How to Promote your YouTube Channel-Ultimate Guide 2020

As a newcomer, you might search for ‘how to promote my YouTube channel’ and hoping to shine in the vast valley of YouTubers. YouTube is growing at a massive pace and has recently overtaken Facebook’s place as the second most visited website in the world. You might think paid adds might be the only way to promote your YouTube channel. While that helps there are many ways to kick start or promote YouTube video free with let’s say some good old manual methods. These are proven ways or best tips for YouTube channel that have helped countless influences promote YouTube for free. My ultimate guide 2020 will melt all your fears away and show you how you can promote YouTube channel free. Now all you need is a pinch of patience, passion, and a lot of hard work.


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How to promote Youtube channel

Honestly, instead of spending your hard-earned coin on advertisements, you can invest time and research on various methods that will help you launch a successful channel. I have combined the best tips and tricks that will surely promote YouTube for free. There is a catch however if you want to stand out you need to invest time in these promotional tactics and it will bear fruit only if we work hard.


Your Titles Must Be Engaging

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Understand that YouTube works to present and its marketing is centered around the creator’s presentation. Whenever you’re making uploading a video or writing a title, keep in mind who your target audience is. This is key to promote YouTube video free, as your audience will decide if they want to view your content or not based on this sometimes. The essence of success is making catchy yet informative titles that propel your viewers to click and no do not resort to clickbait titles. Clickbait titles do more damage than good for promoting YouTube channel free. Last but not least, add keywords to make your titles stand out.


Pump up your SEO

It might surprise you how effective Google is in YouTube marketing. You might be thinking how can this promote my YouTube channel, well think again. About 70% of top Google searches have YouTube recommendations. Being the second-largest platform people often search for a solution to their problems just like they do on google which makes SEO important. While promoting YouTube video free take your videos as traditional content that needs to be polished with keywords and tags. While creating content especially for SEO is not advised it best to do some videos like product descriptions, how-to etc that cover keywords, which might just rank your channel well. Another important point is building your brand identity. This is essential while aiming to promote YouTube channel free in any context. Your brand will make you stand out as viewers will start to recognize your logo, name, or even colors.


Writing a killer Description and an Epic Thumbnail

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There are all kinds of viewers, some click by viewing your title, some your thumbnails and some will be attracted by your descriptions. So, while looking to promote my YouTube channel make sure to tell your audience who you are and what your up to. Another opportunity that beginners should focus on is thumbnails. You should aim to customize your thumbnails which showcases your content to the fullest. If you don’t YouTube will take a screenshot and put it up as your thumbnail. Now having a blurry thumbnail is not going to promote your YouTube channel right. Another great tidbit is to upload a bombastic channel trailer which is auto-played videos ready to grab the viewer’s eye as soon as they visit your channel.


Engaging with the Right Audience

before looking to gain viewers, you should first and foremost work on your content, which means knowing your audience. Look into other YouTubers who promote YouTube for free in your niche. Also contrary to the popular opinion YouTube is a social network. This means a growing number of users are engaging via comments and likes which brings a great opportunity. You should engage with your viewers in the comment section, ask their opinion, etc. Its simple videos with higher engagement rates are ranked higher hence more viewers. Make sure to put the right tags as they determine if the search engine pickups your videos.


Making playlists/ Running Contests or Giveaways

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These are not traditionally considered as a tactic to promote YouTube channel free but these can be a secret ingredient in doing so. If there is one thing, we all love it’s a giveaway. You can run a small contest and viewers will have to subscribe to participate. To promote your youtube channel small adventures like these will pay off. Now another not so secret method is to make playlists which not only organizes your content, it makes it easier to find. You can use those hard to fit keywords here along with linking related video.

Youtube Marketing and Going live

It takes hours to film videos and editing them right. Also, YouTube is not a platform that tends to bring in the audience to your doorstep without proper active promotion. So, the best way is to promote your YouTube channel is by cross-promoting your video as soon as it goes live. Make sure to email your subscribers as a reminder. Now you might want to give live streaming a go as it can help you engage with your audience on a whole new level. Promote youtube channel free by sharing the video on social media platforms.


Power of Social Media Platforms

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While looking to promote YouTube video free, the power of social media can not be ruled out. You have an array of an audience on these platforms and its would-be unfortunate not to take advantage of that. Now Instagram is the hottest platform today and you can see influences taking to advertise their content there. Most beginners make the mistake of just giving their links on their Instagram page which won’t work. You have to put some effort in and create a presence and content which may include cuts of your videos or Q/As. In between these episodes you can ask your viewers to check out your YouTube channel for more. You should never stuff in keywords similarly, you can’t make it all about clicking on that link. You have to give them a reason to do so which might be the key to promote your YouTube channel.

Collab with Other influences

You might be thinking what another way can I promote my YouTube channel? Following a trend might help you gain more viewers and here it most certainly will. By interacting and knowing other you-tubers you can invite them to shoot a video with you. This will be helpful as each collaboration brings in a new audience. This is how some of the biggest YouTube stars found success but it is important to find the right you-tuber. Someone who has a similar niche or connection would be a great boost to your channel.

In the end, it can be difficult to start a YouTube channel but quality content and hard work will definitely get you views. The more you will promote your channel using these tips the more free traffic you will get! Please share your comments below pertaining to tips for youtube channel that we have shared.

Frequently Asked Questions

video from YouTube to Instagram?

Firstly, download the video from YouTube with any YouTube video downloader. Each app has its own procedure to download videos; do check out yours. Then, after the video is downloaded, you have to make your video Instagram friendly. Edit if the video is longer than 60 seconds. Then save, the video in the camera roll, make it worthy of Instagram. Log in to the Instagram app, create the captions, hashtags, and share the video. 

How to get 1000 views on YouTube fast and free?

To get 1000 views on YouTube instantly and free, you should know how to promote your YouTube channel free. There are several ways, such as making the video description SEO friendly, using relevant keywords, use tags, create transcripts, quality content for the videos, and be present within your community.

How to get YouTube subscribers?

Promote YouTube video free and funnel people to subscribe to your channel. Use creative playlists, create longer videos, promote them, focus on the quality rather than the quantity, connect with the people, and make a catchy channel description. 

Where to share YouTube videos?

The best place to share and promote YouTube channel free is through social media. You can create your own Facebook page and share the links of the videos there. Or you can also use other social media platforms like Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, or Snapchat to share your videos.

 How to make YouTube channel more popular?

There are many effective ways to make your YouTube channel popular. The first one comes with the content of your videos. Make videos around a relevant keyword or topic that interests the audience. Engage with the viewers of your channel and reply to their comments. Promote YouTube video free on social media platforms and turn the audience in subscribers through your content.

How many views do you need to get paid on YouTube?

According to the YouTube Partner Program eligibility requirements, you need to almost 4000 watch hours within a year, along with 1000 or more subscribers and an active Google AdSense account to monetize your YouTube channel.

What are good ideas for a YouTube channel?

Ideas are unlimited; it depends on your talent and interest. You can start personal Vlogging, which is quite popular on YouTube. Also, you can start a gaming channel, cooking channel, traveling vlogs, product review channel, restaurants review channel, or share health and fitness tips.  


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