Pakistani YouTubers with under 5 Lac/500K Subscribers

After a three-year ban, YouTube was finally unbanned in Pakistan in January 2016. Since then, there has been a rapid increase in the number of Pakistani YouTubers taking over the platform. When it comes to content niches, Vlogging is the trend these days. Zaid Ali, Sham Idrees, Taimoor Salahuddin/Mooroo, Khujlee Family, etc., are some of the most famous Pakistani Vloggers, as per Social Blade. Pakistani YouTube Vloggers mainly embark on journeys to explore the country’s beauty and promote it to their audience. Because of these Famous Pakistani Vloggers, many international content creators have visited the country to document their experience.


Pakistani YouTubers – Social Blade

Back in the day, people used to own YouTube channel to post videos for the sake of fun only. However, many people are now pursuing this social media service as a full-time career. To become a full-time content creator, one needs a massive following. While top influencers in Pakistan have over a million followers, some have yet to achieve this feat. So without any further ado, here are 5 amazing Pakistani YouTubers with less than half a million subscribers.


The Great Muhammad Ali

Pakistani YouTubers, The Great Mohammad Ali

Although it is said that a jack of all trades is a master of none, The Great Muhammad Ali has proven that saying wrong. Most of the well-established Pakistani YouTubers focus on their particular niche. However, the “very last” Muhammad Ali experiments with various content styles.

He puts out music videos, funny skits, travel vlogs, and whatnot! He even collaborated with the cast of Heer Maan Ja (a highly anticipated Lollywood film of 2019). While he can produce engaging content independently, he frequently collaborates with other members of the Pakistani Youtuber community. The prime example of this statement is his music video, “Juhi Chawla.” The video featured cameo appearances by multiple Pakistani Vloggers and other YouTuber artists.

As of this date, The Great Muhammad Ali’s youtube videos have garnered over 44 million views collectively. His subscriber count is a little over 328K. Moreover, he has just opened his restaurant, “The Flames.”



Mitti Fied

Pakistani Famous Vloggers, Mitti Fied

If you like to stay updated with news regarding top YouTubers, you might be aware of the channel DramaAlert. The channel covers controversies and gives updates involving influencers with high fan followings. Unfortunately, it doesn’t cover the latest happenings in the Pakistan Youtube Community. Worry not, however, as Mitti Fied has got that department covered.

Muhammad Zubair runs this channel and bills it as “Pakistan’s first YouTube News Channel.” Be it the beef between Ducky Bhai and one of the Top Pakistani YouTube Vloggers, Sham Idrees, or any other juicy news within the community; you can find it timely on Mitti Fied. The creator retrieves information from various social media platforms. He also encourages his followers to mail him any relevant news pieces that they can find.

The channel was launched in September 2018 and has gained more than 72.6 subscribers. If Muhammad Zubair keeps up his consistency, he can be a significant YouTube player in a couple of years.


Mansoor Qureshi MAANi

Pakistani Vloggers, mansoor qureshi maani, karachi vynz

You might know him from Karachi Vynz, a channel he co-founded with Daniyal Sheikh. This group channel often produces funny videos with underlying messages about our culture and other overlooked issues.

However, MAANi has a YouTube channel of his own as well. He usually posts vlogs and tech reviews on his solo channel. Additionally, he is breaking into the TV industry. He has starred in several Pakistani Dramas to date. He also had a small part in the Hit Lollywood film Karachi Se Lahore. 

The vlogs he puts out are simple yet engaging. His story-telling skills have improved a lot with time as well. MAANi’s channel recently crossed 100K subscribers. If his recent videos are any indication, expect things to get only better moving forward and for him to emerge as one of the most famous Pakistani vloggers.



Sana’s Bucket

Pakistani YouTube Vloggers

Many people confuse video commentary with roasting. Clearly, the content put out by Sana Amin, the creator behind the channel Sana’s Bucket, falls into the commentary category. On the other hand, a roast can be seen in an Awesamo Speaks video.

When you subscribe to this channel, you can expect an entertaining take on the ongoing issues related to Pakistan. Moreover, you can also find other types of videos on this channel, e.g., Voice-note conversations with Pakistani YouTubers. The creator has two additional channels, i.e., Bucketeria and Gol Roti. The former is a gaming channel, and the latter is a cooking one.

Sana’s Bucket currently has over 328K subscribers, with a collective view count of over 24 million. As the comments on her videos indicate, Sana’s followers greatly appreciated her content. Some of her videos also circulate on other social media platforms. One video even made it to a TV show.



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PSL 4, ukhano

UKHANO doesn’t need any introduction whatsoever. He is one of the top Pakistani YouTube Vloggers. The cinematography in his vlogs gives tough competition to that used in Irfan Junejo’s. He was also the official vlogger for team Peshawar Zalmi during the last season of the Pakistan Super League. During the tournament, he got to collaborate with the likes of Mahira Khan, Darren Sammy, and others.


In the present age, most people have short attention spans and don’t prefer watching lengthy content. However, Umar Khan possesses the unique craft of captivating storytelling to make people sit through his vlogs attentively. UKHANO also launched his podcast around 4 months ago. Its first season concluded after 9 episodes. Some of the guests he had on the podcast were Hania Aamir and Shahveer Jafry.

Despite being among the Famous Pakistani Vloggers, UKHANO only has around 295K subscribers on YouTube. The long gaps he takes between uploading videos might be the factor behind his channel’s unrushed growth. However, he focuses on quality instead of quantity, and that’s what counts.


Pakistan Top Channels by Followers ( Social Blade ) 

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YouTubers from Pakistan have gained international fame. Their ad revenue is sky-high because of their massive fan base. Inspiring and enlightening, their vlogs have garnered a global audience. YouTubers in Pakistan mostly rely on Youtube Ads and Google Adsense to make money, and Youtube pay them well; hence, many Pakistani vloggers have built thriving channels with millions of followers.

How did you find this list? Do you have any other famous Pakistani Vloggers or other YouTubers in mind with premium content but less than 500K subscribers, as per Social Blade? Do let us know how they are changing the Dynamics of youtube Pakistan below in the comments!

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