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We are well-aware of the fact that Smart gadgets have taken over the entire world. People are using smartphones, smart TVs, and now smartwatches. The world is now running at a much faster pace so, we need smart machines to assist us. Smartwatches help men in getting their tasks done in no time. This article is a complete guide from A-Z to help our readers find the top-rated android smartwatches for men. There are hundreds of android smartwatch for men available in the market. Some have dedicated tasks like monitoring active time and keeping track of health. You can connect smartwatches with an Android phone or iPhone to play the role of a mini-phone on the wrist. If you are looking for top-rated android smartwatches or the best men’s smartwatch for android, then this article is written for you.


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Android Smart Watch for Men

Before getting into details, let us first discuss the entire concept of the android smartwatch for men in detail. Micro-technology has taken over the world. The computers are shrinking to tabs, mobile phones, and iPads.

Smartphones have been transformed into wearable smartwatches. This android smartwatch for men comes with different designated tasks including activity tracking, heartbeat monitoring, and other tracking features.

Android smart watches for men can be connected with an Android or Apple phone to serve the purpose of a wearable smartphone to answer calls and messages. Samsung and Huawei are the pioneers in making Android smartwatches that can be connected with Android phones. Other brands like Fitbit, TicWatch, and Garmin are the creators of smartwatches with specified tasks and features.

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Basic Features of Top-Rated Android Smartwatches

You should keep certain features in mind before buying an Android smartwatch. Firstly, you need to be clear about the main objective and usage of the smartwatch. For example, Apple Inc has designed Apple watches.

There are smartwatches for men that have deployed Google’s WearOS operating system. Multiple vendors use this OS in their Android smartwatches. Last and not least is the Samsung Tizen watch series. Samsung designs the OS of these Android Galaxy smartwatches.

Moreover, these smartwatches come with exciting features to facilitate its users.

  • Apps: Smartwatches come with specific as well as some general apps. The user can use them for specific tasks like hiking, scuba diving, health, and heart rate monitoring. Apple and Samsung watches are connected to their respective smartphones. Such compatibility with Android or iOS adds to the overall featured apps of the smartwatches.
  • Notifications: This is one of the most important features to look for before buying any smartwatch. It makes the usability of smartwatches more prominent as they provide alerts for different activities. Well, this is the main purpose of buying any Android wear or generation 4 smartwatch. They keep us updated with our daily activities, calendar, and set alarms for upcoming meetings and events.
  • Media: You can play your desired music on the go with your smartwatch. It can play, pause, and control volume.
  • GPS and Voice Recording: Smartwatches keep track of your location with an inbuilt GPS. An amazing feature in a Wear OS, Android watch is that you can record your voice to send a voice message.

android smart watch men , android smart watch for men


Operating Systems

This is an important point to discuss here. Different operating systems are installed on smart machines including computers, laptops, and smartphones. Some familiar OS is Android and iOS.

We all know that Android is an open-source OS. Different smartphone companies like Samsung and Huawei are using Android commonly. Similarly, there are OS designed specially to work on smartwatches. It is an obvious fact that smartwatches support different types of OS. This is due to the difference in functionality, size, and multiple vendors. There are numerous vendors manufacturing smartwatches other than Samsung, Huawei, or Apple.

The following operating systems are developed by different companies for smartwatches.

  1. Watch OS: This OS is developed by Apple and is used only in Apple smartwatches.
  2. Tizen OS: Samsung has designed this OS. It is an open-source Android OS that runs on Samsung smartwatches
  3. Wear OS: Also known as Android Wear. Google has developed this OS for multi-vendor smartwatches.

There have been multiple wrist watch brands manufacturing watches for a long time. Brands like Tag Heuer, Michael Kors, Fossil, and Skagen Falster are using WearOS for their smartwatches.

The following watches are the best Android smartwatches for men meticulously selected for our readers. We have kept all of the above-mentioned features in mind to consolidate a comprehensive list of top-rated Android smartwatches.


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

android smart watch for men

It is one of the best Android smartwatches for men launched by Samsung. Galaxy watch active is simple, compact, comfortable, and most importantly, budget-friendly. As evident by its name, its main purpose is to track the user’s activity. It automatically tracks:

  • Workout and active time
  • Sleep time
  • Water and caffeine intake
  • Food consumption

This Android smartwatch for men is extremely comfortable to wear all day. It comes with a battery life of 2 to 3 days and can be charged wirelessly with Qi charging. An interesting feature is the display of this Android watch. It has got an AMOLED display that allows the user to read even in broad daylight.

This smartwatch for men is designed to be water-resistant with GPS tracking and music storage. You can receive notifications about calls, messages, and other alerts on your wrist. It is one of the best yet inexpensive Android watches for men that provides voice control, an inbuilt keyboard, and other shortcut functionality. In a nutshell, it provides all the basic functions that an Android smartwatch should provide.



Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

android smart watch for men

We have deliberately placed both these Samsung Galaxy Watch Active so that our readers can compare them easily. Active 2 is an advanced form of its previous version with user-friendly enhancements. Instead of an AMOLED display, Active 2 comes with a capacitive touch screen display. The user can listen to the music on multiple supported apps like Spotify and Strava etc.

The rest of the features remain the same as in Galaxy Active for activity monitoring. However, the running coach feature is improved with two added features. It provides real-time pace metrics and prior projection of results achievable with certain workouts. Tizen OS provides all other features of call and text notifications, alerts, tracking, and music.


Fossil’s Men Gen 4 Explorist HR

android smart watch for men

If you are looking to buy an Android smartwatch for men that are stylish and modern then Fossil has got it covered for you. Gen 4 Explorist HR comprises a variety of classic designs available in leather or stainless steel strap. These android watches for men are available in a variety of colors including smoke steel, leather colors, and black silicone. As mentioned before, these smartwatches have Wear OS that is compatible with both iPhone and Android phones.

It has got interesting functions like alerts, notifications, water resistance, and an inbuilt microphone and speakers. Well, you can customize the watch face as per your choice. It means you can personalize the dial of this smartwatch designed for men. But there is another side of the story. Unfortunately, the battery life of this Android smartwatch is not really good and you need to recharge it during the day.



Fossil Sport

android smart watch for men

It is a top-rated android smartwatch for men by Fossil. It is a sports smartwatch with a vibrant and colorful display. Also, Fossil sport is lightweight with a sleek sporty design. It is quite affordable and comes in a variety of designs. If you are looking to buy a sports smartwatch loaded with features, then Fossil Sport is the right choice for you.


Skagen Falster 2

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This top-rated Android smartwatch is another valuable addition to a classic and stylish design in a watch. This Falster 2 smartwatch is by a Danish brand named Skagen. One peculiar quality of this smartwatch is that it does not look like any wearable tech gadget. It has got a trendy design and a stunning dial that beats the rest of the designs available in the market.

Coming to its specifications, it has got all the essential features including monitoring, heartbeat tracking, GPS, NFC, and water resistance. This smartwatch is considered to be classic wear for men, so it is a bit expensive. One feature that makes Skagen Falster 2 stand out among the rest is the rotating crown. It allows the user to scroll without even touching the screen. Again, the battery is not really great and hardly gets through a day.


Samsung Galaxy Watch 46 mm

android smart watch for men

We have already discussed Samsung Galaxy Watch Active and Active 2 in detail. But this version is bigger in size with a rotating bezel. The rotation allows the user to interact with the Tizen interface smoothly. Another point that makes the Galaxy watch a better choice than Active is battery life.

The battery can keep going for a couple of days. However, its bigger size can be taken as an advantage or a disadvantage. As it entirely depends on the choice of the buyer. The plus points for the Galaxy watch are a bigger size, a rotating bezel, and long battery timings. All other features remain the same in the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch series.


Samsung Galaxy Watch (42mm)

android smart watch for men

  1. Goes Non-Stop for Days on a Single Charge
  2. Pairs with Android & iOS via Bluetooth connection
  3. Available in 2 sizes and 3 colors


Final Verdict about Top Rated Android Smart Watches

We have tried to create a comprehensive list of top-rated android smartwatches based on performance, features, and usability. The list of best men’s smartwatches for android features their comparison and performance so that you could have had a better understanding of the Android smartwatches. We hope you can now buy your desired smartwatch after reading this helpful article.

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