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Do you miss the classic snake game named as Snake Xenzia? Years ago, the children, even adults were addicted to that game. There was a competition who will get the longest snake. But this game lost its charm with the birth of smartphones. These games are referred to as slither.io games. Games like slither.io are available as a mobile application and desktop apps. Popular games like agar.io are also available offline. slither.io similar games are available out there. For those who want a game like a snake Xenzia, here is the list of worm games like slither.

Slither.io like games are about the snake that eats a meal (dot) and gets larger. There are various types. A user can play it online, as well as offline. Hurry up! Let’s check out the list.



Worm.is is the topmost game which is included in the category of slither.io similar games. A user has controls to control the movement of worms. A worm can eat the food of its opponent as well. This game is available on Google Play Store, iTunes and as a desktop application. The games include additional features like a player can zoom up the map to look up for the places. A worm can increase its speed and spew out the mass.

The distinguishing feature from worm games like slither and worm.is is that it has chatbox in the lower section of the screen. A user can customize worms, according to his favourite colour. However, many players can play this game at a single time and seem troublesome. As a lot of messages peeped in the user’s chatbox.

Mitos.is- Amazing Game like slither.io



Mitos.is amongst the games like agar.io offline version. It has a mobile as well as a desktop application. It works on Android, iOS and any other compatible operating system. Mitos is derived from the biology-related-word mitosis. It is all about cell division. As far as the game is concerned, the players play as a cell, they eat their enemies and grow speedily.

I talked earlier about cell division, so here is the concept, they divide themselves into half. Furthermore, the cells can also make their own clones. They can eject the mass to catch the speed.


games like agar.io offline, rusher.io

Rusher.io is something different from worm games like slither. Here there are no snakes, but something that involves math. In this game, a user has to gather hexagons. These hexagons will support a user to have strong spear that the user carries. Other users can be killed if the spear is used. A click on the left mouse button is required to kill someone who is behind the user’s back.

The user can enjoy playing this game. However, it is not available on Android and iOS. It has only a web version. Give this type of fun game which includes in games like slither.io, a try!!

Agar.io- Best Game like slither.io

games like agar.io offline


Agar.io has also included in games like slither io. It has the highest number of downloads and enormous positive rating. Here, the player does not play as a snake but as a dot. The focus is on eat to grow in size.

Not only this, but as the player consumes dots, the speed of the ball is slow down. A user can split into smaller masses and they also possess the ability to eject the mass. This is an interesting game. It can make people addictive. It is available everywhere.

Osmos HD- A Different Type Of Games like slither.io

games like agar.io offline, osmos hd


Osmos HD also falls into the category of slither.io similar games. It is a little bit different from traditional fun games like slither. Here, the players play as a cell which is in free space. The game has an appealing user interface and colourful graphics.

Besides this, the movement of the cell is by driving the substance. If a cell is discharged, then it is consumed by bigger cells. This is available on the Google Play Store and AppStore.


games like agar.io offline


Nebulous.io is similar to games like agar.io offline. The major focus and concept are also the same. A user has to play as a blob. Further, he has to gather the dots plotted on the map. The collected dots will make the dots bigger in size. The exciting feature of this game like slither.io is that a user can use customized skins.

Additionally, there are various game modes which include an online massively multiplayer mode, offline single-player and battle Royale mode. Go and download this from Google Play Store and AppStore.


games like agar.io offline

Who among you is the craziest Royale games fan? If you are addicted to Royale games, then surely ZombsRoyale.io is the best multiplayer game for you. This game offers numbers of features which includes different modes.

Moreover, the modes include single player, dual player multiplayer, crystal clash and superpower mode. Not only this, it offers the user around thousands of additional items. A user can use this to customize their players. It is for both, Android and iOS gadgets.

There are more games similar to slither.io. There are other games like slither.io which involve coloured blocks, and the blocks grow in size after consuming free space. The most famous game is Splix.io. These were the famous games. Play these games and give us your feedback !!

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