can get easy-to-set gimbals if you read our guide properly. In this guide, I will tell you what the best smartphone gimbals for your device are and how you can improve your video axis stabilization. You would also find the best gimbal for iPhone XS Max.


Best Gimbals for iPhone

If you’re serious about filming a video on an iPhone, you’ll need one of the best iPhone gimbals. These incredible devices employ a mechanical approach to produce footage that is smooth and steady, even as the camera is moving. One of the most obvious indicators of amateurs recording video is a hand-held camera’s shake – an iPhone gimbal will eliminate this, increasing the production value of your movies without costing too much money.


How do gimbals work, exactly? They correct for camera movement as well as a few degrees of rotation on three axes – typically three, though more sophisticated professional systems might employ five-axis stabilization. Modern gimbals are able to differentiate intentional and unintentional camera movement, allowing you to capture all sorts of images. An iPhone gimbal allows you to perform all of these tasks with ease.


For this list, we’ve put together what we believe are the best iPhone gimbals on the market right now. We’ve included models from a variety of price points and from a range of manufacturers, including industry leaders such as DJI and rivals such as Hohem.



Zhiyun Smooth 4

Zhiyun Smooth 4

Do you want to shoot smooth videos? Then what could be better than using Smooth 4 iPhone gimbal in 2021? It’s one of the best gimbals for iPhone that helps you to make attractive videos in no time. So, if you want something that can help you with smooth videos, then consider Smooth 4 smartphone gimbal as your first choice.

Zhiyun is one of the best company that makes handheld gimbal for iPhone. All the gimbals made by them contain axis stabilization, which is perfect for recording professional videos.

Additionally, the total payload of Zhiyun smooth is around 210g, which makes it unique from others. The total battery timing of this device is around 12 hours, so you can quickly shoot your videos. Also, it comes with a charging port that helps you to charge while you are shooting.

This gimbal is available in two colors; black and white, which make it more attractive. You would also be given a free carrying case and a tripod that provides support to the gimbal.



FeiyuTech Vimble 2

handheld gimbal for iphone

Are you looking for the best handheld gimbal for iPhone? Then add FeiyuTech Vimble 2 to your list.  It comes with a three-axis design and contains 210g of payload. Vimble 2 is best for traveling and helps you to capture all memories with a single click.

It also offers an advanced feature that helps you to convert this gimbal into a selfie stick. If you want to do exciting shots, then Vimble 2 is an ideal choice for you. The battery timing is also perfect, so you don’t have to charge it again and again.

Furthermore, this best gimbal for iPhone contains a joypad and zoom control, which helps to track objects. It’s an easy to use device which comes at affordable rates.



DJI Osmo Mobile 2

dji osmo 2

DJI Osmo Mobile 2 is the perfect camera gimbal for iPhone. Although it’s a smaller device as compared to other gimbals, it’s ideal for shooting videos. It has the best shooting modes, which makes it different from other devices.

It contains a high-quality camera gimbal for iPhone so you can capture images perfectly. The battery timing of this gimbal is around 15 hours. Also, it includes a port so that you can easily charge your phone with it.

In particular, it contains track object technology, which works remarkably well with the android app as well. You can easily portrait the objects with this latest feature.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t contain a free tripod, so you have to buy it from the store. But overall, it’s the best gimbal for iPhone that you can use in 2019.

Surprisingly, if you are looking for the best gimbal for iPhone XS Max, then you can consider it as well. Although iPhone XS Max has a camera, this gimbal will make it easy for you to shoot the videos well.



Freefly Movi

camera gimbal for iphone

Freefly Movi is known to be the best gimbal for iPhone X. Although it’s expensive as compared to other gimbals, for a better time-lapse, this device is perfect for you. It is known as the robot iPhone stabilizer that is perfect for shooting videos.

It’s a programmable gimbal that has an Android app so you can easily track down the activities. If in case, you are having issues while controlling the device with your hands, then you can freely use the Android app.

In addition to the Android app, it contains Majestic Mode, which comes with a smooth recording feature. This mode helps you to capture horizontal sweeping movements so you can easily get a perfect video. This device comes with 8 hours of battery life, which makes it one of the best gimbals for iPhone X. It also features external lenses, lights, and microphones so you can get better production.



Moza Mini-MI

Moza Mini-MI

Moza Mini-MI is another well-unknown name when we talk about gimbals devices. It is the best gimbal for iPhone X and iPhone XS Max that helps to capture attractive videos. It’s a three-axis gimbal so you can shoot videos in all directions.

This device contains wireless charging, so you don’t need any wire to connect it. The payout limit of this gimbal is 300g, which is more than other gimbals. Furthermore, it comes with the latest features, such as a clip-on lens and an external mic.

Moreover, if you are looking for the best handheld gimbal for iPhone, then you can add this gimbal to your list. You can also be able to get different modes with this device. And a companion app that makes it unique from other gimbals available in the market.



Hohem iSteady Mobile

Hohem iSteady Mobile

Hohem iSteady Mobile is the best gimbal for iPhone XS Max. This device comes with good gimbal stabilization, which is a plus point when it comes to its performance. This best gimbal for iPhone XS Max comes at reasonable rates.

This gimbal does not weigh much and can best for iPhone XS Max and other iPhone devices. The total payload of this device is around 410g, so we can call it, is as the best gimbal for iPhone XS Max.

Other than that, you can also label it as the best camera gimbal for iPhone because the quality of the camera is best for shooting videos. The control schema is also the same as other gimbals so you can get the perfect grip on the device.

The battery timing of this device is around 12 hours. With this gimbal, you can also get a mini tripod, which makes it one of the best handheld gimbal for the iPhone. So if you are looking for a rubberized grip gimbal, then this device can be the perfect choice for you.



Evo Pro Gimbal


If you are looking for the best handheld gimbal for iPhone, then add Evo pro to your list. For the past few years, people are using this gimbal because it comes at an affordable price and provides the best quality.

Evo gimbals is a U.S based company that has been making amazing gimbals for iPhone for the past few years. Although it’s a flagship smartphone gimbal but has the same design as Smooth 4.

Moreover, if you want something that is cheap and gives the best quality, then Evo pro gimbal is best for you. It’s a 3-axis gimbal that can be perfect for shooting videos. It is also equipped with an advanced optical image stabilization feature, which helps you to shoot the videos from every angle.



LanParte HHG-01

HHG-01Handheld Gimbal

LanParte is the best camera gimbal for iPhone X available in the market. The price of this device is less than other gimbals, which makes it perfect for use. It comes with three interchangeable clamps so you can record quality videos.

Plus, getting this device is a confirmation that your device will stay stable, no matter which angle you are using to shoot. As compared to other gimbals, the battery timing of this device is perfect because of the brushless motor feature.

Furthermore, if you are looking for a device that can work best with this gimbal, then you can attach Samsung with it. The design of this gimbal is attractive and comes with extra ports so that you can hold it in one direction.

Although it’s one of the best gimbals that you can use in 2019, if you want to keep it safe, then you have to buy a carrying case. It’s an easy-to-set device that is compatible with all the devices and gives a high-quality time-lapse.



iPhone stabilizer

The DJI OM5 is a tiny gimbal with enormous potential. It employs a 3-axis system to provide the level of class-leading stabilization that DJI has become known for, and it’s versatile and portable. In a variety of circumstances, footage shot on smartphones using this gimbal is incredibly smooth, and if you’re new to this type of shooting, the ShotGuides feature in the DJI Mimo app can help you out.

It’s not a direct substitute for the OM4, and some people may prefer this beefier gimbal with its larger battery and power bank capacity – if this sounds like your thing, we’ve got it further down the list. But we adore the OM5 for its exquisite balance of price and performance, as well as DJI headline features such as ActiveTrack 4.0, which allows you to control the gimbal to follow moving objects (you’ll need the Mimo app for this; it works via touchscreen).

The OM5’s magnetic group system is robust and well-designed, with the addition of extendable selfie-stick functionality making it ideal for vloggers and TikTokers.




iPhone stabilizer

The Moza Mini-S is one of the most portable smartphone gimbals available. It folds down to 130mm by 195mm and fits into a small travel bag, making it easy on the luggage. The build of the device may appear flimsy and inexpensive, but this was done on purpose since it kept the price down and in use, the Moza Mini-S performs very well. The Moza Mini-S’s 3-axis stabilization is smooth and steady in a wide range of circumstances, and the gimbal offers loads of extra features, including Object Tracking for tracking moving objects. The eight hours of battery life is also significant, giving you more than enough shooting time – once again showing the Moza Mini-S as a fantastic choice for travel.



Zhiyun Smooth Q3

iPhone stabilizer

With its integrated 4300K fill light, the Zhiyun Smooth Q3 is an obvious choice for TikTokers and other types of users who will be using their phones’ selfie camera a lot. If you don’t want to buy a gimbal and a ring light, this is an excellent way to combine the two by providing your phone with some stability and filling your face with light. And this isn’t something that’s easy to dismiss as a basic gimbal – the Smooth Q3 has a sophisticated three-axis stabilization system with an intuitive control layout that includes a well-designed, user-friendly joystick.




iPhone stabilizer

Over a year after its debut, the DJI OM4 is still one of the most well-liked smartphone gimbals on the market. So while yes, it’s more expensive than other models and has some real concerns such as phone volume controls being disrupted by its interference with phone cases, it nevertheless performs precisely as expected, with fantastic stabilization for a smartphone. The DJI Mimi is a 3-axis camera that produces smooth, cinema-like movements in the palm of your hand. The DJI Mimi app also allows you to vary settings and effects (though some users do report a little bit of unreliability and jank).



Zhiyun Smooth X

iPhone stabilizer

If you’re not looking to spend too much on a gimbal, the Zhiyun Smooth X is the best value for money option on our list. Yes, it doesn’t include a 3-axis stabilization system like the others on our list, but it’ll still work well enough, and its telescopic handle makes it versatile as a selfie stick. You should also be aware of compatibility; while this is rated to carry phones weighing up to 200g, many of the more sophisticated iPhones will exceed that limit.


Benefits of the iPhone stabilizer

An iPhone stabilizer is an iPhone holder that stabilizes the phone when capturing pictures. They are usually in the form of a clamp or grip that is mounted to a surface in order to hold the phone in place. The clamp is tightened using screws, and it can have different types of screws for different purposes.

  1. Appreciably enhances the quality of photos taken with an iPhone, especially low-light ones.
  2. iPhone stabilizer Allows you to rotate your phone freely, no matter how big your hands are.
  3. iPhone stabilizer is Much easier to use than a heavy tripod.
  4. Compact, lightweight, and easy to carry.
  5. iPhone stabilizer Can be used as a selfie stick.


Final verdict

Getting the best gimbals or iPhone stabilizer can be a tough choice because there are several of them available in the market. Before choosing the right gimbal, make sure you check the ports and payload. If the payload is between 150g-300g, then that gimbal is best for you. Similarly, don’t forget to check the video stabilizer feature so you can record perfect videos.

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