Best Currency Converter Apps For iPhone & Android

We’re all aware that international travel may be a costly experience. As you plan your trip, it’s essential to figure out the best currency converter app for your country of destination and type of phone to avoid paying too much at checkout.

For those who travel a lot, currency converter applications are a godsend. The most crucial activity with foreign purchases is the need for accurate conversions in local currencies, whether it’s acquiring charms or negotiating a deal.

Yes, you may discover current currency rates using Google Currency Converter. However, beyond that, you might wish to examine currency market trends over time or compare numerous currencies to get other financial information. There are several money conversion apps on the Google Play Store and App Store for such uses. We based our recommendations on various user requirements for both Android and iPhone.


Best Currency Converter Apps For iPhone & Android

money Converter Apps For iPhone & Android

Here are some fantastic alternatives for iPhone and Android devices! This list includes practical money transfer applications that may be extremely useful when traveling abroad.


XE Currency Converter

XE Currency Converter

Frequent travelers and business people utilize this viral currency converter exchange. It’s undoubtedly one of the finest and quickest conversion sites noted for its consistency and quality.

The App is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. XE is a free service that gives real-time information on the value of precious metals and international currencies. It includes a calculator for live rates, which works equally well in an offline environment (double-check the rates before going offline).

Features of XE Currency Converter:

  • Transfers are made fast and easy. Fees are meager.
  • You can see rate graphs.
  • The interface is clean and straightforward to use.
  • It has a built-in calculator.

Download for Android / iPhone


Easy Currency Converter

Easy Currency Converter

The money converter can provide you with the exchange rates for over 200 countries. It enables you to compute and communicate the results with others using third-party applications. You have options of how many decimal places you want your exchange rates displayed and changing it in settings up to five decimals.

Furthermore, you may change the language and theme of the program and how often it is required to update. Set it to notify you about the currency exchange rate every 5-30 minutes or once a day, for example.

To get quicker access and view the exchange rate since 2011, you may add certain currencies as favorites in the Historical Graph.

Features of Easy Currency Converter:

  • Allows you to change and calculate the exchange rates for 180 currencies.
  • Available in various languages, including English, Italian, German, and others.
  • The App Provides a graphical presentation of the previous rate’s history.
  • Let you make your list for rapid and easy results.

Download For: Android iOS


Exchange Rates – Currency Converter

best currency converter app

The currency converter on this page is one of the most popular for its high-end features and services. You may use this best Currency Converter application to calculate foreign currency prices and historical Data, fluctuations, and banknotes from various nations.

With this instrumental Money Exchange Program, you may get the conversion rate of nearly any currency. Exchanges Rates is an attractive choice if you want a free currency converter App.

Features of Exchange Rates – Currency Converter:

  • Its contemporary design enables it to provide real-time data every 60 seconds.
  • This App runs effectively in the absence of an internet connection.
  • It supports cryptocurrencies and tradeable commodities.
  • The App Has a built-in calculator.

Download for Android


All Currency Converter

best currency converter app

One of the most straightforward and intuitive currency converters is the All Currency Converter. The App supports over 100 different currencies, with correct rates to a hundred percent. The UAE Dirham (AED), Argentine Peso (ARS), Brazilian Real (BRL), Bitcoin (BTC), Swiss Franc (CHF), and a slew of other common currencies are all supported by this currency converter app.

Features of All Currency Converter

  • Mark favorite currencies. Keep an eye on currency trends and charts.
  • Batch currency conversion is feasible. One can get regular updates on various currencies.
  • The exchange rates may be calculated with the help of its built-in calculator.
  • Highly compatible with Android and previous Samsung smartphones.

Download for Android



best currency converter app

The App gives users the option to exchange between various currencies using Bitcoin or its real-time equivalent, Ethereum. It supports over 150 countries and hundreds of different financial instruments (including cryptocurrencies), all of which can be converted in real-time. The interface is simple and colorful, with a built-in calculator for several currencies that can be used to make rapid conversions.

Features of Currency

  • Live historical charts are available.
  • The dark mode option is available.
  • It takes up little room in your storage.
  • The App runs on all of Apple’s latest devices, including the iPhone X. It may also be used with Android tablets and smartphones.

Download for iPhone


My Currency Converter & Rates

best currency exchange app

The App, perfect for both professional and personal usage, allows you to exchange currencies in the Safari browser. Using the program, you can acquire fast currency rates for 170+ Word Currency & Precious metals. The money transfer software has been created to aid digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.

Features of My Currency Converter & Rates

  • A straightforward user interface. Invert currencies with the ‘Switch’ option.
  • The most notable feature of this currency converter is that it provides accuracy to three decimal places. The newest exchange rates are automatically updated and saved, allowing the currency converter to operate without an internet connection.
  • It is a lightweight money exchange App.

Download for iPhone


Currency Converter Plus Live

Currency Converter Plus Live

If you’re having trouble squeezing everything on your iPhone into just 16GB of storage, we’ve got a solution for you. One of the lightest currency converters available in the App Store is Currency Converter Plus Live. The program is most recognized for its fast real-time foreign currency conversions, a handy calculator showing local currencies results, and historical rate charts and graphs.

Features of Currency converter plus live

  • It supports a wide range of currencies like Dollar, Pound, Euro, Yuan, Yen, Ruble, etc. Batch currency conversion is feasible.
  • There are several helpful tools for comparing prices and checking live exchange rates. Plus, a simple calculator for obtaining values in local currencies.
  • Convert your local currency to Bitcoin with ease using this free App.

Download for iPhone


Forex Currency Rates

Forex Currency Rates

The program supports all of the main currencies in over 140 countries, and gold and silver prices are also available.

All of the Forex exchange rates are gathered in one location. You receive currency information, as well as past and current price changes, for each currency. It also has a universal currency converter tab and supports full-screen charts.

FX Rates provides support for Inverse and Reverse selections, as well as simple add, remove, and refresh of your favorite currencies. It includes primary navigation and is suited for traders and tourists.

Best of all, if your phone has an SD card slot, you may install this program on external storage. Even if it is deleted inadvertently, your phone will preserve the information.

Features of Forex Currency Rates:

  • Up to 140+ world currencies are supported. Full-Screen Charts Are Available.
  • Traders and tourists will enjoy it. The layout is simple to use.

Download for Android


My Currency Pro – Converter

My Currency Pro – Converter

With this handy currency converter software, you may quickly convert between 160+ world currencies. My currency is your ideal traveling companion for all things foreign. One of the most excellent Currency Converter Apps For Android users will love it!

 Features of My Currency Pro – Converter:

  • Charts for rate changes are shown. Rate fluctuations are automatically updated.
  • Manage a variety of cryptocurrencies along with User-friendly UX.

Download for Android


Amount – Unit Converter

Amount – Unit Converter

Do you need an easy-to-use, lightweight currency converter app? Amount Unit Converter may be the ideal option for you. It supports real-time currency conversion in a variety of currencies, as well as various categories, including Data, density, Force, Frequency, Angles, Area, Power, Temperature, Time, and many more. It is undoubtedly one of the superb currency converters available.

Features of Amount – Unit Converter:

  • Real-time conversion is supported. In this App, you’ll find a variety of graphs that provide insight into the data.
  • It’s customized to look and work the way you want it to be. A user-friendly interface powers it. Within seconds, it can convert various currencies for you.

Download for iPhone


Currency Converter

money converter

A currency converter is next on the Best Currency Converter Apps for Android. This lightweight yet powerful software allows you to keep track of various currencies with ease.

It’s packed with several tools that are especially useful to professionals and traders. The App’s only disadvantage is that it isn’t available to iOS users.

Features of Currency Converter:

  • It’s beneficial for individuals in business and traders. It works even when you’re not connected to the internet.
  • The analysis will include market trends comparison.
  • It shows the results in a graphical and visual form.


Currency Converter- Exchange

money Converter Exchange

If you trade in foreign currency regularly, a Currency converter exchange can assist you. This handy and portable Money Exchange App can provide straightforward conversions in both fiat currencies and DogeCoin, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies.

Convert amounts between different currencies quickly and easily. No matter where you are in the world, you may use this fantastic software to boost conversion rates up to three decimal places. One of the Best Android Currency Converter Applications

Features of Currency Converter- Exchange:

  • The App Provides real-time rate changes based on market activity.
  • Offline mode is also available.
  • This App also keeps track of the last update rates.


Conclusion for Best Currency Converter Apps for Android & iOS

Best Currency Converter Apps for Android & iPhone can make traveling and currency trading a breeze. The majority of the applications may be used to calculate several currencies and keep you up to date on current money market movements and much more. These apps are clutter-free, allowing you to check currency conversion rates, market fluctuations, and volatility rates with ease. Do you have a favorite currency converter App? Please leave a remark with your thoughts below.

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