How To Download A YouTube Video On iPhone

Downloading a YouTube video on your iPhone or iPad has always been a problematic thing when it comes to saving the clips or YouTube videos for afterwards. Whenever you are worried that the video is going to disappear or you want the video when away from the cellular or Wi-Fi, you wish for it to be downloaded. Nowadays, there are various YouTube video downloaders for iPhone in the market, which will let you achieve your goal immediately.

Here we are going to have a look at some ways which will assist us in having them in personal phone albums. Although there are very limited ways in which you can download the required videos and the issue arises when it comes practically for our cell phones. There are various YouTube video downloaders, shortcuts and third party apps available for the download process of your YouTube video on your iPhone. The videos for an iPhone are in MP4 format.

Method 1: Subscribe to YouTube Premium

YouTube premium, formerly YouTube red is an alternative and the easiest way to get the desired YouTube videos in your photo app easily downloaded. Although it costs $11.99 per month, but the users avail an ad-free and access to all YouTube content and an amazing feature of playing in the background when you are executing some other things too.

YouTube premium offers a subscription service that will let you download the videos easily on your phone. And by this at least you will keep track of them despite of losing them forever.

YouTube downloader iPhone

Method 2: Screen-Record

Another option for offline viewing of the YouTube videos is to Screen record the screen of your iPhone or iPad. Making sure you have an iOS11 or an upgraded version than this so it has a feature of screen recording. The recorded clips or YouTube videos will directly move to your album and you will easily be able to watch them anytime and anywhere whether with Wifi or cellular networks or not.

You just have to tap the record button at the moment when the video begins and pause it when it ends or when you find it sufficient.

Method 3: Third-party apps and websites

Using third-party apps for the downloading of your YouTube videos was once an easy task and safe too. But the play store never allows these apps to exist, so they are sooner or later eliminated. Up till now the most popular website is savefrom. But practically all work the same way. So, to download a YouTube video in your iPhone, do the following:

  •  Go to the YouTube app, open the video you want to Download. Tap on the share button and copy the link.
  •  Open the website which you want to use for downloading, if using, then paste the link in the text box.
  • Select the video quality which you want and confirm downloading.
    Keeping in mind, these websites and apps are illegal and can be risky for your phone. So stay alert and close the extra tabs and pop-ups. Furthermore, these videos can be taking up much space so you should prefer downloading the video at a comparatively lower quality.
  • Tap the download manager to check the progress of your video.

Maybe the video takes time to appear in the Photos app. You can save the video from files to your photo app and it will appear in the recently saved items on your iPhone.                            Through these steps, your favorite YouTube video can be saved on your iPhone If it’s iOS 13 or higher. To download videos in earlier versions than iOS 12 you can install a third-party download manager in your phone. By far, Documents by Readdle is the most well-known. It also follows the same steps, you just have to navigate it using its own web browser. And then opening the savefrom website and repeat the process.

An App For Your Mac:

A second option is the Clip grab app which facilitates you to download the YouTube video to your Mac. Follow these steps:

  • Launch the clip grab on your Mac.
  • Search the desired YouTube video and tap, Grab this clip.
  • Now you can see the video on the desktop of your own Mac.

Now you have the options to airdrop the video or to send it to your iPhone through iTunes. Choose any of them and have the video nearest to you.

iphone or ipad, ClipGrab


Airdrop is the most convenient way to transfer your files, videos, clips from your Mac to your iPhone. Make sure you have enabled the airdrop option in both, your Mac and iPhone. Click the video on the desktop and then press Share and Airdrop.
Now you will have the video to watch it anytime and anywhere. The downloaded YouTube video can be of lower quality so it occupies lesser space on your iPhone or iPad. Through this option, your downloaded YouTube video can be delivered wirelessly and quite effortlessly to your iPhone.

video downloaded for iPhone, AirDrop


Using a USB to lightning cable you can easily connect your Mac to your IOS device. Go to the iTunes window and it will be showing a device icon in the corner. Click on the file and then add to library button. Also, tick checks the sync movie option and import your YouTube video to your Movies folder. Now by using the apple tv app on your device you will find the required downloaded YouTube video on your iPhone under the library and home videos option.

YouTube downloader iPhone

Although it is not advised to Download YouTube videos on your personal computer as it is illegal and the YouTube video downloaders and third party apps are risky and when we download them YouTube does not receive any credits.

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