Mi Health App – The New Fitness App by Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Google is banned in China. The products and services of Google are not available in China. That’s why smartphone manufacturers had to make new Apps. Every single Google product is now being re-build in China. Xiaomi is following the trend by launching its own fitness App, Mi fit health app. Mi fit health app can be sync with Apple Health & Android. Mi fit health app sync with Apple health can be seen in the attached video. Plus you can sync this app with Xiaomi Mi Band 4 & Xiaomi Mi Band 3 also.

How to Sync Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale with Apple Health

How to Sync Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale with Apple Health


Mi Health App- Xiaomi Mi Band 3

mi health app


AEE Xiaomi Mi Band 4

mi health appXiaomi is a giant manufacturer of smartphones in China. Its Apps are available on Google play store. Xiaomi already has a health and fitness App called Mi Fit for Xiaomi Mi Band 4

But news circling tech is that Xiaomi has built a beta version of new health and fitness App named Mi Health. Xda developers had managed to collect the screenshots of the App.

Xiaomi Health App is just like other fitness Apps. It counts your steps, sleep cycle, Menstruation cycle, according to the calendar, and BMI (body mass index). The user would be able to set exercise goals.

Mi Health is only for Xiaomi devices. Other devices will be unable to install it. The developers are calling this App a regular utility App, which will be widely accepted by people. It is not clear at the present time that Mi Health will replace the old fitness App or both Apps will work simultaneously.

The utility Apps are big conveniences for the users. That’s why every tech company is investing in building their specialized Apps. There is considerable space in the market. With branded Apps, smartphone manufacturers are intending to dedicate users.

Xiaomi had collected data from all their users and developed Mi Health. In the near future, it is expected that every Google alternative will be available in the market.

How do I Download MI Fit App?

Watch the video to learn How to download and then install the MI Fit App to monitor the data recorded by the Mi band.

MI Band Application Download and install !! Pairing !!

The strategy to build company-branded Apps is for capturing business. Google has a monopoly in the App market. The data collected through Apps is extensively valuable. From the big data from users, Google formulates the strategy for new products. Other companies are aware of the fact, and now data is being collected by New Apps. The dominance of Google is still absolute, but there are no other players in the market. Huawei and Xiaomi are just two examples of tech companies competing with Google in the App market.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Which app is used for the MI band?

The mi band is one of the latest and advanced versions of the band. It is stylish in look as well as good to tracker about your fitness. Mi Band is a wearable activity tracker. It is launched on 22nd July 2014. After it’s launching the MI brand take the attention of the fitness lover they used to wear it and keep a record of their health by themself. Those who are using android for them the can download the application from Google play store and for iPhone users, they can download the applications from the application store.  At the time when it was launched, people used to download the application from Xiaomi’s MI fit app.

Can MI band 4 answer calls?

MI band 4 is launched in India.  It is having many features that perform different functions.  Mi band can display and give you a notification about the call; even you can reject the call. On the MI band, you can get easily read the messages and you can also activate your incoming call from the application setting. The drawback of this band is that you cannot answer the call. 

Which app is best for MI band 2?

Mi fit is the best application that can support MI band 2. MI fit can be downloaded free from the play store.

Does MI band 4 have speakers?

MI band 4 is the extension of the MI band. MI band 4 is having a feature of microphone for voice assistance. The voice detector can help you to give commands, but it is not having speakers to listen to music and even talk with other people.

Is Xiaomi MI band 4 worth it?

Yes, Xiaomi mi band 4 is worth to buy. It is much better than its predecessor. It providing multiple functions for its users like you can wear it while having swimming and keep a record of your swimming activity.

Which MI band is best?   

Xiaomi mi band 4 is so far the best and cheap band to keep a record of your fitness.

Can I use MI band 4 without the phone? 

Mi band 4 giving you the advantage that you are not supposed to take your smartphone along with the band. The smartphone and band can automatically synchronize with each other.

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