WhatsApp Dark Mode-How to Enable on Android and iOS?

You can enable WhatsApp dark mode on your Android and iOS through playing around with the features of your device and following simple steps. WhatsApp Dark Mode is the most awaited feature of all time. The dark mode or night mode is necessary for saving the overall battery consumption, reduce eye strain and increase the readability factor.

However, there is no official launch news, but you can play with the features on the device till then.

How to Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode on Android?

Before enabling the dark mode, run the Android beta Q version on your phone. Once you start running OS on your device follow these steps:

  • You can turn on the dark mode on Android Q through going into the Settings, then pressing Display, select the theme and in the end choose the dark mode for your apps.
  • Once you move to enable your Dark Mode on your phone, switch on the “Developer Options”. In order to activate the developer options on your device, go to the Settings, then go to the “About Phone”, then tap on the “Builder Number” seven times.
  • Now if you have enabled the developer option on your device, then all you have to select is “override force-dark”. This will apply the theme all over the apps on your device.
  • When applying the dark mode on all over the apps on your device, you will see that WhatsApp on your phone will have the dark mode across it.
  • In order to add the dark mode to your chat thread, go to the WhatsApp Settings, then wallpaper, then click on-No wallpaper in order to have a night mode on your thread.

Here you go with dark mode on your WhatsApp.

How to activate it on iOS?

If you want to have a WhatsApp dark mode on your Apple, you should have your device running on the iOS 11 or any other latest and upgrade version. Follow these simple steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on General
  • Click on Accessibility
  • Go to Display Accommodations
  • Tap on Invert colors
  • Finally, click on smart invert

And you will have the darkest mode on your iOS device which will not affect the quality of your photos and videos on the phone.

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