How To Charge a Phone With a Broken Charger Port

Imagine! Coming home from the office and your phone’s dead. You have to respond to all those emails and important notifications and you found out that the phone charger port is broken. For all this situation you must need to know about how to charge a phone without a charger. With the tricks, you can make broken charger port work. Your Android charger port broken can work perfectly with a little bit of work and much of common sense. Hence, you won’t have to face trouble if cell phone charging port broken.

Remember!! With the tricks you apply to phone charger port broken, you have to be careful enough. Don’t try any of the experiments with the wet hands.

Things Before Trying Out Experiments


Remove and Rub the Battery

Remove and Rub the Battery

No need to worry if the Android charger port is broken. If your phone has a removable battery, then gently remove it. Afterward, rub with dry hands for five minutes. Then, put back the battery gently back into the phone. Try to charge it.

Clean the Battery

If you think, there is dust in the phone battery and this is the reason that your phone is not charging then clean it gently. Clean the positive and negative terminal of the battery. And clean the connectors as well. You can clean with the help of a toothpick.

Charge the Battery Separately

Try to charge the battery with the battery’s charger. This is for those phones who have a removable battery. After two or three hours, attach the battery to the phone and see if the battery of the phone is full.

Change the Socket

broken charger port

Recheck other issues before checking out the cell phone charging port broken. It might be the issue that the issue is not with the charger, but with the socket. Try to plug in the charger on another socket.

Change the Adapter

phone charger port broken

Before carrying out further experiments, try to change the charger’s adapter. It might be possible that the adapter is having any fault.

Change the cable

Try to change the cable. There may be internal damage to the wires that your phone is not charging. Try to examine other parts before reaching out to the cell phone charging port broken issue.

Clean the Charging Slot

Android charger port broken

With the help of a toothpick, try to clean the charging port. With the passage of time, the port can be filled with dust and lint. Clean it and try to charge the phone. And see if it is working.

Charge the Different Phone

With the same charger, try to charge a different phone. If the other phone is charging, then the issue is with your phone. One of the solutions is to call the manufacturer or franchise and get this issue fixed from there. Hence, or otherwise, change the phone.


How To Charge Phone Without Charger

Android charger port broken

If the issue is with your charger and you have sorted out that its about USB port. Most of you have locked into your homes, there are delays in online deliveries and people do not prefer to go outside for safety purposes.

So here is how to charge a phone without a charger

Items You Require

  • You will need, your phone charging cable
  • Small scissors or cutter
  • Electrical Tape
  • Laptop
  • You should have knowledge about how to remove the battery
  • A lot more of concentration


Cut the Charging Cableandroid charger port broken

Cut the charging cable vertically and you will see here wires. Detect the positive wire and negative wire. All you have to do is to peel off the rubber sheet of the wires to carry out the further experiment. Hold the cable in one hand and tweak the charging connection at the USB side to establish the connection.


Peel off the Wires

After cutting the cable, make the inner wires out of the black rubber wire, the next step is to peeling of these wires and makes copper wire exposed. The red-colored wire is positive and black colored wire is negative. You can peel of wire with nails (if you have sharp nails). Or else, it can be done with a cutter but you have to be careful while using this.

Now the charging wires are ready. But they are too thin to go to the charging port. So we need to make them thicker so that they fix in the broken charger port. Twist the copper strands to fix phone charger port broken. Mold the end part of wire like a tiny ball so that it can resolve an android charger port broken issue easily.

It is very important to make the ball size equal to each other and these balls should easily fix into battery connectors. You can resize it according to your phone’s battery size easily.

Once the knots are fixed, your android charger port broken is converted into a manual charger. Now inserts the positive wire to the positive terminal and negative wire to the negative terminal of your phone’s battery.

If your phone charger port is broken is not fixed than clamping these knots with their respected terminals and see if it’s working.

Every battery displays its positive terminal and negative terminal.

Other Alternatives

Most of the smartphones have a non-removable battery, so we have alternatives for them as well. The users do not need to panic in this situation and act wisely.

Wireless Charger

wireless charging

Get a wireless charger for yourself and make life easier. The wireless charger works on the principle of electromagnetic induction. Some wireless chargers offer Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect the device via Bluetooth and it will charge easily.
However, in order to charge your phone fully, you have to charge the wireless charger.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean the iPhone charging port?

If you want to clean the iPhone broken charger port, first view the charging slot with the flashlight or any other LED light, so that you ca view dust and lint clearly. Our suggestion is to clean the inner side with a toothpick. Do not try to clean with a metal rod or any harder material. It will put scratches on the phone. Keenly, put some compressed air. This method will clean all the dust. Now try to charge the phone.

What about the Apps to charge the phone without a charger?

Here is how to charge the phone without a charger. Download the mobile charging apps in your cell phone and see if the phone is getting charged. Here is the list of some known apps.
1. Charger Simulator
2. Fast Charging
3. Fingerprint Charger
4. Extra Battery

How to charge a tablet with a broken port?

If you have a broken charger port, don’t worry. You can charger your tab with a wireless charger easily. You can also download charging Apps so that your tab charges up.


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