How to Block a Stolen Phone in Pakistan – CPLC IMEI Check

Most of us understand that the technology revolution in Pakistan has played an extremely essential part in forcing us in a society where we all believe incomplete without our smartphones. The use of social media and the Internet on our smartphones has greatly altered the way in which we live, communicate, and work. We really feel unhappy when our cell phone got stolen or lost somewhere. In case your smartphone has been stolen, either lost or falsified, you are capable to file a complaint using the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. PTA will get the IMEI block for your Stolen phone as soon as you launch a complaint.

Block mobile by IMEI number online Pakistan

  1. Visit PTA Headquarters or its own nearest zonal regional office
  2. You can also Block the stolen smartphone by emailing on this email address       [email protected], Please note you also have to provide the IMEI number of your device. PTA will get the IMEI block for your stolen phone.
  3. You can call PTA helpline 0800-25625
  4. The complainant may also contact the Citizens Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) helplines: 1102, 021-35662222, and 021- 35682222 for lodging complaints.
  5. You are able to block your stolen or lost cell phone only by sending the fax to CPLC at 021-35683336. But, you need to provide the IMEI number in your fax.

how to block a stolen phone


What Information to Provide?

  1. IMEIs of stolen/lost Cell Phone
  2. Mobile number (used in stolen/lost phone)
  3. Brand/model/colour
  4. Incident date
  5. Name
  6. CNIC number
  7. Father’s name/mother’s name
  8. Address
  9. Contact number

How to Check Status of a Smartphone?

The status of blocking is likely to be assessed after 16 working hours of reporting

You can assess the status in subsequent manners


Send 15-digit IMEI to 8484


Log in to PTA website

Android App

Check the status of the device via the android application (DVS)

Once blocked, the following message will appear against stolen IMEI

“Your cellular device (IMEI #number) is blocked (reported stolen/misplaced/misused to PTA)”

Please Note: PTA’s mandate is simply confined by blocking cellphones. As a way to trace/track stolen phones, you must contact the local police or law enforcement agencies. Please also be aware that False reporting is actually a legal offense and you’ll be dealt according to law.

imei block

How to Check the IMEI of your Phone

In the event that you have no idea how might you get hold of the IMEI code or number, then don’t worry. That’s extremely straightforward. It is likely to be found by a number of procedures that are defined under:

  1. By dialing *#06# on your cellular dial pad.
  2. It’s published on the device box
  3. Go to settings > About phone > Status > IMEI Information.
  4. Remove the back cover and battery of your cellular phone. There are IMEI within the Battery compartment (Only useful for portable phones with removable battery option).
  5. For IOS Devices go to Settings > General > About

Therefore, all of the above-described techniques can allow you to block your lost or stolen mobiles. At any time when such an unpleasant episode occurs to you personally, you then suggested submitting a complaint as quickly as you possibly can.

As a result of blocking, nobody can abuse the info available on your mobile phone. You might only breathe a sigh of relief since it’d continue to keep your data safe and noise.

Moreover, DIRBS (Device Identification, Registration, and Blocking System) has been launched by PTA to block and identify unregistered and smuggled smartphones.

Recently, PTA has begun sending texts (SMS) to each cell phone consumer to validate their handsets, as after October 20th solely registered or verified cell phone customers’ cell phones will likely be operational, the rest will likely be blocked.

So Get enrolled Your Device Before October 20 in Order to Prevent Smartphone Blockage from PTA.

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