What Are the Best Habit Tracking Apps For Android & iOS

According to a study, it takes about 18 days to 254 days for humans to form new habits. Further, on average, a habit becomes automatic by following it persistently for 66 days. Reshaping behaviors and reforming habits have never been effortless. It requires energy, motivation, and consistent tracking of your practices. Hence, it becomes imperative to use a trustworthy source to stick to your targets. Habit tracking apps offer you the comfort and reliability to work hard, consistently, towards your goals. Best Free Productive habit tracking apps android & iOS are discussed in detail in this article.

What Are the Best Habit Tracking Apps For Android & iOS


Habit Tracking Apps

Being humans, we tend to forget small everyday goals. It is hard to track your progress and build habits without constant reminders. Best productive habit tracker apps take part in forging new practices and rituals. With their help, you can create your daily routine and schedule. Thus, it becomes easier to remember and complete your targets.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of free habit tracking apps for Android and iOS devices. You can use any one of these online habit trackers and achieve success.


Habitica – Habitica Review

habit tracker app

Habitica is one of the free habit tracker apps for iOS and Androids. It has made life simple for the ultimate game lovers. This habit tracker app is in the form of a game that keeps track of your goals and habits.

Your life turns into a video game with habitica wiki. With new patterns, completion, and acquisition of these habits: you move up in the game. You build-up your character and get advantages. However, if you fail to perform any activity, you can also get punishments. These habitica alternatives keep the motivation up and help you achieve your goals.

You can also team up and be a part of other teams in this game. People sharing the same goals becomes part of your team. So, you get benefits from being part of a group. Your missions and quest will be mutual, and you all drive each other towards better performance. However, if any of you fails to perform the activity, then the whole group suffers.

Thus, the gamification of habit tracking app has modernized a way to build healthy habits. Its basic features are free to use. However, you can also subscribe to support the app and obtain a premium version.

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Streaks App – A Productive Habit Tracker

habit tracker app

A habit tracker app that keeps streaks of your habits is the aim of Streaks – a habit tracking app. Streaks help in managing multiple habits and make a chain of it. If you fail to complete any habit, your score will go down to zero.

You can also customize its features as per your taste. It provides a fascinating and colorful interface that helps you in remembering your activities. Also, you get the option to assign days or timers for tracking your habits.

Further, Streaks can work in conjunction with the Health app. It helps in building healthy habits, which benefits your body and mind. Such as, you can customize Streaks’ workout options to keep your workout and exercise routine in check. Moreover, it sends you reminders so you do not forget about your goals.

Its basic version is free for iOS and Android devices. However, you will have to pay for the premium and advanced version.

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Momentum App

habit tracker app

Momentum is another free habit tracker app, exclusive for the iOS and Apple devices. This productive habit tracker moves you up on the road of change. You can track your habits and set goals for yourself. All you have to do is set the goal and assign some days to complete it.

Another great feature of this habit tracker app is that you can bring data on an Excel sheet. Also, you can share your profile on the iCloud. These features help in viewing your progress across different mediums. Thus, this makes it easier to follow a routine and build habits.

Moreover, with Momentum, you can set weekly targets and use habit tracker notepad. It helps in controlling your daily, weekly, and long-term goals and targets.

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Fabulous App – Habit Tracker App for Android

free habit tracker app

Fabulous is a free habit tracker app for iOS and Android. As the name suggests, the Fabulous app is fantastic for creating routines and forming new habits. The company claims that it is an evidence-based app; it reinforces you to forge healthy habits.

You create a journey of your whole day with its goal tracker templates. It makes a chain of your small habits that turns into a full day routine. Additionally, this app is a fitness accountability app, which helps in keeping you fit. It helps you with an exercise regime, mindfulness, sleeping patterns, and many other healthy habits.

With a fabulous free habit tracker app, you can set your whole day routine, with timers. Your small goals turn out to be a voyage of developing healthy rituals.

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 Loop App – Loop Habit Tracker


Loop habit tracker is a free and open-sourced habit tracking app for Android. It is an excellent way to create new, positive habits and achieve long-term goals. Also, it has some notable features that make it unique among the lot. This fantastic productive habit tracker updates you regarding your progress with new habits through charts. It shows graphs and statistics of your continuance with the habits.

This free habit tracker app lets you set goals on a daily, weekly, and yearly basis. Moreover, it always rings the bell to ensure that you perform your activities. One of its incredible features is that it keeps the “Habit score.” This score lets you know how many times you have performed a habit. When you miss following a habit for a long time, your score decreases. But as soon as you get back on track, your score starts rising.

Loop app is an easy and user-friendly habit tracking app. It helps you to be in good shape, maintaining healthy habits. For example, a diabetic individual can get help in diabetes with the Loop app. This habit tracker app will help a diabetic person in keeping up with a fixed routine.  Hence, they can live a fit and healthy life.

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GoalTracker App

goal app

GoalTracker app is one of the goals and habit tracking apps for Android and iOS. It helps the users make life goals and follow them to success. This app keeps your goals on track with a review of your progress.

You just have to set the goals and check in values. This productive habit tracker will do the rest of the work. It will track your progress, calculate data, and give reminders. Also, it can set goals for a longer time: weekly, monthly, or yearly. You can make goals for every area of life, such as family, career, health, finances, and personal growth.

Use GoalTracker and write down all the goals that you want to achieve in a year. This goal accountability app will remind you each day and keep you on the path of success.

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Productive App – Productive Habit Tracker

productive habit tracker

Productive is a useful and easy to use free habit tracker app for iOS devices. It is simple yet effective in its functioning. This productive habit tracker creates new goals and targets for you. You can make a schedule of your rituals and follow it accordingly.

Moreover, it motivates you by measuring your day-to-day success. It sends you weekly reports of your progress.

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Coach.me App


Coach.me is an adequate habit tracking app for Android and iOS. This free habit tracker app also provides the support of a community that motivates you. Sometimes, it is hard to find inspiration and to push yourself alone. Coach.me offers you community support for your goals. When you add any habit to the list, it connects you with other Coach.me users. They share ideas and help you find ways where you feel stuck.

However, if you want a mentor, you can also hire a personal coach at an affordable cost. Your coach will regularly check-in, give guidelines, and tend to make you focused. Therefore, you cannot wave off your habits and goals.

So, this app is all for going hard on forming new habits. It helps you keep track of goals as well as gives a human touch.  

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Strides Habit Tracker


A free habit tracker app for iOS is a Strides habit tracker. It’s a complete joy to use Strides with a clear interface and an organized representation of your progress. With the aid of graphs and charts, you can see the progress you have made.

This habit tracker app helps you form long-term goals and keeps track of them. It offers a unique feature in terms of setting up goals. You can create a streak of goals and select habits: essential to achieving those goals. Now, this app will remind you of daily targets and pushes you to perform them.

Moreover, it lets you do tracking of four types: habits, targets, average, and milestones. With its help, you reach targets on designated dates. Also, you create or break habits, with streaks of goals. Further, you can also calculate the average performance value of your habits.

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You Can Also Use These Printable Sheets to Track Habits

100-Day Habit Tracker Printable  

It will help you set goals and track them for 100 days. Suitable for short-term purposes.

Mini Habit Tracker Printable

This printable is ideal for small, day-to-day goals. So, you can make bullet points and plan your routine.     

Free Habit Tracker Printable

You can download thousands of free habit trackers, customized as per your choice.  

Yearly Habit Tracker Printable  

Now, this printable is perfect for tracking long-term goals. You can break long-term targets into small steps and achieve them one by one. 

Final Words

Free habit tracking apps for Android have made building new habits easy-peasy. Just download these apps and begin your journey to new realms.

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