Best Automatic Call Recorder Apps for Android

With the advent of cell phones, communication has become possible for distant people. Sometimes the communication is full of information that needs to be remembered in detail. That’s why hidden voice call recorder for Android, best call recorder for android lollipop, a top call recorder app for Android, best call recorder app for android phones, and call recorder app for Android are popular queries for search on Google. We bring you a list of call-recording apps that satisfy your needs. Here is the complete list of automatic call recorders with details.

That’s why call recording is a helpful practice. A man does not have a pen and paper every time. And sometimes, the contents of the call are required for legal backup. These two reasons are more than enough to use a call recording app. But at the play store, there are too many apps available. One cannot know for sure which one is best.

A smartphone’s very underrated characteristic is the ability to record voice calls. While some OEMs such as OnePlus, Xiaomi, and Huawei entertain this feature in their built-in phones, it primarily needs to be found natively on Android.

Call recording is a must-feature since it can help us store essential talks I may desire to go through later. Additionally, it makes it simpler for us to examine my thoughts with coworkers on forecasts. I understand everything people aspire to is saved in my mobile phone.

For all these reasons or motives, if you want to save records of calls, some excellent apps around the Play Store let you do Exactly.

Best Android Call Recorder

Because most of the apps in the list share a similar name, make sure you download the apps out of the links.

Additionally, call recording is prohibited in a few countries, just like the US; therefore, check your country’s status until you download and use at least one of those apps.

Automatic Call Recorder - The Best Call Recording App in 2019


Sony ICD-SX2000 IC Digital Voice Recorder

best android call recorder

The best Android Call recorder powered by Sony helps record and edit the memo. In addition, it can help transcribe the voice and upload recordings to cloud services. Additionally, this call recording software delivers an intuitive interface for fast recording, editing, sound pause, etc. It works smoothly on your Android app and is acceptable for session and meeting recordings. It’s free to download.


Voice Memos – best call recorder app

best android call recorder

Voice memos could be employed on each one of the Apple phones, whether it is Mac, iPhone, iPad, or I pod touchscreen. It utilizes the apparatus’s built-in microphone to catch conversations and listeners.

You can nevertheless also utilize an external stereo mic to capture high-tech stereo. The most helpful characteristic of the best android call recorder is that it enables voice records to be shared via social media platforms quickly; you might also regain deleted files quickly.


Super Call Recorder – android call recorder app

best android call recorder

Super Call Recorder is one of Android’s best free call recording devices. It’s possible to playback recorded calls straight from the internet and do not need to rely upon almost any additional networking storage application.

You can swap listed voices across messaging channels like whats app. The most helpful characteristic of this best android call recorder is that call records might be exported to the sd card. And You Can Quickly share the recorded conversation via WhatsApp and emails.


Otter Voice Meeting Notes (for English)

best android call recorder

Otter Voice Notes might be your best android call recorder to manually prepare your voice notes that help to transcribe recorded conversations. This App doesn’t have a call recording feature, but it can import recordings from different devices for storage.
You can use this App in lectures and interviews. This App is free until you reach 600 moments of transcription each month. The best feature of this best android call recorder is that it can play audio at different speed modes..


Blackbox Call recorder – best auto call recorder for android

best android call recorder

Blackbox Call Recorder supplies a vast array of exclusive capacities, including service for cloud backup service, Bluetooth attachment assistance, and improved call recording preferences. Nevertheless, it will not support Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp, or Viber calls. It’s possible to input the contact names whose calls should not be recorded.
This App has a favorite’ section where you can continue to keep your cherished recordings. In addition, it gained its position as the best android call recorder App for 2022.


Automatic Call Recorder

hidden voice call recorder for android

Automatic Call Recorder is still among the best call-recording apps you can now download and utilize. I used the app on a handful of smartphones, and it worked perfectly on most of them.

The app enables you to record a range of calls. Additionally, it provides you with three distinct ways to record your calls. You may either record calls, record calls just for storing contacts, or record calls for numbers that aren’t stored in your contacts.

The app also features adequate integration using Dropbox and Google Drive; you do not need to worry about running out of space on your smartphone. To top it off, it also includes a gorgeous dark mode.

It is the top call recorder app for android Devices. You can avail of both the free version and a paid version. The features of this app are the following.

  • You can synchronize the app with Google Drive and Dropbox. Any calls recorded will be saved in the 
  • The call recording search can be done by phone number, name, or 
  • You have the option to save the call or delete 
  • In the premium version, you can customize the contacts for calls. You can choose the contacts for automatic call recording.


All Call Recorder – best app for call recording

best call recorder for android lollipop

It is the best app for automatic call recording. This app has a simple interface. You can use this app without cluttering applications. It is a freeware app; you do not have to pay for its extra features. The features of this app include the following.

  • You can record all incoming and outgoing calls
  • can save the recorded call in 3gp
  • Email, cloud storage, Bluetooth, or Whatsapp can send recorded calls.
  • You can send or delete the calls by long-pressing the context menu.


Truecaller – call recorder for android mobile

top call recorder app for android

Most of folks understand Truecaller as a caller ID app that helps us know who is calling us. But not many of us understand that Truecaller offers a great call recording feature.

I am a fan of Truecaller; rather than merely because it enables me to know who’s calling me personally; however; in addition, it prevents me from choosing spam calls. This is precisely why acquiring the call recording feature bundled with the Truecaller app can be a blessing for me.

If you use the Truecaller app, you may utilize it to list all of your calls rather than any app with this checklist. Nevertheless, do observe that the call recording feature isn’t free and can be part of the Truecaller superior program, which costs $0.99/month.

But before you spend money on this feature, you may use the 14-day complimentary trial offer to take a look. The trial offer is exceptionally significant as not all Android devices are supported.

You may look at our informative article about the best way to utilize Truecaller to record calls, which also comprises a summary of verified supported and unsupported devices. We highly recommend this app to record calls on their Android device.

It is the best call recorder app for android phones. This app is famous for caller ID features. You can block specific calls and SMS with it. Before the call acceptance, this app tells you the caller’s identity, and you can accept or reject the call.

The features are as follows for the best call recording app.

  • One has the freedom to block the caller by phone number, name, or
  • can block spam calls
  • You can save essential calls
  • You can back up your contacts, SMS, and notes on Google Drive.


Call Recorder AC – top call recording app

best android app for automatic call recording

It is a call recorder app for android. You can download it from the play store. It also has a paid version. Let us take a look at the features.

  • The recorded call can be saved in Ogg, 3go, mp4, and wav. You can use what suits you.
  • The recording data can be synchronized with Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • You can include or exclude any phone number for automatic call recording.
  • This app enables password protection to protect your call recorder.



Cube Call Recorder ACR – call recorder app android

call recorder app for android

ACR could be the only app within this list which enables you to record your usual calls and calls from various VoIP services, including Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook, IMO, Slack, Telegram, and much more.

Nevertheless, VoIP call recording is only supported on some phones; thus, you will need to put in the app to determine whether the feature is taking care of your phone.

The best thing about the app is that it is free to use and will not show ads. Using Cube ACR, you’re enjoying the best call recording services for free.

It is a hidden voice call recorder for android. You can record incoming and outgoing calls with high quality. This app is designed and presented by Catalina Group.

Its features are as follows.

  • You can record phone call recordings, Whatsapp calls, Facebook calls, and messenger calls.
  • You can select contacts for call recording, and you can also exclude
  • This app enables you to save the recording calls data on Google Drive.
  • Password pin protection is available for securing call data.

Download Cube Phone Call Recorder ACR from google play


Call Recorder: Automatic

call recorder automatic

It is a convenient call-recording app. This app is freeware. Let us have a look at the features of the best call-recording app.

  • It is easy to use the app, and the app looks like a dial pad; you can dial the number for
  • The quality of recorded calls is
  • This app saves the audio files both in the phone and the cloud
  • You can secure your call recording and data with a password.

Download Call Recorder Automatic


Note Call Recorder – simple call recorder

note recorder

This app is free to use and the best call recorder app for android devices; also It’s Manufactured by BigD Inc. let’s Move into the Facts of features.

  • You can record incoming calls and outgoing calls with excellent sound
  • This app allows you to reject calls, block any number, or make a block
  • The recordings can be uploaded to Google Drive and Dropbox. The uploaded files have
  • This app shows you the statistics for last week, month, and year.


RMC Call Recorder – best call recording apps

call reco

RMC: Android Call Recorder is still perhaps one of the very versatile call recorder apps available on the Play Store. Maybe the program not only enables you to record audio calls from MP3 and WAV formats but also supports other formats, such as AMR, and MP4, along with 3GP.

The program enables the automatic recording of incoming and outgoing calls and allows you to sort and hunt telephone logs. Additionally, it has a built-in litter folder that eliminates worries of unintentional deletion of saved calls. Additionally, it supports cloud integration using Dropbox and also Google Drive. The program is free and can be supported using ads.

It is the best call recording app with the option of searching. The recorded messages are saved in the memory card in a specific folder. Let’s see the features of the best call recorder for android lollipops.

  • You can record incoming calls and outgoing calls both automatically and manually.
  • You can store the recordings in two separate
  • Advanced search functionality is present for the call
  • It has an automatic filter for known contacts and unknown numbers.

Download RMC Call Recorder


Call Recorder S9 – Automatic Call Recorder Pro

mrecorder apk

It is the best call-recording app for android phones, and SMSROBOT develops it. You can use free and premium versions. Here are the features.

  • The recordings have mp3 quality
  • You can choose contacts for automatic
  • The premium version allows you to record by shaking the
  • This app allows you the synchronization with Dropbox.


Call Recorder By Recorder & Smart Apps

telephone recorder

The app displays and arranges all of your outgoing and incoming calls. Set the app to automatically save the calls or ask you every time after everyone’s calls end. The”ask to save” feature assists in cutting the number of calls saved in your phone and means only those calls will be stored, which is crucial.
Even though it doesn’t encourage cloud storage, it enables you to share recorded calls via Dropbox, Google, Skype, and much more. The app is free of charge to utilize with ads. There’s a paid version that eliminates the ads.

It is the best Android app for automatic call recording. Its features are as follows.

  • One can record incoming and outgoing calls with high-quality
  • You can exclude contacts from the call
  • One can organize and share your call
  • You can save important calls separately.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I Record a call on Android without App?

You can place something up to record a voice call with an android App. Dial up the telephone once it gets connected. You may notice a 3-dot menu option. When you tap the menu, the menu will show up on the screen, and then you have to pat the Record call option.

How can you tell if someone is Recording your call?

Currently, this is impossible; you need to know whether the person on the other side is recording your call. It might be in the future; there comes another App that lets you know, but not now.

Does my phone have a Voice Recorder?

Not every Android phone includes a pre-loaded sound recorder program; however, it’s simple to get one and put it to use to record conversations, interviews, or create voice memos. Visit the Play Store and seek out a “sound recorder.” You ought to have many diverse alternatives,or you can download them from the appended list in this article.

Can I convert the voice Recording to text?

That is where converting voice recordings or voice memos to text documents come. After using any voice recorder app or browser-based online voice recorder, a trusted transcription provider may be used to change it into a shareable text document within just a couple of minutes.

How long can you Record on the voice Recorder App?

The app you use can determine the length of time you can capture and how quickly you can sync or process more audio files. Several customers have reported Indigenous apps like Voice Recorder and Voice Memo since quitting after Thirty Minutes or having issues processing the recorded files that were one hour long.

Final Words

You will never know when that time will arrive, and you’ll curse yourself for not using a call recording app on your smartphone. As most of the apps mentioned on this list provide a completely free service (supported by ads), it’s not going to create any issues to try these apps out and maintain one that works on your phone. In case You are using any best call recorder app for an Android phone that works great for you personally and isn’t on the list of App list we all discussed, do write it down in the comments sections.

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