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Going on a mission to lose weight, eating healthy, or stay fit is never too easy. You have to strive hard to keep a balance with the calorie count so that you don’t fall into the category of obese people. The reason behind weight gain is access munching on junk food at irregular times. Therefore, we have added some best Calorie Counter App in this article to help you maintain a routine of a balanced diet and a continuous check on your calories. The best calorie counter app for Android in the year 2020 can help you avoid harmful food so that you remain in shape. Moreover, these calorie counter apps are free to download on your Android device.

So, if your body can put on a minor weight even after you consume a little fat, then you should keep a check on what you eat always. You can choose different ways to control your weight like following a strict diet plan, regular exercise, gym, or counting on your calories.

Best Android Calorie Counter

If you are going to the gym for this purpose, then you will eventually go shapeless, the moment you leave your gym routine. So, counting your calories is the best option to reduce fat intake and help you live a balanced life. We all know that gaining weight is so easy and shredding it is way too hard. So, better be calculative with your whole diet schedule and food items, instead of becoming fat and lazy creature. The choice is yours!

You can consult any nutritionist for a perfect diet plan according to your body mass index BMI, but you will get the idea about your eating habits through calorie counter apps as well. Let’s move on to the best calorie counter app for Android so that you may keep an eye on your calorie intake daily.


Calorie Chart App – calorie app android

calorie counter app

If you are looking for an app that provides you accurate information regarding your fats, carbohydrates, and protein intakes, then choose this app. Whether you are in a restaurant, ordering any food or you are in your home kitchen, preparing some food, Calorie Chart will assist you in choosing the best food as per your diet plans.

You will be provided with a pie chart of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, etc. You can choose the required micronutrients and macronutrients, or calories from the given calorie table. Any item like veggies, fish, meat, or pulses can be selected from the list to count the calories required.

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MyFitnessPal – calorie tracker app android

calorie counter app

MyFitnessPal is considered as the best calories counter app Android, exclusively designed for your health and fitness purpose. Moreover, this app comprises of around 11 million food database for the users to help them find a perfect calorie count for their daily routine.

According to estimates, 88% of people who joined MyFitnessPal have lost weight and overall this figure is around 200 million pounds. So, if you want to track your food easily, then try this app to get fast menus and a proper healthy diet plan to follow.

Counting your calories was never too easy without these calorie calculators. You will find a barcode scanner, recipe importer, logging into the restaurant, tracking of all the nutrients, water tracking, and related customize calorie counter settings.

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MyNetDiary, Food Diary Tracker

food diary tracker

MyNetDiary is another amazing calorie counter food tracker that comes with several useful features. This calorie counter app Android doesn’t only count your calories but also tracks your exercise schedules to help you live a healthy life.

MyNetDiary consists of 9 million members which had lost around 1.4 lbs weight. Moreover, research shows that members of this calorie counter app had lost around 12 lbs in just 7 months. And this is proof that MyNetDiary is the best calorie counter and a free calorie counter app for your Android.

Amazingly, this calorie counter app is also famous as a health and diabetes tracker. So, with the help of this Android app, you can measure your heart rate, blood pressure, blood cholesterol levels, medications, etc. Just take a picture of your food through a barcode scanner and measure calories to stay on track with your daily meals, snacks, and a healthy lifestyle.

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FatSecret – best calorie app android

FatSecret App Preview

If you have been looking for a calorie counter app for your Android smartphone with easy to handle interface, then FatSecret is a must-try option. FatSecret is considered as the most efficient app running in the market due to its salient features to help you lose weight and control your diet.

You will get everything in one place like a weight tracker, barcode scanner, exercise diary, healthy recipes, diet calendar for your calorie count, and a lot more. So, the overall FatSecret app allows you to keep your lifestyle on track and make your diet routine healthier than ever. Having this Android app, you can check the amount of the food you intake along with your exercise routine and period.

FatSecret is quite manageable and a user-friendly app and it has also covered almost all the restaurant diet and food corners. So, you can download this one of the best and free calorie counter apps for your Android.

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EasyFit free – best app for calorie counting

calorie counter app android , best android calorie counter

If you want to achieve your fitness goal, then EasyFit free is another best calorie counter app to try. This app tracks everything from your daily exercise schedule, food intake, water consumption, weight progress to macros.

Hence, you can download this free calorie counter app for Android, which does not even require any logins. All you have to use the free and fast features effectively in your daily routine life to live a healthy life.

All you have to choose food in the required section of the calorie count and improve your fitness within a few months. Just add any food mix into the existing 1500 plus items and calculate your calories and macros to control your diet plan.

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Cronometer – Nutrition Tracker

Best Calorie Counter Apps - 4 Minute Tech

Cronometer is another calorie counter app for Android to help you track your nutrition according to your BMI or BMR. Whether you are following a Keto diet plan or your doctor has restricted you from eating certain kinds of food, Cronometer is here to support you.

This calorie counter has successfully worked on around 3 million people regarding weight loss methods. Moreover, this app also helps in tracking up to 82 micronutrients like minerals and vitamins, etc.

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All the above-mentioned calorie counter apps for Android are free and you can download them easily from the Play Store. Similarly, you will find several other calorie counter apps on Google Play Store for your Android as well. These apps include LifeSum, The Diet Diary, Lose It, JawBone Up, Noom Coach, Fitbit Built-in, etc. So, download any one of them and count your calories, check your daily food intake to remain on track and to live a healthy life.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best calorie counter app for Android?

There are many applications available on the play store that will help you to keep a check on the number of calories you intake. The best android calorie counter application is MyFitnessPal because it has a lot of useful features for the user and also has a very user-friendly interface.


Which calorie counter app is most accurate?

Abundant free calorie counter applications are available for android users. The application that provides the most accurate results is the Lose It! Application on the google play store.


What is the best diet app for android?

On the google play store, there are lots of free calorie counter applications that would help the user to lose their fat and maintain a healthy diet such as Waterlogged, Food Intolerances, etc. The best among these all is Healthy out as it provides you with a long list of restaurants, which only make healthy food.


What is a good free calorie counter app?

A large number of free calorie counter applications are available for a user by which they can count their calories daily. Examples are Fat secret, spark people, etc.


Is there a better app than MyFitnessPal?

Many free calorie counter applications have been developed for fitness and calorie counting but none of them proves to be solid competition for MyFitnessPal because it provides its user with abundant useful features.


Is Noom just calorie counting?

Noom is another great application when it comes to fitness. It is not only a free calorie counter application but also provides the user with a health coach and also a customized weight loss plan according to the customer’s needs. Developers of this app claim that many people have reached their desired weight limits by using Noom.


What is the easiest calorie counter app?

Most of the free calorie counter applications are easy to use. The easiest and best calorie counter android application is MyFitnessPal as it has a very simple interface due to which the users can easily access all of the useful features that this free calorie counter application provides.


How do I calculate my calorie intake?

To calculate your calorie intake, all you need to do is to add the name of the product, which you are eating, into one of many free calorie counter applications available on the play store. After this, any of these applications would tell you the number of calories there are in a certain product. At the end of the day, the application would give the total calories which the user has eaten.


How many calories should I eat a day by age?

For each age, there are different levels of calories to be eaten. Each user should google or use one of the many free calorie counter application and find how many calories are required to be taken up by them.


Is MyFitnessPal app free?

 It is the best calorie counter android application and is free but you can purchase a premium membership to avail more features.

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