What Can You Do With YouTube Studio in 2022?

What is Youtube studio? YouTube Studio is a powerful platform that allows content creators to manage their channels and videos more effectively. With so many features and capabilities, it can be difficult to know what you can do with YouTube Studio in 2022. In this blog post, we will explore some of the possibilities!

The YouTube app continuously evolves to make it easier for content producers to share their stuff. Whether you use the YouTube Studio frequently or just occasionally, you must have at some time used it.

Here are some of the things you can do with YouTube Studio beyond simply posting videos to help newcomers and even fill the knowledge gap of some frequent users.


What is YouTube Studio?

what can you do with youtube studio

The YouTube Studio is a proprietary toolset integrated into YouTube that lets you to better manage your channel, interact with your audience, and curate your video content. There’s nothing further you need to do to use all of YouTube Studio’s capabilities.

There are numerous helpful growth tool accessible via YouTube Studio that may help you get more out of your channels, such as the video analytics and community panels, which can aid with keeping track of essential video statistics and monitoring comments on your videos, respectively. You’ll have better content to share with your subscribers/viewers if you use YouTube Creator Studio’s quality and analytics. Continue reading to learn more about what YouTube Creator Studio has to offer.


How to Find the YouTube Studio

what can you do with youtube studio

The YouTube Studio is accessible from studio.youtube.com. Alternatively, if you have a logged-in YouTube account, you may find the YouTube Studio by clicking on the profile picture menu in the top right corner of the web application. The drop-down menu then includes a selection for “YouTube Studio.”

However, if you don’t already have a YouTube channel, the next menu when you click on the YouTube Studio option suggests you establish one.

Now that you’ve completed the installation, here’s a quick rundown of some of the best YouTube Studio functions to explore.


What can you Do with Youtube Studio?

For YouTubers, YouTube Studio is a must-have tool.  Let’s look at some of the possibilities.


Organize and Manage Multiple YouTube Accounts

what can you do with youtube studio

You may manage many YouTube channels at once using YouTube Studio. All you have to do is change the channel. You can also swap your Google accounts at any time if your YouTube channels are in different Google accounts.

You may change or switch your Account anytime, whether before or after creating the Studio. Simply log in to your YouTube account and, just as you did while looking for the YouTube Studio, click on the image menu on your Account and then Change Account to select a different YouTube channel. The procedure is very similar in the YouTube Studio.

You’ll be able to keep track of each youtube account differently and more conveniently this way.


Make a Brand Channel

studio youtube com



You can, however, have more than one YouTube channel with a single Google account. A brand channel is a new account created for this purpose. Navigate to Channel Settings, go to the Advanced options area and select Manage YouTube Account. Then click on Manage your YouTube account from the dropdown menu. You’ll arrive at a new page where you can add or manage your channels if you choose to add or manage your channels.


Real-Time Channel Analytics are Available

what can you do with youtube studio

Of course, keeping track of the overall health of your channel is critical. To use the youtube analytic tool, go to the Studio dashboard’s bottom-right corner and choose Go To Channel Analytics. Alternatively, you may access the analytics by clicking the Analytics option at the left-hand side of the web app.

When you’re on the analytics page, you can assess the performance of each video and observe how your channel is changing as a whole. These metrics include detailed information on subscriber count, views, and viewing time.

However, you may also analyze your reach, interaction, and demographic type using these different choices. And, like any business, these alternatives allow you to make future decisions about which video types to focus on. If you want to learn more about certain performance indicators, additional options can help.

You may also click on the More or Advanced setting option for a deeper grasp of more storytelling analytics. If you want to compare performance based on year, for example, or how one video compares to another, this option is helpful.

When you click on the Compare To option at the top right-hand corner of the Advanced Options page, YouTube allows you to do so.


Upload Videos on Youtube

what can you do with youtube studio

The best approach to upload movies on YouTube is through the YouTube Studio. Although you can still post individual videos using the YouTube mobile app, this does not give you as much freedom. To add a video, go to the top-right corner of the web app and click on the Add Video logo. A page appears asking you to pick a file; click Select Files to look for your video in your local files.


Edit Videos with Youtube Studio

what can you do with youtube studio

If you don’t have the cash to pay for dedicated offline video editors, YouTube Studio offers an editor that lets you do advanced video editing. Listing your video as a private video by selecting the Private option in the exposure step is a better approach since it’s less likely to end up doing raw edits on a publicly viewable video.

If you look up a video in the list, you may select it and click on the most recently uploaded video. To modify your video, go to the left-hand corner of your screen and choose Editor.


Take Advantage of the Youtube Studio Video Editor

what can you do with youtube studio

The YouTube Studio video editor, although lacking in some advanced capabilities like specialized applications, allows you to do basic editing that gets your video ready for public release.

You can cut, join, and blend video fragments, add an end screen, video components, and free music from YouTube. Additionally, the Youtube Studio Video Editor includes a custom blur box effect that allows you to choose what appears onscreen.


Draft Videos with Youtube Studio

what can you do with youtube studio

You may also create a video to be edited later. In reality, once a film is uploaded, it becomes a draft right away. To add such a video to the pending editing draft, go to the upload page and close it.


Publish Uploaded Videos on a Schedule

what is youtube studio

You can set a video to be published at a later time. When you reach the Visibility stage during the publishing process, you have the option of setting a video schedule. You may choose when to post your video using the Schedule option.


Expand Your subscriber base By creating more Admins

what is youtube studio

One of the options you may want to consider is allowing access to numerous people. This includes giving permission to individuals and assigning them a role. This option can also be found in Studio settings. Navigate to Permissions in the Studio settings, click Manage Permissions, and authenticate your Account. To add someone as a collaborator, click the Plus button next to his or her name.


Create and Manage playlists

what is youtube studio

Playlists are an excellent method to make your channel more organized and approachable for viewers. You can make various playlists with distinctive names, which helps people understand the purpose of the material on a playlist right away. To create a playlist, go to the left menu corner of the Studio and select Playlist. Then choose a New playlist from the following menu that appears.


Manage Your Video Comments

what is youtube studio

There are several options for managing viewer comments on YouTube Studio. However, you may choose to filter what your audience can say in comments, allow all remarks, hold them for moderation, or even disable comments entirely. Simply go to the Community option in your Studio preferences and check out how your viewers’ comments flow through. Then use the Automated filters and Default settings to customize your settings.


Create & Add subtitles to videos

what is youtube studio

If you believe your videos could be more interesting if they included translation phrases, you could add subtitles to the video descriptions. Including subtitles is accessible in the first step when video upload is ready. Select More Options from the dropdown menu. Choose the video language for your video and then attach a subtitle file from your computer.


Make youtube Channel Private

what is youtube studio

Before making your YouTube channel public, you may want to upload some videos to it to benefit your potential target audience. If that’s the case, you should hide your channel and continue to post videos anyway.

However, you can also use YouTube Studio to create your videos. You can access it by selecting Settings from the main menu bar. Click on Channel, then Advanced Settings, and Remove YouTube Content to bring up the settings menu. Afterward, you are given the option to delete or hide your channel from the public view.


Take Advantage of the Creator Insider program

what is youtube studio

The YouTube Studio’s new Amazing features and the latest developments in the YouTube platform are reported in this section. This area is a great place to discover new functionality and those you should anticipate.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between YouTube and YouTube Studio?

The distinction between YouTube Studio and YouTube is that Studio is a sort of home to content producers, who have the ability to manage everything connected with their channel. You can, however, behave like a viewer on a YouTube Channel, where you may leave comments, like, and share videos.

Do you have to pay to use YouTube Creator Studio?

You may also use the YouTube Studio app for iOS or Android to watch your videos on a mobile device. This application makes it simple to maintain your channel on the move.

How similar is YouTube Studio to Creator Studio, and how is it different?

The creator studio program has been updated for use on YouTube. YouTube Studio is used to edit, upload, and analyze data on YouTube videos. In Creator Studio, the previous algorithm was employed. The Creator Studio platform was outdated and lacked modern technology.

Is there an app for YouTube Studio?

Download the YouTube Studio app from Google Play on Android devices with Android 4.5 and later.


The YouTube Studio software is a well-designed, simple-to-use program that gives you all the essential tool and information you’ll need to get started with your own YouTube channel.

The editing tools are rather basic, but if you want to start a popular channel, most of the more sophisticated editing features should be done before you upload the video to YouTube in the first place.

YouTube Studio will help you manage the settings for your video, such as whether it’s muted or not, and use the analytics to gain insights into how well your material is performing and ways to improve that performance if your long-term objective is to profit from your channel.

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