How Much Money Do Youtubers Make Per Year

How much money do YouTubers make per year? This is a question that many people are curious about. There is no definitive answer to this question, as the amount of money YouTubers make varies depending on their popularity and how often they post videos. However, we can give you a general idea of how much money most YouTubers make. In this blog post, we will discuss how much money the average YouTuber makes and how to make money from youtube videos. So if you’re curious about how much money you could be making, keep reading!

In the late 2000s, a new internet phenomenon emerged—the “YouTuber.” While making money in the entertainment industry was previously restricted to a select few, anyone with an internet connection today may earn a living doing what they enjoy – as long as they put out the effort.

For various reasons, the notion of becoming a YouTuber has grown in popularity. These people are sometimes thought to be more approachable than Hollywood celebrities because of the benefits beyond the money.

But just how profitable is YouTube? What are the average earnings of YouTubers, and how do they differ from the major networks? Let’s look into it.


A $15 Billion-a-year Corporation, YouTube is

how much do youtubers make

Today, Alphabet’s fourth-quarter earnings report revealed that YouTube earned nearly $5 billion in ad revenue during the previous three months. This is Alphabet’s first report under CEO Sundar Pichai, who took charge of the entire firm in 2015 after co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin retired from daily operations and elevated him to the top position.

The revelation is the first time in YouTube’s almost 15 years as a Google-owned platform. The search giant has revealed how much money YouTube-hosted advertisements contribute to its bottom line since it bought the website for $1.65 billion in 2006.

According to Google, YouTube generated $15 billion in revenue last year and contributed around 10% to all Google income. Those numbers put YouTube’s advertising business roughly one-fifth of Facebook’s and nearly six times the size of Twitch, an Amazon-owned video platform.

The sheer amount of data Google has on you is staggering. Furthermore, The Verge reports that YouTube has over 20 million paid subscribers across youtube Premium (ad-free) and Music Premium subscriptions, as well as over 2 million paid TV subscribers. The Pixel phone and Google Home speakers are included in Alphabet’s “other” category, which brought in $5.3 billion in revenue during the last three months. As a result, it isn’t easy to assess the performance of any one product included within that category.


How much do YouTubers Earn per viewing?

how much do youtubers make

Do you want to know how much money YouTubers make per view? With AdSense, YouTubers can earn anywhere from $0.01 to $0.03 per view, with an average of $0.18 per view, according to various sources. The amount of money YouTube will pay is determined by a variety of criteria, including:

  • The number of times your video is seen
  • The number of times an ad is clicked on
  • The Ad quality
  • Adblockers
  • The Length of the Video


What is the Average Amount of Money YouTubers earn for every 1,000 Views?

A YouTuber can make between $18 and $50 per 1,000 ad views, depending on the cost of YouTube advertisements. Depending on the price of YouTube advertising, a YouTuber may make anything from $18 to $50 per 1,000 ad views. According to Forbes, top talent can earn about $5 for every 1,000 video views.

On the other hand, a YouTube channel might be a lucrative side hustle, especially if you create engaging material that appeals to a large audience. However, getting here might take some effort, and we’ll explore this later in the article.


How Much Money Does a YouTuber earn each Subscriber?

how much do youtubers make

Although the number of subscribers on your channel is a factor, it does not contribute to your payment. Subscribers are individuals who want to access your most recent films quickly by following your account. On their homepage, every video you publish will immediately appear.

Subscribers are important because they’re the ones most likely to comment, like, and share your videos with even more people. As a result, if you place appropriate advertisements, you may receive more views and possibly earn additional YouTube money. So while YouTube does not compensate you for the number of subscribers you have, they are crucial to the number of views your videos receive.


What is the maximum amount of money a YouTuber can make from a single video?

how much do youtubers make

The amount of money a YouTuber can make per video is determined by several criteria, including how many views their videos receive and the number of Google advertisements that appear throughout them. A YouTube video with 1,000,000 views may generate upwards of $5,000 using Forbes’s calculated pay rate of $5 per 1,000 views. However, as previously stated, these are estimates; some YouTubers may earn more or less depending on the ad quality, click-through rate, and other variables.


How many views do YouTubers need to be compensated?

how much money do youtubers make per year

To be paid by YouTube, your video must have a balance of $100 or more in views. This implies you’ll need 20,000 views to make $5 per 1,000 views. To accomplish this, YouTube established the YouTube Partner Program, which pays you through advertising on your page. It would help if you met the following criteria to become a part of the YouTube Partners Program:

  • At least 1,000 subscribers are required.
  • In the previous year, you’ve achieved 4,000 legitimate public watch hours.
  • By acknowledging that you have read and understood the terms and conditions.
  • Have a valid Google AdSense account
  • Get your channel submitted to YouTube for review and approval.

Once you join the YouTube Partner Program, you’ll be able to start earning money through advertising. This is accomplished in two ways: cost per thousand views (CPM) or cost per click (CPC). You may make money each time 1,000 people view your page or video using CPM, whereas you may earn money based on the number of individuals who click on an ad placed on your page or video using CPC.

However, Google will pay you just 68% of the ad revenue when ads from AdSense are used. So, for example, if a video generates $1,000 in AdSense income, you will receive $680 instead of the full $1,000.


What are some Additional ways that YouTubers make money?

how much money do youtubers make per year

There are numerous ways for YouTubers to make money. A YouTuber’s income depends on several additional revenue streams. Here are some alternative sources that may be used to complement a YouTuber’s earnings:

  • Have you ever watched a YouTuber review a product on video? How about one in which a YouTuber names their “favourite brand”? If that’s the case, you’ve seen affiliate links. Affiliate marketing links happen when YouTuber reviews or mentions a product, such as makeup, or a service, such as marketing software. When someone clicks on the link in the video description and purchases something, the YouTuber is paid out of proportion to how much sales they make.
  • Merchandise Sales: You’ve undoubtedly noticed that big gamers and everyday vloggers have opened up a store and produced branded merchandise apparel for their devoted followers to purchase. Many YouTubers who have a substantial following establish a brand around their channel by selling T-shirts, backpacks, hats, and accessories.
  • Sponsorship: YouTube is the most popular video-viewing platform today, with over 2 billion monthly users and 1 billion hours of viewing each day. And if you’re a prominent YouTuber with a large following, businesses will want to collaborate with you. Prominent YouTubers also use brand sponsorships to generate income. It’s possible that you’ll be surprised at how many companies are eager to pay YouTubers to review or promote their goods to increase sales.


How Much Money Do YouTubers Make on Average?


People are frequently curious about how much money their favourite YouTubers make as YouTube grows popular. Here’s everything you need to know about YouTube income. Creating a YouTube channel is difficult, and many individuals earn nothing. We’ll go through the criteria you must meet later in this chapter.

For people who do qualify, median earnings are significantly different. For example, if you have one million followers, you could earn around $5,000 per month or $60,000 per year.

The average earnings of a YouTuber will vary depending on the cost per mille (CPM) for advertisements on their videos. However, it’s worth noting that many individuals do not rely solely on ad revenue from their channels to survive.

Many ways exist for YouTubers to make money. Sponsored videos are one way to earn additional cash; they may be one-time or long-term collaborations. To generate extra revenue, YouTubers might sell Lightroom Presets and other items.


How Much Does a High-Earning YouTuber Make?


Although many YouTubers don’t make a lot of money from ad income alone, some channels may support themselves entirely through the funds they receive from the site.

The following are six channels or highest-paid youtube stars that have made a great deal of money from YouTube, with a description of what they do and how much money they’ve earned.

Ryan Kaji

With Ryan Kaji as the star, Ryan’s World is one of the most successful YouTube channels. Ryan’s World offers educational and entertaining content for children to learn more about the World and have fun while doing so. At the time of writing in January 2022, Kaji’s channel had over 31 million followers. Ryan’s World made $26 million from ad income alone in 2020.


MrBeast, run by gaming enthusiast Jimmy Donaldson, is a prominent YouTube channel. The MrBeast had more than 87 million subscriber base in January 2022. nMrBeasts Gaming has 25 million followers, whereas Beast Reacts has 14 million+. MrBeast Shorts is another channel that produces short-form videos and has over 11 million subscribers. Between June 2019 and the same month one year later, Donaldson made $24 million.

Logan Paul

Logan Paul, a YouTuber and boxer, is a household name among the generations of X, Y, and Z. When he was writing in January 2022, he had 23 million subscribers on his primary channel. However, compared to previous years, he didn’t produce as frequently in 2021. In June 2020, industry experts predicted Logan Paul’s earnings to be around $20 million per year.


KSI has been on the YouTube scene for some years. He began uploading gaming videos and is well known for his “FIFA 13 Road to Division 1” series, which chronicles the rise of a grassroots player from amateur to professional. He inspired a generation of YouTubers and now has over 14 million followers. KSI has fought against Logan Paul in several boxing matches since the start of his channel. According to sources, KSI earned approximately $4.5 million from YouTube each year in May 2020.


Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie is among the platform’s most well-known personalities. He has 111 million subscribers as of January 2022, placing him second only to the Indian channel T-Series. nnPewDiePie has been active on YouTube since 2010. Like many others, he began his career on the site by uploading video content relating to video games. Since then, what he shares has evolved and expanded across various themes, although it focuses largely on internet trends. Forbes predicted PewDiePie’s annual revenue from YouTube at $4 million in 2014.

Nate O’Brien

Nate O’Brien runs a YouTube channel under his name, with the majority of his material focused on finance—particularly long-term investing—and personal development. He has more than one million followers. He openly discusses money-making methods that have worked for him and offers simple steps to those interested in learning more about improving their financial situations. According to Business Insider, he made $444,000 in a single year from YouTube advertising revenue.


Can You Make Money With YouTube? How Much (and How) Does It Pay To Use YouTube?

To be eligible for YouTube revenue, you must have at least 1,000 subscribers. You’ll also need to have accrued at least 4,000 watch hours of video from other people to qualify.

When you’ve completed your verification process, YouTube takes a 45% cut of advertising revenue. In general, YouTubers earn between $3 and $5 for each 1,000 ad views on their real video—or around $18 per 1,000 ad views.

The payment you receive from YouTube is dependent on several variables. The location of your audience may have an impact; someone living in Norway might be more lucrative than someone from Argentina. You could discover that certain niches are more lucrative than others.

It’s also critical to maximize income by ensuring that users don’t skip advertisements. Even if a YouTuber with a larger following has fewer subscribers, a YouTuber who viewers ads all the way through may make more money than one who does not.


On YouTube, How to make money


After looking at the top-six YouTuber’s salaries, you may be considering a career change. Do you believe you have what it takes to succeed on YouTube and compete with these YouTubers, and do you want to know how to become a YouTuber? Here are some factors to think about before deciding how to get compensated on YouTube:

  • Finding your niche is one approach to building a large audience. Some popular niches to consider include video gaming channels, news, celebrity gossip, product reviews, cuisine, spoofs/pranks, how-tos, and lifehacks. If you’re looking for ideas for a category to choose, five of the top 10 YouTubers in 2018 were gamers.
  • Another method to generate money off of YouTube is to publish frequently. Because your followers know when new material from you is due, they will be more likely to click on it and see what you’ve been up to.
  • Buying the appropriate equipment, such as a camera, microphone, and lighting equipment can aid you in becoming a successful YouTuber.

Learning how to modify your videos can help you attract new followers. Good video quality and stimulating effects may help your films stand out. You may also try hiring a freelance video designer or learning how to edit your videos on YouTube if editing isn’t your forte.


Many content creators worldwide have discovered success on YouTube, which has enabled them to pursue their hobbies and passions while at the same time inspiring and educating others.

You may still make money on YouTube. It will take a long time and a significant number of hours of effort, but if you persevere, you’ll be successful in the end.

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