14 Best Phone Speed Booster For Android 2022

The phone speed booster for Android is a phone app that can help boost your phone’s performance. If you want to increase your phone’s speed, these booster apps may be perfect for you! These apps will scan and clean junk files on your phone and recommend improving the phone’s performance.

Android 10 is the most recent Android release, and it’s probably what you’re running. A quick smartphone is still a tinkerer’s dream, no matter which version of Android you’re using. 

Although Android phones don’t need to be maintained regularly, there is certainly no harm in brushing up your device with Best Android Optimizers & Boosters from time to time to increase general performance and extend battery life. Cleaning your phone regularly to remove unwanted garbage files and duplicates will undoubtedly aid in optimizing your device for more extended use.

Most of us only clean our devices when something unexpected happens or stops working. At worst, leaving your smartphone uncleaned for extended periods can infect it with malware and inundate you with numerous advertisements.

Fortunately, several Android Speed Boosters Apps on the Google Play Store increase speed and give quicker reaction times. So, read through the following Best phone speed booster for Android without wasting time.

Phone Booster Apps For Android

Many Android applications can help you get the most from your phone, whether we’re talking about cache cleaners, file removal utilities, CPU overclocking tools, app disablers, or task automation tools.

All-in-One Toolbox (Free)

best speed booster for android

The All-in-One Toolbox is an all-purpose Android optimizer. Like many Android cleaner applications, AIO Toolbox offers a fast one-touch booster that removes cache, background apps, and RAM. In addition, it includes an app manager, a file manager, and a CPU cooler (which kills running applications to save power). “Easy Swipe” consists of a radial menu with shortcuts to tools on your home screen or other apps.

The app’s organization is excellent; however, it could be better with tools split between a vertical feed and many tabs. Still, this app is worth downloading if you want to get the most out of your Android phone.

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Smart Phone Cleaner (Free)

Phone Cleaner

A Systweak Android Cleaner is a speed booster app that helps speed up your Android phone. It scans your phone for duplicate files, unused apps, and other junk that can slow down your phone’s performance. It also has a game booster feature that can help speed up games on your phone.

Systweak is an app that provides various features to help keep your device running smoothly. You can clean up junk files, scan for duplicates, optimize battery life, find out what applications are eating up memory, and much more. This tool works well because it doesn’t require root access.

The app offers three main sections: System, Apps, and Data. Each section contains various subcategories that allow you to locate specific issues quickly. For example, under Apps, there is a category called “Junk Files.” When you select this category, you’ll see a list of apps consuming too many resources. These programs are simple to remove from your computer.

A Systweak Android Cleaner can help speed it up if your phone feels slow.

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1Tap Cleaner (Free)

speed boost app

One-Tap Cleaner aims to keep system cleaning as uncomplicated as possible: one touch to clean. Its simplicity alone qualifies it for a place on our Best phone speed booster for android.

The app can also clean up the phone memory cache of junk files and search history and remove call history and text messages with extra features for clearing your phone’s call history and text messages, an app manager, and a feature to look up filetype associations for filetypes.

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CCleaner (Free)


Ccleaner is one of the best PC maintenance programs for Windows PCs, and now you can use it on your Android phone or tablet to get rid of all the junk that has built up on your device.

The CCleaner for Android is a multifunctional cleaning software that clears out your app cache, download folders, browser history, and other temporary files; you may also clean your call and SMS logs selectively or in bulk.

CCleaner is a program that removes junk files, speeds up computers, and protects them against malware. It includes an app manager, CPU, RAM, internal storage, and battery and temperature monitors.

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SD Maid

SD Maid

The SD Maid is a robust yet simple-to-use software that allows users to erase unnecessary files and other rubbish. System Cleaner scans your storage and file system for files that can be safely erased, while “Corpse Finder” searches for deceased files left over from uninstalled applications. An app manager and a built-in file manager are also included in the apps.

SD Maid Pro is a powerful program that cleans your computer using various methods. It includes an App Cleaner to clean app caches, a Duplicate File Finder to find and remove duplicate files, and a task scheduler to automate system cleaning.

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Nova Launcher (Free)

best booster app for android

Another factor causing your Android phone to slow down is the custom launcher you downloaded. If you don’t like all of the extras and gadgets, or if they truly slow down your phone, consider downloading a customizable Android launcher such as Nova Launcher.

Nova Launcher is one of the most popular and valuable Android launcher programs. Nova Launcher strikes a good balance between extensive appearance modifications and minimal performance costs, allowing you to customize your home screen without skimping on speed. Consider several variables, ranging from color schemes to icon packs, scrollable docks, app drawer tweaks, folder settings, and infinite scrolling.

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Greenify (Free)

best phone booster app for android

Greenify essentially puts an Android app dormant, preventing it from utilizing system resources or bandwidth and permitting you to run it in the foreground without any difficulties. However, when you specifically select an app for Greenify, you may use it usually in the foreground without any additional hassles.

Only bother with a task-killer when you can Greenify it if you have memory or battery hogs that continue to drain resources in the background. Please don’t use this on your alarm clock or messaging app unless you want them to stop functioning.

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One Booster

speed booster for phone

One Booster is a simple yet powerful tool that enhances Android performance and helps users have a more rapid mobile experience. It includes a cache cleaner, trash collector, CPU cooler, battery saver, and virus remover to maintain your device in peak operating condition.

The Android Optimizer also can clean RAM and run a speed test to see how much better it performs compared with before.

It offers an easy-to-use interface that allows users to clean cache files, clean cache junk files, and other hidden residual files for the fastest mobile experience imaginable.

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AVG Cleaner

phone booster app

More than 50 million people use AVG Cleaner, one of the Android Optimizer Tools. After each scan, the Android Booster app is built with sophisticated algorithms to make your device run more swiftly and efficiently than ever.

It also has functions like removing pre-installed apps, junk cleaner, cache cleaner, hibernate apps, system information file manager, and more. AVG Cleaner also provides a one-click maintenance function that scans and analyzes your device in just a few seconds.

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Simple System Monitor

android ram booster

A Simple System Monitor (SSM) is an Android application that provides a comprehensive overview of your device’s system performance. It monitors key performance indicators such as CPU and memory usage, battery life, data throughput, and more.

The interface is easy to understand. Three tabs along the bottom of the screen provide information about each resource. For example, a graph under Memory shows how much RAM your device has used over time. Under Disk Space, you can see what percentage of storage space is taken up by cached data, temporary files, and other things. And Network Traffic displays the amount of bandwidth consumed by apps and the phone Internet.

There’s plenty of information here. If you want to dig deeper into a particular resource, scroll down. For example, if you select Processor Usage, you’ll see a chart displaying the number of processes running on your device. You can click on one of the charts to find out what those processes are doing and view detailed information.

Thanks to the SSM, you can keep your Android device running at peak performance for years to come!

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Cache Cleaner – DU Speed Booster

The world’s most popular speed booster for Android phones and tablets is now even better with DU Speed Booster. This powerful tool helps you keep your smartphone faster, smoother, and safer with a straightforward touch.

boost speed app

The main features are:

  • Detects apps running in the background
  • Kills unwanted processes
  • Cleans your cache and junk files
  • Keeps your device safe from viruses

With DU Speed Booster, you can lock your personal information and sensitive files within apps to protect them from unauthorized access. You can also set passwords for individual apps to ensure security and privacy.

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RAM Booster eXtreme Speed Free

RAM Booster eXtreme is a powerful tool that boosts your Android device’s memory and speeds up everything you do. You’ll never notice anything different about how your system works. With just one tap, RAM Booster’s extreme speed frees up your RAM and reduces lag. It does this without slowing down your apps, changing settings, or battery drainage.

phone boost app

The main features are:

  • Increase system RAM size
  • Automatically clear cached files
  • Manage apps’ RAM usage
  • Boost the phone’s performance
  • Disable unwanted applications


Clean Master- Space Cleaner & Antivirus

Cleaner & Antivirus

Clean Master is a free Android cleaner application. The app offers many features, such as a space cleaner, antivirus, privacy protection, and more.

The app lets you clean up unwanted files, applications, and data from your device. You can also use it to delete temporary files, clear caches, and even optimize your storage.

You can also use the app to protect your privacy by erasing sensitive information from your device. For example, you can erase browsing history, cookies, and more.

Furthermore, you can use the app to boost your phone’s performance. If too many apps run in the background, your phone might slow down. With Clean Master, you can stop those processes without uninstalling each app.

In addition, the app helps you manage your RAM usage. Clearing unused RAM can save your phone’s resources and improve its overall performance.

Moreover, Clean Master allows you to schedule tasks for later execution. So you can remember to run a particular process every day.

Lastly, Clean Master offers a built-in “Phone Booster” feature. When enabled, the app automatically runs a set of preconfigured actions during booting. These include disabling Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, etc., and turning off unnecessary sensors.

These actions can increase your phone’s battery life and make it faster. Finally, Clean Master is compatible with most devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop or above.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make my Android phone Run Faster?

One way to speed up your Android phone is to use a speed boost app. Boosting speed apps work by closing background apps and clearing out your phone’s cache. Another way to speed up your Android phone is to use a speed booster for the phone. Speed boosters for phones work by optimizing your phone’s performance and freeing up resources.

Do Android speed Boosters work?

Android speed booster often cleans up the cache and frees up RAM. The amount of RAM on the phone significantly affects how well the phone runs. Phones with 1GB or less RAM will not run as smoothly as phones with more RAM. However, it’s important to note that boosting an Android phone’s performance by clearing its cache files or freeing up its RAM will only provide a temporary boost. Many Android speed boosters have additional features like task killers and battery savers.

Is Signal Booster illegal in USA & Canada?

Several nations do not allow the use of signal boosters. However, as long as the relevant authorities approve these items in the United States and Canada, they are not subject to any restrictions in those countries.

Despite this, Android devices may be judged negatively for their unvaried performance compared to iOS. But that doesn’t negate that Android is the most adaptable and user-friendly operating system for mobile devices. We’ve tried our best to include as many of the finest phone speed boosters for Android on this list as possible. Still, please feel free to add any more recommendations in the comments.

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