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Music is something we can all acknowledge to be universally loved. It definitely has come a far way too, from being stored in tapes and cassettes to now easily available online, for streaming and listening (Spotify being the best example of that). There are so many sources available to stream music, but many people still gravitate towards other mediums, to download music like SoundCloud mp3 downloader, and other free services. So, whether it’s faulty internet or long trips with no mobile data or you’re just an old soul, we’ve got you covered! Look no further as we discuss our top music downloader apps for Android phones. These are the best apps to download songs and music for free

5 Free Music Download Apps for Android


Music Downloader App for Android

The majority of us love listening to music, and most probably dancing on the tunes along with it. Today, technology tends to make it fun, and reachable as smartphone devices replaced mp3-player.
Considering that the cell network began initially to serve high-speed data connectivity and we can also find free wifi networks easily available in major cafes and stores, so coverage and accessibility on a mobile device are easy as compared to desktops. Back times, as a student we use to download mp3s on our computer, then move them into our mobile devices. However, today we could download music from the world wide web directly on our smartphone device.
Many people still today are unaware that the best music Downloader app for Android mobiles is easily available. We are aware it is sometimes irritating to maintain downloading programs and save it in your directory, but that’s the way a smartphone user is.

If you’d like to download music throughout your mobile, then the quickest solution to download would be via an app. Below are our favorite apps for downloading music on an Android device which will not cost you a cent.


YMusic – YouTube music player and downloader

soundcloud mp3 downloader, YMusic

YouTube is one of the biggest sources of music videos in the world, but it’s not very practical since it requires the app to be open to playing anything. Lucky for you, this app specializes in that!

 With this app, you can listen to songs, with the music videos streaming in the background. Users can also download music, as well as videos, in different formats, and then have it stored on their phone. Some can even say this app functions like Spotify. With millions of songs and videos at your disposal,  it’s obvious why it’s amongst the top music downloader apps for streaming and downloading. Download now 


Audiomack – music app for android

top music downloader apps, Audiomack

One of the hottest and majorly trending apps for both Android and iPhone users is none other than this beast. Similar to Soundcloud, this app was built to promote rising musicians and singers, as well as aspiring singers. Users can upload their albums, songs, or Mixtapes or, stream and download music for free for offline use. This app is free for all and is not blocked by any paywall. Famous singers have also, exclusively released songs on this app’s website, like Eminem and Nicki Minaj. This app also features an array of playlists, carefully curated to suit any mood or taste. You can get this music downloader app, for free on both Google Play Store and Apple store. Download Now 


MP3 Music Downloader – best music app

best song downloader app

This app enables users to download unlimited songs from multiple search engines in a wide range of sound qualities. With this, users have access to millions of songs, which they can search by genre, artist, album, or song title. There’s also no download limit and users can download several Mp3 songs at one time. The downside is that this app contains ads that may infuriate some people. Other than that, there’s little to complain about. This app is available on Google Play so people searching for a free and practical music downloader app for their Android phones should definitely check this out. Download Now


GTunes Music Downloader – best free music app

free music for android, GTunes

This app allows you to search and download songs, without the trouble of paying or subscribing. It’s as basic as it gets. You have to search the name of the song you’re looking for, finding it, and then downloading it. There’s also an option to preview the song or music before you download it. Most of these kinds of apps source their songs from YouTube or Soundcloud, so the quality is pretty decent.  The disadvantage of this app is that you have to know the song you want to download. This app doesn’t offer recommendations or a genre search. But other than this, this is a super user-friendly app. It’s simple but does what it says, which is to download songs so definitely is a strong contender for the best song downloader app.  Download Now


SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader

mp3 downloader, SuperCloud

For this app, you have to turn on your ad blocker and change settings to allow download of unknown applications, but trust us, it’ll be worth it. This music downloader app enables users to download songs to their Android phones in a blink of an eye. You just need to enter the name of the artist, song, or album and you’re all set. Besides downloading, this also allows users to stream songs and displays the available cover art of songs and albums. The app is fast, has a variety of songs, and allows you to stream and download. It’s everything anyone looking for free music for Android would want. Download Now


SONGily – best free music app for android

stream and download, SONGily

This high-rated app, available on Google Play features everything anyone would want from a music downloader app. It’s small in size, has free music for your Android phones, has a large library of songs, allows users to stream and download songs, and for those who don’t have a specific song they’re looking to download, it features trending and the latest songs. From the most mainstream songs to soundtracks of anime, this app has it all. It does contain ads, but that’s a small price to pay for all the abundant features you’ll get in return. You have to tap in the name of the song, artist, or even any lyrics that you remember, and it will take you to the song you’re searching for, granted that it’s available in the app’s database. Download Now


4Shared – music app for android

free music for android, 4Shared

The OG file-sharing site now comes as a handy app that users can download on their Android phones. Besides uploading, users also have the option to download all kinds of files, which includes songs and music. There’s even an option to look specifically for music. This app has a slightly different interface than most apps mentioned here, but users of the 4Shared website will have no problems navigating around the app either. This is an adequate app to get free music for your Android phones. Download Now


SoundCloud Mp3 Downloader – top music app for android

soundcloud mp3 downloader, SoundCloud

SoundCloud Downloader is a web app, and can’t be downloaded for obvious reasons. This, for sure doesn’t fall in this list of apps but functions similarly to others so we felt it’s too useful to ignore. SoundCloud mp3 downloader is the Best mp3 downloader without any doubt.

The website enables users to download Mp3 songs from SoundCloud in different sound qualities. To download the song you want, you have to add the URL of that song, on the homepage of this site, in the downloading space, and your download will start. This is a SoundCloud Mp3 downloader, and since SoundCloud doesn’t allow songs to be downloaded, this is the best next thing and is absolutely worth a look. Download Now


We’ve listed a number of apps that you can download to get free music for Android, according to your preference. While streaming may be more convenient, sometimes it’s just handy to have songs downloaded. Not only that, but it’s also cheaper or free (in most cases), and there’s no harm in being careful. So, happy Downloading!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download free music on my Android device?

To download free music for Android you can do one of the following:

  • Download free music downloader apps for Android available on Google Playstore like MP3 Music Downloader and GTunes Music Downloader.
  • Go to one of the many sites available for downloading mp3 songs through your browser. 

What is the best music downloader for android?

The competition for the best music downloader app for Android is tough but the best app award goes to SoundCloud with 100M+ downloads. 

How do I download music to my Samsung music app?

To add music to your Samsung Music app, you have to follow the given instructions:

  • Open the Samsung Music app
  • Browse through the folders and select the one which has all your music files stored. 
  • Select the file you want to play on Samsung Music. 

Samsung Music is basically a music player and doesn’t support song downloading. 

Where is music stored on Android?

When you download music from any music downloader app for Android, it is saved in the internal storage of your device or on your SD card, depending which you have chosen as your default option. 

Where are downloaded Amazon music files stored?

All the downloaded Amazon music files are stored in the directory:

My Files>Device Storage>Android>Data>>files>Music

Does Samsung have a music app?

Yes, all Samsung devices have a music app by the name of Samsung Music, which plays all the music files stored in your device’s internal memory.

How can I download music for free for my Android device?

To download free music for Android, you can use any music downloader app like SoundCloud, AudioMack, or Mp3 Music Downloader. There is a huge variety of apps that can download music for you for free. 

Is Samsung music any good?

Samsung Music is as good as any other music downloader app out there. It is simple and easy to use with several awesome audio settings. 

How do I download music from Spotify to my Samsung?

To download music from Spotify to your Samsung device, you need to go step-by-step. 

  • First, you need to download a Spotify Music Converter like UkeySoft, to remove the DRM protection from Spotify songs. This way they can be accessed like common audio files. 
  • Now you can convert the songs in the format you want like mp3 or Wav. 
  • Using a USB cable or Wi-Fi, connect your Samsung device to the computer and transfer the songs. 
  • Now you can listen to them on your Samsung device for free.

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